How Costly Are Your Mistakes?

MistakesThe commercial world is doing everything based on manipulation. Marketing is a series of persuasion techniques used to make you believe that you need everything that the world is trying to sell you.

Everyone in the world is a seller and a customer. Therefore, you are used with the necessity to care about your financial interests in every situation.

This means that money is for you more important than anything else.

If everything you do is done with the intention to make money your work will be poor. You won’t spend enough time working, you won’t be sincere, and you won’t work with dedication.

You have to work like an artist, always looking for perfection. You also have to become a perfect human being.

Your dreams will help you understand how to avoid making costly mistakes in life and attain spiritual perfection. This is your protection.

Today everyone believes that we are smart when we are evil, but this is a misleading lie. You have to be wise and do everything based on goodness and wisdom.

The unpleasant and sad fact that we are in fact demons with a tiny human conscience means that we have to change our behavior.

Perfect mental health depends on goodness. In order to be a mentally healthy person you have to show compassion instead of wanting to kill your enemies. You have to be generous instead of being selfish. You have to be kind, humble, patient, and calm.

Thoughts that make you believe that you are silly when you forgive others or when you are generous, are thoughts that come from your anti-conscience and from most people’s anti-conscience. The way that everyone else thinks influences your thoughts, and many of these thoughts are not really yours, since they come from your satanic anti-conscience.

Sometimes you use your conscience, but other times your anti-conscience invades your conscience and you start following its thoughts.

Carl Jung’s work helped you understand our psychological system thanks to dream analysis. My work helps you understand the relationship between science and religion and the meaning of life, besides showing you how to find sound mental health.

All dreams are produced by God in order to transform you into a perfect human being, even though you have an evil nature.

Many things you consider ‘normal’ are evil, but you are unable to understand this fact. Your dreams help you find out what is good or bad and why. You learn how to evaluate what can be trusted or not.

You have to understand the truth about your reality without the distortions of the hypocritical world, and transform your personality thanks to this information.

Many warnings in your dreams will help you prevent bad situations and tragic consequences. You will avoid making costly mistakes that can ruin your life, and you will do what will help you evolve.

A Bad Example

Your dreams reflect your behavior to help you understand your mistakes.

Here is an example. This dream was dreamt by a mentally ill man:

I talked to my son R on the phone, who was worried about Satan. My wife also talked to me about a negative experience she had with another woman at a mysterious meeting, who seemed very rude to her. The woman said to my wife she shouldn’t marry me because I was previously married and divorced twice. She could read my thoughts and had a lot to tell her about me. My wife said the woman was a gifted medium. I was afraid of my addiction to internet pornography.

Dream translation:

I talked to my son R on the phone, who was worried about Satan.

My son R lives in a halfway house for young adults with severe mental illness. He has been variously diagnosed with everything in the DSM-IV – schizophrenia, bipolar, shizoaffective, OCD, ADD-HD.

You represent your ego in dreams.

Your son represents your mature moral image. Your moral image is the image you present to the world about your morality.

The fact that your son is mentally ill means that everyone can see that you are absurd. The moral image you present to the world is negative.

The phone represents a possibility.

Satan represents your anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience and has satanic characteristics.

So, your ego used a possibility to talk with your absurd moral image, and your moral image told you that it was worried about your anti-conscience.

This means that even your absurd moral image can see that your anti-conscience is negatively influencing your behavior.

My wife also talked to me about a negative experience she had with another woman at a mysterious meeting, who seemed very rude to her.

Your wife represents your perfect match.

The woman represents a superficial part of your personality.

The meeting represents the concentration of various parts of your personality at a certain place of your psyche.

The fact that it was a mysterious meeting means that you couldn’t learn many things about it.

Your perfect match concluded that the superficial part of your personality was rude because it was showing her that she was foolish because she believed that you were a good husband.

The woman said to my wife she shouldn’t marry me because I was previously married and divorced twice.

The superficial part of your personality showed to your wife that you are a man who keeps changing partners.

This part of your personality was showing to your perfect match that she shouldn’t suppose that she would be your life for long. It was clearly showing to your wife that you have the intention to find a new partner.

She could read my thoughts and had a lot to tell her about me.

This part of your personality knew your ego’s intentions. This is why it was showing to your perfect match that you are not a loyal husband.

My wife said the woman was a gifted medium.

