Why We Must Stop Using Money For Everything

MoneyAfter continuing Carl Jung’s research through dream interpretation and discovering the existence of the anti-conscience, I verified through many ways that we are in fact schizophrenic murderers.

Everyone would have exactly the same terrible personality if we didn’t receive a human conscience from God as a gift. He creates our human conscience through the transformation of one part of our brain.

God develops one psychological function and a half from the four psychological functions we have at our disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

Carl Jung discovered that 8 psychological types characterize the human behavior, depending on the combination of psychological functions that works in their conscience. He also discovered the characteristics of the neuroses that affect every psychological type. All psychological types have the tendency to become neurotic.

There are 4 introverted psychological types and 4 extroverted psychological types. The introverted ones make decisions based on their personal opinion. The extroverted ones make decisions based on the global opinion. This is why there is a big variety of personality types in the world.

Everyone is a demon covered by a conscious layer, which is in fact a thin crust. In other words, there is a hidden demon inside everyone’s mind and body.

We have to keep developing all our psychological functions through dream translation during our lives in order to transform the demon into a human being, so that we may become really human. Otherwise, the demon will destroy our conscience and replace our ego.

Some people have a strong conscience, what means that the conscious crust that covers the demon is thick. This is why they are more sensitive. They seem to be really human, even though this is not true.

Other people have a weak conscience, what means that the conscious layer in their brain is thin. Therefore, it can be easily perforated by their anti-conscience. These people are predetermined to acquire a severe mental illness in their lives, what can happen either when they are young or when they become old, depending on their life biography.

This people have a weak conscience because their anti-conscience is too strong and it couldn’t be reduced.

Everyone’s anti-conscience is constantly trying to invade their conscience and generate a mental illness, so that it may control their mind and behavior, instead of being tamed by their human side. When it manages to destroy a big portion of their conscience, it becomes more powerful, and it manages to kill the human being existent into their human conscience.

However, this is not visible to the outside world. Mental illnesses are invisible diseases that have numerous similar and different characteristics that cannot be perceived, neither by the mentally ill nor by those who are around them. Sometimes the unbearable symptoms generated by the anti-conscience make the person realize that they have a mental health problem.

Other times, the person ignores this fact, and those who belong to their social environment cannot suppose that they are losing their mind, unless they start doing absurd things that they are unable to hide.

Most people hide their mental illness from the world, even when they perceive that they have strange thoughts and behavior. Everyone pretends to be fine, and everyone pretends to be honest.

This false behavior is a characteristic of the predominance of the anti-conscience in our brain. Our anti-conscience is our primitive conscience, which is still working the same way it used to work in the beginning of its formation. It didn’t evolve because it refused to learn how to find peace and solve its problems, after having many deceptions.

So, when our thoughts are controlled by our anti-conscience, we think like idiotic, absurd, and evil animals. We don’t think like human beings. We don’t respect our moral principles, and we don’t respect anyone else.

However, we cannot understand that our conscience is not working, and that the thoughts that invaded our conscience come from our satanic anti-conscience. We believe that we are the same person we used to be before the invasion.

We believe that our anti-conscience’s desires are our own desires. We don’t understand that our primitive conscience is misleading us.

The scientific method of dream interpretation is a miraculous solution for humanity because now everyone can clearly understand God’s words in their dreams and in signs of their reality. Everyone can eliminate their anti-conscience through consciousness and prevent mental health problems, or cure the mental illnesses they already have by precisely obeying the divine guidance.

God cures even physical problems without surgery and other complications because what causes diseases is our negative attitude. When we change our attitude and we obey the divine guidance, all diseases disappear; even fractures and problems that seem to depend on medical intervention.

God speaks in a symbolic form through many ways. We can understand the meaning of His signs in our daily lives without sleeping and dreaming when we know the dream language.

His messages in dreams give us detailed explanations about our mental health, the world, those who are important for us, and our future.

God’s signs in our daily lives give us secret information about one aspect of our reality in order to help us understand an important detail about a certain situation, other people’s intentions, or predict the future.

