The Positive Consequences Of A Sad Scientific Discovery

Sad Scientific DiscoveryDreams follow a logical sequence that is different from the sequence followed by our thoughts. The dream logic is based on God’s wisdom and sanctity, and not on the assumptions of our absurd, evil, and ignorant conscience.

All nightmares and bad dreams reflect the absurdity and the evilness that is threatening our conscience, with the intention to help us understand how to protect our mental stability.

Today we know that we are idiotic primitive primates that think like demons because we have a satanic anti-conscience and our conscience is underdeveloped. Therefore, we can understand why God talks about the dangers that are threatening our mental health in almost all dreams.

Today we know facts that the human race ignored during many years:

* We are unable to cure mental illnesses based on our intelligence because we are too absurd, evil, and ignorant. This is why we depend on God’s guidance in dreams.

* We never will evolve by chance. If we won’t obey the divine guidance we won’t evolve even after billions of years.

Many people believe that we need the military, the police, and prisons until humanity will evolve, but if we will keep being violent and indifferent, humanity will never find peace.

We have to organize our world based on God’s wisdom. Our solutions are violent, insensitive, and unfair, and they generate numerous other problems.

* We have to change our focus. Instead of focusing on our lives on earth, we should first focus on our lives after death.

These conclusions are very different from the concepts imposed by the materialistic modern civilization. This happens because they are based on the information given by God in dream messages.

Thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries and my discoveries while I was precisely obeying the divine guidance in my dreams, today you know that you don’t live in order to be happy.

You live in order to be transformed into a true human being, so that you may be able to attain sanctity. You have to have the behavior of a saint in order to be really mentally healthy and avoid going to hell after death.

Your evil nature transforms you into a monster, and this is why you have to be punished. You have to become a perfect human being during your life in order to go to heaven after death, instead of being punished.

This knowledge is hard to be comprehended and accepted in a crazy world where violence, selfishness, immorality, and greed prevail. Nobody believes in God, nobody cares about what happens to our spirit when we die, and nobody wants to pay attention to their mental health and correct their behavior.

We are living in an elementary historical time, even though we are so impressed with our scientific and technological progress. The new generations will consider the modern civilization one of the most ridiculous civilizations of our history.

There are so many horrors in our world that we should be afraid of our insanity instead of being proud of our accomplishments.

You have to be able to understand that your historical time is like the Middle Ages in many ways. This is hard to be accepted, but you have to open your mind. With all the enthusiasm you see around you because we have computers, cell phones, electricity, and so many things that make our lives much better than our ancestors’ lives you tend to believe that your historical time is superior.

However, this is a misleading impression. Humanity didn’t evolve. Our world is controlled by powerful corporations that care only about making money. There is no democracy in a world of corruptions and hypocrisy.

Those who have the basic conditions to make money become insatiable consumers because they are manipulated by the commercial world, while there is still poverty on earth. Many people are starving, or hardly managing to survive.

Our indifference to poverty proves that we are satanic creatures.

Many other shocking truths prove this fact. Terrorism, wars, and numerous crimes are part of the routine in our reality.

You have to surpass the mindset of your absurd historical time and pay attention to the information you have in your dreams now that God’s symbolic language was clearly translated because I completed Carl Jung’s research.

You have this advantage, even though you are in a tragic situation. You have to become really human by obeying the divine guidance in a world of betrayers.

You are lucky because you can clearly understand God’s guidance in your dreams, but you have to be a hero among many monsters.

You must prefer to precisely obey the divine guidance in your dreams instead of trusting false human beings who merely pretend to be human, and instead of trusting your own judgment. The sad scientific discovery of the existence of a satanic conscience in the human brain must make you completely change your attitude.

You have to understand that God knows what is right and wrong, and respect His decisions. The decisions of your ignorant and deficient mind cannot be trusted.

The Psychological And Philosophical Consequences Of A Sad Scientific Discovery

A very big psychological and philosophical transformation will mark the beginning of a new historical time based on wisdom, and the end of the barbarous modern civilization. We will assume our position as sinners who must be transformed and corrected by God.

This position is very different from the arrogant position we had until today.

Now that we verified that we are unable to find peace no matter how many scientific discoveries we may make, we are ready to have a humble attitude. This is why only now we are learning the truth about the satanic origin of our conscience.

We believed that we would arrive at a point where we would be able to live happily on earth based on our suppositions and our inventions, but now that we had many deceptions, God is giving us explanations about the meaning of life and death.

