Who Can Commit Suicide?

Suicidal ThoughtsAnyone can commit suicide if they will be controlled by their anti-conscience and they will make a tragic mistake. The real reason why someone decides to put an end to their lives is the fact that they believe that they made a terrible mistake that cannot be corrected, or they created problems that cannot be solved.

A person doesn’t decide to commit suicide because they were victims of someone else’s wickedness, but because they trusted a person who betrayed them. They commit suicide because they cannot forgive their own faults.

We can understand this fact when we analyze the life biography of those who have suicidal thoughts, and we translate the meaning of their dreams.

We can also verify this fact when we analyze the life biography of those who committed suicide, and we translate the dreams of those who loved this person. They have information about the reasons why the beloved person decided to commit suicide in their dreams.

The reason or the many reasons why someone comes to the point of committing suicide always are related to the formation of a suffocating situation that they cannot bear. They feel that they made terrible mistakes, even when this is not true because they were in a difficult situation and they were in fact victims of an unfair world.

Their fear of the future and their deep depression doesn’t let them continue their route. They don’t have the courage to face the world after making a big mistake, or they believe that the future will be unbearable because they are not able to keep living.

Suicidal thoughts are followed by unbearable symptoms of deep sadness, lack of vitality, and despair.

When a person is attacked by their anti-conscience, they are unable to think logically. They don’t understand what they are doing when they commit suicide.

A suicide attempt always is the result of the anti-conscience’s impositions.

Why Some People Have Frequent Suicidal Thoughts

Some people have frequent suicidal thoughts because they follow the absurdity of their anti-conscience and they make numerous mistakes that transform their lives into an unbearable hell.

Here is a dream dreamt by a woman who has frequent suicidal thoughts:

I’m at my grandmother’s house. She takes a small pill out of a cup that was over her head on the bed and then puts it in my mouth. I tell her that I would be very grateful or happy if she kills me. She says that it would be better to go to somebody who gets rid of people. I think that I want to be hospitalized (in a mental institution). Now I hear strange things. Someone is saying that R (me) is in vegetable state. R died and became an angel. R’s brain is dead.

Dream translation:

I’m at my grandmother’s house.

You represent your ego in dreams.

Your grandmother represents the root cause of evilness in your psyche.

The fact that you went to her house means that your ego went to the part of your psyche where this part of your personality lives, with the intention to analyze this part of your personality.

She takes a small pill out of a cup that was over her head on the bed and then puts it in my mouth.

The cup is a tool that helps you have a certain attitude.

The pill represents false cure; the illusion to be cured.

The bed is a place where this part of your personality rests instead of treating its mental illness.

The head is related to absurdity and mental health.

So, the root cause of evilness tried to force your ego to have the illusion to be cured, which would give you a certain attitude, and alter your mental health state.

I tell her that I would be very grateful or happy if she kills me.

Your ego wants to die, and this is why you say that you would be grateful if the roots of evilness would kill you. Your ego has no courage to keep living, but you also have no courage to kill yourself.

She says that it would be better to go to somebody who gets rid of people.

Somebody who gets rid of people represents a violent part of your personality that is cruel.

The root cause of evilness is showing you that this violent part of your personality will have the courage to put an end to your life.

I think that I want to be hospitalized (in a mental institution).

The hospital in dreams represents a place where you pass through a serious psychological transformation and a process of spiritual purification.

Your ego suddenly hopes to be able to be cured by following a mental health treatment.

Now I hear strange things. Someone is saying that R (me) is in vegetable state. R died and became an angel. R’s brain is dead.

However, your anti-conscience doesn’t let you believe that you can follow psychotherapy.

Someone else represents a part of your personality.

This part of your personality can understand that you lost your mind and your conscience is not working. It is showing you that your ego already is dead because your anti-conscience managed to destroy your conscience and you are controlled by your anti-conscience all the time.

You have to follow the guidance you have in your dreams in order to help your conscience resurrect. If you will commit suicide you will regret not having done everything you could to recuperate your mental stability.

