How Your Dreams Help You Stop Having Psychological Problems

Dream ImageYour dreams help you stop having psychological problems because they show you your mistakes and they help you correct your attitude.

By following the guidance you find in the dream messages you will eliminate the most common psychological problems in 8 months.

You will get rid of:

* Depression

* Anxiety

* Anger

* Insecurity

* Intense fear

Depending on your psychological type and on your life biography, your treatment can take more time, or you will already feel strong and self-confident after 8 months.

You should keep translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me all your life because this method helps you understand your psychological system and other people’s personality. You always have helpful information in dreams.

Your dreams help you understand what determines your behavior and how to stop following absurd thoughts. You always find useful information in the dream messages because all dreams are produced by God, as I could discover after continuing Carl Jung’s research and relating many scientific discoveries that happened after his death and confirmed that his dream theory was a true scientific discovery.

Carl Jung managed to discover the meaning of the symbolic dream language because he looked for the meaning of the dream language like an archeologist who was trying to understand the enigmatic language of an ancient civilization, and not like a psychologist who was giving subjective explanations for the meaning of the dream images based on his personal opinion, like Sigmund Freud and many others did.

Your dreams reflect your mental condition and your behavior, helping you understand why you are having psychological problems and how to stop doing what is negative. God works like a therapist in order to help you eliminate your wild conscience, the terrible anti-conscience, which has satanic characteristics and generates invincible mental illnesses within your conscience.

Your wild side is the main responsible for all your psychological problems.

Your one-sided conscience is also responsible for these problems. Many of your reactions are programmed by your psychological type. For example, if you belong to a psychological type based on thoughts, all your decisions are based on rational conclusions. You don’t pay attention to your feelings. If you belong to a psychological type based on feelings you are unable to think logically, without taking your feelings into consideration.

This is a simple example. You make many mistakes.

Your dreams help you understand how to organize your mind and your life, without making mistakes. This is a big advantage, but your progress depends on your obedience to the divine guidance. You have to actually do what is necessary in order to have positive results.

You will have dreams about the same mistakes many times, until you will stop making them. God is very generous. You have many explanations in dreams, which help you feel that you are being cured.

These explanations help you accept your destiny without revolt. You start finding solutions and discovering what you can do in order to begin a new life, independently of what happened in the past.

You stop blaming your parents and various situations of your life for your failures. God helps you understand the human nature and forgive the human race for being so absurd.

You are able to easily find the solutions you need because your mind becomes clear. You have the chance to think about all the alternatives you have at your disposal, without being bothered by your anti-conscience. This is why you become creative like an inventor.

Your own intelligence gives you self-confidence more than anything else. When you see that you are able to find solutions without being blocked by numerous obstacles, you feel strong. Your depression, your anxiety, your anger, your insecurity, and your intense fear disappear because you have superior knowledge.

Understanding Your Problems And Your Mistakes

I will give you an example to show you how a few dream images help the dreamer understand how to solve a psychological problem. Here are two sentences from a dream dreamt by a shy and insecure woman:

I was running because I had to go home. I was late for a flight and I didn’t know if I would arrive at the airport in time.

Dream translation:

You represent your ego in dreams.

When you are running in a dream this means that you are running away from your anti-conscience, which is almost controlling your behavior.

Your home represents your psyche.

Therefore, you were trying to avoid being controlled by the negative behavior imposed by your anti-conscience and hide yourself in your psyche, where you could feel comfortable.

When you fly by plane in a dream this means that you are attaining a higher level of knowledge after abandoning your old ideas and erroneous concepts.

The fact that you were late for a flight indicates that your ego was not prepared to attain a higher level of knowledge as you should.


Now I will analyze the importance of the dream messages, and show you everything you can understand when you translate the meaning of the dream images.

First of all, this dreamer could understand that she was running away from her anti-conscience. This means that she was trying to avoid having a negative behavior all the time, even though she was almost controlled by her anti-conscience in numerous situations.

In other words, she was making many efforts in order to have a positive behavior instead of becoming depressed whenever she had to deal with a difficult situation, or in order to avoid being controlled by panic whenever she was facing a stressful situation.

