How To Acquire Total Knowledge Through Consciousness

Dream SymbolThe Meaning Of The Helicopter And The Plane In Dreams

Consciousness is not only the state of being conscious or the awareness of one’s own existence. Consciousness is a process that enables your conscience to understand your mistakes and how to correct them. Consciousness is your capacity to realize the meaning of your reality, and discern what is good and bad.

When you translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation you acquire consciousness. All dreams are produced by God in order to help you eliminate your satanic anti-conscience through consciousness and become a perfect human being.

The dream messages help you pay attention to all the details of your reality. They also show you the symbolic meaning of your reality, giving you more information about your life and the future.

God produces meaningful dreams that help you avoid your anti-conscience’s traps.

You acquire total knowledge when you follow the necessary process of mind empowerment that will give you the capacity to understand everything in your reality.

The knowledge you have stops being partial. You can see everything that composes your reality.

In order to have total knowledge, you must acquire total consciousness. While you are immersed in your ignorance, you have a false image of your reality.

Eliminating False Impressions

Whatever happens in your reality gives you a certain impression. However, this impression is your first philosophical interpretation of the meaning of your reality, which is based on the knowledge you have, based on the knowledge of the world in your historical time, and based on your personality and your way to interpret your reality.

God helps you understand the real meaning of your reality and the real causes for the formation of all problems thanks to the information you have in your dreams. Your reality is tragic because everyone inherits a satanic anti-conscience and evilness prevails in the world.

Everyone is an actor. Everything in our world works based on greed. You have numerous hidden enemies.

Many people don’t want to recognize this bitter truth because they like to be optimistic and they believe that they can transform their reality with positive thoughts.

This is a delusion. In order to change our reality we have to follow a deep process of transformation.

Everyone is absurd. Everyone has an evil nature. Those who try to ignore the sad reality and follow their imagination are in a very dangerous situation.

Most dream messages are unpleasant and sad because we are too absurd. Many people don’t want to understand the importance of this fact, but you must be intelligent and realize that God shows you the truth in your dreams because the truth will save you. You must be afraid of lies that try to cover what is bad with positivity.

You have to pay attention to what is bad and eliminate it from your life instead of ignoring its negative effect.

God helps you understand the importance of perfection. This knowledge helps you stop accepting what is negative with indifference. You learn how to do everything the right way, and how to always have positive results.

Dreams That Reflect Your Knowledge

Many dreams show you the knowledge you have about your reality, besides reflecting your behavior. Here is a dream dreamt by a woman who is trying to help a mentally ill person recover their mental health:

I saw a helicopter in the air. It went upside down and then crashed to the ground. Then I was up in a high loft apartment with large glass windows. As I was looking outside I saw a plane crash onto the ground below. I didn’t know what to do. Then, I took my phone with the movie camera and tried to film the crash, but it looked blurry so I stopped filming.

Dream translation:

I saw a helicopter in the air.

The helicopter indicates that you are attaining a higher level of knowledge, but you didn’t learn everything yet. You are still far from being able to understand the entire truth.

The helicopter represents partial vision.

It went upside down and then crashed to the ground.

The fact that the helicopter went upside down means that you won’t bear the vision of the partial truth, and faint.

The fact that it crashed to the ground indicates that you will completely lose your confidence with the knowledge you will have, only by having a partial vision of the truth.

This dream is a prediction. It is preparing you to face what happened to the person you are trying to help.

You will be shocked with what happened to him, but you must not believe that this is the end of the world. When you will be able to see everything that now you ignore, you will completely understand his problem and how to help him.

The partial vision of the truth is too disappointing, but it is not everything. You will learn everything you need to know thanks to the information you will have in your next dreams, and manage to help him.

Then I was up in a high loft apartment with large glass windows.

The apartment represents your psyche.

The fact that it was high indicates that you are in a dangerous position.

The fact that it was loft means that this was a part of your psyche that you will use only for a while.

The windows in dreams represent the image you have of yourself and the world.

The glass windows represent a vision that is distorted by a false representation of your reality. This part of the dream is showing you that you don’t have a real vision of the truth; you are seeing a camouflaged image.

There is a lot that you cannot see because of the distortion caused by the glass.

As I was looking outside I saw a plane crash onto the ground below. I didn’t know what to do.

The airplane indicates that you have attained a higher level of knowledge after abandoning your old ideas. When you are traveling by plane this means that you see the entire truth and you become wiser.

However, the fact that you saw a plane crashing is negative.

This means that you won’t be able to see the entire truth and attain a higher level of knowledge because you won’t bear the entire truth.

However, the plane crashing is something you see behind the glass window, so it is not a real reflection of what will happen.

In other words, you believe that you won’t be able to bear learning the entire truth because only by learning a part of the truth you will be shocked. Therefore, you will conclude that the entire truth will be more than unbearable for you. However, this is not real.

The part of the truth you will be able to see when you will attain a somehow higher level of knowledge will be shocking and make you lose confidence, but the entire truth won’t be as shocking as you may imagine

The entire truth (which you will be able to see when you will attain a higher level of knowledge and travel by plane) won’t be scary like the part of the truth you will be able to see in a lower level (helicopter).

