The Consequences Of Sexual Immorality

Dream Symbol Until today we were admiring our accomplishments and adoring our egos, without suspecting that we should in fact be ashamed of our idiocy.

Today we know that God created irrational animals that violently kill their prey in order to reflect our own behavior. He had to show us that we are absurd and evil demons by showing us that we are wild animals that can think. Our planet is an open mental health hospital, where we have many examples and lessons.

The fact that we can think is a tragedy because our thoughts are disorganized and dangerous.

God gave us a human conscience in order to put an end to this tragedy by organizing our thoughts and our behavior based on goodness, but we must obey His rules in order to eliminate our satanic primitive conscience and be transformed.

However, our conscience disagrees with God because we like to be evil.

Our new image as terrible sinners who have a satanic nature is unpleasant and frustrating, but now we can see how idiotic, absurd, and evil we are. This is a tragic and enlightening moment for humanity.

Now we can understand incomprehensible mysteries, and find explanations for all unexplained phenomena thanks to the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, based on my simplifications and clarifications.

Now we have the chance to read God’s words in our dreams and understand our complex reality.

The Development Of The Human Conscience

In order to stop suffering we must eliminate terror. Physical and mental diseases result from our indifference to the existence of terror.

Our world is an unfair living hell where only those who manage to make money have some protection. Poverty and injustice are killing the biggest part of the world population.

Mental illnesses result from the unfair world in combination with the absurdity everyone already inherits in their brain. These mental illnesses are destroying the human side of the human race.

We have a human side because God gave us a human conscience, but we have to preserve our conscience and increase its power by obeying God’s guidance. We have to respect His rules in order to find balance.

Otherwise, Satan will control our mind and our behavior.

Satan is our anti-conscience, which occupies the biggest part of our brain, and remains in a primitive condition. This idiotic and absurd conscience is self-destructive. Its existence is a tragedy.

We have to put an end to this tragedy by obeying the divine guidance in our dreams, and learning the real meaning of goodness. This is how we will develop our conscience and become true geniuses, instead of being idiotic demons.

Our Distorted Nature

The distorted nature of our satanic anti-conscience can be observed when we analyze the cases of pederasts and people who harm their own bodies with sharp objects and have an absurd pleasure for bleeding.

The absurd pleasure with what is terrible is a visible characteristic of the satanic human nature. This evil nature can be immersed in the bottom of the person’s psyche, or it can invade the conscious surface and control the person’s behavior.

There are many visible characteristics in our behavior that denounce our satanic nature, but we couldn’t realize that all these characteristics reflect our evil nature.

When I created my blog Stop Cutting Today and I wrote many articles about how absurd self-mutilation was, I was attacked by those who harm their bodies. They were offended by the fact that I was showing them their absurdity, and saying that self-mutilation was craziness.

They didn’t want to realize that what they were doing was crazy and should be condemned. They were giving different definitions to their absurdity, as if it could be logically justified. Even pederasts or homosexuals don’t admit that they destroy the lives of those they supposedly ‘love’.

They are victims of their anti-conscience, but they ignore this fact, and they have violent reactions when they are criticized.

If even those whose absurdity is visible cannot admit it, you can imagine what happens with those who don’t seem to be crazy according to the definitions of the hypocritical world.

Marketing and hypocrisy distorted the meaning of everything in our world.

After discovering the existence of the anti-conscience and working during one year and a half in a travel agency, I started working in a store that belonged to my uncle, which he later sold to me and my mother. I couldn’t understand why God made me work there while I was helping many people though dream translation without payment, but I understood it with time.

I had to see that marketing is a theater and that everyone is a marketer in our world. The commercial world works based on psychological manipulation.

We know this fact but we don’t understand its real meaning.

I already showed you the horrors of poverty and debt. I showed you that even our children are being manipulated because they are consumers.

I already showed you that fast food restaurants are selling poison to our population, and many other horrors that result from greed and indifference to the human pain, which clearly prove that we are evil and insane.

Money is everyone’s god. Satan controls our world.

We have to understand that we have a satanic nature and that we must be corrected.

We have to understand that we are crazy because we insist on trying to find happiness in a world ruled by terror, violence, immorality, and greed, where no one can be mentally healthy.

