The Origin And The Cure Of Every Mental Health Problem

Primitive ConscienceHow To Stop Obsessive Thoughts

I cured myself from OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) when I was 15-years-old and I read in a magazine the story of a neurotic girl who couldn’t sleep at night if the bedroom door of her parents’ room was not open, something like that. Her behavior was problematic in more ways, but I don’t remember all the details of her story.

When I understood that the behavior of this girl was absurd because she was neurotic, I understood that I was neurotic too.

In July of 1976 I faced a terrible car accident and I lost the friend who was next to me in the car. I stayed almost one month in the hospital, I lost my memory, and my life was in danger. I was miraculously saved by my doctors.

A group of four doctors was treating my case. They were afraid that I had a fracture in my forehead and my organism wouldn’t bear the anesthesia for the surgery. However, the day my doctors were ready to make the surgery, they saw through the X-ray that there was no fracture, and I didn’t need the operation.

My mother said that this was a miracle. She prayed a lot. My doctors were surprised.

I could remember only my mother and my boyfriend, who always were with me in the hospital. I also remembered my father, who paid for my treatment in one of the best hospitals of Sao Paulo. We gave a lot of extra money to the hospital to make everyone care about my case.

Many of my friends visited me in the hospital, but I couldn’t remember who they were.

My boyfriend was with me in the car but he was only lightly hurt with the crash. He and the friend who was driving the car didn’t have serious problems, but two other friends who were with me in the car were in the hospital too.

When I went home and I recovered my memory I wanted to die. Everything was terrible.

I lost the coordination of my movements. I couldn’t write and play the piano. I couldn’t walk down stairs alone. I felt dizzy in stairs.

My vision was affected too. I saw double images sometimes. I wanted to have died in the place of my friend Marina, who was 22-years-old and died instantly with the crash, but I was alive and I had to be grateful because this was a miracle.

However, I didn’t believe I should thank God because I was alive, since my friend Marina was not alive like me. I was not better than her. I believed that she deserved to live more than me.

I concluded that God didn’t exist. If He existed things so unfair wouldn’t happen in our world.

A few months after the accident, I recuperated my equilibrium and my intelligence, I started going to school again and everything seemed to be somehow better. However, I started having the necessity to do something in order to protect myself.

I started organizing various objects in my bedroom in a certain way, thinking that if I wouldn’t do it, something bad would happen. My rituals were supposedly protecting me from something as bad as the tragic accident.

At a certain point I became tired with these rituals, but I couldn’t stop. They seemed to be an obligation. I couldn’t relax if I wouldn’t put all the things the way they had to be in order to prevent something bad.

I knew that it was absurd to suppose that my rituals could protect me, but I wanted to follow them anyway because I believed that this was necessary. This was a necessity that only I could understand.

I didn’t tell anyone that I had the impulse to arrange various objects in a certain way in my bedroom because I knew that they wouldn’t understand me, and they would believe that I was crazy.

I knew that what I was doing was crazy, but I didn’t understand the importance of this fact. My craziness seemed to be useful.

When I read the story of the neurotic girl in the magazine, I understood that my rituals were as absurd as the impositions of the girl, and I decided to stop following them. I didn’t want to be neurotic like her.

I had the impression that a neurosis was not something so hard to deal with. It seemed to be something created by our imagination.

However, I saw into practice that this was not true. It was very painful for me to stop putting everything exactly the way it should be. I felt as if was doing something terrible. I had an intense desire to simply ignore my conclusions and organize the position of the objects that were part of my rituals to stop feeling so suffocated. I knew that these rituals were absurd, but I needed them.

I almost started organizing everything again the way it had to be organized in order to protect me, but when I remembered the fact that I was neurotic I understood that I had to change my behavior.

I started putting everything in a disorganized way, and trying to bear my suffering.

I realized that I was indifferently accepting my absurd thoughts, even though I knew that they were absurd. The fact that I read the story of the neurotic girl helped me understand that I had to stop doing crazy things that couldn’t protect me.

