A Realistic Comprehension Of Mental Health

Primitive ConscienceMany details in my life biography prepared me to be able to continue Carl Jung’s research and obey the divine guidance in my dreams, after verifying the sanctity of the unconscious mind, which Jung couldn’t perceive. He was loyal to the rules of science. He also was influenced by the atheistic philosophy of life of his historical time.

I verified that the cure for all mental illnesses is based on the cultivation of goodness in our hearts. This is God’s solution for the elimination of absurdity, since absurdity is generated by evilness.

The dreamer must work and use his or her own conscience in order to follow a process of transformation. This is like making brain exercises.

God’s mental health treatment in dreams is not a passive treatment like the mental health treatments based on medications, which seem to be simple, while they are extremely dangerous and ineffective.

A drug can only temporarily eliminate the unpleasant effects of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and other unbearable symptoms, without curing the person’s wound. This is why it causes dependence, besides having horrible side effects.

Dream therapy is a safe therapy because it cures all mental health problems based on God’s wisdom, and not based on dangerous theories that don’t help the conscience of the patient resurrect, and work better.

Here is an interesting video about the myth that mental disorders are caused by an imbalance in the brain. You will find explanations about why psychiatric drugs cannot cure mental health problems with their interferences in the functioning of the human brain. The psychiatrists of our historical time ignore how our brain works and the real effect of the chemical substances they believe to be the solution for every problem:

Rethinking Psychiatry

You have to follow the natural and safe mental health treatment you receive from God in your dreams. God’s method is based on the purification of your spirit. You will surely become a better person and find balance by obeying the divine guidance.

You must desire to become a better person and do what God shows you in your dreams, and not what your ignorant and selfish conscience desires.

Everything that the commercial world is showing you is false. You must care about your spiritual evolution in order to become a mentally healthy individual. Your goodness will save you from terror and despair, and help you become a true genius.

I wouldn’t dedicate my life to dream interpretation based on Carl Jung’s method if it was not so important. I saw into practice that this method works when I was mentally ill, from 1984 to 1989.

In the beginning I studied many other methods of dream interpretation that didn’t help me in any way. I seriously followed only Jung’s method since August of 1986.

I started being really able to translate the meaning of dreams in 1987, but there were still many things that I couldn’t understand. In January of 1988 a dream prediction that became true in my daily reality helped me clearly understand the meaning of all the dreams I had written in my dream journals, since 1986.

In 1988 I finally became a dream expert. My progress was extraordinary. I was more than glad with everything I had found.

I started writing a scientific book in order to prove to the world that only Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation really cures our brain and psyche. However, in January of 1989 I discovered the existence of a satanic primitive conscience in the human brain, and my enthusiasm disappeared.

I was completely cured thanks to my obedience to the guidance in had in my dreams and in various signs of my reality. Since 1990, I started curing many other people by using Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, which I had to simplify in order to work faster.

I discovered that we can translate the meaning of whatever happens to us in our daily lives as if it was a dream and have information about our reality and the future. We only have to know the dream language in order to discover God’s messages everywhere.

Dream translation according to the scientific method discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me opens new horizons for humanity.

Verifying The Existence Of A Mental Illness Through Dream Translation

You can verify if a person has a severe mental illness by analyzing the meaning of their dreams, depending on the dream symbols that appear in the dream. Here is a dream dreamt by a mentally woman who had a tragic life biography, which clearly reflects this fact:

Ms. C (pretty, well-dressed, gossip) and I had wrecked our truck in the woods and were in the cab huddled together trying to stay warm. She had a blanket that we shared. I had her change positions so I could be more comfortable. We waited to be found. The car I wrecked was in the woods too. I wondered if we had been drinking.

Dream translation:

Ms. C (pretty, well-dressed, gossip) and I had wrecked our truck in the woods

Ms. C represents a superficial and frivolous part of your personality that cares about your appearance.

Your truck represents your life. It is a strong life, because the truck is a strong vehicle.

The woods represent your animal nature.

To wreck a car in the woods means to ruin your life in your dangerous animal nature. In other words, it means that you lost your life because you were controlled by your animal nature.

This frivolous part of your personality and your ego are making serious mistakes that are ruining your life, because you are controlled by your wild nature.

You act without thinking. You are controlled by instinctive behavioral programs that belong to your animal nature.

and were in the cab huddled together trying to stay warm.

The fact that you were huddled together means that your ego and this superficial and frivolous part of your personality fully agreed in every matter.

