The Evolution Of The Human Conscience

Human ConscienceThe Meaning Of The Car In Dreams

The evolutionary process followed by the human conscience can be clearly understood through dream analysis because the information we have in dreams comes from God.

Carl Jung managed to decipher the meaning of the symbolic dream language and understand the psychology of dreams. I managed to continue his research and prove that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind.

God produces our dreams because we need His guidance in order to find sound mental health. The existence of a primitive conscience that has satanic characteristics in our brain proves that we are in fact demons.

We are not really human. Our tiny human conscience must be developed so that we may become true human beings. While our huge anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of our brain we cannot think based on human standards.

We have to eliminate our anti-conscience through consciousness by obeying the divine guidance in our dreams. When we eliminate our anti-conscience for acquiring consciousness, we simultaneously develop our human conscience.

There are no other rational animals on earth, and this is why we cannot compare our rational level with them. All the other animals of our planet are irrational. This means that they don’t understand the meaning of their actions or their evilness.

We can understand the meaning of our actions because we can think, sense, and feel. Our conscience is complex.

Therefore, we know that we have an evil intention when we want to kill a rational or irrational animal. This big difference should help us understand that we have to stop imitating the behavior of violent irrational animals, but we don’t understand the real importance of our actions. Besides inheriting a terrible anti-conscience, our conscience is underdeveloped and one-sided.

Our conscience couldn’t be developed without our participation in this process. God gave us a tiny human conscience that we have to develop during our lives by acquiring consciousness. We acquire consciousness when we understand our mistakes and we correct our attitude.

We are not really intelligent as we believe. Since the biggest part of our brain belongs to our satanic anti-conscience, this means that we are idiotic primates.

God gives us human characteristics thanks to the existence of our conscience. He also gives us artistic talents, and philosophical and religious inclinations. Without Him we wouldn’t be able to develop our rudimentary intelligence.

God does everything he can in order to help us transform our wild conscience into a peaceful and wise component of our human conscience. He sends us meaningful dreams with important information because He knows that we need His help. Without His guidance we will never manage to win the battle against our satanic anti-conscience.

Today you can clearly understand God’s words in your dreams and the therapeutic effect of the dream messages because I simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. I also simplified the process of transformation you must follow, giving you more explanations.

Science and religion are not contradictory disciplines. Our idiotic brains cannot understand the relationship existent between all disciplines. Science, religion, philosophy, and art are part of the same context. Everything is necessary for the comprehension of our complex reality.

Our conscience must use everything it can in order to learn more and evolve, instead of being limited by the absurdity and the evilness that characterize the biggest part of our brain.

The evolution of the human conscience is based on a learning process. A conscience cannot evolve without learning more and acquiring consciousness of many things it ignored.

Our conscience wants to learn more because it has human characteristics, but it is constantly bothered by our absurd and evil anti-conscience. Our satanic anti-conscience doesn’t want to learn more. It is a lazy and idiotic conscience.

Therefore, we have to deal with many obstacles when we try to evolve. We have to combat the absurd thoughts sent by our anti-conscience to our conscience, besides having to make a research and discover what is necessary for our development.

We are rational animals that behave like irrational animals because we don’t pay attention to many things. We are easily controlled by our wild characteristics. This is why we make many logical and moral mistakes.

Here is a part of a long dream dreamt by an almost neurotic man, which reflects a moral mistake:

I was with a police officer looking for a red neck lizard that wandered into our building. We where both looking for the lizard which escaped sum how. I later saw another lizard and started shooting at it however we realised it was a salamander not lizard. While talking with police by his car I saw a very woman and her child enter a car. Then their driver drove them off. She was looking at me and I kept looking at her. she was quite attractive.

Dream translation:

I was with a police officer looking for a red neck lizard that wandered into our building.

The police in dreams represent your self-defense. The police officer was a mature part of your personality that was responsible for your self-defense.

The lizard represents wisdom.

The red color represents excitement or anger.

The neck is related to swallowing and speaking.

The red neck lizard represents wisdom based on swallowing what you dislike and causes anger.

The building represents a collection of personality types that you can imitate.

Your ego and your self-defense were looking for the wisdom that invaded the collection of personality types that you could imitate because you were worried with this wisdom. You couldn’t understand its real meaning.

A lizard in dreams represents the wisdom you have acquired after learning important lessons. You have this wisdom after thinking and meticulously studying everything you could observe in your life.

This wisdom had to define the personality types you would imitate, but your ego didn’t trust it. This is why you were with your self-defense, trying to capture it.

You wanted to defend yourself against this wisdom because you disagreed with the idea to remain silent when you were upset for some reason.

We where both looking for the lizard which escaped sum how.

The wisdom escaped because it is not controlled by your ego and your self-defense. This wisdom was formed based on your life experiences and your conclusions.

I later saw another lizard and started shooting at it

Your ego is also afraid of a superior wisdom, which comes from God, and surpasses your personal conclusions.

You tried to eliminate it.

however we realised it was a salamander not lizard.

The lizard is a reptile, while the salamander is an amphibian.