Only I knew that I was passing through this internal fight; I didn’t tell anything even to my boyfriend, while we talked about everything. I faced my OCD alone, and I got rid of it alone. I gradually stopped being annoyed with the position of the objects in my bedroom, and I definitively stopped caring about this matter.

This was the first time in my life I had to face absurdity. The tragic accident marked the beginning of my research, even though I ignored this fact. I couldn’t imagine that I had to pass through that terrible experience because I had to learn how to cure mental illnesses.

This was the main reason why the accident happened for me. It had a different importance for everyone who was in the car.

My life biography was a preparation in all aspects. I was a literature writer since 7-years-old and all my writings were inspired by the unconscious mind, which is God’s mind, and produces our dreams.

My father was schizophrenic, I looked like him in many ways, and I always was afraid to become crazy like him. The accident marked the beginning of my studies.

My story shows you that even when you know that you are doing crazy things when you have an absurd behavior, this doesn’t mean that you can consciously understand the meaning of craziness.

I was lucky because I could understand that I had to stop accepting my absurd behavior since it couldn’t be logically justified. I also had the courage to face my fears.

I don’t know how I could be so courageous, but I always was very self-confident and courageous in my life.

God chose me and He prepared me to be able to discover the existence of a satanic primitive conscience in the human brain, which generates mental illnesses within our conscience because I had the conditions to be strong.

I can clearly see God’s preparation now that I know my destiny, but this was not visible from the beginning.

Numerous details in my life prove that God prepared me to be able to deal with the anti-conscience, which is in fact Satan. This demon generates mental disorders within our conscience through absurd thoughts. It also has the capacity to generate tragic accidents and other misfortunes.

Satan is as terrible as it is described by sacred documents. This tragic scientific discovery made thanks to dream interpretation according to the scientific method and God’s revelations in dreams explains why mental illnesses are so invincible.

I didn’t want to be the one who would discover that Satan exists and lives in the human brain, but this was my destiny.

I was merely obeying the divine guidance in my dreams without knowing where I would arrive, when I discovered the satanic origin of the human conscience.

The Mental Health Of The Human Race

The origin of the human conscience is satanic because consciousness is a painful process. Frustrations and deceptions generate terror and despair.

Every conscience looks for happiness and satisfaction because it can think, but happiness depends on organization and goodness. Goodness depends on the acceptance of suffering when it is necessary, according to God’s justice.

Without goodness, happiness is impossible.

The anti-conscience has satanic characteristics because it is unable to find happiness, and it doesn’t want to learn how to organize its thoughts and actions. We inherit this primitive conscience because without it we wouldn’t be able to think.

The wild part of our brain remains in a primitive state of consciousness because it is independent and it doesn’t want to evolve. Its nature was distorted by its frustrations and traumas. This is why it became evil and absurd.

God showed me this tragic truth because I had to become a doctor. I had to become a psychiatrist and psychologist who would use God’s wisdom in dreams in order to cure mental health problems, after discovering that they are generated by Satan, which lives in the wild part of our brain.

I felt as if I was a scientist like Archimedes. I was even living in Greece (my parents’ country), even though I’m Brazilian. I also felt that I had to be a philosopher like Socrates. I had to give philosophical explanations to the world, after scientifically discovering the existence of Satan. This was a complicated matter.

Greece was the country God had prepared in order to help me discover the anti-conscience. I was impressed with the Greek mythology, which contained many dream symbols, and intrigued with the Greek tragedies.

Even though I didn’t have such intention from the beginning, I discovered a new mental health treatment totally different from the treatments of my historical time, and a tragic truth that explains why we become crazy.

I had no doubt of the importance of my discoveries after continuing Jung’s research because I was obeying the divine guidance in my dreams, but I didn’t know how I would be able to prove everything I had discovered based on the requirements of the scientific community of the end of the 20th century, when I discovered everything I’m showing you today.

Everything was difficult, and I was an insignificant person.

