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Faceless WomanThe Meaning Of A Faceless Person In A Dream

The human race made many mistakes because we have a huge anti-conscience that has satanic characteristics and occupies the biggest part of our brain.

The underdeveloped conscience we receive from God is constantly misled by the absurdity imposed by our anti-conscience.

God’s solutions for our problems are very different from the solutions we find based on our thoughts. We are ignorant, absurd, and evil.

God is a sensitive genius. He gave us scientific knowledge in order to show us the existence of the satanic anti-conscience in our brain, and finally convince us that we have to obey His guidance.

The fact that I discovered its existence is merely a detail. Anyone could have made this discovery, since it was based on God’s guidance and not on my curiosity.

Now that we made so many scientific discoveries we can finally understand that we need a deep psychotherapy in order to become really sensitive and find sound mental health. If we are insensitive we are cruel.

In order to find sound mental health we must be sensitive, calm, and balanced. We must be sincere, patient, and generous.

We must be morally correct. We must protect our moral principles and our dignity.

We must automatically forgive our enemies and help them find sound mental health instead of hating them because they are demons. Since everyone inherits a satanic anti-conscience, even those who don’t seem to be evil are demons. Therefore, we cannot condemn anyone.

Some people are more controlled by their anti-conscience, and this is why they are more mentally ill than average people, but we are basically mentally ill from birth because the biggest part of our brain is absurd and evil.

This is a tragic truth. However, now that it became known we will follow the necessary process of transformation for our evolution through dream translation. While we ignored the truth we couldn’t find salvation.

The Attempt To Give A Positive Aspect To What Is Bad

Many people try to eliminate the negative image of what is bad with positive aspects. This attempt is the result of the influence of their anti-conscience into their conscience, since the anti-conscience keeps trying to make our conscience disregard all dangers. This way it can imprison our conscience into its logical traps.

If we are unaware that something is dangerous, we cannot protect ourselves. This is why we should never try to cover the bad image of what is bad with attempts to diminish their evilness and their bad consequences.

Many people justify barbarous crimes based on frivolity instead of being shocked with their existence. They make fun of tragedies.

Other people try to eliminate the negative image of something bad in order to present a better image to their children, without understanding that all children must know what is bad in order to protect their mental health.

We have to stop trying to eliminate the negative image of what is bad in the world, and we also have to be shocked with the horrors of the world.

Our attitude must change, so that we may change the world. If we are indifferent and we believe that our evilness can be logically justified based on selfish excuses, we cannot change anything.

Now that we know that he have inherited so much absurdity and evilness in our brain we must look for sings of absurdity and evilness everywhere.

Until today we didn’t know how absurd and evil we are, but now that we have this knowledge we cannot keep closing our eyes. We have to be intelligent and prudent instead of being indifferent and naïve.

We like to be irresponsible and inconsequential because this is the mindset imposed by the commercial world, which is ruled by most people’s anti-conscience. However, now we have to be serious and pay attention to all dangers. The philosophy of life imposed by the crazy world is very dangerous for our mental health.

We have to look for what is bad everywhere in order to eliminate what is bad.

Mistakes We Make For Believing In Pure Chance

We believe that many things happen in our lives by chance because we ignore the fact that nothing happens by chance in our world. Our planet was created by God in order to give us many practical lessons and help us transform our anti-conscience into a positive component of our human conscience. Everything that happens in our lives is prepared and predetermined in many ways.

In many cases we are predetermined to act like animals by our evil nature, but we must change our bad destiny and act based on the divine guidance.

In other cases we are free to do what we want, but we should follow the path that will unable us to develop our conscience based on God’s wisdom. We have to follow God’s rules in order to realize the positive destiny that He prepared for us.

For example, we try to find a partner without believing that there is a perfect match for us. This is a big mistake. Everyone must learn how to find their animus or anima through dream translation in order to have a perfect love relationship.

God makes perfect combinations. He prepares a brilliant destiny for us if we will obey His guidance and become really human. When we respect the divine wisdom we follow our positive destiny.