Your dreams will help you became a self-confident person and solve all your problems.


In order to understand why this dreamer has suicidal thoughts you have to learn her life biography and the issues she is facing now in her daily life, but I cannot show you these details. I’m simply showing you that her dream is clearly reflecting a strong suicidal tendency to help her prevent suicide.

The fact that I cannot publicly expose the dreamers and tell you their story in my articles is an obstacle for your comprehension. You cannot understand the real importance of the dream messages for the dreamers. These messages reflect their mental condition to open their eyes.

I cannot show you the dreamer’s story and tell you important details of her personality, but I can show you another dream she had after this one, so that you may verify that she really has serious mental health problems:

I am outside my room and the bathroom. I am so scared that I turn on two switches. Then the light outside my room (and the bathroom) and the light of my mother’s room gets turned on. Very bright lights. There is a man between the two rooms. But when I look at him again, he has come close to me and right behind him is a black wall. I am very very scared and I go to my mother’s room. My mother gets up from the bed and raises the sheet that she was sleeping in to make room for me. My mother has no neck and face, she has only body.

Dream translation:

I am outside my room and the bathroom. I am so scared that I turn on two switches.

You represent your ego in dreams.

Your room represents the part of your psyche where your ego lives.

The bathroom represents your sexuality.

Your ego is scared because you are controlled by your anti-conscience.

The number two is related to the two psychological functions that are working in your conscience.

Each one of these two switches is an alternative based on one of the two psychological functions that belong to your conscience.

The fact that you turn on two switches means that your ego is under the false light of these psychological functions. In other words, you see everything distorted by each one of these psychological functions.

Then the light outside my room (and the bathroom) and the light of my mother’s room gets turned on. Very bright lights.

Your mother represents your absurd and evil anti-conscience.

The light of a lamp in dreams represents the false light of lies and hypocrisy.

You believe that what you can see is the truth, but you see a false truth distorted by many lies.

The corridor is a place of your psyche where you are for a short period of time passing in order to go to other places.

The bright light in the corridor indicates that you believe in lies when you go to other places of your psyche.

The bright light in your mother’s bedroom indicates that you believe in lies about your anti-conscience. You don’t understand that it is absurd and evil and that you must be afraid of it.

Your anti-conscience is your evil self. You must not agree with your evil self.

There is a man between the two rooms.

This man represents a false perfect match because of his dangerous aspect.

He is a dangerous false perfect match who is between the place where your anti-conscience and where your ego live in your psyche, and near your sexuality.

But when I look at him again, he has come close to me and right behind him is a black wall.

This dangerous false perfect match approaches your ego because he wants to take advantage of you.

The black color represents the acceptance of what is bad.

The wall is a separation or a protection.

Therefore, he approached you very much while you had no alternative to escape because you ego had to face the acceptance of what is bad in the protection he had behind him.

You have to be very careful to avoid being a victim of this dangerous false perfect match.

I am very very scared and I go to my mother’s room.

You are scared because you can sense that you are in a dangerous situation.

You go to the place of your psyche where your anti-conscience lives (her room) looking for protection because you trust your evil anti-conscience. You don’t understand that it is in fact your worst enemy because it wants to control your behavior.

My mother gets up from the bed and raises the sheet that she was sleeping in to make room for me.

The sheet represents a light protection.

The bed represents a place where your anti-conscience was resting instead of treating your mental illness.

Your anti-conscience pretends to protect you from the false perfect match, while it wants to completely destroy your conscience with the deceptions you will have.

My mother has no neck and face, she has only body.

The neck is related to speaking and swallowing.

The fact that your mother has no head means that your anti-conscience is totally absurd. In other words, you have a severe mental illness.

The fact that she has no neck means that it is unable to swallow what it dislikes.

You have to stop being inconsequential… (explanations deleted).