That fact that you were feeling cold indicates that you were afraid because you were in a very dangerous situation.

She had a blanket that we shared.

The blanket represents a protection.

This superficial part of your personality had a protection for dangerous situations, but it was insufficient.

Your ego tried to imitate this part of your personality.

I had her change positions so I could be more comfortable.

Your ego changed positions with this frivolous part of your personality because many times it takes the place of your ego, controlling your behavior.

We waited to be found.

This part of the dream is showing you that if you will be superficial and you will let the frivolous part of your personality control your behavior, you will face a terrible situation, and you won’t have anyone’s help.

This is a serious warning.

The car I wrecked was in the woods too.

The car you wrecked represents the life you had in the past.

The life you had before was ruined the same way. In other words, the life you had when you were young was destroyed by your animal nature, like the strong life you have now.

Your animal nature keeps destroying your life.

I wondered if we had been drinking.

Your ego understood that your behavior was abnormal.

This dream is showing you that you have to be very careful with the way you drive your life.

You have to stop being a slave for your animal nature, and become a wise and sensitive woman by precisely obeying the divine guidance in your dreams.


This dreamer has a serious mental health problem, but she is frivolous and irresponsible. She must learn how to stop being influenced by her animal nature.

I cannot tell you various details of her life biography, but the fact that she is absurd is clearly visible thanks to the translation of the meaning of the dream images. Dreams about accidents reflect strong absurdity.

The treatment of this dreamer is difficult, but she can find sound mental health if she will be obedient.

Obeying the divine guidance is not a simple matter because we must be morally correct, and we must have a calm and wise behavior that goes against our violent nature.

In the beginning you will feel that it is hard to obey God’s guidance, but this process becomes easier with practice. God is your doctor. He is trying to preserve your human conscience and transform you into a brilliant person.

Your cure doesn’t depend on how mentally ill you are, but on how much you will obey the divine guidance in your dreams. Even if you have schizophrenia or another severe mental illness you can be cured if you will obey the guidance you have.

God shows you how to safely drive your life, and find peace.

His psychotherapy through dream messages helps you understand how to organize your thoughts based on wisdom and goodness. You learn how to change your behavior thanks to the knowledge you acquire.

Understanding Your Mental Health Problems Based On The Information Contained In Your Dreams

Every dreamer has dreams that reflect his or her mental health problems. I will give you another example with a dream dreamt by a mentally ill man whose mental condition is similar to the mental condition of the previous dreamer because he had a traumatic life biography like her.

He seems to be less absurd than her, but he is not more balanced.

I was working somewhere, an iron work job, and it was getting close to time to get off. These other guys were messing with us, since people got layed off last week,, saying we had to finish the job and I was driving this guy’s car to his house after getting off (the guy had a good-looking wife, was a great welder/worker, and had the best of the best of everything). I was thinking about asking him if we could drink in his house, but never did, since I didn’t know if we had to work the next day.

Dream translation:

I was working somewhere, an iron work job,

You represent your ego in dreams.

When you are working in dreams this means that you are working on your mission in life. Your mission is to become a mentally healthy and happy individual.

Since you were working in an iron work this means that your mission depends on the transform of what is strong. Iron represents resistance and stubbornness at the same time.

Since you are mentally ill, the meaning of iron is negative. Your ego must deal with a transformation that is quite difficult for you because you have to deal you’re your strong stubbornness.

This means that your mission in life is to learn how to be elastic instead of being stubborn, and how to positively use your capacity to show resistance.

and it was getting close to time to get off.

Your ego believes that you have already worked enough, while you still have a lot to do.

These other guys were messing with us, since people got layed off last week,, saying we had to finish the job

These other guys messing with you and your co-workers represent various parts of your personality that are like them.

The guys are negative parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience. These negative parts of your personality don’t let your ego calmly deal with the important process of transformation you must follow.

The fact that many people lost their jobs last week means that many parts of your personality stopped working, and they are not helping you complete your mission.

Therefore, your ego must be strong and work harder.

and I was driving this guy’s car to his house after getting off (the guy had a good-looking wife, was a great welder/worker, and had the best of the best of everything).

The car in dreams represents your life.

The car’s owner represents a mature part of your personality that is ambitious and materialistic, and wants to have the best of the best of everything. This part of your personality is deciding how you must live your life because it possesses your life, even though your ego is the driver.