The fact that the woman was a medium means that this superficial part of your personality believed that it had supernatural powers.

I was afraid of my addiction to internet pornography.

Your addiction to internet pornography reflects your immorality and your absurdity.

Your ego was afraid that the superficial part of your personality could reveal to your perfect match that you are immoral and you have absurd tendencies. This superficial part of your personality is showing her the truth that your ego wants to hide.

In other words, this part of your personality is betraying you and unmasking your immorality.

You have to be a loyal husband and a moralistic man. Everyone can see that you are not a balanced person.

Your anti-conscience is controlling your mind and your behavior. This is why you are immoral and absurd. You have to stop doing what your anti-conscience imposes to your conscience.

Your wife can understand that you are immoral because one part of your personality is showing her that you are cheating on her.

She is your third wife. You have to respect her. If you will be indifferent, your third marriage will be like your previous marriages, and you have another child with your new wife.

You have the moral obligation to be a good husband this time, and you have to be a good father for all your children.

You cannot forget your mentally ill son. You cannot be indifferent because he is not with you, and you have another family now.


This dreamer has an evil behavior because he is immoral and inconsequential, but he doesn’t understand that he is evil. He believes that his past is responsible for his failures.

He had a sad life biography. His mental health problems began a long time ago, and he made many mistakes in life.

He is a victim of the immoral world and a victim of the immoral tendencies he inherited into his anti-conscience. His dreams are helping him understand his mistakes and change his behavior, even though he is not young.

Everyone can change at any time. The impression that we cannot change our behavior when we are old is false.

You may believe that this dreamer’s mistakes are obvious, but they are not obvious to him. He needs the dream messages to understand why he is suffering.

Most people tend to justify their mistakes, or even laugh at their mistakes, besides being unable to recognize the fact that they make mistakes. This is why they need the information contained in their dreams.

God prepares a perfect match for everyone, but we don’t have the patience to look for the right person.

God tells us in religious lessons that we must respect our marriage, but we prefer to get divorced many times and get remarried many times, what causes many problems to our society, and is very painful for our children.

We don’t understand that we are evil when we disregard the problems we cause with our mistakes.

You have to understand what is wrong in your behavior and in your life, and learn how to have the right attitude in every situation. Your dreams will help you avoid making costly mistakes and begin a new life, based on God’s wisdom.

Even if you already made many costly mistakes like this dreamer, you can change now, and become a brilliant person. Everything is possible when you obey the divine guidance in your dreams. God is an excellent doctor.

Should You Become A Parent?

I cannot tell you the dreamer’s story, but from what you could already learn about him thanks to the translation of one of his dreams, you already know a few details about his life.

Today many people get married, they have children, and then, they get divorced. Then, they get married again, they have more children, and they get divorced again. Every time they get married they have more children.

This is a problematic and unhealthy situation that causes suffering to the children who come from families that don’t respect moral principles, and are indifferent to their future. However, the parents who keep having new families with other partners don’t seem to realize this fact.

Children in single parent families tend to have psychological problems from the beginning of their lives. The commercial world is promoting the idea that we should have children even if we get divorced because the world wants to have more costumers.

The commercial world cares only about making money. You have to be afraid of the absurd ideas it imposes to our population.

You must not become a parent if you are not ready to assume this (heavy) responsibility during all your life, and make many sacrifices for your children. They never stop needing your support.

You have to find your perfect match and have a perfect love relationship, so that you may have a beautiful family. Otherwise, you will disregard your children’s emotional health because you will be dissatisfied with your life.

Other Mistakes

Most dreams contain warnings because most dreamers make many mistakes. We make so many mistakes in life that the truth is that we rarely do what is positive.

Here is another example. This dream was dreamt by another mentally ill man:

Im outside trying a rollover on the street(i want to impress i think) i run through a street with five steps, i almost fly. Then I was inside a building, there was a room with a machine. I go upstairs by escalator, and i wanted to jump and land into the room. But I fall down in a circle, I was laying down, i was crying.

Dream translation:

Im outside trying a rollover on the street(i want to impress i think) i run through a street with five steps, i almost fly.

You represent your ego in dreams.

The street represents a dangerous place.

You must stop trying to be admired by others. This is a ridiculous behavior that leads to neurosis. It seems to be inoffensive, but in the end this intention to be admired by the world transforms you into a neurotic person.