A Series Of Mental Health Problems

Mental illnesses are invincible diseases because they are generated by a powerful demon. They are not the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain. The obsessive thoughts that cause compulsions are sent by Satan to the person’s conscience. These thoughts don’t belong to their human conscience.

The anti-conscience is a dangerous enemy that causes a series of mental health problems, and cannot be controlled by our conscience. We depend on God’s guidance in order to eliminate the anti-conscience because Satan possesses negative energy and it is too powerful.

God depends on the obedience of our conscience to His guidance in order to tame the terrible demon existent in our brain. He cannot tame this powerful demon alone. This is why He created our conscience.

Our satanic anti-conscience is a monster that keeps trying to destroy our conscience through absurdity and despair. This is why we are affected by so many different mental disorders.

We have an enemy that is constantly bombarding our conscience with absurd thoughts that destroy our capacity to think logically. These thoughts generate obsessions, false impressions, illusions, and many other problems.

The anti-conscience makes us stop understanding what logical or illogical thinking is. It forces us to believe that there is something logical even in illogical thoughts, and it makes us try to justify our illogical behavior with absurd excuses.

The fact that we have inherited a huge anti-conscience explains why our population is so absurd. We don’t even know how a mentally healthy person must be.

The Cure For Every Mental Illness

Now that we know that the anti-conscience is the origin of all mental illnesses, we also know that the cure of every mental health problem is the elimination of the anti-conscience.

Through dream translation we follow a process of consciousness that helps us understand the mistakes we make when our behavior is controlled by our anti-conscience. We eliminate our anti-conscience by obeying the divine guidance in our dreams instead of doing what the anti-conscience imposes to our conscience.

The anti-conscience’s impositions are imperceptible because it pretends to belong to our conscience. Initially its absurd ideas have a logical appearance. We need the divine guidance in our dreams in order to understand the logical traps it prepares for our conscience a long time before it will try to imprison our conscience.

Here is a dream that reflects this fact. It was dreamt by a mentally ill man:

I was in a big building. It was a hospital although it didn’t look like one. There were a lot of people and a lot of clamours and noises. They said that the nazi were on their way.(I was in Germany in 1938 at the period when nazi took power in that country). I heard that the nazi were in the city and they had already started their attack. Then I enter a room. In the room there were only a bed and a wardrobe with many clothes. I start making plans. I decide to go to the grocery and buy some food, but not very much so that it won’t spoil. Then I decide to get in the wardrobe and hide behind the clothes, so that when the nazi will capture the hospital, enter the room and check the wardrobe they won’t see me. I felt very safe since I had those plans. I decided to hide the food under the carpet.

Dream translation:

I was in a big building. It was a hospital although it didn’t look like one.

You represent your ego in dreams.

The building in dreams represents a collection of personality types that you can imitate.

The hospital in dreams represents a serious psychological transformation and a process of spiritual purification.

This means that you had to pass though this process and understand which personality types you should imitate.

There were a lot of people and a lot of clamours and noises. They said that the nazi were on their way.(I was in Germany in 1938 at the period when nazi took power in that country). I heard that the nazi were in the city and they had already started their attack.

The people represent various parts of your personality.

The Nazi represent very violent and cruel parts of your personality.

The fact that you were in Germany during the Second World War means that you are living your life as if you belonged to an older historical time. You are not living in the present time, according to the lifestyle of your generation. You are living as if you had numerous limitations, like your ancestors.

Germany represents a place of enlightenment because the most brilliant classical composers like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and many others were German, and because of Hitler’s cruelty. Germany reflects the irony of the human mind. On one hand we can become gods and create beautiful artistic works, but on the other hand we are terrible demons.

The war represents the fight between the various parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience and the parts of your personality that belong to your conscience.

The city represents a dangerous place.

The fact that the very violent and cruel parts of your personality started their attack means that your conscience was invaded by the craziness existent in your anti-conscience.

You are losing your mind, even though you have a brilliant mind. You have the intelligent mind of a composer, but you are thinking like a demon.