However, we are impatient and we don’t pay attention to numerous details.

Here is a dream dreamt by an insecure man that reflects this fact:

I was sitting in the front center of a classroom. My ex-wife sat against the wall, stood up, stared, and was furious, but didn’t say anything. I was surprised. I noticed a dark hair, dark skin woman sitting behind my ex-wife, but was faceless. She was not angry with me, but was disappointed. Felt that she was my current girlfriend or someone that I was very close with relationally. I got up and left the classroom and it opened up to a gigantic, ominous, dark hallway.

Dream translation:

I was sitting in the front center of a classroom.

You represent your ego in dreams.

Since you are in a classroom this means that you are studying the meaning of life and dreams.

The front center indicates that you are in a good position for learning.

My ex-wife sat against the wall, stood up, stared, and was furious, but didn’t say anything. I was surprised.

Your ex-wife represents a false perfect match, a woman who seemed to be the ideal one for you, but was not.

The wall represents a separation or a protection.

The fact that your ex sat against the wall and stood up, stared and was furious means that a woman who is like her is furious with you in your daily life.

You are having information about a certain woman of your life who is like your ex.

You were surprised because you didn’t know that she loved you and she was jealous of another woman.

I noticed a dark hair, dark skin woman sitting behind my ex-wife, but was faceless.

The faceless woman in dreams represents your anima; your real perfect match. The fact that she has no face means that you didn’t met her in your daily life yet.

You don’t know who she really is. This dream is a prediction. You will meet her in the future.

The hair in dreams represents ideas. The dark hair represent ideas that give you support when it is brown, but it represents ideas based on the acceptance of what is bad when it is black.

A white woman represents a cruel woman. The white skin reflects cruelty. Therefore, the fact that her skin was dark means that she was not cruel. She was sensitive.

The fact that she was sitting behind your ex-wife means that she was preparing something behind her back because this faceless woman wanted to have a relationship with you, since she was your perfect match.

She had the intention to marry you, and definitively replace your ex.

She was not angry with me, but was disappointed. Felt that she was my current girlfriend or someone that I was very close with relationally.

This woman is disappointed because she wanted to be your girlfriend, while she is not. You cannot find her because you care about another type of woman.

You have to be careful with a woman who is bothering you exactly like your ex, and doesn’t let you find the ideal woman for you.

You also have to be careful with the impositions of your anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience.

You like to find women who are intelligent and determined like your ex because you like to be guided instead of making decisions, but the type of women you like is not the right one for you. This preference is imposed by your anti-conscience to your conscience.

Your real perfect match won’t be a mother for you. She will complete you.

Your anti-conscience makes you look for a woman who will be like a mother for you because you are insecure. You have to transform your personality and learn how to be a self-confident man, so that you may finally meet the right woman for you.

I got up and left the classroom and it opened up to a gigantic, ominous, dark hallway.

You abandoned your studies, and you penetrated the darkness of your ignorance. There are many things that you ignore about yourself and your reality.

You have to stop having relationships with the wrong partner.

There is an ideal woman for you, but you have to be transformed into a mentally healthy man in order to meet her, so that you may have the right behavior with her, and a perfect love relationship.

If you will keep looking for a partner who will be like a mother for you, you won’t be able to evaluate the qualities of your real perfect match.

If you won’t transform your personality, you will have the behavior of a boy instead of being a responsible man.

You have to follow a process of psychological transformation through dream translation in order to stop making mistakes, and find the right person for you.


Everyone has a soul mate because this is part of God’s plan for our transformation into real human beings.

This means that you can find your perfect match by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. You will be prepared to meet the ideal person in your daily life.

We believe that it is very hard to find the right person, but this happens because we don’t know how to find the ideal person for us, and not because this person doesn’t exist.

You have to believe that God created a perfect plan for you instead of living based on your suppositions, and making mistakes.

God prepared everything in a perfect way for us, but our satanic anti-conscience distorted everything with lies.