This means that your ego makes decisions, but you always are influenced by the desires of the ambitious and materialistic part of your personality, since this part of your personality owns your life.

However, you must not desire to have only privileges in life, even though this is very hard for you because you are stubborn. You insist on living according to the desires of the ambitious part of your personality that wants to always have the best of the best of everything.

This purpose doesn’t let you pay attention to your spiritual evolution. You must care more about who you are than about what you have.

I was thinking about asking him if we could drink in his house,

Alcohol in dreams represents false hopes.

The guy’s house is a place of your psyche where this part of your personality that is ambitious and materialistic lives.

Your ego wanted to have false hopes in this part of your psyche because you want to imitate the behavior of this part of your personality, hoping that this way you will manage to have many material pleasures and goods, while this is not the reason why you are alive.

You must care about your spiritual evolution more than anything else. Your happiness doesn’t depend on material pleasures; it depends on your mental health and your dignity.

but never did, since I didn’t know if we had to work the next day.

However, your ego understood that your mission in life was more important than having false hopes.

You know that you have to stop being stubborn because you can see the negative effects of this behavior in your life. You don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past.

The fact that you recognize the importance of your mission is positive, but the fact that you are living the life imposed by another part of your personality is negative.

You have to stop pursuing material pleasures, and stop desiring to be admired by the hypocritical world. You have to care about your mental health and the purification of your spirit.


This dreamer seems to be more conscious than the previous one, but he is making similar mistakes. He is driving his life according to the desires of a materialistic and ambitious part of his personality that doesn’t care about his mental and spiritual health.

His problem is his insistence on believing in his own opinion, while he is ignorant, and he already made many mistakes in the past.

Even though this dreamer is not driving his life the right way, he is not having accidents like the previous dreamer, but only in this dream. He had dreams with car accidents in his dream collection.

So, don’t think that he is somehow more balanced that the previous dreamer. You cannot understand the severity of a dreamer’s mental condition only by translating the meaning of one of his dreams, unless there are clear dream symbols reflecting a severe mental illness in the dream images, like the shark, which represents schizophrenia.

This dreamer’s case is totally different from the previous dreamer’s case, even though there are a few similarities if we will compare both; especially in their life biographies. He was diagnosed with the same mental illness of the previous dreamer: bipolar disorder.

By translating the meaning of his dreams he understood that his main problem is his tendency to repeat the same mistakes, without learning anything with the various painful experiences and failures he faces in life. He insists on doing everything the same way, without changing his behavior, and without paying attention to various dangers.

Instead of giving a diagnosis to the patient that is based on the symptoms he describes, God tells him exactly what problems he must solve. Dream therapy is a specific therapy made for every person according to their life biography and their personality, without generalizations.

When you relate the dream messages to the dreamer’s life biography you have a clear image of his mental condition.

If you could see this dreamer’s dream collection, you would verify that he has a series of dreams about the same topics. Everyone has dreams about their most important problems.

Only by reading one dream and its translation, without knowing the life biography of the dreamer and the issues that he is facing in his daily life, you cannot really understand the importance of a dream. Without reading his dream journal you cannot understand the depth of his absurdity, and verify how God is curing his brain and psyche with the messages He is sending Him.

Unfortunately, I cannot publish a case study because I must respect every dreamer’s privacy. You can verify the relationship existent between the dreamer’s life and his dreams in the ebook Dream Interpretation As A Science, where many dreamers gave me permission to publish their life biographies along with their dreams.

How God Organizes Your Brain And Psyche

God’s treatment is based on the cultivation of compassion, goodness, patience, sincerity, humility, and generosity. He discovered how we can find peace and happiness because He could understand how to organize our thoughts and our psychological system based on goodness.

You can be more than sure that goodness will help you become a better person and find sound mental health. This method is absolutely safe and its positive results are guaranteed, while mental health treatments based on suppositions don’t promise recovery.

If a patient starts having medication with the intention to supposedly cure a mental disorder, he is predetermined to take this drug all his life, without any hope of recovery.

You must be grateful for having the privilege to understand God’s words in your dreams and learn how to escape the traps of your anti-conscience, and the traps of the commercial world.

Carl Jung’s discoveries were not understood by the ignorant world because his method of dream interpretation is too complicated and obscure. It was very hard for me to clarify and simplify everything for you. Only a few souls could understand that Jung really discovered the best mental health treatment thanks to dream interpretation.

