The Bathroom in Dreams – The Difference Between Gender Identity Disorder and Homosexuality

506246802_428386ec4a_mThe bathroom in dreams represents the dreamer’s sexuality. This means that we can predict and correct possible abnormalities that may provoke them gender identity disorder if we analyze the meaning of dreams where the bathroom frequently appears.

Dreams where someone dies in the bathroom indicate that an important part of the dreamer’s personality starts controlling their behavior and provoking sexual abnormalities. Dead people in dreams represent parts of the dreamer’s personality that cannot serve as examples to be avoided, because the dreamer has already adopted the negative behavior that characterizes them.

The bathroom in dreams can have a positive meaning when it is big and clean, because it indicates sexual balance. If it is dirty though, it indicates immorality.

In case it is not white, but has another color, this means that the dreamer’s sexuality is being influenced by emotions that come from the wild side of their conscience, like anger in case the bathroom is red, or absurdity, in case it is purple or violet.

When the bathroom has no walls and no door, but it is open, and everyone can see the dreamer inside it in a dream, this means that the dreamer’s sexuality is exposed to the external world, because they don’t respect their moral principals, or they are in danger of losing their morality.

Concerning the activities done in the bathroom, each have a different meaning, independently of the general meaning of the bathroom.

When the dreamer is brushing his or her teeth, this means that he or she is taking care of their psychical power, which is represented by the teeth.

When the dreamer is urinating, they are getting free of their fears, while when they are defecating, this means that they are getting rid of their mistakes.

When they are having a bath, this means that they are purifying their spirit.

Dreams where the bathroom of a man has a feminine aspect, or the bathroom of a woman has a masculine aspect, indicate gender identity disorder.

The unconscious mind will analyze the dreamer’s life, and all their fears, showing him or her why they have such feelings, and what they have to do in order to eliminate the abnormalities in their behavior, which induce them to prefer being like the opposite sex, instead of being the man or the woman they really are.

Many people wonder what the difference between gender identity disorder and homosexuality is, thinking that both are in fact the same thing.

The truth is that gender identity disorder is a psychical abnormality which indicates that the person cannot identify themselves with their gender, showing behavior that characterizes the opposite sex. In other words, a man behaves like a woman, or a woman behaves like a man.

Homosexuality is observed when the person who identifies themselves with the opposite gender, feels attracted by people who belong to their gender, instead of feeling sexual attraction for the opposite sex.

Gender identity is not homosexuality, but can be turned into it when the person who cannot identify themselves with their gender doesn’t pass through psychotherapy before it is too late.

Through scientific dream interpretation they can find their psychical and sexual balance, forever eliminating all behavioral abnormalities, besides permanently avoiding traumatic experiences and grave mental illnesses, even when they have a hormonal distortion, since the unconscious mind can cure the person’s body by curing their mind.


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