We cannot believe in the existence of our perfect match and we get involved with dangerous people because we believe in the lies of the hypocritical and ignorant world, which is ruled by everyone’s anti-conscience.

The world makes us believe that we have to believe only in rational possibilities.

We don’t believe that every person has a perfect match because this probability seems to rarely happen. We believe that it is rationally absurd to conclude that among so many people in the world everyone can find a person who will complete them, because we ignore God’s preparations. There is an ideal person for everyone.

If we will be patient and we will respect God’s wisdom we will find the right person and have a beautiful family. We will stop getting divorced and cheating on our partner. We won’t desire to have a relationship with anyone else besides the person we love.

Our world is a chaos because we disregard God’s existence and His wisdom.

Now that God’s language in dreams was clearly comprehended and simplified, everyone will learn what to do in order to follow their positive destiny.

Avoiding Despair And Finding Wisdom

I was very lucky because I discovered Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation before completely losing my mind.

When I was a young mother (in the end of 1984, when my baby was two months old) I had a strange dream about a faceless man. This dream was so vivid that I decided to write it down, even though I couldn’t understand its meaning. I was hoping that perhaps I would be able to understand it someday.

At that time I was studying Carl Jung’s work, and the work of many other psychologists. I was in the very beginning of my research. I knew nothing about the meaning of dreams. I simply read various theories.

Here is my dream:

I was in an elevator with a man. We were going up. He was in front of me, but I couldn’t see his face. I was worried because I was married and I knew that I was not supposed to be alone with him there. Then, I saw my bedroom and the double bed. A little statue of a naked woman that was next to the bed was broken. Then, I was in a dark place. I saw a very old woman on a chair. She told me something that I couldn’t remember when I woke up.

I was so impressed with this dream that I kept remembering it. However, I couldn’t understand its meaning with the knowledge I had.

I had to study Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation during four years before being able to translate the meaning of this dream. In 1988 I could finally translate all dreams. The fact that I met my perfect match in my daily life helped me understand all the dreams I had written in my dream journals during two years.

In the first two years of my studies I was not writing down all my dreams and I was not following only Jung’s method, but when I decided to follow only his method of dream interpretation (in 1986) because it was helping me understand something about my dreams and my psychological problems, I started understanding the dream language.

Wish I had understood this fact from the beginning instead of wasting my time with so many empty and subjective methods that didn’t help me in any way.

Dream translation:

I was in an elevator with a man. We were going up. He was in front of me, but I couldn’t see his face.

I represent my ego.

The man represents my perfect match.

I couldn’t see his face because I hadn’t met him in my daily life, so I didn’t know who he was.

The elevator represents a dangerous way to go very fast to the conscious surface (up) or to the region of the anti-conscience (down).

Since we were going up, this means that I would suddenly acquire consciousness of the fact that he was my perfect match. I would suddenly fall in love with him. This dream was a prediction.

I was worried because I was married and I knew that I was not supposed to be alone with him there.

I was worried because I got married with a man I didn’t love and I was afraid to be alone with the strange man. My intuition helped me understand that he was dangerous for my marriage.

Then, I saw my bedroom and the double bed. A little statue of a naked woman that was next to the bed was broken.

My bedroom represents the place of my psyche where my ego lives.

The double bed represents the place where I had sex with my husband.

The statue represents a part of my personality that was inactive because it was paralyzed by my anti-conscience.

Since it was the statue of a naked woman this means that it represented a part of my personality that wanted to have sexual relationships, but was paralyzed because I got married to a man I didn’t love. I followed the absurd suggestions of my anti-conscience and the absurd ideas of my one-sided conscience. I was not happy.

The statue was broken because I would understand my mistake and stop being paralyzed, since I would meet my perfect match and fall in love with him.

Then, I was in a dark place. I saw a very old woman on a chair. She told me something that I couldn’t remember when I woke up.

The fact that I was in a dark place means that there were many things that I ignored. At that time I was too naïve and childish.