When you can see the entire truth you have total knowledge. This means that you know the answers for all questions. Nothing is incomprehensible for you.

Then, I took my phone with the movie camera and tried to film the crash, but it looked blurry so I stopped filming.

The movie camera represents the preparation of your future.

The movie in dreams represents a reflection of what will happen to you in the future.

Your intention to film the plane crash means that your ego believed that you would see yourself crashing to the ground if you would learn the entire truth about what happened with the person you are trying to help, and generated their mental illness.

Your ego believes that you will be in a bad situation in the future (the plane crash you wanted to film) when you will attain a higher level of knowledge.

The fact that you were filming the crash means that you were creating a false representation of your reality because you believed in the false truth you could see from the glass windows.

The entire truth is totally different from the part of the truth, which you will be able to see first, after attaining a somehow higher level of knowledge. You must not be afraid of learning the entire truth.

The fact that the film looked blurry means that you don’t really know how your future will be. It won’t be as you believe it will be when you look at the plane from the glass window.


You cannot really understand the importance of the dream messages for this dreamer because you don’t know her life biography. You can only understand that she had false impressions about her reality and the future.

However, for the dreamer this was a meaningful dream. Most dreams cannot be completely understood when you don’t know the issues that the dreamer is facing in his/her daily life.

Relating The Meaning Of A Dream To The Dreamer’s Life Biography

I will give you an example of a dream I had about a helicopter to help you understand its meaning while knowing the life biography of the dreamer. Fortunately, I can use my own example to give you clear lessons of dream interpretation according to the scientific method:

I was in a helicopter with N and his wife was in the helicopter with us. I was annoyed by this fact, but when I told him that she was there, he said that it didn’t matter.

N was the man I loved, even though he was married and I was married too. He was my husband’s best customer!

This dream irritated me. I concluded that N wanted to be my secret lover, and keep being married to his wife, while I would keep being married to my husband. He didn’t have the intention to have a divorce, and he was not expecting the same from me.

However, my first interpretation was incorrect.

Dream translation:

I was in a helicopter with N

The helicopter in dreams represents partial knowledge. I had to attain a higher level of knowledge, after abandoning my erroneous ideas in order to have total knowledge.

N represented my perfect match.

Therefore, the knowledge I had about my perfect match was incomplete.

and his wife was in the helicopter with us. I was annoyed by this fact,

His wife doesn’t have a symbolic meaning, since this dream was giving me objective information about my perfect match.

Therefore, according to the partial knowledge I had about him, I believed that he would keep being married to his wife.

but when I told him that she was there, he said that it didn’t matter.

My perfect match was showing me that his wife had no importance for him.

I believed she did because I had a partial image of my reality.


The man I loved had the intention to abandon his wife and marry me. However, he also had the intention to kill my husband because he didn’t want to have a rival, and he didn’t like his position. He was many years older than me. He was a rich and powerful customer who would steal the young wife of one of his providers. He couldn’t be in such ridiculous position.

On the other hand, my husband’s death was a good reason to make him go back to our factory, where he had met me. He couldn’t go to our factory again without having a very important reason to do that, like the first time he came.

His first visit was a big exception. My husband was the one who always had to go to his factory and bring him merchandise. He came to our factory once (when I met him) because he had a problem with one of his projects and he had to use our machines.

The knowledge I had when I had this dream about the helicopter (in 1988) was limited by my vast ignorance. I could never have imagined that N had this diabolic plan in mind.

My husband had a sudden heart attack in 1989, after bringing merchandise to his best customer the previous day. The real reason of his death was not a heart attack, but many people were paid to falsely confirm this fact.

Even though my dreams couldn’t help me do something to prevent the man I loved to kill my husband, my dreams helped me stay far from him, and never go back to the factory we had. I stopped working there a few months before my husband’s death.

I started working at my mother’s and my aunt’s store in the center of Athens. When my husband died, I went to the factory only once for a short period of time with my brother-in-law, to get some papers. I let my brother-in-law and my husband’s employee solve all the problems with all customers because of my husband’s death. I didn’t talk with anyone, even though I knew all our customers.

Exactly during that period of time I was silently facing the unbearable symptoms generated by my anti-conscience and praying all the time. I had discovered the existence of the anti-conscience in January of 1989, and I had to bear its unbearable symptoms until September of that year (dizziness, oral and visual distortions, blackouts, panic attacks, hallucinations).

When my husband died (in July) I was busy fighting craziness like a hero as if nothing was happening to me and working many hours selling clothes in the store, while I was continuing Carl Jung’s research.

I had to prove God’s existence to the atheistic world. I also had to prove to the world that Satan occupies the biggest part of the human brain and that everyone must obey the divine guidance in dreams in order to become really human.

I forgot my own life. I became a missionary and a patient who had to fight craziness and become a mental health therapist. I should be grateful because I had the chance to save my human conscience by obeying the divine guidance.

I had to fight my anti-conscience through my resistance. Otherwise, I would become schizophrenic like my father with all the absurdity I had inherited.