We have everything we need in order to be transformed into real human beings. Everything depends on our obedience to God’s guidance.

Those who obey the guidance they have in their dreams manage to eliminate their anti-conscience in a short period of time and find peace.

Those who are disobedient and indifferent, delay to be cured. They keep having dreams with the same warnings until they will agree with God’s wisdom.

Sometimes God manages to convince them to do what is better for them. Other times, they keep making the same mistakes forever because they refuse to be obedient, and their anti-conscience becomes stronger.

The big variety of mental health problems observed in our population is caused by the fact that our psychological system is too complex and our anti-conscience disorganizes our already disorganized psychological system even more.

We are basically schizophrenic murderers, but depending on the characteristics of our personality we can acquire different mental illnesses. This is why not everyone becomes schizophrenic when their conscience is destroyed.

Now that we know the bitter truth, we have to assume the responsibility to develop our human conscience instead of letting our evil anti-conscience control our mind and our behavior.

Why We Disagree With God

Our falsity is so vast that we don’t know in what we believe. We are easily contaminated by materialism and greed. This is why we disagree with God’s philosophy of life.

Here is a dream dreamt by a neurotic woman that proves this fact:

A little girl finds $10 in her pocket. Then evil things start happening to her and then her sisters. This girl ends up in a small pond of water, face up. She continually gets zapped by electricity while the $10 bill floats next to her. She wakes up, smiles, and put the $10 back in her pocket. I knew this was a mistake.

Dream translation:

A little girl finds $10 in her pocket. Then evil things start happening to her and then her sisters.

This little girl represents a childish and superficial part of your personality.

Money represents psychical energy, enthusiasm, and good mood.

The number 10 represents completion.

The pocket represents possession. When you have something in your pocket this means that you can control it.

Her sisters represent superficial parts of your personality.

Therefore, a childish part of your personality found out that it had control over enthusiasm and completion (total satisfaction).

The evil things that happened to her resulted from the attacks of your anti-conscience and from the wickedness of the cruel world.

The evil things that happened to her sisters have the same meaning.

This means that many other parts of your personality were suffering because of the mistakes of the childish part of your personality.

This girl ends up in a small pond of water, face up.

The small pond of water represents materialism.

The fact that she fell there with her face up means that this immature and superficial part of your personality had a big deception, and ended up floating in materialism.

She continually gets zapped by electricity while the $10 bill floats next to her.

Electricity in dreams represents anger, nervousness.

The fact that this immature part of your personality gets zapped by electricity means that it becomes angry all the time. It is irritated all the time by many things it dislikes.

The $10 bill floating next to her means that she can easily find enthusiasm and false completion in materialism, besides being constantly angry.

She wakes up, smiles, and put the $10 back in her pocket. I knew this was a mistake.

The fact that this part of your personality woke up means that it stopped being indifferent to its mental illness.

However, the fact that the girl put the $10 back in her pocket means that this part of your personality believed that it could possess completion based on having material pleasures.

This childish and superficial part of your personality didn’t mind suffering for many reasons, since it could have many material pleasures. It believed that its mental health problem wouldn’t affect it.

Your ego is more intelligent and mature, and this is why you understood that this was a mistake.

This dream is showing you that you must be very careful with this childish part of your personality that is indifferent to anger and hatred, and cares only about having material pleasures.

You have to understand that your mental illness must be cured, without believing that you will be fine if you will be able to buy everything you want.


I cannot tell you anything about the dreamer’s life to help you understand why she needed this warning, but I can tell you that many people think like her.

They don’t mind being angry monsters if they can buy everything they want.

This is a tragic mistake you must avoid. Nothing is more important than sound mental health and peace.

Why We Must Stop Using Money For Everything In Our World

If you are as materialistic as the dreamer whose dream I analyzed, this is not only your fault. You are a victim of the commercial world, besides being a victim of your anti-conscience.

We must stop using money in order to do everything we need in our world. Money is not the best way to regulate the economy. Money is Satan’s tool.

We have to organize our world in a totally different way. We must put and end to poverty, and we must put an end to greed.

