How Can You Stop Having Absurd Thoughts And Reactions?

HellDreams About Going To Hell

Your thoughts are absurd and evil most of the time, even when you don’t recognize their cruelty. In order to stop having absurd thoughts and reactions you have to eliminate your anti-conscience and develop your conscience. Your dreams help you achieve this goal because they help you organize your thoughts and think like a sensitive and wise human being.

You cannot control your thoughts and your reactions because the biggest part of your brain belongs to your satanic anti-conscience, which has the behavior of a demon. This is a bitter truth you don’t want to admit, but you have to recognize it and accept it in order to become really human. While you ignore the evil and absurd intentions reflected in your thoughts, you cannot change your mind and your behavior.

You seem to have the behavior of a human being when you are with other human beings, but this doesn’t mean that you stop having the behavior of a demon because you are a good actor, and you pretend to be human. You act like a human being because you know that you must hide your evil thoughts, and not because you understand that you have to be sensitive and sensible.

You have human characteristics thanks to the human conscience you received from God, but you mainly are a demon, since the biggest part of your brain has satanic characteristics.

This is a tragedy. The formation of the anti-conscience is the result of the accidental combination of numerous factors in the beginning of its appearance in the Universe, without any organization. However, God found a way to organize the functioning of the anti-conscience and help it find peace.

This means that you can become a brilliant human being and save the world from misery and terror thanks to your wisdom. God knows how to help you stop being a demon and become a perfect human being.

Your dreams show you what your anti-conscience is doing against your conscience, to help you understand how to combat its absurdity and evilness.

I will give you an example with a dream dreamt by a mentally ill woman:

Somebody told me that I showed dark room which leads to Damascus. (I read it, it was written Damasc… but I concluded Damascus) I was running (I was on a excursion) and I saw statue of some old man running too, and a statue of horse which I catched with hands for help while running and I passed them?

Dream translation:

Somebody told me that I showed dark room which leads to Damascus. (I read it, it was written Damasc… but I concluded Damascus)

Someone represents a part of your personality.

The dark room represents a part of your psyche that you ignore.

This part of your psyche leads to Damascus, which represents craziness and hell. Syrians were too barbarous. Damascus was a city where the worst tortures of the human history were found.

Therefore, a dangerous part of your psyche that you ignore can lead you to craziness and hell because it is an evil part of your psyche.

You have to stop trusting the absurd ideas and feelings of your satanic anti-conscience; otherwise you will be heavily punished for your sins.

You have to stop being immoral. You have to be a moralistic woman.

I was running (I was on a excursion) and I saw statue of some old man running too,

When you are running in a dream this means that you are running away from your anti-conscience, which is almost controlling your behavior.

The excursion represents a research.

The statue in dreams represents a part of your personality that is inactive because it was paralyzed by your anti-conscience.

The old man represents the repetition of the common sins of the human race because of the craziness you inherit into your anti-conscience.

Therefore, your ego was running away from your anti-conscience during a research, when a paralyzed part of your personality that repeated the common sins of the human race started running away from your anti-conscience too. It was not paralyzed anymore.

This means that this part of your personality is active and it is trying to make you repeat the common sins of humanity: betrayal, adultery, murder, and so on.

and a statue of horse which I catched with hands for help while running and I passed them?

The horse in dreams represents courage.

Your paralyzed courage started running away from your anti-conscience too, and your ego caught it in order to be helped.

This way you could surpass the part or your personality that repeats the common sins of the human race. However, your ego managed to surpass it only for a while.

This dream is showing you that an evil part of your personality that was not active for years but is active again now, will make you end up tortured in hell. You will try to run away from it with courage, but it will make you lose your mind, and repeat the common sins of the human race.

There is a part of your psyche that you ignore, which goes directly to hell, because you tend to repeat the common sins of humanity.

You have to respect your moral principles, and remember the lessons you had in your dreams.


Since you don’t know the life biography of the dreamer and what is happening in her life, you cannot completely understand the meaning of this dream. This dream is a serious warning for the dreamer, but I cannot show the details that would help you clearly understand her absurdity, which was clearly reflected in this dream. If you knew what she is doing in life and if you could analyze her behavior, you would see why she had this warning.

This dreamer is very absurd. This is why her dreams are usually strange, with complicated dream scenes that are not part of her daily reality.

