Why You Must Urgently Follow Dream Therapy

Dream TherapyWhen I discovered the existence of a satanic primitive conscience into the biggest part of the human brain I felt as if I was an astronaut in another planet. Only God and I knew that the anti-conscience existed.

I started looking for clues that denounced the existence of the anti-conscience in everyone’s behavior. I was shocked when I verified that it was very easy to observe signs of its existence in the human behavior. Everyone’s anti-conscience was visible in many circumstances.

However, how would I be able to prove to the world that God is the dream producer and that we are in fact demons, since the biggest part of our brain belongs to our wild conscience?

This story looked like scientific fiction. It could even be interpreted as a schizophrenic hallucination.

Where would I find scientific proof for everything I had discovered while I was precisely obeying the divine guidance in my dreams and continuing Carl Jung’s research, by using his method of dream interpretation?

Everything was more than difficult and dangerous.

This is why I had to continue my research and cure many people through dream therapy during two decades before being able to show to the world everything I had discovered, and the value of this knowledge.

I had to show to the world how everyone can eliminate their satanic anti-conscience through dream therapy, besides showing that the anti-conscience is an invincible enemy. Otherwise my discovery will discourage everyone.

Everyone can eliminate their anti-conscience through dream therapy, but they must obey the divine guidance. This is the main problem of this matter. We believe that our anti-conscience reflects what we want, since it is a part of ourselves.

However, its desires are not our own desires. The anti-conscience’s intention is to destroy our conscience with the deceptions we will have when we will try to fulfill the absurd desires it imposes to our conscience, but we believe that we want what it makes us desire. We don’t understand that we are manipulated by our evil self.

We have to do what God shows us in our dreams, and not what our selfish ego desires. Our ego is the center of our conscience and decides our actions, but it is easily manipulated by our anti-conscience because our ego is selfish and it wants to be in a superior position in all situations.

Those who obey the divine guidance in their dreams solve their psychological problems, eliminate their anti-conscience, and learn how to help others.

Those who are indifferent and lazy or those who disagree with God have many dreams with the same warnings and numerous explanations about the same matters, until they will understand their mistakes and change their attitude.

You have to be an intelligent patient and precisely obey the guidance of your doctor in your dreams. God is your therapist. You are ignorant, and you have a terrible anti-conscience in your brain that keeps trying to mislead you in order to permanently control your mind and your behavior.

How Your Brain Works

You have to urgently follow dream therapy because your anti-conscience never stops trying to destroy your conscience, which must be developed through consciousness. If you will be indifferent, it will keep causing serious problems to your mental health and to your daily life.

Your anti-conscience takes advantage of every mistake you make and every deception you have in order to send you absurd suggestions with false solutions for your problems. Since it is a part of yourself, you believe that it wants to help you and protect you. However, this is not true.

Your anti-conscience is a demon and it wants to live in terror. It pretends that it is trying to help you, but its real intention is to kill your human side.

God gives you a clear image of how your brain works in your dreams. You understand in which ways your anti-conscience influences your mind and your behavior.

The existence of the anti-conscience is a tragedy. Its existence proves the existence of Satan.

However, now that you know that it exists and that it is responsible for your mental health problems, you can eliminate your satanic anti-conscience by obeying the guidance you have in your dreams and in your religion.

All religions must be respected. Every religion teaches us one aspect of our complex spiritual reality, and every religion helps us fight Satan.

Your dreams give you many explanations that help you become more intelligent and sensitive.

The fact that your anti conscience occupies the biggest part of your brain means that it is strong and powerful. Your anti-conscience is your evil self, which wants to destroy your human side. It generates mental illnesses within your conscience through absurd thoughts.

By understanding the meaning of every thought that pops up in your mind you are able to defend your conscience from the absurd thoughts that your satanic anti-conscience sends to your human conscience. This knowledge seems to be complicated, but God gives you simple explanations in your dreams, helping you understand the final purpose of every thought.

Today’s doctors have an external image of the functional organization of the human brain. They don’t know the messages transmitted between neurons. Only through dream translation can these messages be comprehended. God gives us this knowledge in dreams.

When you translate the meaning of your dreams you learn how to analyze your thoughts. You also learn how to organize the way you think. Your human conscience becomes stronger, and your anti-conscience weaker.

You also understand how the world really works, and many other things that you cannot imagine.

Why Psychotherapy Is Indispensable

If you are depressed and everything is difficult for you, you need psychotherapy. If you will take antidepressants your mental health will be in danger, and you won’t solve your psychological and existential problems.

You must be afraid of dangerous medications based on suppositions. The functioning of your brain is complicated. Everything depends on your anti-conscience’s impositions and on your resistance to its absurd thoughts.

