The Mysterious Connection Between Dreams And Reality

Dreams And RealityI was 28-years-old when I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience, in January of 1989. After facing the attacks of my anti-conscience like a hero, I had to study the meaning of terror.

I found a method to directly talk with God thanks to the codes I found in a book written by a Brazilian spiritual guide, Chico Xavier. Then, I summarized the codes and I wrote them down in a small notebook.

This method worked, but it was too time consuming. I had to translate the meaning of the words I was discovering behind the codes many times until I would finally understand their message. In the beginning the sentences didn’t seem to make sense. I had to rewrite them and try to translate their meaning numerous times until I would finally find the right meaning.

I was translating God’s messages through Xavier’s codes according to the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung. Perhaps in the future I will give you explanations about these codes, but these explanations are long.

I learned how to make these translations faster with practice. They represented a huge advance in my communication with God. The messages I found this way were confirmed in my dreams.

God didn’t stop talking about terror, violence, immorality, and poverty. He didn’t say anything about goodness. I asked Him why, and He said that I was unable to understand the meaning of goodness. First of all I had to understand the meaning of terror.

At that point everything became very strange because God told me that I had to study the meaning of terror. I started watching horror movies in video tapes, which I got from the video club of my neighborhood. This way I could understand the personality of cruel murderers, and a lot more.

In the beginning I was not taking everything really seriously. I looked at this experience as if it was an adventure. I was too young and superficial.

However, God make me watch these thrillers during 6 months uninterruptedly. In the beginning I thought that I didn’t mind watching horror movies because I had to study the meaning of terror, and I was not afraid of them, but this obligation became unbearable later.

I could stop watching these movies only when I begged God to stop watching them because I couldn’t bear the horror scenes anymore. While I was indifferent to terror, I had to keep watching them.

I was too insensitive. However, I had to be afraid of terror, and I had to feel disgusted with it. This is why I needed this strange therapy.

I had to study the meaning of terror not only because I had to learn how the satanic anti-conscience behaves. I also had to learn how to have the right attitude before terror.

At that time, I had many scary dreams. Sometimes I had interesting dreams with positive messages, but most of my dreams were nightmares because I was neurotic.

I remember a vivid dream I had in the beginning of 1989, before fighting the unbearable attacks of my anti-conscience (a few days after discovering its existence) that worried me very much.

My father and my mother where in a bathroom, and I knew that my mother had the intention to kill my father. This dream was so vivid that I felt as if I was actually seeing my mother ready to kill my father in my daily life, and I felt that I had to make her stop.

Dream translation:

My mother represented my anti-conscience and my father represented my one-sided conscience.

The bathroom was related to my sexuality.

This dream was predicting that I would be attacked by my anti-conscience, which would try to completely destroy my conscience.

This would happen because I was obeying God’s guidance and I wouldn’t approach the man I was in love with, when he would kill my husband with the intention to meet me again, and at the same time, get rid of his rival.

I couldn’t imagine what I would have to face when I would have to bear the attacks of my satanic anti-conscience while I was praying and offering resistance, during 8 unbearable months. I don’t know how I could survive. And I had to work many hours in a store in the center of Athens during this period of time.

My son was 4-years old. My mother helped me take care of him, but he was part of my life.

I also had to go to the Catholic Church every Sunday and participate of lectures and dialogues about the Bible twice per month in a Catholic institution.

My husband died in July of 1989. He supposedly had a heart attack. The truth is that his best costumer killed him because he was in love with me (and I was in love with him), but when he died I didn’t conclude that he was murdered.

I discovered the truth only in 1991, thanks to a revealing dream. Then, I confirmed the truth by talking with the murderer by phone. He didn’t clearly confess his crime, but he said many things that confirmed what I found out in the dream.

I couldn’t suppose that he was responsible for my husband’s death. I believed that his death was part of God’s plan because I had to become an independent hero, and because God was trying to make me have the courage to be a hero no matter how, and never commit suicide. I couldn’t abandon my son. The fact that his father died was another reason why I had to live.

My husband’s death was also protecting him from psychosis. He became neurotic in 1984, when his mother passed away. I had a dream that predicted that he would become psychotic, two months before his death.