This means that this dreamer was not following the divine guidance in her dreams as she should. She was not eliminating her anti-conscience. She was merely avoiding it.

She was not thinking and concluding that she must show understanding instead of becoming angry, and she was not feeling anything before other people’s problems. She kept thinking about her own interests and other matters, without feeling their pain. She was merely pretending to be intelligent and sensitive.

This dream image showed her that she must be serious and transform her personality based on the divine guidance in her dreams, and not merely pretend to be kind.

Instead of merely controlling her anger she must forgive her enemies, without becoming angry. Instead of merely covering her anxiety, she must stop following the negative thoughts sent by her anti-conscience, which generate anxiety.

This dreamer must control her thoughts and her behavior in order to stop being influenced by her satanic anti-conscience. She is afraid of herself because she is merely an actress. While she follows the negative and absurd thoughts that invade her conscience, she cannot have the right attitude.

The right attitude is not a false representation. The right attitude is the result of a deep process of psychological and spiritual transformation that helps the dreamer stop being controlled by the negative reactions imposed by her wild conscience.

This dreamer had to go to her psyche in order to get ready to attain a higher level of knowledge. She was late because she was not prepared to attain this level as she should.

In order to attain a higher level of knowledge she had to abandon past conclusions that were misleading and false. She had to recognize her ignorance, without defending her opinion.

This dreamer must learn the truth about the human nature and the world thanks to the information she has in her dreams instead of making conclusions based on her suppositions, and based on the traumatic experiences she had in the past.

This means that she cannot become more intelligent if she keeps thinking the way she used to do in the past, when she ignored many things. She must be open-minded and accept new ideas; ideas based on concepts that are the opposite of what she considered to be right.

She cannot keep thinking based on erroneous criteria. She must learn a lot more about her reality, without being limited by false conclusions, and without being misled by false impressions.

The dream messages showed her that she is not evolving because she is merely avoiding the negative behavior imposed by her anti-conscience without transforming her personality.

How To Put The Divine Guidance Into Practice

Now that the dreamer understood her mistakes, she will pay attention to her behavior. Therefore:

* She will think before acting.

* She will stop being indifferent and inconsequential.

* She will stop believing that her negative thoughts are right.

* She will understand that she must analyze everyone’s personality and the situation they are in before making conclusions and becoming irritated with their behavior.

* She will stop having negative reactions for feeling in the position of a victim.

* She will stop being childish, rude, and impatient.

* She will stop remembering the past and acting the way she used to do when she was younger.

Whenever she will perceive that she is making one of these mistakes, she will correct her behavior. At a certain point she will have the right attitude without having the tendency to make the mistakes of the past.

Whenever she will have negative dreams and warnings, she will understand that she is disregarding the guidance she had in previous dreams, and she will correct her attitude again.

Following Dream Therapy

Many times you have a positive dream that reflects your progress, but in the continuation you have a negative dream that reminds you old warnings because you tend to forget old lessons, and you are lazy.

You may make efforts to change your behavior in the beginning, but you don’t want to pay attention to your behavior all the time.

You want to forget this matter.

However, your anti-conscience never stops attacking your conscience and imposing its absurdity, and the crazy world never stops misleading you with false promises.

You have to get used to the necessity to pay attention to your behavior all the time, so that you may control your behavior instead of being controlled by your evil anti-conscience. This necessity is uncomfortable in the beginning, but thanks to this practice you learn how to have the right behavior in all situations, without making mistakes.

God helps you understand what to do. You don’t act based on your suppositions.

Your process of transformation will have ups and downs, until you will finally manage to eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness.

You will stop having to deal with all the problems caused by your anti-conscience when you will understand how to always control your behavior, without being manipulated by your wild side.

Your Attitude During Your Treatment

In order to make progress and definitively stop having psychological problems you have to believe that God is showing you the truth about your mental condition. If you will think that God is exaggerating when He shows you that you are in great danger, you won’t protect your mental health.

You have warnings in dreams a long time before facing challenging situations that can put your mental stability in danger. Even if you don’t believe that a certain danger is threatening you, you have to believe that this danger will threaten you in the future.