The world must stop being ruled by the crazy billionaires who hold the global economy in their hands.

Only God knows how to organize the world based on wisdom and justice.

God explains everything we want to know in our dreams. He also has the patience to repeat the same explanations through many ways, until He will convince us to do what is better for us.

God already gave us basic explanations in our religion. All religions of the world were created by Him. He tried to enlighten us through numerous ways.

However, we are mentally retarded. We are selfish, idiotic, lazy, absurd, and evil.

This is why we don’t obey the divine guidance, and we keep repeating the same mistakes. Even when we try to be obedient, we don’t do exactly what God expects of us. We always try to adapt His guidance to our desires.

We are idiotic primates, but we believe that we are geniuses. This is why we want to decide what to do without obeying God’s rules.

The fact that I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience and transmit this knowledge to the world, and the fact that I simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation so much that everyone can understand the dream language independently of their educational level cannot solve our problems if we won’t recognize our inferiority, and respect God’s superiority.

We have to obey the divine guidance in order to find sound mental health, the same way we have to obey a human doctor in order to be cured when we have a physical problem.

We also have to organize our chaotic world based on God’s wisdom. The crazy world is not a place where we can be mentally healthy.

Here is an interesting video about how money works in our world and the absurdity that characterizes our monetary system:

Money As Debt

And here is a shocking documentary about the horrors of debt:

In Debt We Trust

In the past money seemed to be a fair way to exchange goods, but we cannot believe in such lie today. The modern world completely distorted the value of money.

There are so many corruptions in our world that money cannot be considered to be a ‘fair way’ to do anything.

Besides this fact, we don’t live in order to be workers and consumers. We must stop living as if we were irrational animals.

Dishonesty And Exploitation

You have to fight your tendency to be selfish and greedy like most people in the crazy world. These people take advantage of other people in order to make money, without caring about their pain.

They also take advantage of various situations, without caring about the mental health problems they cause, or the mental health problems they have.

Here is a dream dreamt by a man who has a severe mental illness, and reflects this fact:

An unattractive woman who was my fiance wanted to kiss me, but I realized that I was not in love with her at all, and I didn’t want to marry her. On one side she was making me angry, hurting my pride, but on the other side she kept giving me presents, making compliments, and paying pretty everything when we ate out. I had a feeling of trouble: how could I get out of that situation? Throughout the whole dream I had that nasty feeling. Then I was alone sleeping in my bed. I opened my eyes and the curtains and the wardrobe looked quite different. I had a terrible feeling, that someone was behind my back and preparing to hit me a blow on the head.

Dream translation:

An unattractive woman who was my fiance wanted to kiss me, but I realized that I was not in love with her at all, and I didn’t want to marry her.

You represent your ego in dreams.

The woman represents a false perfect match.

This false perfect match was trying to show you her affection, but you didn’t like her.

You would marry her without loving her.

On one side she was making me angry, hurting my pride, but on the other side she kept giving me presents, making compliments, and paying pretty everything when we ate out.

Your ego was revolted for being with a woman you didn’t love, but she was taking advantage of your materialism.

Since you are a poor man who depends on a salary, you cannot have a luxurious life. So, this woman had the opportunity to buy your soul.

You were indifferently accepting to be dishonest with her because you are permanently controlled by your satanic anti-conscience. You keep listening to its evil thoughts.

You must learn how to be a sincere man, and look for your real perfect match.

Money cannot buy happiness. It is in fact poison for your mental health.

I had a feeling of trouble: how could I get out of that situation? Throughout the whole dream I had that nasty feeling.

Your ego was not feeling well, but you couldn’t simply tell the truth because you didn’t want to lose the life you had with a rich woman.

You accepted to have a relationship with a woman you didn’t love only because you cared about money. This was an absurd decision that increased your anxiety.

This situation made everything become more than unbearable for you.

Then I was alone sleeping in my bed.

The fact that you were sleeping in your bed means that your ego was resting instead of treating your mental illness.

I opened my eyes and the curtains and the wardrobe looked quite different.