You have to seriously study the scientific method of dream interpretation because it is the only one that transcribes God’s words without distortions, and really helps you find sound mental health.

How Painful Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Really Is?

Both dreamers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder because they had tragic life experiences when they were children. They have many other mental health problems.

PTSD is incurable. In order to cure a person’s brain and psyche after having tragic experiences when they were too young, a psychotherapist must give them more than too many explanations that will help them calm down. The cure of PTSD is an impossible miracle.

Only God has the patience to give to every dreamer all the explanations that he/she needs in order to stop having negative reactions and fears. God’s psychotherapy for painful experiences is based on giving information to the dreamer.

The dreamer understands why he had these experiences, and he understands what he can do in order to stop having them in life.

Many people suffer from PTSD in our cruel world. Suicide attempts are increasing, more mental illnesses are discovered with time, and the chaotic situation that characterizes the world is becoming more unbearable than ever.

The cruel world helps everyone’s anti-conscience become stronger, instead of helping everyone tame the demon. If our world didn’t work based on violence and immorality, our population would have the chance to find sound mental health.

However, the world is ruled by greedy marketers, and not by conscious human beings. This is why terror and poverty are killing the human race.

When a person is abused and tortured during their childhood, they begin their lives in terror. This tragedy opens the doors for their satanic anti-conscience. They indifferently accept the absurd and evil thoughts of the demon, since they are feeling betrayed and abandoned.

How can a person have positive thoughts if they start living in terror from the beginning of their existence?

If I could publish the life biography of the two dreamers whose dreams I analyzed, you would be shocked. I chose simple dreams from their dream collection in order to give you simple lessons, without exposing the dreamers. I cannot show you the psychological analysis of their cases.

When someone is a victim of terror, he/she cannot show compassion, and cultivate goodness in his heart. Those who suffer from PTSD are predetermined to live suffering and become more mentally ill with time.

The truth is that the biggest part of the world population suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, since most people have bitter experiences in their lives.

God’s treatment through dream messages helps you understand your destiny, change the future development of your life, and send away the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience. This way you manage to overcome your PTSD, even if you had shocking traumatic experiences in the past.

For example, a schizophrenic needs one billion explanations in order to calm down, including numerous repetitions. Your PTSD may require so many explanations, and you will have them in your dreams.

God’s therapy in dreams is based on helping you understand why you suffered in the past, and what you can do now and in the future in order to stop having the same problems, or different ones. He gives you numerous explanations in every dream.

God’s explanations help you begin a new life, without the marks of the past. You understand the origin of every problem and you interpret everything based on a superior philosophy of life.

At the same time, various positive life experiences help you trust God’s protection even more. When you change your behavior, you also change your life.

I’ve seen many people in a terrible mental state recover their conscience thanks to dream translation. I would never have the courage to treat mental illnesses if I was not more than sure that God knows how to cure every person, without exceptions.

I’m merely a dream translator. Everyone’s doctor is the God, the dream producer.

How Is Your Mental Illness Cured?

Your dreams and your life are connected. All dreams are about you and your life, your future, the dangers that are threatening your mental health, what you have to do in order to evolve, who are the people around you, and everything that is important for you.

You are cured by understanding what you cannot understand, and by learning what you ignore. The knowledge you have in your dreams helps you look at your life from different angles, and understand truths that surpass the distorted knowledge of your historical time.

You feel consoled, and at the same time, you assume your responsibilities. You understand all your mistakes.

God’s treatment is based on transforming you into a serious and responsible human being who is able to clearly discern what is good and bad.

The subjective theories of the hypocritical world make you believe that what is good or bad in a certain situation depends on various factors. However, what is good or bad doesn’t depend on the circumstances of your daily life. You can clearly understand what is good or bad when you develop your conscience.

You are able to understand the tricks of your sneaky anti-conscience, and the manipulations of everyone’s anti-conscience, without being misled by false impressions.

Your dreams help you understand what is right and wrong with clear definitions, and numerous examples.

Your absurdity is eliminated through consciousness. Consciousness is a process of transformation based on understanding your mistakes and correcting your behavior.

Your dreams help you stop following:

* Erroneous ideas of the past,

* Wrong conclusions after having traumatic experiences,

* The impositions of the crazy world.

You start thinking based on the information you have in your dreams, and not based on your suppositions, or based on the false information imposed by the commercial world.