The commercial world is destroying our conscience.

The Sexual Revolution

Our world is becoming always more immoral and disgusting because we keep listening to the satanic thoughts sent by our anti-conscience to our conscience. We are accepting absurdity and immorality without offering resistance.

This is why we are indifferent to the fact that the commercial world is using sex to make money, and destroying our lives.

Our attitude is careless and superficial because we don’t think about the consequences of immorality. We don’t want to look at our attitude and realize that it is immoral.

Morality has no importance in the modern world.

Here is a part of a dream dreamt by a woman who is looking for the right partner, and reflects this fact:

I’m in a coffee shop with a friend of mine (but I can’t recognize this girl), and I was telling her, that a man left me, because I answered the phone call from my work while we were making love (and as much as I am ashamed of admitting it, this is really what happened). We laughed at the situation, and I was telling her, that if he can’t handle me being a career woman, than he doesn’t belong in my life. And we laughed (but in the real life, I was suffocating in tears and shame because of this).

Dream translation:

I’m in a coffee shop with a friend of mine (but I can’t recognize this girl),

The coffee in dreams represents the acceptance of what is bad. When you drink coffee you accept something you dislike because it is bad.

Thus, the coffee shop represents a place that was helping you accept the fact that you were abandoned by the man you were in love with. This event was something bad that you had to accept.

This friend is a superficial part of your personality.

and I was telling her, that a man left me, because I answered the phone call from my work while we were making love (and as much as I am ashamed of admitting it, this is really what happened).

You didn’t pay attention to the fact that you were making love, but you cared more about your job, while you should simply let the phone ring, without answering it in a moment like that.

The fact that this fact really happened in your daily life and you saw it in this dream means that you have to pay attention to your behavior.

The phone call represents an alternative.

Your work represents your mission in life.

So, you abandoned the man who was with you while you were making love in other to care about another alternative that was related to your mission in life, what means that you didn’t believe that he was part of your mission, or more important than another alternative.

We laughed at the situation,

Your ego and the superficial part of your personality are inconsequential and childish, and this is why you laughed at the situation.

If you were not superficial you would understand that you were gross for abandoning the man you were in love with exactly when you were making love. You cared more about another alternative than about the fact that you were with him, and you had a special moment together.

and I was telling her, that if he can’t handle me being a career woman, than he doesn’t belong in my life.

Your ego didn’t want to understand how gross you were.

And we laughed (but in the real life, I was suffocating in tears and shame because of this).

Your ego and the superficial part of your personality cannot understand that you were wrong because you were totally insensitive.

This is why you laughed instead of being sad with what happened.

When this fact happened you were ashamed and you cried, but this dream is showing you that you are in fact superficial. Your ego and another part of your personality didn’t really care about what happened.

This dream is showing you that you don’t really love your partner and this is why you don’t give real importance to your sexual relations.

You must look for your real perfect match and stop having relationships with men you don’t really love.


This dreamer is superficial and she doesn’t understand that her attitude is immoral. She is following the global immorality without believing that she should be moralistic.

Here is an interesting video about the immorality that started prevailing in our world after the sexual revolution of 1970, and the appearance of AIDS in the beginning of 1980:

Sex and Morals: From the Sexual Revolution to the New Puritanism

The dreamer whose dream I analyzed didn’t understand that her behavior was immoral because she follows the mindset that prevails today, which is based on sexual freedom. This freedom is indifferent to the importance of love and moral principles.

Sex Without Love And Without Boundaries

Today there are no barriers for sex. Most people don’t hesitate on having sex with someone they don’t know, besides being exposed to numerous dangers. Even the fear of AIDS doesn’t stop them from having casual sex.

Here is another dream of the same dreamer that reflects her immoral attitude:

I am at my work and a female coworker and friend of mine was walking before me and she disappears. We are on our way to a meeting. In one of the exhibition halls (very large one) to my right I can see orange-beige flowers nailed down to wooden pieces like a decoration placed on the concrete floor. A bit further away there’s an unknown dark haired man with blue eyes standing and looking at me, holding a bouquet of black flowers. I got the feeling of ditching the meeting and wanting to be with that man and getting ready to be with him, and I remember telling, that I’m on vacation and am excused from participating in the meeting.