God is not exaggerating when He shows you that you have a hidden suicidal tendency or that you can become schizophrenic in the future if you won’t eliminate your anti-conscience. You have to forget the false information of the crazy world and pay attention to the truth as it is.

Your anti-conscience is a terrible demon. You have to be more than careful in order to save your mental health.

Your dreams show you many things you ignore about yourself and your reality. If you will be indifferent and superficial you won’t be able to prevent a severe mental illness and many other problems.

For example, here is an alarming dream dreamt by a woman who is mentally ill:

A woman committed suicide, putting cables on her body, causing electricity to be struck by. I wanted to kill myself, I took cables and toilet paper which I dip in the water of the toilet bowl because I knew that the water is a good conductor. My mother was in the anteroom, she was telling me to stop and that there is a easier way to kill myself.

Dream translation:

A woman committed suicide, putting cables on her body, causing electricity to be struck by.

A suicide doesn’t have a symbolic meaning in dreams. Whatever is related to terror in a dream doesn’t have a symbolic meaning.

This woman represents a superficial part of your personality.

Electricity represents great anger.

The fact that she wanted to commit suicide, she put cables on her body and she was struck by electricity means that this part of your personality wanted to die because it was too angry.

This part of your personality knew that its explosive anger was able to kill it.

I wanted to kill myself, I took cables and toilet paper which I dip in the water of the toilet bowl because I knew that the water is a good conductor.

You represent your ego in dreams.

Your ego wanted to commit suicide like the superficial part of your personality because you were too angry like this part of your personality.

The toilet paper helps you clean your body from your fears (urine) and your mistakes (excrements). Therefore, it represents the attempt to get rid of signs of fear and get rid of signs of mistakes.

Your ego wanted to put an end to your life in order to stop showing to the world your fears and your mistakes.

The toilet bowl is a place where you get rid of your fears (urine) and your mistakes (excrements).

Water represents materialism.

Your ego wanted to use the materialism existent in the place where you get rid of your fears and your mistakes in order to hide your fears and mistakes from the world, because you knew that this materialism would increase your anger (was a good conductor).

In other words, this materialism would help you become angry faster, and subsequently, die faster.

This materialism represents the indifferent attitude you have before your mistakes and fears. You simply want to get rid of them. You don’t try to definitively stop making mistakes and having fears.

This materialistic attitude would help you explode of anger.

My mother was in the anteroom, she was telling me to stop and that there is a easier way to kill myself.

Your mother represents your absurd and evil anti-conscience.

The anteroom is a waiting room. It represents a place where you wait for something.

This means that your anti-conscience was waiting for something before taking action.

It was telling you that there was a better way to kill yourself because it had better suggestions for your ego. It didn’t try to save you. On the contrary, your anti-conscience wanted to help your ego die faster with an ‘easier’ solution.

This dream is showing you that you are in great danger. You can commit suicide because of your anger. This anger will be caused by a terrible mistake. You have to avoid making this mistake in order to avoid committing suicide.


I cannot tell you anything about the dreamer’s life biography, but you can see that she is in danger. If I could show you what kind of mistakes she is making you would better understand the dream messages.

For example, the part about her intention to hide her fears and her mistakes is not clear for you because you don’t know all her fears and mistakes. She has a strange behavior in her daily life. This is why she always is afraid of the world, but I cannot tell you more details.

The part about the materialism existent in the toilet bowl is another complicated part because you don’t know how the dreamer behaves. She tries to get rid of all her mistakes and fears as if this was a simple matter, through materialistic thoughts, besides trying to hide them from the world.

This dreamer must be serious and obey the divine guidance in her dreams in order to prevent a tragedy. God is not exaggerating for showing her that what she is doing is too dangerous and absurd, and can lead her to suicide.

If she will be superficial, she won’t be able to preserve her human conscience. She will lose her mind.

Many people don’t want to believe in tragic predictions, especially if they don’t have serious psychological problems like this dreamer. Even this dreamer cannot believe that she can commit suicide, besides knowing that she is mentally ill.