At that time I didn’t know that the real reason why my husband had died was because N had killed him. The real reason was not revealed to me in my dreams from the beginning because I wouldn’t be able to stay far from the man I loved if I knew that he had killed my husband because he had the intention to marry me. I believed that he didn’t really love me because he was not doing anything besides making anonymous phone calls and holding the line without saying anything. These phone calls irritated me. He was expecting to be invited by me for a meeting, without exposing himself.

I didn’t want to be his lover. I hated this idea. So, I agreed with God. I had to forget him. He was a dangerous and evil man. On the other hand, I paid attention to many other details about him as a customer. His personality was cruel. He was very rich, but he always was trying to save money.

God let me have a partial knowledge for a long time because if I would learn more I wouldn’t be able to control my behavior and have the right attitude.

I believed that my husband’s death was convenient for the man I loved, but God made me understand that my husband had to die because he would become psychotic. This was true. I knew that my husband became neurotic after his mother’s death, but this was only one part of the truth.

I knew that I had to stay far from the man I loved because he was evil, and I had to respect his wife, besides having to protect my mental health. This is why I didn’t try to meet him again.

I could learn the real reason why my husband had died only in 1991, thanks to a meaningful dream. At that time I had already acquired enough consciousness and I could see the truth without false impressions.

Therefore, I condemned N’s action, without considering it as a ‘demonstration of love’ as I probably would do if I had learned it earlier. I could see that it was an evil action because he was cruel and selfish.

He killed my husband only in order to satisfy his ego, without taking into consideration the fact that he was a 34-years-old father. My son became orphan when he was 4-years-old. What N did was more than terrible.

We had many conversations by phone when I discovered the truth, but he was pretending that nothing had happened. However, he also confirmed that what I had discovered in my dream was really true during our long conversations. Many truths escaped his lips.

I demanded a confession to a Catholic priest in order to meet him again, after what he did. He never agreed with this confession, and I never met him again.

I was obeying the divine guidance. This is why I stopped working in the factory where I had met N, I started working in the store, and I didn’t talk with any of the factory’s customers when my husband died. The confession was God’s idea too.

I would do everything differently if I was not guided by God. I was a terrible sinner and I didn’t want to become a saint.

I would never have abandoned the factory. I would stay there, hoping to meet N again somehow, but I was very obedient because I understood that everything was very dangerous.

I was fighting craziness after discovering that Satan lives in our brain and generates all mental illnesses. I had to do everything exactly like God was showing me. Otherwise, I would lose my mind.

I kept precisely obeying the divine guidance even after winning the battle against my anti-conscience, since I had to put God’s plan into practice. God kept me very busy with a lot of work, many activities, cures, and studies, besides keeping me very busy with my son. I always had to go to his school for one reason or another. He was a bad student. He was good only on sports and music.

I forgot the identity I used to have when I was completely ignorant.

Many times the partial knowledge of your reality won’t let you make the mistakes you would have made if you knew everything. Other times, you must acquire total knowledge fast in order to prevent bad consequences.

Everything depends on what is necessary for your evolution as a human being.

Acquiring Total Consciousness

Consciousness is a painful process because you understand your mistakes and other people’s mistakes, but this process helps you become intelligent and sensitive.

In order to acquire total consciousness you must be able to see everyone’s evil intentions and your own evil intentions, without being misled by subjective excuses that are not based on your reality as it is.

All human beings try to avoid suffering and humiliations because they are controlled or influenced by their satanic anti-conscience. A wise and sensitive human being is not afraid of suffering when necessary, and he/she is not afraid of offenses and humiliations.

A wise human being doesn’t accept terror, violence, immorality, injustice, cruelty, and greed. A wise human being doesn’t avoid suffering in order to prevent what is terrible. A wise human being doesn’t avoid admitting the truth, even when the truth makes his ego feel miserable.

Wisdom is painful, but ignorance is dangerous, and it always ends up on suffering.

You have to become a perfect human being in order to avoid many horrors, and in order to be glad with yourself and your actions. Besides being painful, wisdom is very beautiful, and it helps you find peace and happiness. You must obviously prefer to become a wise and sensitive human being rather than being a demon.

You may disagree with this definition, but since your satanic anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of your brain and your tiny human conscience is only a spot, you are more a demon than a human being.

This tragic discovery must help you become a real human being by obeying the divine guidance in your dreams with seriousness.

While you ignored the bitter truth you didn’t believe that you could be absurd and evil. Now you know that even if you seem to be a reasonable person you have a wild conscience, which is a powerful demon. You have to eliminate the demon through consciousness in order to become really human.

Even if you don’t have the intention to do so because you don’t think that it is possible and you don’t want to face this battle, this is what God expects of you. If you will be indifferent to the necessity to eliminate your evil self, you will be punished.

You cannot escape the necessity to transform your personality and become a perfect human being, even if you disagree with God. You will be punished until you will finally understand that you must prefer to respect God’s wisdom; or forever, if you will never understand this fact.

God is not a tyrannous. You would be punished anyway, because you are a demon. Without God you would live in terror.

You wouldn’t know the meaning of goodness. You wouldn’t be able to understand the meaning of happiness. You would be a dangerous rational animal without human feelings.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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