When I remember how ignorant I was when I was 23-years-old and I had this dream I cannot believe that I managed to get to the point I did later, when I could understand the dream language and become a responsible person.

The old woman represents the repetition of the common sins of the human race because of the evilness I had inherited into my anti-conscience.

She was sitting on a chair because she was waiting for something. In other words, she was waiting the development of my love story.

This part of my personality was talking to be because it was trying to influence my ego and make me repeat a common sin: betray my husband with another man.


Everything that this dream was predicting really happened in my life in January of 1988, when I suddenly met my perfect match in a strange situation, and I immediately fell in love with him.

However, my dreams helped me understand that the man I loved was too dangerous because he was evil. My love story was very sad. He was my husband’s best customer. He was married, he had children, and he was many years older than me.

I stopped working with my husband in our factory, and I started working with my mother and my aunt in their store. I never met him again, and I stopped having contact with him by phone.

He was so evil that he killed my husband in 1989, but he bribed many people to pretend that my husband died because he had a sudden heart attack.

Thanks to my obedience to the divine guidance in my dreams, I didn’t get involved with this man, and I was not his accomplice. I learned the truth only later, and not when my husband had died. So, I didn’t accept the crime and I didn’t meet him again.

I condemned him for what he did instead of silently accepting his crime, and I didn’t stay with him. He never managed to approach me again.

I suffered very much when I had to stay far from him in the beginning of our love story, and I suffered a lot more when I had to stay far from him after discovering that he had killed by husband because he wanted to marry me.

He didn’t want to be in the position of someone who stole the wife of one of his providers, since he was my husband’s best customer, and his position also was ridiculous because he was many years older than me.

My dreams helped me understand that I made a mistake because I got married to the wrong man, but this doesn’t mean that I could make another mistake in order to correct the first one. The dream messages helped me look at my love story with serious eyes.

I delayed too much to find my perfect match, and the fact that he committed a crime complicated everything even more, while he believed that this was a bright solution.

God showed me that I was not allowed to commit adultery, and He kept me very busy with my scientific research about the therapeutic effect of dreams and the absurd human nature. Then, He made me help many people and cure mental illnesses through dream translation during 19 years before being able to publish my ebooks online.

This was how I followed my positive destiny and I’m giving you lessons today.

I was ready to betray my husband, I didn’t mind being a terrible sinner, and I didn’t think that my behavior was immoral. God miraculously saved me thanks to my obedience to His guidance even against my will.

I complained a lot, but I always obeyed this divine guidance. I didn’t doubt that God always was right and I always was wrong when I disagreed with Him. I recognized that I was a terrible sinner and my opinion had no importance.

Many crimes are committed everyday because of love. Love is very dangerous for us because we are absurd and we don’t think about anything else when we are in love. We are hypnotized by the strong feeling for the other person.

When we are in love we abandon our moral principles, while they are more than important for the preservation of our conscience.

Nothing is simple for us because we are absurd and evil. Everything is difficult and dangerous.

You have to get used with this fact. Don’t be naïve. You have to be a hero. You are not alive only in order to survive like an animal.

The hypocritical world makes you believe that you have to decide what to do based on your own desires because it wants to mislead you, and sell you many products. The world is ruled by Satan.

You have to be intelligent and obey God’s guidance in your dreams. This is how you will avoid having a tragic destiny, and you will stop being a ridiculous actor.

Well-Organized Solutions

God’s solutions are based on well-organized combinations and preparations, and not based on suppositions and disorganized decisions.

God tried to make us pay attention to the meaning of dreams, but even though many ancient civilizations believed that dreams were sent by God and they could understand their symbolic meaning, their knowledge was not transmitted to the world.

Carl Jung managed to understand the therapeutic effect of the dream messages thanks to the scientific development of our historical time and give us better definitions, but his obscure, complicated, and time consuming method of dream interpretation is incomprehensible.

I had to complete his research in order to transform his complicated method into a fast method of instant translation from images into words. Otherwise, his extraordinary discoveries wouldn’t be able to help average people.