Dream translation:

I am at my work and a female coworker and friend of mine was walking before me and she disappears.

(The female coworker is a very good friend of mine, and she introduced me to P who is friends with her boyfriend. She’s the one that doesn’t believe that P is a player, and I’m still convinced that he is.)

You represent your ego.

Your work represents a place where you work on your mission in life: find sound mental health and happiness.

The coworker represents a superficial part of your personality that likes P and believes that he could be loyal to you.

P represents a false perfect match.

When you are walking in a dream this means that you are looking for the truth. This means that this superficial part of your personality was looking for the truth before your ego, and making you follow it.

At some point she disappears because it already made you follow it far enough. Your ego starts looking for the truth yourself, without following this part of your personality that likes P, but while you are at the point that this part of your personality wanted you to be.

We are on our way to a meeting.

The meeting represents the intention of the various parts of your personality that are in disagreement to have an agreement.

In one of the exhibition halls (very large one) to my right I can see orange-beige flowers nailed down to wooden pieces like a decoration placed on the concrete floor.

The exhibition hall represents a place of exposition, where your ego was observing what was exposed to your eyes.

The orange color represents something that won’t last long, something that has a short duration.

The beige color represents goodness.

The flowers represent goodness too.

The wooden pieces represent a fragile material.

This means that your ego was observing an exposition of goodness, but that wouldn’t last long, and had a fragile basis.

A bit further away there’s an unknown dark haired man with blue eyes standing and looking at me, holding a bouquet of black flowers.

This dark haired man represents a false perfect match.

Blue eyes represent selfishness.

The black color represents the acceptance of what is bad.

Flowers represent goodness.

This false perfect match was pretending to be a good person, but his goodness was based on the acceptance of what is bad; it was not really good.

I got the feeling of ditching the meeting and wanting to be with that man and getting ready to be with him,

Your ego abandoned the meeting with the other parts of your personality because you were attracted by this new false perfect match, without thinking twice.

and I remember telling, that I’m on vacation and am excused from participating in the meeting.

When you are on vacation this means that you are resting and wasting time instead of treating your mental health problems.

Your ego believed that it was not important to have an agreement with the other parts of your personality.

You were not afraid of anything. You decided to stay with an unknown man only because he was attractive.

You didn’t care about having another deception, or about getting involved with a cruel man, or with a man who could be married to another woman.

You must be careful and selective. Instead of having sex with every attractive man you meet, you must look for your real perfect match and find authentic love.


A person doesn’t need to be a prostitute or a rapist to be immoral. Many people don’t understand that the immorality that prevails in our world today should be condemned.

Immorality is craziness and leads to despair.

We have to respect God’s rules and follow His philosophy of life. He prepares a perfect match for everyone, but we don’t have the patience to look for the ideal person.

We must care about finding love instead of looking for carnal pleasure.

Divorces, abandoned children, abortions, and numerous other problems are ruining our society because we accept the imposition of immorality made by the commercial world, which takes advantage of our violent and immoral tendencies in order to sell its products.

We always find greed behind the apparent reality.

Another Image For Women And Men

Women are sexual objects in our world because they are immoral, and because this is a world ruled by men, who are immoral too.

Women must stop having the image of sexual objects in our world and identify themselves with mothers, even if they are not married yet, or if they don’t have children. A woman can have the behavior of a mother even if she is not one.

Men must stop having the image of ‘play boys’ and have the image of fathers. They can be fathers even if they don’t have children.

Men and women must have the image of parents who give primordial importance to love and loyalty, and not the image of immoral creatures who want to have sex without marriage because they believe that this is exciting.

Sex between a married couple is based on a spiritual connection that goes beyond the pleasures of the flash, while sex without love is a meaningless and dangerous satisfaction with what is immoral, and has many negative consequences.

The Meaning Of Sexual Abstinence

Nuns vow to be celibate, but average people believe that sexual abstinence is unbearable and silly.

I will tell you a summary of my tragic love story because this story is a good practical example that explains why a human being must be able to accept sexual abstention, even when he or she is before a big temptation.

In January of 1988 I met a very handsome man who was my husband’s best customer and came to our small factory in order to work in our machines and do something he wanted to.