When you see that a dream is too fantastic like this dream where statues start running, and various things that don’t happen in real life start happening in the dream, this means that the dreamer is absurd.

Her dreams reflect her thoughts and her behavior. Her thoughts and behavior are absurd. This is why the dream images are absurd according to the logic of your conscience.

These images make sense when you know the dream language, even though they are absurd according to the logic of your conscience. The dream language follows the dream logic, which is based on God’s sanctity.

The dream images are various pictures of what is happening in her brain. You have to know how God thinks in order to understand how to interpret the dream images and understand the dream story. You also have to know the meaning of the dream images, especially if they are dream symbols.

Today you can easily learn these details. I transformed Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation into a fast method of instant translation from images into words.

This dreamer is ready to make a very dangerous mistake because she believes in unreal things. She has the intention to do something negative that will be condemned by God. She is ready to repeat one of the common sins of the human race.

This dream is showing her that there is a part of her personality that automatically repeats the common mistakes of the human race. She will have the behavior of an immoral and violent woman because of this part of her personality, and then she will be punished for being absurd and evil.

She must obey the divine guidance in her dreams in order to avoid having the negative behavior imposed by the negative parts of her personality that belong to her terrible anti-conscience.

It is very, very hard to convince a person who is as absurd as this dreamer to have the behavior of a sensitive and reasonable person. Her conscience must start working again, while it is practically dead.

The dream messages show her the dangers that are threatening her mental health in order to help her understand her mistakes and protect her mental stability. If she will keep believing in delusions and doing dangerous things, she will surely have to deal with many negative consequences.

These consequences represent hell. The consequences of tragic mistakes are unbearable.

However, the dreamer cannot understand this fact because she believes in her imagination, and she doesn’t know how to think logically. Her conscience was partially destroyed.

The dream messages show her how her anti-conscience is attacking her conscience, with the intention to destroy it even more, and completely control her behavior.

She discovers that she is following the common behavior of the human race and that a part of her personality that was not working for a long time suddenly started working again. This part of her personality was waiting for the right opportunity to control her behavior.

In other words, the dreamer understands that her behavior is determined by the behavioral patterns that are common to all human beings. This means that she does what all human beings do.

The decisions she makes when she repeats the common mistakes of the human race are not conscious decisions. Therefore, she must not believe that she always will be able to control her behavior.

The dreamer believes that she can control her behavior, but this dream is showing her that she must be afraid of her instincts, which are stronger than her conscious decisions. Even though she is so absurd, she believes that she can understand her reality. She doesn’t recognize her absurdity.

She keeps having dream warnings about the same mistakes. She forgets previous lessons and previous conclusions, and she always goes back to her old erroneous ideas.

Only God can be so patient and repeat so many times the same warnings, until the dreamer will finally understand her mistakes, even though she acts as if she didn’t want to be cured.

She can be polite and follow the treatment like a good patient for a while, but she has many aggressive reactions. Her behavior is unpredictable.

I’m giving you general information about this dreamer to show you the seriousness of this case, even though I cannot show you important details.

Absurdity is invincible.

Only God’s lessons can correct the behavior of disobedient and absurd people. Human beings don’t have this capacity.

How A Mentally Ill Individual Can Be Cured

A mentally ill individual cannot be cured without the help of someone who is mentally healthy.

Since all human beings are mentally ill from birth, this means that no one is able to cure a mental illness on earth. Our knowledge and our conclusions cannot be trusted because we are absurd and evil by nature.

Only God is really balanced and mentally healthy. This is why He is the only one who knows how to cure a mental illness.

He sends us dreams that work like psychotherapy exactly because He knows that we depend on His wisdom in order to stop being absurd, and become wise human beings.

If you want to stop having absurd thoughts and reactions, you have to do what God shows you in your dreams, and not what your conscience desires.

Your conscience is constantly manipulated by your anti-conscience, and your stupid ego is selfish. You are not able to understand how to have the right behavior based on your own conclusions.

Why Are You Punished?

Every dreamer has dreams about their mistakes and the issues that are more important than anything else for them.