When your anti-conscience manages to generate a mental disorder within your conscience you need many explanations in order to recover your mental stability. You have to stop trying to survive and go through your day, and treat your mental health issues.

If you are looking for ways to temporarily cover your depression you are wasting your time because you are not curing your psyche, besides gradually losing your capacity to cope with life’s challenges.

Your purpose must not be to feel fine for a while and merely be able to do what is necessary in your life. You have to find sound mental health and transform your personality, so that you may be able to have a better life. You also have to care about purifying your spirit during your life, so that you may avoid going to the hell of hatred after death.

If you knew how much your destiny depends on your consciousness, you would immediately stop being indifferent and frivolous. However, you are ignorant and you believe in the lies of the hypocritical world.

You have to follow dream therapy based on the scientific method of dream interpretation in order to understand how to become a perfect human being. This is what really matters in life.

You have to believe in God’s revelations to the world through dream messages, and not in the lies of the commercial world.

We couldn’t imagine that there is a satanic anti-conscience in our brain, what means that we are basically demons, but now that we know this fact we must obey God’s guidance with gratitude. We need His guidance in order to be transformed into wise and sensitive human beings who will be able to attain sanctity.

Sound mental health is wisdom, goodness, patience, and love.

Our human conscience wants to find happiness, and it likes goodness, but only theoretically. This is why it is easily misled by our evil anti-conscience.

You have to be sincere and desire to become a saint. You may believe that your personality is not evil, but since you belong to the human race, this is not true. You have to recognize your negative tendencies.

How Is Your Personality Reflected In Dreams?

You can have a clear image of your personality when you translate the meaning of your dreams because they reflect the characteristics of your personality.

I will give you an example. Here is a dream dreamt by a mentally ill woman:

B (my husband, introvert), me, and N (my sister, jealous, betrayed me twice) were in a creek and a snake came out of a hole and crawled on me while I was sitting in the water, and I waited for it to crawl around my neck until it got off me. B and I were walking through the creek and saw many snakes and I told him we should get out and we did and went to a house. I told him and other guys that N was still in the creek with a snake on her.

Dream translation:

B (my husband, introvert), me, and N (my sister, jealous, betrayed me twice) were in a creek

The creek is a stream smaller than a river. The river represents a challenge. You have to go to the other side of the creek and meet your anti-conscience so that you may verify its existence and protect your sanity.

N represents a superficial and jealous part of your personality that is a betrayer.

B is your perfect match, who is with your ego and the part of your personality that is a betrayer in a challenging place where you have to be a hero and dare to meet your anti-conscience (go to the other side of the creek).

and a snake came out of a hole and crawled on me while I was sitting in the water,

Your ego was immersed in the water, what means that your ego was immersed in materialism and you refused to face the challenge and meet your anti-conscience at the other side of the creek.

The snake in dreams represents a bad event that will correct your attitude and make you stop making a serious mistake.

The hole represents a hidden danger.

Therefore, you are materialistic and you are influenced by the part of your personality that is a betrayer. You will have to face a bad event in order to be punished for being evil, and in order to definitively stop making this mistake in your life.

The fact that the snake crawled on you means that the bad event won’t really hurt you since the snake didn’t bite you. This means that you are insensitive and you don’t pay attention to the bitter lessons you have in life. You don’t care about your own suffering when you make mistakes.

You have to be afraid of making mistakes instead of being indifferent to what you are doing in life.

and I waited for it to crawl around my neck until it got off me.

The neck is related to speaking and swallowing.

It represents your capacity to show resistance (when you swallow your anger) or to express your feelings.

The fact that you waited the snake crawl around your neck indicates that your ego simply waited until the bad event stopped annoying you, without saying anything.

You are indifferent to whatever happens to you in your life. You simply wait the end of a difficult period of time, without doing anything to avoid having bad experiences in the future.

B and I were walking through the creek and saw many snakes

When you are walking in a dream this means that you are looking for the truth.

Your perfect match and your ego were looking for the truth in a challenging area when you saw many bad events waiting for you (many snakes), what means that there are many dangers threatening your peace of mind in the future.

You will face many bad experiences in life because you are making too many mistakes, which must be corrected.

and I told him we should get out and we did and went to a house.

The house represents your psyche.

Your ego understood the danger represented by the bad events that were threatening you, and alerted your perfect match. This is why you went to your psyche.

I told him and other guys that N was still in the creek with a snake on her.

The other guys are mature parts of your personality.

Your ego remembered that the part of your personality that is a betrayer was still suffering because of a bad event.