He clearly showed me that he liked me, even though my husband was with us. I tried to respect my husband, but he attracted me very much from the beginning.

I had predicted that I would meet him in a vivid dream, the previous day.

I had more information about him in my next dreams.

I concluded that he only wanted to play with me. He was married too, and many years older than me.

At that time, I had a dream about a fox.

The fox represents a sneaky and very dangerous person.

This dream helped me understand that he was sneaky and dangerous.

I was obeying the unconscious guidance in my dreams, before understanding that God is the dream producer. I won’t talk again about all the adventures I had, but merely remind you that I was gradually discovering that he was a selfish and disgusting person.

In the end of 1988, the unconscious mind showed me that I had to stop working at the factory with my husband and stay home taking care of my son, and writing the scientific book I started writing in February of that year in order to prove to the world that Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is the only right one because this method helps us understand the unconscious guidance, and the unconscious mind is a genius.

In January of 1989 I discovered that the unconscious mind is God’s mind, and I discovered the existence of the satanic anti-conscience. I had to fight absurdity like a hero by offering resistance to my anti-conscience’s attacks (dizziness, blackouts, hallucinations, etc) and working many hours in a store selling clothes for women with my mother, my aunt, and two colleagues.

God showed me that I had to be a hero because I needed psychotherapy. I was a terrible sinner. I was one of the worst demons of the world.

God was giving me the chance to escape eternal hell, even though I would have to bear a lot of pain. I would have to pass through hell on earth, but it wouldn’t be eternal.

God told me that He wouldn’t bear to be in my shoes, but He needed my help, and I deserved to suffer in eternal hell. I should be grateful for having the chance to become a saint and help Him put an end to terror on earth.

I did everything God showed me, besides complaining a lot. I recognized that I really was dangerous and I didn’t know what to do. I was ignorant, and my opinion had no value.

When I managed to win the battle against my anti-conscience, I started helping other people find sound mental health through dream translation – since September of 1990.

God showed me that I had to live like a nun and He made me go to the Catholic Church every Sunday, and follow seminars about the Bible in a Catholic institution twice per month. I was an active member of the Christian community.

I also had to study the meaning of terror and craziness.

In 1991, thanks to a revelation in a dream I discovered that my husband didn’t die because he had a heart attack, but because he was killed by his best customer with poison.

After having this information, I had many conversations by phone with the man I was in love with, but I had to ask him to confess his crime to a priest. This was God’s idea. I wouldn’t demand it because I knew that it was too painful for him, but I had to be obedient and demand this confession.

I couldn’t disregard the crime that the man I loved committed because he wanted to find a way to approach me and possess me.

He never agreed with the confession. So, I had to accept sexual abstention, and never meet him again.

My example helps you understand that the meaning of making a sacrifice in the sexual field is many times equivalent to preserving your dignity instead of disregarding a crime because you are in love with the murderer.

God had to prepare a religious group of people who would be able to bear sexual abstention in order to show to the world that this sacrifice has a meaning. Priests and nuns had to help us imitate their example.

Now, think about what is happening in the world today. Teens are having sex without respecting moral rules. Religion stops being part of their lives once they stop being children.

Don’t you think that they should learn how to accept sexual abstinence instead of making abortions?

We have to stop promoting sex and realize that we are ruining our children’s lives. They are having sex before understanding what is dangerous and bad, and killing their children.

Sexual abstention is necessary numerous times. We have to accept it. We are not irrational animals. We must be able to preserve our dignity.

Facts That Prove That Human Beings Are Demons

Everything is even worse for our children because of the sexual immorality that prevails in our world.

Here is a document about a horror that is worse than sexual freedom:

The Prostitution Of Children

Those who love and protect their children are as responsible for the tragic prostitution of children as those who abuse of them, because they are doing nothing to stop this horror.

Those who are indifferent to terror will be punished by God for their indifference more than the crazy demons that take advantage of innocent children.

The sexual revolution had numerous other negative consequences for our society. Abortion is a common crime that is not condemned anymore.

There are other types of horrors derived from sexual immorality that reflect our cruelty. One of them is cannibalism.

Here is a document about this matter:

Japanese Eating Dead Babies

This indifference leads to the commerce of babies that are produced in order to be killed.