I will show you three scenes from short dreams dreamt by a man who doesn’t know that he is mentally ill, so that you may verify that his dreams are reflecting his mental condition. He seems to be a ‘normal’ person, but he is making dangerous mistakes:

I was falling down through thin air just falling this I dreamed a few times. Another was plane crashes they were just snap shot but I dreamed it maybe two or three times. Another was while I was laying on one of two twin beds in a room I suddenly found myself screaming for help and I heard crackling of what sounded like fire all around me…

Dream translation:

I was falling down through thin air just falling this I dreamed a few times.

You represent your ego in dreams.

The fact that you were falling down indicates that you would have many deceptions in life.

Recurring dreams are showing you that you are not doing or understanding something very important. You have to pay attention to what is necessary for you. Otherwise, you will have problems in the future because of this negligence.

You have to understand something important, or you have to do something that you keep postponing, without avoiding this obligation.

Another was plane crashes they were just snap shot but I dreamed it maybe two or three times.

The airplane in dreams represents a trip to a higher level of consciousness, when you abandon old ideas and erroneous concepts.

The plane crash indicates that you are unable to attain a higher level of consciousness, or that you will have a big deception when you will attain this level.

You have to stop thinking the way you used to do in the past, and understand your reality based on the information you have in your dreams.

The knowledge of the hypocritical world is false.

Another was while I was laying on one of two twin beds in a room

The bed is a place where you rest instead of treating a mental illness.

The number two is related to the two psychological functions that are working in your conscience.

The room represents a place in your psyche.

This means that you had two alternatives to rest instead of treating your mental illness. You could follow one or another psychological function from the two that are working in your conscience. Both had the tendency to desire to rest instead of being serious.

You are not using your four psychological functions (thoughts, feelings, sensations and intuition), and this is why you want to rest instead of being serious. You have to correct your behavior.

You have to follow psychotherapy through dream translation in order to stop doing what is negative, and develop the positive characteristics of your personality.

I suddenly found myself screaming for help and I heard crackling of what sounded like fire all around me…

When you are screaming in a dream, this means that you are desperate.

Fire represents hell when it is burning a place.

This dream is predicting that you will be punished by God because you are a sinner. You are making dangerous mistakes instead of treating your mental illness. If you won’t treat your mental illness, you will face despair.

You have to stop believing that you are a normal person and understand what is going wrong with you.

You are making mistakes because your anti-conscience is controlling your mind and your behavior. You cannot be indifferent to your mental condition.

Your dreams will help you understand how to stop making serious mistakes and find sound mental health.


This dreamer is repeating the mistakes of the human race without understanding that he is a big sinner, and without understanding his absurdity.

His dreams contain common dream images. I have already translated many dreams where the same dream images appear.

All human beings make many mistakes that are the result of inherited behavioral programs, which start working independently of their will. This dreamer is facing the same dangers that are threatening the previous dreamer, even though his conscience was not partially destroyed, like the previous dreamer’s conscience. He lost a small fraction of his conscience.

Even though he is not as mentally ill as the previous dreamer, he is repeating the common mistakes of the human race like her, and he will be punished like her. Therefore, he is not in a better situation.

The Punishments Of A Doctor

These dreams showed you that hell is represented by fire and Damascus in dreams.

Hell is God’s punishment because you are a sinner, and you are making the mistakes imposed by your satanic anti-conscience. If you don’t correct your behavior, you are punished while you are alive, and you will also be punished after death.

God doesn’t do anything in order to punish a sinner. He simply lets him/her face the bitter consequences of his mistakes in life and after death.

Sometimes He sends physical diseases to the sinners who can possibly change their attitude thanks to this punishment, but this is not so common because most sinners don’t change their attitude even after being punished with a disease.

God is not a tyrannous; He is a doctor. God is trying to save us from terror and despair. If He didn’t exist, we would live in terror all the time because we are crazy.

When we don’t pay attention to His lessons, He lets us face the terror generated by our evilness. This terror is part of our nature and would be the only thing we would know in life if God wouldn’t teach us the meaning of goodness.

God tries to help us organize our thoughts and think based on human standards thanks to the dream messages, and thanks to the religious lessons we have. When we refuse to obey His guidance and we act like demons, He cannot do anything to make us change our behavior and have a positive attitude.

We must obey His guidance in order to have a positive attitude. When we are disobedient, we have the attitude imposed by Satan.

Why Religion And Science Are Not Contradictory Disciplines

We believe that religion and science are totally different disciplines that study the meaning of our reality based on different methods. However, religion and science are related, as well as many other disciplines that are studied separately because we cannot see the connection between them.