This dreamer has a severe mental illness and she is making dangerous mistakes, but she cannot understand that she is wrong. She has many scary nightmares that are trying to show her a truth that she refuses to pay attention to. She must stop making mistakes in order to stop having suicidal thoughts.

She will be able to prevent suicide and find sound mental health if she will obey the divine guidance in her dreams, but this dreamer is disobedient and inconsequential. Her anti-conscience doesn’t let her have the right attitude.

She insists on disregarding many dangers. She is scared in almost all her dreams because she is not afraid of what she is doing in her daily life. Her dreams are showing her how she should really feel with the life she leads, and the consequences of her indifferent attitude.

Her suicidal tendency can be easily explained thanks to the translation of the meaning of her dreams, but it wouldn’t be clear for those who ignore her psychological problems.

If she would commit suicide everyone around her would be surprised because she doesn’t seem to be someone who could decide to put an end to her own life. Her serious mental health problem is not known.

She works and she seems to be a normal person. She seems to have everything she needs in order to live well, and no reason to commit suicide.

Many people are in a similar situation, even if they are not as mentally ill as this dreamer. They keep thinking about how they could commit suicide, while those who are around them ignore this fact.

They should try to solve their problems, but they believe that their terrible problems have no solution.

Everyone needs God’s guidance in their dreams in order to understand how to solve every impossible problem.

The Cruel World

People are not shocked with suicides. When someone commits suicide, those who observe this fact believe that this person had psychological problems. No one concludes that the world where we are is a suffocating place where no one has the chance to live peacefully and happily.

The truth is that those who commit suicide really have serious psychological problems, but the horrible world where we are also is responsible for their despair. This is a cruel world where nobody feels that they can find support when they need it.

Here is a video about this matter:

The cultural taboos of suicide and mental illness

Unfortunately those who have mental health problems are not helped even when they look for psychiatric help. With all my respect to those who really want to cure their patients, I have to say that psychiatrists don’t know what they are doing.

Psychiatric drugs are blind attempts to control a satanic primitive conscience that takes advantage of every logical mistake with the intention to destroy the person’s conscience. These drugs cause unbearable sensations and suicidal thoughts. They are unable to cure an invincible mental illness.

Psychiatrists know this fact. Their drugs promise to alleviate the patients’ unbearable symptoms; not to cure their mental health problems. However, they are not able to even temporarily alleviate the patients’ pain, and they cause numerous dangerous problems to their brain. Their anti-conscience takes advantage of chemical mistakes to cause even more problems to their conscience.

Only God knows how to fight Satan. The anti-conscience is a powerful demon that easily destroys the human conscience created by God in our brain. We have to obey the divine guidance in our dreams and in our religion. This is the only way we can eliminate our anti-conscience.

We cannot kill our anti-conscience because it is evil. We must transform it into a positive component of our human conscience through consciousness.

This is why God sends us free psychotherapy in our dreams, showing us how we can transform our satanic anti-conscience into a conscious part of our brain that is controlled by our conscience.

This means that you must follow dream therapy if you want to be sure that you will never think about committing suicide in your life.

Right now your anti-conscience works independently of your conscience’s approval. You have to tame this monster by doing what God shows you in your dreams, and be the one who will consciously decide your actions.

Pride And Humiliation

Another reason why people commit suicide is the fear to be humiliated after making a mistake, especially if they are too proud of themselves.

For example, if someone will kill someone else and the murderer will be discovered without having any chance to escape being publicly humiliated, he/she will commit suicide not only for being afraid to go to jail, but because he won’t bear the humiliation of being publicly demoralized.

Suicide attempts are immediately related to pride. This is why you don’t see very poor people committing suicide, even though they are starving. Nobody commits suicide because they are suffering if they don’t have suicidal thoughts.

The real reason why someone commits suicide is the fact that they cannot forgive themselves when they make a tragic mistake, or they cannot bear their existence when their ego will be humiliated, even though they are indifferent to their wrongdoings. They don’t care about what they did, but they care about the public opinion and their reputation.