Here are more details about this matter:

Baby Farming

This indifference leads to many other horrors.

Here are two short videos about them:

Human Capital – Episode 1: Planned Parenthood’s Black Market in Baby Parts

Aborted babies’ tissue used in food, by Senomyx, in Pepsi, Kraft, Nestlé, Campbell’s etc

These are the consequences of sexual immorality.

Human beings are not human. This is why we always end up in terror.

God let us see with our own eyes what can happen to our lives when we do what we want, because we had to understand that without goodness we always end up in terror.

We had to see the chaos we create because of our crazy desires and ideas. Otherwise, God wouldn’t be able to convince us that we must obey His guidance and respect His rules in all situations of life.

We should have understood that we are barbarous monsters a long time ago, because we already had many examples that confirm our satanic nature in our history.

The gladiators who killed Christians (who were also attacked by lions in a stage for the entertainment of the ancient Romans) distorted the meaning of sports the same way that the sexual revolution distorted the meaning of sex, killing the importance of love.

The ancient Christians distorted the meaning of religiosity with the inquisition, turning it into terror.

We exaggerate in everything we do and in the end, it becomes terror.

God let us live the way we wanted because He had to let us verify into practice that if we won’t follow His rules, we will live in terror.

Now that we saw the horrors of freedom, we can understand why we must humbly obey God’s guidance instead of being disobedient and arrogant.

The Ugly Truth Behind The Apparent Reality

Atheists declare that we don’t need to believe in the existence of God in order to be morally correct, without paying attention to the immorality that prevails in our world, even though many people supposedly believe in God.

They disregard corruptions, prostitution, homosexuality, and many other horrors that are part of our daily lives, giving naïve definitions for their existence, based on ignorance and suppositions that are far from the real characteristics of our reality.

The ugly truth is that we are terrible demons, and this is why we cannot be trusted. We are false and dishonest.

We must stop believing that we are able to understand what is good and bad. Our underdeveloped brain is idiotic.

We know nothing, and our thoughts are dangerous. This is why we must obey God’s guidance even when we disagree with His wisdom.

We have to follow a deep process of transformation that will eliminate all our absurd tendencies, and help us develop the positive characteristics of our personality. This is a difficult process of transformation, but God helps us follow it thanks to the information He gives us in our dreams.

Why I Sacrificed My Life In Order To Give You These Lessons

God chose me because I was strong, and He prepared me to be obedient. My obedience to His guidance in dreams resulted from a long preparation.

I was not a scientist. I was a literature writer and a prophet who could transcribe God’s words in a poetic form. My magical inspiration was the real author of my best poems and stories. This was how God prepared me to discover the satanic origin of the human race when I managed to learn Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation even better than him.

I also had a strong religious education. The continuation of Carl Jung’s research was based on my confidence in God’s wisdom, and not based on my scientific discoveries. These discoveries simply helped me understand what was happening to me, and the meaning of my sacrifice.

I could continue Jung’s dangerous research based on my faith, and not based on the limited scientific knowledge I had. I completely trusted God’s wisdom because I knew this wisdom thanks to my literary talent and my religious education.

A scientist wouldn’t have any reason to sacrifice his or her life in order to obey the divine guidance without any compensation, and without knowing when this sacrifice would finally end.

Only someone who would be able to understand God’s poetical philosophy of life could trust His wisdom so much.

My faith in God’s wisdom was the main reason why I managed to discover that we are terrible demons, and at the same time believe that God could transform us into perfect human beings.

God is able to transform every monster into a perfect human being because He is a genius. We are lucky because God exists, even though we are in a difficult position because we are monsters.

We make more than too many mistakes every second. We are controlled by satanic ideas and emotions all the time.

We must admit our incapacity to think logically, and learn how to control our mind and our behavior through dream translation. We also have to respect our religion.

Only God knows how to organize our crazy minds and our crazy world.

I sacrificed my life in order to prove this fact to the world after discovering it because this knowledge is more than important for humanity, and because God depends on our obedience to His guidance in order to save us from terror.

God is the only one who doesn’t deserve His unbearable suffering, but He suffers more than anyone else because of our cruelty. I wouldn’t bear to be in His shoes.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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