This connection becomes visible thanks to the information we have in dreams.

The scientific knowledge you have when you translate the meaning of your dreams based on Jung’s discoveries and my discoveries gives you explanations about the functioning of our brain, showing you how your satanic anti-conscience influences your mind and your behavior. You also learn how the world works, and how to combat the evilness of the crazy world.

The lessons you have after scientifically analyzing all these details help you have the behavior taught by your religion.

Satan generates mental illnesses because it doesn’t want to be tamed by your human conscience, which is a tiny cover for the demon.

God gives you many lessons in your religion. All religions were created by the same God, what means that all religions are valid and related. Every religion teaches us one part of our complex spiritual reality.

You have to obey God’s commandments, and you also have to obey His guidance in your dreams.

Now that Jung discovered the symbolic meaning of the dream language and the psychology of dreams, and now that I simplified his complicated method of dream interpretation, you can easily understand God’s words.

The Importance Of The Truth

Nobody is happy because God exists and produces our dreams because the reason why He produces therapeutic dreams is the fact that we are demons, and we need psychotherapy.

This should be a happy moment for the human race because now that we learned the truth about our nature, God’s kingdom will finally be established on earth.

However, the fact that we are not really human is a bitter truth that we don’t want to admit.

You must be humble and recognize your inferiority. This recognition is important because you have to obey the divine guidance in your dreams and in your religion, without doubting that God knows what is really better for you.

Even though you hate the necessity to have the behavior of a saint, you must act like a saint, until you will always have the behavior of a saint because you managed to purify your spirit.

You like to be violent, since you have a violent nature, but you must have the behavior of a wise and sensitive human being in all situations, so that you may learn how to be calm, sensitive, sincere, humble, patient, and generous. This is the behavior you must have in order to be a mentally healthy individual.

Today this behavior irritates your ego because it goes against your violent tendencies, but when you will be transformed, you will thank God because He didn’t abandon you in the hell of hatred. God has the patience to teach you how to behave in order to find happiness in life, even though you are a bad student and a disobedient patient.

You should be happy because you can understand God’s words in your dreams, even though His messages are not pleasant. God must correct your evil and absurd behavior and help you organize your thoughts. He is not sympathetic.

God condemns your selfish ego, while you adore your ridiculous ego. You must be humble. Your ego is stupid because your conscience is underdeveloped. God will help you become a true genius.

If you want to become a superior person and find sound mental health that lasts for life, you have to understand your mistakes and stop making them. This is the only way you can escape the traps of your satanic anti-conscience, and evolve without limits.

If you don’t want to be perfect, you have to change your mind. You have to become a perfect human being in order to stop being a demon.

You are not responsible for having inherited absurdity and evilness into your brain and psyche, but you have to eliminate this negative content thanks to your obedience to God’s guidance. This is your responsibility because this content is in your brain. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to think.

You have to transform this negative content into a positive component of your conscience. This is the most important part of your mission in life.

If you will be indifferent to this necessity, you will be a victim of your evil side, and a victim of the crazy world.

Now that you know the truth you must do everything you can in order to transform your personality and purify your spirit.

I already told you my life story. You know what I had to face. Do you believe that I would accept facing so much if there was a better option?

I was exactly like most people. I didn’t want to become a hero, but this was what God expected of me.

God wants to transform you into a big hero too. His plan was not made only for me. You have to be intelligent and humble and follow my example instead of refusing to do what God shows you in your dreams and in your religion.

I was obedient like a soldier because God showed me that without His guidance I would become a cruel murderer. I preferred to be a hero.

You must prefer to be a hero too, even if you cannot believe that you are a cruel demon. I had no doubt that I was a terrible demon because I could see my anti-conscience. I was afraid of my evil nature.

You must be afraid of your evil nature like me. Your anti-conscience and the hypocritical world keep trying to make you forget your obligation and all the dangers that are threatening you.

You have to be serious and treat your mental illness. You have to avoid repeating the tragic mistakes of the human race.

You must use the brilliant conscience God gave you in order to become a brilliant person, even though you have to accept suffering in order to transform your personality.

Your reality is tragic, and you have inherited absurdity and evilness. The obedience to God’s guidance in your dreams is your salvation. Everything else is very dangerous and painful, even though it seems to be better because it is disguised by Satan.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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