Now we have scientific explanations that help us understand why we must care about our spiritual health instead of being concentrated on our material reality.

Everything is totally different to what we were expecting. God surprised us with His revelations in dreams in the end of the 20th Century.

Verifying A Series Of Mistakes

All dreams reflect the mistakes of our conscience in order to show us how we can develop our conscience. Since we are so imperfect, we keep making a series of mistakes.

Here is a dream that proves this fact. It was dreamt by a mentally ill woman:

In kitchen, light bulb goes off, I get someone to change it, still won’t switch on, woman trying to convince me this is not my apartment, showing me contract with my name on it, changed into a blurry devil trying to get into my body, I fought back, woke up.

Dream translation:

In kitchen, light bulb goes off,

The kitchen is related to your actions. The food you prepare in the kitchen represents your actions.

The light going off indicates that there are many things that you ignore about your actions. You are not always able to control your behavior. Many of your actions are not based on conscious conclusions.

I get someone to change it, still won’t switch on,

You represent your ego in dreams.

Someone represents a part of your personality.

The fact that there is no light even after changing the light bulb indicates that you ignore too much, and you were not able to learn everything you ignore in a short period of time.

Your actions are influenced by your anti-conscience, which is your primitive and evil conscience that didn’t evolve like your human conscience. You have a lot to learn in order to be able to control your behavior.

woman trying to convince me this is not my apartment, showing me contract with my name on it,

This woman represents a superficial part of your personality.

You represent your ego in dreams.

Your apartment represents your psyche.

The contract represents the obligation to do something.

The fact that this superficial part of your personality shows you the contract of your apartment telling you that it was not your apartment means that your ego cannot have the capacity to control your psyche. You have the obligation to do what the part of your personality that possesses your psyche desires.

However, your ego most control your psyche, and not this negative part of your personality.

changed into a blurry devil trying to get into my body, I fought back, woke up.

The fact that the woman changed into a blurry devil means that this superficial part of your personality belongs to your anti-conscience. She became a devil because the anti-conscience has satanic characteristics. This is why it generates mental illnesses within our conscience.

This dream is indicating great danger. You must be careful with your behavior and never accept immorality.

This woman who became a devil was a satanic part of your personality that was trying to possess you and control your behavior.

Your ego was trying to protect yourself from this dangerous part of your personality, but it is strong because it is evil.

You have to obey the divine guidance in your dreams in order to fight this powerful enemy.


Here is another dream of the same dreamer that reflects another mistake:

In big house with man ( I don’t know )
I went to car, passenger door, didn’t have the keys
A ( second ex husband ) was invisible, like ghost, put keys in the door
I looked left and right, drove car, heard ” I’m in trees”
looked to right, saw so many tall trees.

Dream translation:

In big house with man ( I don’t know )

You represent your ego in dreams.

The big house represents your psyche. The man represents a perfect match, who could be another false perfect match. He is inside your psyche.

I went to car, passenger door, didn’t have the keys

The car in dreams represents your life. You go to the passenger door because your ego is not the one who is driving you life. Another part of your personality drives your life.

The fact that your ego didn’t have the keys means that you didn’t have a solution in order to enter in your life. In other words, your ego couldn’t participate of your life. Your ego depended on the decisions of the part of your personality that was driving your life.

A ( second ex husband ) was invisible, like ghost, put keys in the door

The fact that your ex-husband was a ghost means that he is a neurosis. In other words, you suffer from a neurosis caused by his personality.

You believe that you are looking for a man who won’t be like your second husband, but in the end you are looking for men who are exactly like him.

The ghost had the keys of the car because your neurosis has the solution to open your life.

In other words, a man who has the same characteristics of your second ex is a man who will manage to control your life because your ex caused a neurosis.

His behavior negatively influenced your personality and your anti-conscience took advantage of this fact to generate a neurosis. You keep looking for men exactly like him, even though you know his mistakes and you supposedly want to have a better experience in a relationship.

I looked left and right, drove car,

Your ego tried to find out what to do, and you finally started driving your life yourself.

heard ” I’m in trees”

This means that A’s ghost was in the trees.

The trees in dreams represent life, an incentive of life.

The neurosis caused by A is also ruining the incentives of life you have at your disposal. In other words, the neurosis doesn’t let you discover a new reason to be alive.

looked to right, saw so many tall trees.

The right side is the side of your conscience and the unconscious mind.