Then I enter a room. In the room there were only a bed and a wardrobe with many clothes.

The room represents a place in your psyche.

The bed is a place where you rest instead of treating a mental illness.

The wardrobe is a place where you keep secrets and where you keep your social image.

Clothes represent your social image.

I start making plans. I decide to go to the grocery and buy some food, but not very much so that it won’t spoil.

Food represents psychical energy, which gives you a certain attitude.

The grocery store is a place where you find psychical energy for your psyche.

Your ego decided to get some psychical energy in order to have the right attitude, but you didn’t want to have too much psychical energy. This means that you wanted to have a certain attitude only for a short period of time.

Then I decide to get in the wardrobe and hide behind the clothes, so that when the nazi will capture the hospital, enter the room and check the wardrobe they won’t see me.

Then your ego decided to hide yourself in a place where you keep secrets, behind your social image.

This means that you decided to hide yourself in a place where the violent and cruel parts of your personality would easily find you, and in a way that would be clearly visible.

I felt very safe since I had those plans.

Your ego is absurd and idiotic. You don’t know how to protect yourself from the violent and cruel parts of your personality, but you believe that you are safe.

I decided to hide the food under the carpet.

The carpet hides immorality under it. It represents a cover for immorality.

This means that your ego decided to keep the psychical energy that would give you a certain attitude in a place where immorality is accumulated. In other words, your attitude would be immoral.

Your ego’s plans were absurd. If you accept immorality you are controlled by the negative parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience.

This dream is showing you that you don’t know how to protect yourself, and you already started losing your mind with the invasion of your anti-conscience into your conscience.

So, the psychological transformation you are passing through (since you are in a hospital) is not the right one. You are losing your mind and becoming more absurd instead of becoming more mentally healthy.

This is why the hospital didn’t seem to be a hospital. It was a place where you were becoming worse. You were losing consciousness and being more controlled by your satanic anti-conscience.

This dream is a serious warning. You have to stop accepting the absurd thoughts and the cruel behavior imposed by your anti-conscience.


The anti-conscience’s attacks were clearly reflected in this dream. If I could show you the dreamer’s life story you would understand why his conscience was invaded by the cruel parts of his personality.

He is becoming more mentally ill, but he believes that he can protect himself. This is a common misconception.

Many people don’t understand how absurd they are, and they don’t understand that they cannot protect their mental stability based on their absurd assumptions. They need God’s messages in their dreams in order to pay attention to all the details they disregard.

Invisible Attacks Reflected In Dreams

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method reveals that our anti-conscience attacks our conscience through numerous different ways.

Here is a short recurring dream that reflects the invisible attacks of the anti-conscience. I was dreamt by a mentally ill man:

From my childhood every month in my dreams snakes are coming and they are roaming around me here and there. They are not harmful but in the dream they are always roaming with me, sleeping with me, sitting besides me.

Dream translation:

The snake represents a painful experience that will put an end to one of your mistakes because you are making a dangerous mistake. You have to stop making it to avoid its bitter consequences.

Recurring dreams are showing you that you are not doing or understanding something very important. You have to pay attention to what is necessary for you. Otherwise, you will have problems in the future because of this negligence. You have to understand something important, or you have to do something that you keep postponing, without avoiding this obligation.

The fact that you have recurring dreams about snakes means that you are making many mistakes, and you will face their bitter consequences.

The fact that the snakes seem to be inoffensive and they always are around you means that you don’t understand how dangerous the consequences of your mistakes really are. You keep making mistakes without paying attention to your deceptions.

You have to change your attitude and stop making these mistakes.


This dreamer is making many mistakes because his conscience is controlled by his anti-conscience. His anti-conscience is constantly controlling his behavior and making him repeat many foolish mistakes. This is a sneaky attack.

His anti-conscience is responsible for the dreamer’s indifference before the bad consequences of his mistakes, besides being responsible for the mistakes he makes.

He keeps following the absurd thoughts of his anti-conscience, while he believes that his own conscience thinks this way. He is a victim of his evil self without knowing this fact.