I believed that his customer had the intention to play with me. I didn’t believe that he loved me. God influenced this conclusion, to help me stay far from him.

My life, my research, and my therapy were connected.

God did everything He could in order to help me understand that I had to obey His guidance without objections.

Discovering My Power

Everything was strange, dangerous, and very difficult. I don’t know how I managed to do everything that God demanded from me. I believed that He was exaggerating; He shouldn’t demand so much from me, but I really was very strong and I managed to go ahead.

In the end I saw that I was too strong, and I could bear my difficult mission. God was right.

He always was right, but I complained a lot and I wrote numerous blasphemies against Him in my diaries. I was extremely obedient because I understood that everything was too dangerous and I had to be very careful, but I was more than revolted with my destiny.

I had the behavior of a saint because I was precisely obeying the divine guidance. However, I delayed to stop being a monster. I wanted to help God and I recognized that I deserved my suffering, but it was unbearable.

I don’t know how I managed to be so obedient or how I could be so strong, but I couldn’t pretend that I was weak. God knew the truth.

On the other hand, what would happen to me if I would give up?

I was afraid of schizophrenia and I was afraid of hell. There were only dangers threatening me.

I also was more than sorry for God when I understood what He had to bear in order to transform terrible demons into sensitive human beings. Many times I tried to be a true saint and have an admirable behavior, but my goodness was superficial.

The truth is that I complained too much. I delayed to adapt to my difficult mission and have the right behavior. I was sorry for God because He had to bear my explosions of anger and my blasphemies. I should be a consolation for Him, but I was evil, and everything was more than terrible.

God told me that He wouldn’t bear to be in my shoes. He knew that He was demanding too much from me, but He couldn’t count with no one else.

Everyone on earth is a false betrayer. Everyone’s goodness is superficial.

God was afraid to be betrayed by me too, and this is why He always treated me as if I was a terrible monster, even after seeing that I was precisely obeying His guidance.

However, I could bear everything and go ahead. I saw that I was a true athlete, but I ignored my power.

Bitter Predictions

I had a few dreams about my father’s house in Americana, a city near Sao Paulo where he had a factory. My father decided to live in that house after getting divorced. He used to go to Sao Paulo in the beginning of the week and stay there only three days, in a 5 stars hotel near my school. When he was in Sao Paulo we had lunch together in a Greek restaurant in the same neighborhood.

I couldn’t imagine that many years later the house in Americana would become a very dirty place because my father was crazy, and he stopped letting a maid clean the house. I had a scary dream about that house in Americana, even before discovering that it was transformed into a rubbish dump in 1991, when I traveled to Brazil from Greece, where I live.

Here is my dream:

I was in the house of Americana. It seemed to be a haunted house. I was hiding a white piece of clothing that seemed to have blood vestiges, in the potty my son used to have when he was a toddler. I was very calm, as if there was nothing wrong with that.

Dream translation:

I was in the house of Americana. It seemed to be a haunted house.

The house represented my psyche. Since it was my father’s house, it represented the part of my psyche where my conscience lived.

Ghosts in dreams represent neuroses.

The fact that the house seemed to be a haunted house indicates that my conscience was invaded by my anti-conscience, which generated a neurosis.

I was hiding a white piece of clothing that seemed to have blood vestiges, in the potty my son used to have when he was a toddler.

I represented my ego.

Clothes in dreams represent our social image, the image we present to the world about who we are. Therefore, this piece of clothing represented a part of my social image.

The white color represents purity and wisdom. However, the color of something can be misleading. It doesn’t define what it really is, but what it seems to be. The color is an appearance.

Blood represents pain.

My son represented my moral image; the image I was giving to the world about how moralistic I was.

The potty is a place where a child eliminates urine and excrements. The urine in dreams represents fears, and excrements represent mistakes.

Since this was my son’s potty, it was the place where my young moral image eliminated its fears and its mistakes.

This means that I used to get rid of my fears and my mistakes in a childish way.