Now that I simplified and clarified his method, the real meaning of dreams is not a mystery.

Therefore, now you can understand the preparation of your destiny and learn all the details you need to know in the dream messages.

I showed you how dreams are prepared in the article How Are Dreams Produced? in order to help you understand also how your destiny is prepared. The development of your life depends on your obligation to develop the psychological functions that are not working in your conscience.

Everything that happens to you is prepared to happen with the intention to help you develop your conscience, so that you may become more intelligent and sensitive.

However, your satanic anti-conscience keeps bothering your evolution and distorting God’s preparations. The world also misleads you through many ways, since it works based on most people’s anti-conscience.

Therefore, you tend to be materialistic and narrow-minded. You don’t believe in the existence of a spiritual reality.

You don’t understand that you must have a spiritual connection with your partner, and not merely like him or her because of their appearance.

You tend to believe in ridiculous suppositions and absurd theories that are presented to you as if they were rational conclusions, while they are based on false criteria and ignorance. On the other hand, you respect rational conclusions as if they could surely find the ultimate truth about everything, while this is a misleading impression.

There are many things that you ignore, and rational conclusions don’t take into consideration the details that can be absorbed through your intuition, your feelings, and your sensations.

The Right Historical Time For This Comprehension

God prepared a perfect plan for the transformation of every human being into a sensitive genius like Him, the same way He organized the nature of our planet and all live organisms in a perfect way.

However, we don’t want to respect God’s wisdom and obey His guidance. We insist on inventing absurd theories, and we don’t care about discovering God’s solutions for our problems.

We want to be free and independent, but without God we can only make many dangerous mistakes and end up on terror because of our wild nature.

We cannot be independent if we are ignorant, absurd, and evil. We have to accept our dependency on the divine guidance. Otherwise, we will never abandon our wild nature. We will keep suffering and generating suffering.

God discovered how we can live peacefully and happily, but we must respect His rules in order to live the life He prepared for us. His commandments must be respected in all situations, without exceptions. His rules are rigid because we are terrible sinners.

Until today we had only the lessons of our religion in order to understand God’s wisdom, but these lessons were distorted by the hypocritical world.

Today we can clearly understand God’s guidance in our dreams and find out what we have to do in order to follow the positive destiny that will transform us into perfect human beings.

We couldn’t have this knowledge before being able to discover the satanic origin of our conscience. Now that God gave us scientific knowledge, we were finally able to learn the hidden truth about our satanic nature without fainting.

Now we saw that life can be good, and we can be transformed. We like our existence.

We want to live, and we want to find happiness.

So, now we can understand that by following the necessary process of transformation we can eliminate our anti-conscience and become brilliant human beings. Our satanic nature is a tragedy, we can bear discovering this truth because we already have a long past.

We know that we are able to be brilliant, even though only a few people in our tragic history could prove this fact. So, we are not so discouraged by the fact that we have a satanic anti-conscience and we are in fact demons. We know that we also are human, and we want to be human.

We are surprised with the fact that we are demons because we believed that we were human. God didn’t let us see the truth because we had to believe that we are able to be admirable human beings in order to achieve this goal.

If we knew that we are demons from the beginning of our history we wouldn’t have the courage to pay attention to the meaning of goodness and believe that we could attain sanctity.

Now that we have a long past and we already had so many lessons, we can understand that our evil nature can be transformed, and we can be relatively happy on earth if we will respect God’s wisdom.

We will be completely happy only after death, and only if we will obey the divine guidance during our lives, but we can live peacefully and happily while we also face many difficult challenges.

Now we are able to understand the preparation made by God and accept the fact that nothing happens by chance. Now we know that we have a purpose.

Now we know that we are alive because we have to stop being demons and become really human. We have to attain sanctity and spiritual perfection in order to find sound mental health, peace, love, and happiness.

Now we can understand that we have to learn all the details of God’s preparation in our dreams in order to become the superior human beings we can be, instead of blindly doing whatever our ignorant and deficient conscience may decide.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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