How Are Absurd Thoughts Formed?

How could an ignorant teen like me imagine that by putting various things in a certain position in my bedroom I would be protected from something bad?

This was a crazy idea that didn’t come from my conscience.

After facing the tragic car accident I was somehow lost. I didn’t remember who I was. I lost my identity.

Why would I have the idea to force myself to put various objects in a certain way in my bedroom with the intention to prevent something bad?

This idea was not mine. I didn’t understand how it could pop up in my head after the accident, when I was so confused. Why did I conclude that I had to follow various rituals to protect myself?

When I became 23-years-old (in 1984) and I was looking for psychotherapy through dream interpretation I started studying everything I could about psychology and mental health. I discovered that the mental disorder I had when I was a teen was OCD, which is based on obsessive thoughts.

I didn’t know that many other people had exactly the same problem I did. I believed that it happened only to me because of the tragic experience I had with the car accident. I was ignorant and naïve.

At that period of time I noticed that I had many repetitive thoughts that I couldn’t control. Many times I wanted to stop thinking about the same things again and again, but this was impossible. The same thoughts would pass through my mind, without stopping.

I was puzzled with this fact. Why wasn’t I able to control my own thoughts?

I remembered the strange thoughts I had when I was a teen and I concluded that the thoughts I had when I believed that I had to put various objects in a certain place to prevent something bad, and the repetitive thoughts about the same things again and again were generated by something else, that didn’t belong to my conscience. These thoughts were not controlled by me.

A conscience is self-conscious and it knows what it does. My own conscience would never create these horrible thoughts. These thoughts didn’t belong to my mind; they were not thoughts that a person like me would have.

The Answer

I was gradually discovering the bitter truth. In 1988 I became a dream expert, but my enthusiasm because I managed to clearly understand the dream language was replaced by deep sadness in 1989, when I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience, and I saw what generates absurd thoughts.

I managed to have a clear communication with God not only through dream messages but also thanks to the codes I found in a book written by Chico Xavier, a Brazilian spiritual guide. This happened when I read a collection of books about unexplained phenomena and I started accepting the fact that metaphysical phenomena were possible, even though they couldn’t be scientifically explained by the scientists of my historical time.

I copied Xavier’s codes in a small notebook to simplify even more my communication with God. The meaning of the messages I had thanks to these codes was confirmed in my dreams. Everything was related.

God talked only about terror. Terror was the main topic of every message.

God was desperate because we are terrible demons, and He couldn’t put an end to terror.

God depends on the obedience of our conscience to His guidance in order to eliminate our satanic anti-conscience and transform us into sensitive human beings, but we are disobedient and arrogant.

When we disobey God’s guidance, we are controlled by our evil, absurd, idiotic, and primitive anti-conscience. We don’t eliminate the demon through consciousness. We become victims of the demon.

Most people are controlled by their satanic anti-conscience in our world, even if they don’t seem to be absurd or evil.

We cannot perceive the characteristics of our own absurdity and evilness. We believe that we are human, but the truth is that we are indifferent and cruel.

Our neutral behavior before the horrors of the world reflects absurdity and evilness, but we believe that this behavior is normal. We don’t think that we must be shocked with what happens in our world everyday, and we don’t think that we must do something to change the incorrigible world.

We indifferently accept the absurdity of the world, the same way we accept the absurd thoughts sent by our satanic anti-conscience.

This is a tragic situation, but we can acquire sound mental health now that God’s words can clearly be understood in our dreams, and now that we know how much we need His guidance.

God’s mental health treatment in dreams is safe, free, and surely effective. Everyone can follow this treatment at home, without depending on anyone.

The only problem is the fact that we have to obey the divine guidance even when we disagree with God’s wisdom.

We disagree with God because we have crazy desires and we are dangerous betrayers.

We have to humbly accept to be corrected, without believing that we can decide what is better for us based on our deficient conscience, which is permanently controlled or constantly influenced by Satan.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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