When you wake up this means that you stop being indifferent to your mental illness.

The curtains cover the window, which represents the vision you have of your reality and yourself. Thus, the curtains cover your vision.

The fact that they seemed to be different means that the cover changed. It was covering your vision even more.

The wardrobe is a place where you keep secrets and where you keep your social images (your clothes).

It seemed to be different because you were not able to keep your secrets and your social images hidden like before.

Therefore, when you finally stopped being indifferent to your mental illness, you saw that you couldn’t have the vision and the social images you had before.

I had a terrible feeling, that someone was behind my back and preparing to hit me a blow on the head.

Someone represents a part of your personality.

The fact that you felt that it was behind your back means that your ego could understand that an evil part of your personality would betray you.

The fact that it would hit you on the head means that this part of your personality would increase your already severe mental illness.

This part of the dream was showing you that if will accept having a relationship with a woman you don’t really love only because of her money, when you will finally decide to take action and treat your mental health problem, a part of your personality won’t let you try to find sound mental health. It will sneakily increase your mental illness.

This dream is a serious warning. You must stop having relationships with women you don’t really love, and you have to stop being materialistic.

You have to be very serious and treat your mental illness. You cannot be indifferent and inconsequential. Otherwise, you will get involved with the wrong person, and lose your mind.

Later you won’t be able to do anything. Your anti-conscience will become more than too powerful, and a negative part of your personality that belongs to your anti-conscience will completely destroy your capacity to think logically.


This dreamer was ready to make a terrible mistake that would completely destroy his already partially destroyed human conscience.

Many other people in our world make exactly the same mistake because they are greedy, and the commercial world takes advantage of this fact.

We live in an unfair world where a few people have more than too much, and most people hardly manage to survive. This situation doesn’t let anyone fight Satan.

We have to change the world if we want to have the chance to combat the demon.

Why I Preferred To Be An Average Person

As I already explained in many articles, I had a terrible anti-conscience. I was predetermined to become a crazy murderer like my father.

God gave me a strong conscience by giving me all the intelligence He could, and by giving me an extraordinary literary talent, through which He whispered in my mind the words I should write. This is why all my poems and stories contained wisdom, besides being beautifully written.

I also studied in a Catholic school with Silesian nuns during twelve years. God did everything He could in order to give me the best conscience a human being can have.

There are many poor people in Brazil, where I was born. I lived like a princess when I was a child because my parents had a factory and a store, and this is why it was easy for me to be generous with the poor.

When I was a teen, after facing a tragic car accident, God gave me the idea to write a literary book about a philanthropic beggar and a poor girl who had no teeth. They had the intention to put an end to poverty on earth.

The magical inspiration God was sending me made me deeply understand the suffering of those who have no protection in the cruel world. I had to remember this knowledge when I would discover the existence of the anti-conscience in order to understand why it was so important to help God put an end to terror on earth.

We cannot become really human and find peace in a world without justice. We have to put an end to poverty, violence, and immorality.

This is more than indispensable.

When I’m talking about poverty, I’m also talking about the lives of people who work in two jobs in order to pay for everything their family needs. Everyone must have the chance to have a decent life, and enough time to care about their spiritual evolution.

God chose me to tell you this truth because His mercy has no limits. This is the first time in our history that God made important revelations to a terrible sinner, and not to a saint.

God chose me because I needed more than too many resources in order to keep my human conscience alive, and because I was as strong as a lion. I would bear to face numerous unfair attacks by many criminals, and I would bear to face more attacks by the atheistic and materialistic world, without giving up. I was so insensitive that I would bear all attacks without falling, and I would always stand up even if I would fall. Therefore, I could help God put an end to terror.

I would have only enemies and I would have to overcome numerous obstacles in order to be able to prove God’s existence to the world, and in order to convince all human beings to precisely obey His guidance.

If God would send Jesus to our world again, He would have to face more than too many horrors like me, and He would be crucified again. This was too unbearable for a saint.

Only someone as strong as a terrible demon like me could bear to face so many attacks without protection.