The many tall trees represent many big incentives of life.

This means that you can have many reasons to be alive when you follow the unconscious guidance.

However, you have to be careful with the incentives of life where your neurotic tendency to look for a man like your ex is hidden.

Some incentives are good, but other ones are bad. You have to be able to understand this difference.


This dreamer had two warnings. In the first dream she learned that she ignores a lot about her behavior and her actions, and that an evil part of her personality was trying to control her behavior. She understood that she had the behavior of a devil.

In this dream she was in the position of a sinner who must be corrected.

In the second dream she had another warning, showing her that she is not able to find the solution to participate of her life without looking for a man who will be exactly like her ex-husband.

In the second dream she was in the position of a victim.

Therefore, she must learn how to control her behavior instead of being controlled by the evil part of her personality.

She also has to understand that she keeps looking for the wrong man, and learn how to find her perfect match through dream translation.

This is a common case. Most people have similar problems. I cannot tell you anything about her life, but thanks to the translation of the meaning of these two dreams you could already understand the importance of the information that she was having in the dream images.

Two short dreams showed her two behavioral mistakes.

This is the main function of the dream messages. They reflect our mistakes in order to help us stop making mistakes, and do what is positive for us.

All dreams reflect our position as sinners, or as victims of other sinners, since we are demons, and we live in a world of demons.

All dreams contain precious messages that are unpleasant for your ego, but make you become more intelligent and sensitive. You must get used with this fact, without paying attention to the negative reactions of your selfish ego.

You have to open your eyes and see everything that you are not paying attention to, because you have to understand what determines your destiny.

The knowledge you have today is false because it comes from the hypocritical and ignorant world that distorts everything based on financial interests. God shows you what exists behind the apparent reality.

How Human Is A Human Being?

A human being can be human and prove to the world that the human race is not only satanic. A few examples in the long human history proved into practice that we are human.

We can be human, since we have a tiny conscience that must be developed, but are demons with a human face.

Initially it may seem to be hard to believe that we have satanic characteristics, but our actions reveal this fact. There are so many crimes, wars, suicides, and other horrors happening on earth that we cannot deny the fact that we have the behavior of demons.

An average human being is only a little bit human. Everyone is basically a demon who pretends to respect others. This is why mental illnesses are so common, since all mental illnesses are generated by evilness.

Every human being can become completely human and find sound mental health for life by obeying the divine guidance in dreams. This is guaranteed because God doesn’t make mistakes, but human beings are disobedient creatures that like to be evil.

Only a few people accept to precisely obey the divine guidance. This is the biggest problem for the salvation of the human race.

I’m trying to convince the world that everyone must precisely obey the divine guidance in dreams because this is a miraculous solution. If everyone will be obedient all mental disorders will be cured, we will put an end to terror, violence, immorality, poverty, hypocrisy, and greed. All incurable diseases will disappear. Everyone will be rich. Everyone will find relief.

However, until the world will understand this fact, you have to be intelligent and responsible, and use the opportunity to be guided by God in your dreams without having the support of your social environment.

You are in a world where goodness is considered to be stupidity, while goodness is medicine. We depend on our goodness in order to be mentally healthy.

You have to be loyal to the superior knowledge that God gives you in your dreams, and become a hero. This is a matter of life and death.

You have an advantage that your ancestors couldn’t have. You can have a dialogue with God through dream translation.

For me everything was very difficult. I had to simplify Carl Jung’s complicated method, I had to face many strange adventures alone, and I had to deal with many powerful enemies. Everything was dangerous, tiring, and discouraging.

You are in a better position. Now my work is ready.

I believed that I was lucky because I found Carl Jung’s work when I was young and this is true, I’m more than grateful for his discoveries, but his method is so complicated that I delayed too much to really understand it. And I had to work hard in order to simplify and clarify everything. His method is too time consuming.

You not only have the advantage to be able to immediately understand the meaning of your dreams thanks to my simplifications, as well as you already know what exists into the unknown region of the human psyche. My discoveries complete Jung’s obscure research, giving you all the answers you need.

God’s Behavioral Rules For The Mentally Ill

The messages sent by God in our dreams contain behavioral rules that our conscience must follow in order to eliminate the mental illnesses we have inherited from birth. All mental illnesses are generated by the absurdity already existent into our anti-conscience, and must be eliminated thanks to a process that increases our consciousness.