There is a positive side on wanting to be admired when you want to be admired for being a special person. This means that you have to be a hero and do something good for humanity.

However, your intention to be admired because you have many things or because you can do acrobatics is a ridiculous intention.

You have to remember that you are imperfect and you make many mistakes in life because you have inherited a wild conscience. Even your human conscience is one-sided and underdeveloped. You must be humble if you want to be realistic.

You have to definitively stop caring about the public opinion and trying to impress others. You are not admired when you show off. Everyone understands that you want to be superior and make them feel inferior. Nobody admires you when you do things to show off or when you wear nice clothes. They can perceive your intention to be admired, and they hate it.

The fact that you were running so fast in the street means that you were running away from your anti-conscience. You were trying to avoid being controlled by it.

Then I was inside a building, there was a room with a machine.

The building represents a collection of personality types that you can imitate.

The room represents a part of your psyche.

A machine represents mechanical actions, without any conscious thought.

So, you saw that you could act mechanically in this collection of personality types. This means that this collection was not the ideal one. You shouldn’t imitate the personality types you found there.

I go upstairs by escalator, and i wanted to jump and land into the room.

When you go upstairs fast this means that you go to the conscious surface after being down, in the region of your anti-conscience, and bringing with you a negative behavior you got from the bottom of your psyche.

The escalator is a fast way to go upstairs, while you must be careful when you go to your conscience carrying a negative behavior.

The fact that you wanted to jump when you were at the top means that your ego is doing dangerous movements instead of being careful as you should. You have sudden and dangerous reactions.

But I fall down in a circle, I was laying down, i was crying.

The circle represents basic completion, which is not true satisfaction, but gives you a basic sensation of completion. Completion is total satisfaction in life.

Real completion is represented by the square. The circle is a completion that works somehow, but it’s not real.

The fact that you fell down indicates that you will have a deception.

The fact that you were lying down indicates that you will lose your self-confidence.

The fact that you were crying indicates that you regretted having done something. This is a prediction.

This dream is showing you that you have to stop trying to show off, and you have to control your behavior instead of acting without thinking. Otherwise, you will have a big deception and regret having done something terrible. Then, you will have to accept living in a way that will never help you achieve completion, and you will feel hopeless.

Let me relate this dream to what happened the previous day:

Day before

B, a youth friend of my father was with us, when I was younger we used to visit him and his family, i felt uncomfortable, because i didn’t have anything to say to him. When he left I went to my bedroom, I wanted to relax and i had a black out again. i suddenly felt so empty in my mind that it’s scary. nothing to think about. nothing that gets your attention. just nothing.
I am just scared of my destiny and the fact that i have to be different. i always wanted to be snobbish, knowing what’s going on in the world, being hip, the latest coolest trends and so on. I’m afraid to be humble.

Now you know that your tendency to be snobbish is negative, so you have to stop thinking the way you used to do before understanding this fact.

You have blackouts because you want to be the center of everyone’s attention. Your dreams already showed you that this is an absurd intention. You have to be a humble and wise man.

Whenever you have blackouts try to remember a song, or the words of a prayer, a poem, whatever can help you recover your conscience. You have to stop meditating because this is dangerous for you. Meditation is dangerous for the mentally ill.

This dream was showing you that if you will keep trying to be admired you will end up having a big deception, which will be fatal for your mental health. You will end up having a life that won’t give you completion and regret having made costly mistakes.

You have to be serious, and change your behavior. If you will keep having the neurotic intention to be admired, you will keep having blackouts and panic attacks.


I showed you a part of what is happening in the dreamer’s life to help you understand the seriousness of the dream messages.

This dreamer is following the misconceptions of the commercial world, and his anti-conscience is taking advantage of this fact to increase his mental illness.

If you want to avoid making costly mistakes you have to stop imitating the false idols of the world. You also have to stop believing in the lies that try to transform you into an insatiable consumer. I already showed you how harmful materialism is for your mental and spiritual health in many articles.

In order to become really human and stop making ridiculous and dangerous mistakes, you have to transform your personality through dream translation. Your spiritual evolution is more important than anything else.

There are numerous dangers threatening you, and you have to face numerous challenges in life. You need God’s guidance in order to learn how to deal with all problems and develop your conscience.

You cannot triumph without being guided. There are too many obstacles and traps in your journey.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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