An amphibian is an animal capable of living both on land and in water. This means that the salamander is even wiser than the lizard.

The capacity to live on land and in water is an advantage that makes the salamander wiser because it knows what exists under the conscious surface.

This means that your ego wanted to get rid of great wisdom. This was a foolish attitude.

While talking with police by his car I saw a very woman and her child enter a car.

The car in dreams represents your life.

The police officer’s car was your life because he represents a part of your personality that defends your ego when you are in a difficult situation.

This woman represents a false perfect match.

Her child represents her moral image.

Her car represents her life.

Thus, while your ego was exchanging ideas with your self-defense, you were attracted by a false perfect match and her moral image, since her life was near yours (her car was near yours).

Then their driver drove them off.

Their driver represents a part of your personality that was driving this false perfect match’s life.

This part of your personality was trying to control her life.

She was looking at me and I kept looking at her. she was quite attractive.

The fact that she kept looking at you and you kept looking at her means that your ego was attracted by a dangerous false perfect match.

The fact that she was attractive indicates that your ego was attracted by her physical appearance, without taking her personality into consideration.

You must be a loyal husband and respect your wife. Other women don’t love you, and they don’t care about your happiness.

Your wife is your real perfect match. Remember that she is the only one who will really make you happy.

You already had many dreams showing you that your wife is the right woman for you. You won’t forgive yourself if you will lose the ideal woman for you. You must not be immoral and foolish.


This dreamer was despising God’s commandments, without understanding their wisdom. He was also despising his previous conclusions.

He was making a moral mistake, without understanding how dangerous his attitude really was. He wanted to get rid of his past conclusions and forget his religious education, while he was in danger.

This attitude is very common because the crazy world promotes immorality, and our crazy anti-conscience takes advantage of this fact.

We want to have a beautiful family and raise children in a crazy world characterized by terror, violence, immorality, cruelty, hypocrisy, and greed, without understanding how absurd we are.

We indifferently accept the immoral concepts of the commercial world, and we indifferently accept the absurd thoughts of our anti-conscience because we are idiotic and lazy.

Our conscience wants to find happiness, but it doesn’t understand that it must eliminate all the immorality, the violence, and poverty, and the terror that characterize our world in order to achieve this goal.

Our deficient conscience is idiotic, but it believes that it is too intelligent. This is why we believe that we can be happy in an immoral world where many horrors keep happening all the time, and while we keep being absurd and evil.

We don’t understand our stupidity.

The Difference Between Morality And Logic

When you have to make decisions in life, you try to think logically. However, many times your logical conclusions go against your moral principles. If you will follow the false logic imposed by your absurd and evil anti-conscience, you will believe that you will have more advantages if you will be evil.

This is an erroneous conclusion because evilness brings terror and despair, but you cannot understand this fact from the beginning. Your cold rationalism is responsible for numerous unfair and absurd conclusions.

The thinking process depends on numerous details that are not rational. In order to be intelligent you have to take everything that composes your reality into consideration. Your decisions must not be based only on your thoughts.

You have to use all your psychological functions (thoughts, feelings, sensations, intuition) at the same time, but in order to do so you must transform the psychological functions that belong to your anti-conscience into positive components of your conscience. This is what you do when you translate the meaning of your dreams and you understand your mistakes.

However, the selfishness and the materialism imposed by the world make you believe that you have more advantages when you manipulate others, instead of respecting their desires and necessities. You believe that you must make your decisions based on rational conclusions, and always with the intention to have advantages.

You believe that you are foolish when you show compassion to someone who is suffering. The cruel world and your cruel anti-conscience make you disregard your feelings.

You believe that you are not responsible for what happens with strangers and you have to care about your own life. This is why you always try to make everyone around you do what you want, without paying attention to anything else.

Psychology of persuasion is widely applied in the commercial world because everyone is a marketer. Everyone is constantly trying to persuade others to buy their products or services.

This mindset transforms our world into a place where everyone is false, and everything is imposed. We are misled through numerous ways, and we mislead others in order to make them do what we want.

In other words, everyone in our world has a disgusting behavior.

We believe that we have more advantages when we disrespect other people’s rights and when we buy more things for ourselves instead of being generous and helping others.

We don’t look at other human beings as if they were our brothers and sisters. We don’t care about what will happen to them. We care only about our desires.

Even though we are so cruel, we don’t think that we should be condemned. We believe that we are right because we care about what is ‘better’ for us, without taking into consideration the fact that we destroy many other people’s lives in order to satisfy our insatiable ego.

We believe that what we desire is better for us, but this is a big delusion. Our conscience makes many mistakes.

Even when we understand that we are wrong because we are selfish and unfair, we believe that we are right when we do what is wrong, if it seems to be more advantageous for us.

We partially understand that we are evil, but we don’t understand how evil we really are, since we don’t analyze our reality in an objective way. We analyze our reality based on subjective criteria, and always with the intention to achieve our selfish goals.

We don’t understand that our behavior is satanic because we justify it based on our individualistic philosophy of life.

We believe that we have the right to be selfish because this idea is imposed by the hypocritical world, and it is easily accepted by our selfish ego. However, individualism reflects absurdity.