This dream is a warning. Many bad events in your life will punish you for making mistakes, but you are indifferent to what happens to you. You have to change your attitude. You have to prevent bad events and tragic situations by being prudent, intelligent, and sensitive.

You also have to be careful with the desire to betray your husband when you meet an interesting man. The part of your personality that is a betrayer is very dangerous. You must be very careful and never let this part of your personality control your behavior. You have to be a loyal wife.


You can see thanks to the translation of this dream that this dreamer’s personality is controlled by her anti-conscience, and that she doesn’t have the courage to verify her absurdity.

This is a common problem. Most people don’t have the courage to verify the existence of their anti-conscience. They prefer to believe that they can trust their own thoughts. They don’t want to verify that they must be afraid of their evil self and stop trusting their own judgment.

This dreamer is making many mistakes and she will face many bitter experiences in life, but she is indifferent to her own suffering because she is absurd. She is aware of the fact that she is mentally ill because she has many psychological problems, but she doesn’t understand that she has to stop making mistakes.

She needs many explanations in order to stop having negative reactions. Without these explanations she cannot accept changing her attitude because she believes in delusions. She must understand the importance of morality and abandon her erroneous ideas.

A person cannot stop being absurd without understanding their mistakes and acquiring consciousness.

You have to urgently open your eyes and understand your mistakes the same way that this dreamer must urgently open her eyes and understand her mistakes.

Even if you are not as mentally ill as this dreamer and you are not making tragic mistakes, you surely are making mistakes because you are far from perfection, and your anti-conscience doesn’t let you find peace.

Hidden Dangers Unmasked In Dreams

You must urgently eliminate your anti-conscience because it doesn’t let you evolve, and because your life is in danger.

Here is a dream that proves this fact. It was dreamt by an insecure man:

Saw dead trees in my parent’s front yard. There was a one huge tree with branches that fell on top of their house. Ran towards the porch and saw my dad who putting on running shoes. \”Dad I saw this in my dream, I knew it was going to happen. The branches were two heavy. “

Dream translation:

Saw dead trees in my parent’s front yard.

Your parents represent the worst parts of your personality. Your mother represents your absurd and evil anti-conscience and your father represents your one-sided human conscience.

The tree represents an incentive of life, something that makes you desire to be alive.

The dead trees in their yard indicate that you have no incentive of life when you are influenced by the worst parts of your personality.

There was a one huge tree with branches that fell on top of their house.

The branches of a tree represent support.

The branches that fell on top of their house represent supports that cannot help you, since they belong to dead incentives of life.

The fact that they fell on top of your parents’ house indicate that you lost this incentive of life not only because you were controlled by the worst parts of your personality, but also because you don’t believe in God’s protection.

Ran towards the porch and saw my dad who putting on running shoes.

The porch represents a protection for your psyche.

Your father represents your one-sided human conscience.

The shoes in dreams represent a protection for our moral principles.

They were running shoes because your conscience wants to run away from your anti-conscience in order to avoid being controlled by its absurdity, so that it may be able to protect your moral principles.

“Dad I saw this in my dream, I knew it was going to happen. The branches were two heavy. “

Dreams don’t have a symbolic meaning in dreams.

The fact that you told your father that you had predicted this fact in a dream means that your ego knew that you had no desire to be alive when you were influenced by the worst parts of your personality. Your dreams didn’t let you disregard this fact.

This dream is showing you that you have a hidden suicidal tendency because you cannot find motivation in life when you are controlled by your anti-conscience, and when you repeat the mistakes of your psychological type.

You have to stop doing what your anti-conscience imposes to your conscience, and stop being a slave for your one-sided psychological type. Otherwise, you won’t have any motivation to do anything meaningful in life.


This dreamer’s absurd thoughts and behavior are destroying his life. He has no motivation to live because he is constantly controlled by his anti-conscience and induced to be one-sided by his underdeveloped conscience.

Theoretical Sensibility

You may believe that most people are sensible because they theoretically believe in reasonable ideas, but their logical attitude is merely theoretical.

Everyone knows how they should behave, and everyone theoretically believes that they should be good and honest, but this is not what they do into practice.

Everyone acts in a way totally different from their beliefs. Everyone has numerous problems in their relationships.

Many people seem to be brilliant, especially in their work, but in their personal lives they act as if they were children. They are aggressive and indifferent with those who depend on them. They merely pretend to be kind and calm with everyone else.

Everyone needs psychotherapy; including those who pretend to know how to cure the invincible mental illnesses generated by Satan.

Science and religion must be analyzed together. Everything in our complex reality is related to everything else. Nothing exists independently.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to submit your dreams for translation.

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