Our social environment and the traumatic experiences we have during our childhood and adolescence trigger negative reactions that already exist in our psychological system. They belong to the animal behavioral programs we have inherited, which work automatically, depending on the stimuli of our environment. They are instinctive reactions.

When we observe our instinctive reactions we verify that our violent and immoral behavior is satanic. This behavior is not human, and it must not be justified by selfish excuses. This is an evil behavior.

We must admit that we have an absurd and evil nature that is not human, and humbly accept to be guided by God in order to become really human.

The fact that not everyone is a criminal doesn’t mean that some people are balanced, but that some people are afraid to go to jail, or they have a good social position and they don’t need to kill anyone or steal anything. This is why they have a reasonable behavior that seems to be honest.

We seem to be civilized, but we are very far from sound mental health and peace.

God created a series of behavioral rules for our conscience in order to help us organize our thoughts and our behavior based on goodness and wisdom. We can learn these rules by translating the meaning of our dreams, and by studying the moral lessons we have in our religion.

However, what really matters is to really obey the divine guidance in our religion and in our dreams.

The scientific method of dream interpretation relates science to religion because all dreams are produced by God, who works as a mental health therapist for our conscience.

Dream therapy according to the scientific method of dream interpretation is the comprehension of the behavior we must have and the philosophy of life we must follow in order to find peace, even though we so absurd and evil that this seems to be an impossible mission.

The mental health treatment you have in your dreams depends on your cooperation with your natural doctor, even though you have the tendency to be disobedient and your anti-conscience is constantly bothering you, and even though you live in a cruel world.

This is a safe treatment that works for all cases without exceptions because it is based on helping the dreamer become more intelligent and sensitive.

If you will be an obedient patient and student, you will understand the difference between your wild behavior and the peaceful behavior you must have in all situations. This is an imperceptible difference in the beginning because you are used with your hypocritical attitude and the hypocritical attitude of everyone else in the world.

In the beginning you won’t be able to discern the various characteristics of the evil thoughts and the evil behavior imposed by your anti-conscience, but you will learn how to perceive various details that reflect an evil intention, even under many layers of misleading thoughts that try to hide the negative consequences of this evil intention.

Your anti-conscience is an enemy that lives in your own brain and pretends to be yourself. It is an invisible enemy that puts many invisible traps in your way, and pushes your ego, trying to make you fall into these traps.

Your dreams help you differentiate your conscience from your anti-conscience, and stop believing that your evil thoughts are useful and helpful.

Defining Your Purpose

You prefer to be free, and this is why you are in fact a slave for your anti-conscience. You have to accept respecting God’s behavioral rules in order to transform your personality, so that you may be able to be free.

While you are controlled or influenced by your satanic anti-conscience your freedom is very dangerous for you, and for those who are around you.

When you are free, you obviously follow your evil nature. This is the simplest thing you can do.

You prefer to be free because you identify yourself with your satanic anti-conscience, and not with your human conscience. However, you don’t understand that you agree with your absurd and evil primitive conscience, the terrible anti-conscience, which wants to destroy your conscience, and is misleading you.

You believe that the satanic intention to satisfy your selfish desires is not evil because you don’t judge your thoughts based on God’s justice and wisdom.

You have to be open-minded and recognize the truth. Without God’s lessons in your dreams you cannot understand how to become a mentally healthy person and evolve.

The commercial world is selling you many products through psychological manipulation and trying to make you buy even more in the future. You believe that living well on earth is your main purpose.

However, everything that the world is imposing to your conscience through the media is false. You are not alive to satisfy your desires and have many material pleasures.

You have to follow a deep process of transformation because you are absurd and evil.

God’s behavioral rules will help you understand how to be a mentally healthy person, and how to be a sensitive human being. This is what really matters in life.

You must eliminate all the evil parts of your personality, and you must stop having the behavior imposed by a neurosis. The psychological and philosophical transformation that this knowledge brings to your life represents a new beginning.

Now you know that you have to stop having the satanic behavior imposed by your anti-conscience in order to find peace and authentic happiness.

The material world has no meaning. It is only the background. What really matters for you is to develop the positive characteristics of your personality, after eliminating the negative ones.

This is an unpleasant mission, but at least you know what to do, and you know that you are safe when you trust God. You have a road map, and you know what kind of treasure you will surely find when you will complete your mission.

You will surely become a superior human being by following God’s guidance in your dreams. God has a plan for the development of your conscience. This plan is not based on suppositions, but on numerous predictions.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to submit your dreams for translation.

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