Consciousness is a process that organizes your thoughts, helping you evaluate every situation based on various different criteria. You start paying attention to numerous details you didn’t consider important, and you understand their importance.

The mental health treatment you follow through dream translation helps you become more intelligent and more sensitive, because it makes you pay attention to how other people feel.

You understand the importance of respecting and protecting your community, your society, and the human race in general terms. You understand how responsible you are for other people’s happiness, or for their suffering.

You stop feeling a victim, and you become a hero. You discover what you can do in order to help the world thanks to your work and your example.

God has a plan for you, which surpasses your expectations.

You can become a brilliant human being, besides having to correct numerous behavioral mistakes. Everything depends on your attitude.

If you will be indifferent, stubborn, and lazy, you will waste your time instead of becoming a mentally healthy individual thanks to the precious knowledge contained in your dreams. You will be exposed to mental illnesses and tragedies, and you will never stop being a violent animal.

If you will respect the guidance you have in your dreams, you will make progress fast and attain a higher level of consciousness.

Why The Fact That You Can Think Is Not An Advantage

If we were irrational animals, we wouldn’t be absurd. The fact that we can think is a big problem because we tend to prefer absurd solutions based on selfishness.

Our underdeveloped brain doesn’t let us understand how to find positive solutions. We still think like prehistoric men.

Only because God discovered a way to organize our absurd conscience based on goodness, can we find peace and sound mental health.

Only goodness can save the human race.

However, the cultivation of goodness in our hearts is very difficult because we are too violent, and we don’t want to learn how to be calm, humble, and peaceful.

We don’t want to pay attention to God’s wisdom. We keep repeating the same mistakes without learning our lessons, and we don’t want to be corrected.

We have the capacity to learn and evolve, since we have a human conscience, but we prefer to be evil, stubborn, and lazy like our satanic anti-conscience.

The fact that God gave us a human conscience means that we are human beings, besides being demons because the biggest part of our brain belongs to our satanic anti-conscience.

We have a double personality because we have two consciences that work independently, and based on a different logic.

We have a human personality thanks to our conscience, which has human characteristics, but we also have an evil personality because of the existence of our satanic anti-conscience.

Our evil personality is stronger than our human personality. We must obey the divine guidance in order to transfer the brain power of our anti-conscience to our conscience, and start using all of our brain power to our advantage. This is how we will stop being demons and become really human.

However, we keep walking in circles because we don’t want to understand God’s lessons. We don’t want to be obedient, while this is indispensable, since we are absurd, evil, and idiotic. We must obey God’s guidance in all situations. We are unable to understand the meaning of justice and we cannot be trusted.

You must get out of this vicious circle because you are learning the truth about your mental health thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries, and thanks to my discoveries after precisely following his steps, while I was using his method of dream interpretation.

Human beings will never be able to cure a mental illness without respecting the divine guidance in dreams and in religious lessons. Psychiatry and psychology must work based on God’s psychotherapy, and they must be characterized by compassion.

Today the mentally ill are not respected. They are not treated as if they were able to decide what is better for them.

Everyone knows that once a person loses consciousness they cannot be cured, since nobody is able to help them recover their conscience. This is why the mentally ill are treated as if they were mentally retarded.

Other people make decisions about their mental health on their behalf. They can force them to follow a certain treatment against their will.

The medications prescribed by their psychiatrists transform them into vegetables without a personality exactly because their doctors have the intention to transform them into inoffensive creatures, and not the intention to cure their mental health problems.

These medications ruin their immune system because they are unable to think logically and acquire consciousness under the neurological disturbances caused by these drugs, what facilitates the destructive process of their conscience by their satanic anti-conscience.

I’m not the first one who is exposing this shocking truth, but no matter who many people may complain about the dangers of psychiatric drugs and their terrible side effects, they cannot combat the pharmaceutical companies that keep producing them, and keep trying to convince the public that these drugs are helpful.

On the other hand, the ignorant public likes to believe in simple solutions that don’t require any effort (like taking pills) and in the chaotic situation of the world ruled by selfish marketers, nobody knows what is good and bad.

Therefore, humanity cannot acquire consciousness. Our existence never stops being a tragedy.

We are unable to put an end to terror, poverty, mental disorders, and incurable physical diseases because we never stop being absurd and evil.

Only if we will humbly obey the divine guidance in our dreams and in our religion, will we find mental, physical, and spiritual health, and solve all our problems.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at: http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com

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Dream Therapy

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After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to submit your dreams for translation.

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