We are part of a society. We cannot live isolated. We must care about everyone else the same way we care for ourselves.

However, those who have the chance to triumph don’t believe that they should care about those who are suffering. On the contrary, they believe that they have to take advantage of other people’s suffering, and make them accept their conditions. They try to have more profits by taking advantage of other people’s poverty.

This satanic behavior is accepted in our world even though it is visibly immoral. Those who can impose their conditions have ‘the right’ to decide how the world must work because they have a lot of money, and nobody believes that this is insane.

Money is more important than human dignity for us. We don’t care about the importance of justice.

We believe that we are more intelligent than our ancestors because we managed to discover many things and we managed to find many solutions, but our conscience didn’t evolve at all. We still are violent, dangerous, immoral, and absurd.

We didn’t acquire more consciousness with time. We are as cruel as we used to be in the beginning of our existence.

If we were conscious human beings, we would be more human. We wouldn’t be cruel.

The fact that there is terror on earth proves that we are dangerous demons that didn’t evolve at all.

In order to evolve we must learn how to be humble and show compassion for everyone. We must respect our moral principles. We must be calm, diplomatic, and patient.

Consciousness doesn’t depend only on intelligence. Consciousness depends on goodness.

Aggression And Impatience

Most people have an aggressive and impatient behavior. This behavior reflects absurdity and evilness, even though we believe that it is ‘normal’ because it is too common.

We justify our nervous character through many ways. We believe that our rush justifies our impatience. We believe that we really must be aggressive because other people are stupid. We don’t understand the importance of respect and patience.

We need psychotherapy. This is why God sends us information and guidance in dreams.

In order to be mentally healthy, we must be calm and wise. We must show compassion for everyone, and not indifference.

Here is a dream dreamt by a mentally ill man that reflects common behavioral mistakes:

I was going to drive with somebody in a car, i didn’t drive, B drove (B can be rude, impatient). I needed permission to listen to james taylor’s music (that’s vague but it’s all I remembered) The street was blocked with cars and people. I was confused and didn’t know which side i had to go.I remember flying with a parashute i think, and being on a rock valley close to the sea.

Dream translation:

I was going to drive with somebody in a car, i didn’t drive, B drove (B can be rude, impatient).

You represent your ego in dreams.

The car represents your life.

B represents a rude and impatient part of your personality. This part of your personality was driving your life, and not your ego.

I needed permission to listen to james taylor’s music (that’s vague but it’s all I remembered)

James Taylor sings romantic songs.

The song in dreams represents joy.

Therefore, your ego needed permission in order to become glad in a romantic way. This happens because all the other parts of your personality are rude and impatient. They don’t like what is romantic.

The aggressive parts of your personality don’t want to let you care about being tender. You have to ask for their permission in order to care about this matter.

The street was blocked with cars and people.

The street represents a dangerous place.

The other cars represent other people’s lives, and the people represent various parts of your personality.

The fact that they were blocking the street means that they were blocking your way.

You are negatively influenced by other people that belong to your social environment, and you are also blocked by many negative parts of your personality. This is why you cannot go ahead and transform your personality.

I was confused and didn’t know which side i had to go.

Your ego didn’t know how to stop being blocked by other people and by various negative parts of your personality.

This dream scene indicates that you remain paralyzed because you don’t know what to do, while you have to take action because you are in danger (in the street).

I remember flying with a parashute i think, and being on a rock valley close to the sea.

When you fall down from height in a dream this means that you will have a big deception. The parachute represents a protection that alleviates your pain and doesn’t let you suffer so much whenever you have a deception.

You have this protection because you are translating the meaning of your dreams and understanding the human nature.

The rock in dreams represents wisdom and truth.

The valley represents an incentive of life.

The sea represents craziness.

Therefore, when your ego tried to find a solution and stop being blocked by many people and by various parts of your personality, you had a big deception.

You were protected because you are translating the meaning of your dreams, but you must be careful.

Even though you are near wisdom and truth, and even though you have a reason to desire to be alive since you can see that your dreams are protecting you, you must be afraid of the craziness you have inherited into your anti-conscience.

This is a big danger, and you cannot be completely protected, even when your pain is alleviated.


This dreamer’s behavior is very common. He is rude and impatient like most people in our world.

The fact that he was protected thanks to the translation of the meaning of his dreams was positive, but he shouldn’t disregard the craziness existent into his anti-conscience. He must transform his personality in order to stop making mistakes and having deceptions.

The Meaning Of Consciousness

We believe that we are more intelligent than our ancestors, but the accumulation of knowledge doesn’t make us wiser. When our brain merely accumulates knowledge, it works like a computer. It doesn’t evolve.

Even though we keep learning many things, we don’t become more intelligent.

Conscious human beings must care about living well instead of being afraid of terrorist attacks and misery.

If we are not learning how to love those who are around us, we are not learning how to find peace and happiness. If we are not learning how to be calm, we are not acquiring consciousness.

Only when we will eliminate our evil self will we acquire total consciousness, and evolve without limits. While we keep being violent, immoral, and selfish, all the knowledge we have has no value.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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