She is aware of the fact that she is absurd, but she doesn’t want to believe that she will commit suicide if she will be indifferent to God’s warnings and she will keep making dangerous mistakes. This is why she had this warning.

You have to be serious and believe in the importance of dream warnings.

Now you know that all mental health problems are generated by the satanic anti-conscience, which is a dangerous demon. Its intentions always are terrible.

While you are following your routine and everything seems to be fine you don’t believe that you can lose your mind. This idea seems to be absurd. You feel that you can control your behavior. However, if something bad will suddenly transform your life into a nightmare you don’t know how you will behave.

God shows you hidden dangers in your dreams to help you avoid tragedies. You don’t want to believe that something tragic can happen to you, but you are in a crazy world where many wars, crimes, and other horrors keep happening all the time. You are not safe.

Besides being in a crazy world, you have an absurd anti-conscience trying to control your behavior all the time. Everything is against you, but you believe that you are alive in order to be happy.

This is a delusion.

You cannot be happy in a world that works based on violence. You have to understand your sad reality, and find ways to be relatively happy in the chaotic world.

You also have to find ways to change the world. You have the moral obligation to help the human race thanks to the solutions you will find. Every human being must do something for humanity.

God helps you understand what you can do for the world, besides helping you understand how to transform your personality and completely eliminate all the psychological problems that are blocking your way.

Who Is Mentally Healthy In A Crazy World?

Nobody is mentally healthy on earth. The only exceptions to this rule are the rare real saints of the human history. Sound mental health is based on goodness and wisdom, and not on selfishness and violence.

Everyone has many psychological problems, exactly like you, but they don’t try to find solutions because they don’t believe that they have absurd thoughts and reactions, or because they don’t want to admit their weakness. They pretend to be reasonable and strong.

If you knew everyone’s life biography and you could see their behavior in all situations of their lives (especially when they are alone or when they are with their family) you would understand that everyone is an actor in our society. Nobody is sincere.

If you could learn everyone’s dreams and you would translate their meaning according to the scientific method of dream interpretation you would realize that everyone is absurd in too many aspects. They may seem to be reasonable in various social meetings and in their work, but they are making many mistakes in their personal lives.

Many people who have a good social image are in fact murderers and thieves. This is a shocking truth, but it is not a surprising truth in a world characterized by terror, corruption, immorality, hypocrisy, injustice, indifference, cruelty, and greed.

Most people’s satanic anti-conscience controls their behavior all the time, but this is not visible to the outside world, where they pretend to respect social rules and care about the general well-being.

Everyone is mentally ill from birth since everyone inherits a huge anti-conscience and an underdeveloped and one-sided conscience, but most mental illnesses can easily be justified in a world where everyone is absurd, selfish, and insensitive.

God helps you escape the tragic destiny of the incorrigible human race by transforming you into a brilliant human being. Your good mental health is guaranteed forever because it is based on God’s wisdom, and not on human suppositions.

The real reason why you must acquire sound mental health is not because you have to have a meaningful life on earth, even though this is an important reason for you, but the fact that you have to purify your spirit while you are alive.

You have to be a mentally healthy individual in a crazy world because God needs your work and your example. He depends on you in order to put an end to terror.

However, you depend on God more than He depends on you. You need His wisdom in order to purify your spirit and become really human. Otherwise, your spirit will never abandon the crazy world ruled by Satan.

What will happen to your spirit after death is more important than your temporary life on earth. You should prefer to obey the divine guidance in your dreams, even if you will have to suffer in order to become a perfect human being.

You cannot avoid suffering because it is part of life. Many times you have to suffer in order to definitively stop having a wrong reaction, in order to help a friend, or in order to defend God’s justice, even when it goes against your selfish interests.

If you won’t pass through a deep process of transformation and accept your suffering when necessary, your spirit will never find peace. Peace depends on forgiveness, compassion, humbleness, and patience.

You must learn how to have the behavior of a wise and sensitive human being thanks to the transformation of your personality. You cannot be an actor.

Your temporary life on earth is a dangerous journey. You have to be serious.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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