God couldn’t protect me from the entire world, which is ruled by Satan. He was sorry for me, but I deserved my suffering because I was a monster.

I should be grateful because God was giving me the chance to attain sanctity by facing so many horrors in order to put his plan for the elimination of terror into practice.

My difficult mission would work like psychotherapy for me. Thanks to this process I would become a sensitive human being.

Why You Should Follow My Example

When I learned the truth about the satanic origin of the human conscience, I believed that I had to be rich and powerful in order to do what God was expecting of me. I needed many people’s support. I wouldn’t be able to change the world alone.

However, God showed me that I couldn’t imitate the behavior of the powerful demons of the world, and impose my ideas. I had to be humble and convince everyone to obey the divine guidance without forcing anyone to hypocritically agree with me.

Everyone had to truly believe in the importance of goodness.

I accepted my difficult mission because I was sorry for God, who had to transform terrible demons into sensitive human beings.

I was not an exception. Everyone was practically as absurd and evil as I was, even if they seemed to be less insensitive than me.

When I accepted this difficult mission, I verified that I really had to face more than too many unfair attacks, and I still do. I’m still far from being able to convince the world that everything I could discover is true.

I hope I will at least convince you. I also hope that you will take action and really transform your personality by obeying the divine guidance in your dreams, after being convinced.

If you will be intelligent you will obviously agree with the fact that you have to obey God’s guidance, even if your selfish ego will disagree with this necessity, and even if the entire world will try to force you to keep being evil.

You are as strong as I am. I simply was somehow stronger than most people.

You surely are able to become a perfect human being, and you surely are able to help God save the world from terror and despair thanks to your work and your example.

God knows this fact, and He will take it into consideration in His judgment.

Even if you are not intelligent, you should obey the divine guidance for being afraid to go to hell after death. Hell is another place of transformation, without the consolations you find on earth. You won’t have any material pleasure there.

God doesn’t need to do anything to punish us for our sins. The consequences of our mistakes work like punishment not only on earth, but also when we go to hell.

We never stop suffering if we never learn the importance of goodness. This doesn’t happen because God is a tyrannous, but because evilness generates terror, pain, and despair.

When we go to hell, God doesn’t help us in any way. He simply abandons us, without giving us any relief. He lets us live the same way that the first conscious animals were living, before God managed to discover the power of goodness, and He decided to create our planet in order to save us from terror.

I cannot scientifically prove many of the things I could discover thanks to the information I had in dreams and facts because our scientists didn’t discover many things we had to know in order to understand such explanations, and I’m ignorant.

However, I can scientifically prove many things, besides being unable to give scientific explanations for everything.

The scientific explanations I found convinced me, and this is why I trusted the information I had in my dreams. I also had many other confirmations that this information was true. Otherwise, I wouldn’t sacrifice my life in order to prove everything I could discover to the atheistic and materialistic world.

I could easily become a billionaire and give orders instead of suffering in order to be transformed. I was healthy, attractive, and intelligent, and I had many artistic talents, besides being an excellent literature writer. I had everything I needed in order to become very rich, even without my father’s money, and even without getting married to a billionaire.

I preferred to keep being an average person and work hard in order to put God’s plan into practice because God gave me the intelligence I needed in order to come to this conclusion, even though my heart was frozen and I was totally insensitive.

Many people told me that I was stupid because I was so religious. They could see that I had the chance to be at the top. They couldn’t understand why I preferred to be a hero and cure many people trough dream therapy without compensation during two decades instead of living in luxury.

I couldn’t help these people understand everything I had discovered before publishing my ebooks, and I had to wait two decades in order to be able to publish my work because I had to be able to give many explanations to the world. I also had to simplify Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation. Otherwise, no one would have the courage to study the dream language.

Everything was complicated, difficult, and dangerous for me, but I don’t regret accepting this mission. I’m grateful because I’m not a murderer, and my conscience is clean.

I hope you will imitate my example now that I gave you so many explanations. You don’t have to face all the difficulties I did in order to become a hero. I simplified everything for you, and many other people will follow my example. You won’t be alone in this mission.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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