They die in order to defend their ego’s image.

This is the result of the idiocy of their conscience and the control of their anti-conscience. Their social image is more important for them than their own lives.

And they are not afraid of death.

Most people are not afraid of what can happen to them after death. They believe that they will become inexistent.

However, we have a spirit that doesn’t die when it abandons our body. We don’t stop existing after death.

Nothing begins or ends on earth.

Absurd Thoughts And Unbearable Sensations

People commit suicide also when they are misled by the absurd thoughts of their anti-conscience, even if they don’t make tragic mistakes, because their anti-conscience makes them believe that their life will be unbearable for some reason.

Everyone makes mistakes in life and everyone suffers, but not everyone has unbearable negative thoughts.

Therefore, suicides are caused by negative thoughts, and not by tragic events or suffering. The person’s thoughts induce them to put an end to their lives. These thoughts are sent by their satanic anti-conscience with the intention to completely destroy their conscience.

Many people have no pride (because they are too poor) and this is why they don’t conclude that they should commit suicide even when they are suffering and their lives are miserable.

When someone doesn’t have negative thoughts, he/she has no reason to commit suicide, independently of what happened to them or the way they live. What causes suicide are dangerous negative thoughts.

Crime And Suicide

Those who are somehow more sensitive cannot bear their heavy conscience when they make a serious mistake. Indifferent people never think about suicide, even when they make terrible mistakes. For example, cruel criminals don’t have suicidal thoughts because their conscience was destroyed.

If they can hide their crimes from the world they don’t have the need to end their lives. Most people don’t commit suicide if they are sure that their crimes won’t be discovered. However, if they are afraid to be denounced, then they will think about suicide.

In this case the only reason why they will kill themselves is to avoid being humiliated, and not the comprehension of their barbarity for committing a crime, since they don’t have a human conscience. They are indifferent to what they did to others. They care only about protecting their own ego.

Those who have suicidal thoughts after committing a crime still have a part of their conscience working, and this is why they cannot bear their guilt. Their remorse is too unbearable because they keep remembering the scenes of their crime. They cannot forgive themselves because their human conscience is not completely dead.

Psychotics suffer more than schizophrenics and usually commit suicide exactly because their conscience is not as destroyed as the conscience of schizophrenics. So, they will i.e. suffer all their lives remembering one crime committed by them when they were controlled by their anti-conscience. They will never forgive themselves.

A schizophrenic person whose conscience was completely destroyed by their satanic anti-conscience doesn’t have human feelings. This is why serial killers are indifferent to terror. They can kill one hundred people without remorse. So, they don’t commit suicide. They are cruel demons. They don’t think like human beings.

Those who commit suicide have certain sensitivity, even though their conscience was almost completely destroyed. However, this doesn’t mean that they decide to put an end to their lives because they are less insensitive than other people, but because they are misled by their anti-conscience, which takes advantage of their emotions.

Nobody commits suicide without being pushed by their anti-conscience.

How To Prevent Suicide

Everyone must prevent suicide by doing what the unconscious mind shows them in their dreams. The unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung is in fact God’s mind, as I could verify after continuing his research.

We have to obey God’s guidance in our dreams in order to stop making mistakes that generate suffocating situations.

We also have to change the world. Many people commit suicide because of debt or because they cannot survive. There are many poor people who commit suicide because they are poor. Not everyone is immune to suicidal thoughts when their lives are miserable.

We have to put an end to poverty and injustice. Everyone must have the indispensable conditions to survive and have a decent life.

We also have to put an end to immorality. This is another reason why many people lose their minds.

God can help us change the world and solve our unbearable problems based on wisdom and goodness. God can cure all mental illnesses and help humanity find sound mental health. He is very generous and He gives us all the information we need in our dreams.

Now that Carl Jung discovered how to translate the meaning of healing dreams that come from God, and now that I simplified his complicated method of dream interpretation, everyone can find peace through dream translation.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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