So, my ego was trying to hide a part of my social image that was marked by pain and could incriminate me, in the place where my moral image eliminated its fears and mistakes, as if this social image could be simply eliminated like daily fears and mistakes.

In other words, I was childish and absurd.

The fact that the white piece of clothing was marked by blood indicates that a murder happened, and ruined my wise and pure social image.

I was very calm, as if there was nothing wrong with that.

The fact that I was very calm even though I was trying to hide the vestiges of a crime means that I was completely controlled by my anti-conscience and I had no fear.

This is one of the characteristics of the anti-conscience. The absence of fear in its behavior is the reason why it manages to be cruel and at the same time, very calm in dangerous situations.

This calm behavior was part of my personality. I always was calm in difficult and dangerous situations.


I had the characteristics of a cruel murderer, but I became God’s servant thanks to dream interpretation.

This dream was predicting that I would become a crazy and cold murderer if I wouldn’t follow dream therapy.

I had more dreams about that house that were not so scary, but they were bad dreams. I could really understand their meaning when I saw that my father’s mental illness became worse, and his house became totally dirty, when I met him in Brazil, 11 years after the last time I was in my country.

I understood that the house in Americana represented my schizophrenic conscience. I was gradually discovering how absurd I really was, besides verifying that my father’s absurdity was more than shocking.

His house was a horror scene. He had a lot of money, but he lived as if he was poor. He was crazy, but he was a business man. Nobody could imagine that he lived in a house like that. He pretended to be a normal person.

If I wouldn’t translate the meaning of my dreams I wouldn’t understand how absurd I was. I was like my father, but I believed that I was different.

The scariest nightmare I had, also in 1988, the year when I started writing a scientific book in order to prove to the world that Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation was the right one because it translates the unconscious words in dreams (before discovering that the unconscious mind is God’s mind) was about my shadow:

I saw myself lying in an open coffin, as if I was dead. Then, I took an axe and I started cutting off the various parts of my body with it.

Dream translation:

The image of myself that was dead represented my shadow. My shadow was my anti-conscience, my evil self.

The fact that my shadow was in a coffin means that it would die.

I represented my ego.

The axe represented violence.

The separation of the various parts of the dreamer’s body is a known dream scene that has the symbolic meaning of a psychological transformation. Usually this scene happens in a hospital.

The fact that I was cutting off the various parts of my shadow’s body with an axe means that I was violently forcing my anti-conscience to pass through a process of transformation.

This dream was predicting that I would courageously eliminate my anti-conscience through a very painful process of transformation, when I would discover its existence (in 1989).

I was very cruel with my anti-conscience, exactly as in this dream. I don’t know how I could be so strong, but I was very strong. I didn’t let the monster kill me.

I don’t have the courage to write everything I had to face to fight my anti-conscience because I don’t want to remember all the horrors I had to face, and I cannot prove anything because this was a personal experience.

I already told you in general terms that I had to deal with dizziness, blackouts, hallucinations, and many other horrors without fainting, and while I was working many hours in a store with my mother, my aunt, and two colleagues. I was silently praying all the time and waiting the end of this torture. I knew that God would save me in the end.

After these unbearable 8 months I stopped, and I was so depressed that I had no courage to get out of bed. I was afraid even to go to the supermarket. I was afraid of everyone and everything.

I didn’t want to live, but I was a mother, my son needed me. God needed me. I couldn’t give up.

I wouldn’t do anything to save my mental health. I kept going on only for God. I couldn’t forget that he was a victim of terror, while He was perfect, and He didn’t deserve His suffering.

I don’t know how I had the courage to start working again in 1990, in a travel agency that belonged to my youngest uncle’s friend. After my husband’s death my aunt (who was married with my oldest uncle) decided to keep the store only for herself, abandoning me and my mother without anything, exactly when we needed her support. This was a disgusting betrayal. My uncle betrayed us too.

I hated the fact that God didn’t save me after the horrible experiences I had to face fighting my anti-conscience, and He kept making me face more and more adventures. I believed that I had to receive a prize and rest after facing the unbearable fight, but I was only in the beginning of a very long journey.

I was obedient because I trusted God. I verified that He exists and I could talk with Him. I was more than sure that I could count with His wisdom. Since I had to be His big hero, He would do something to keep me alive. I simply trusted Him.

But the truth is that God was not protecting me at all. He was counting on me. His plan was based on my suffering.

If I would tell you everything I had to face – not only during the terrible 8 months fighting my anti-conscience, but during my entire mission, I don’t think that you would believe me. I myself don’t believe that I could bear everything and survive, even though I know that I’m still alive.

Perhaps someday I will publish my diary collection since 1989 until I don’t know which year. I’m a writer who writes a lot.

I have many things to tell you, but I cannot prove anything, so I don’t feel well. I already told you many things that made me feel more than uncomfortable because I have to use my example in order to give you meaningful lessons. This is what God expects of me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t expose myself.

I will show you a lot more with time, but my lessons here cannot help you if you are not keeping a dream journal and translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. You have to pass through a deep process of transformation into practice and eliminate your anti-conscience.

I’m showing you how much craziness I found in my brain because the same craziness exists in your brain. Everyone inherits the same absurdity, but it acquires many different forms.

Do you think that I would face everything I did if it was not so important to help the world understand that we have to fight our anti-conscience?

More Explanations

God showed me the truth through many ways. Whenever I was disobedient I had a health problem, pain in a part of my body… something would happen to me.

The truth is that God practically forced me to obey His guidance through many ways. Everything I did for Him was done against my will. I hated my mission.

God was right because He made me obey His wise guidance. I knew this fact, even when I was writing blasphemies. I knew that I was wrong, but my cross was too heavy. Of course, if I would completely disagree with God I wouldn’t be obedient, but I could logically understand that I should agree with Him, besides disagreeing with my suffering.

God always is right.

We cannot accept this fact when we have to suffer. However, since we are demons, we must be transformed through suffering.

We will suffer anyway, since we make many mistakes. We have to learn how to do what is positive for us and our community by obeying God’s guidance, even against our will.

I hated God’s plan, I disagreed with my suffering, and I didn’t believe that the human race deserved this sacrifice.

However, I recognized that I was ignorant, absurd, young, evil, and superficial. I knew that I was wrong when I was writing pages and pages of blasphemies. I knew that I would beg for forgiveness in the end, but I had to somehow explode because I couldn’t accept my strange mission.

I don’t know how I managed to have the behavior of a saint while I didn’t want to obey the guidance I had, but I never abandoned God. I never forgot that we are demons and we must obey His guidance.

God abandoned me numerous times instead of helping me. I had to accept everything because I was a demon and He didn’t trust me, even though I was His secret agent and I was extremely obedient.

If you are intelligent you will obviously conclude that you have to imitate my example. God always is right, while you are a demon. Your opinion has no value.

God is not a tyrannous. He is your doctor.

You need His psychotherapy because you are crazy, cruel, violent, and indifferent, even if you cannot recognize this fact. I was obedient (besides complaining) because God gave me the information I needed in order to be able to verify this truth.

I didn’t doubt that I was dangerous and I needed guidance, and I didn’t doubt that God was my savior.

You must be prudent and pay attention to the unpleasant information I’m giving to the world.

God can correct all mistakes and cure all mental health problems, physical problems, and all kinds of problems. If you will be obedient, you will suffer in order to become a perfect human being, but you will have many advantages.

If you will be indifferent and you will follow the lies of the hypocritical world, even if you will become very rich, your success will be miserable. You will regret after death.

God let’s you do whatever you want while you are alive because He knows that you will pay for everything after death. He won’t let a monster like you simply rest.

Please, forgive my sincerity, but all human beings are monsters who merely pretend to be human.

Whenever our ego desires what belongs to someone else, we forget our moral principles, our dignity, our obligations, and everything else. Whenever our social image is threatened, we act like vampires.

All human beings are disgusting betrayers. Jesus came to our world in order to prove this fact. He was betrayed, tortured, and abandoned after making miracles and after teaching us the importance of goodness because we are disgusting monsters.

If you want to be an exception, you have to transform your personality through dream translation, and you have to respect your religion.

I use my religion to give you examples, but all religions are valid and give you the same lessons.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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