How Are Dreams Produced?

Dream ProductionAncient dream interpreters found important predictions about future events in dream images. Many of these predictions were confirmed, like the prediction contained in Pharaoh’s dream about seven cows sleek and fat, and then seven other cows, ugly and gaunt.

Many years later Sigmund Freud’s dream theory showed to the world that dreams reflect secret desires of the dreamer. Dreams became known as wish fulfilments.

Carl Jung discovered that all dreams are produced by the unconscious mind and all dream images already have a meaning given by the dream producer. However, his complicated, obscure, and time consuming method of dream interpretation was too incomprehensible. Only a few souls managed to follow his steps.

The world was misled by ignorance and dishonest attempts to explain the unexplainable.

Many psychologists started analyzing the human behavior and trying to understand the meaning of dreams based on a psychological perspective. Each one invented his own method of dream interpretation.

Psychiatrists made dangerous chemical experiments in the human brain, without understanding how the human brain works. They tried to cure mental illnesses based on drugs, as if chemical substances could eliminate absurdity and help an individual understand how to have the right behavior in all situations.

Today psychiatric drugs are condemned by many victims of this dangerous treatment based on suppositions, which has many side effects. However, the drug companies keep promoting their products, and the ignorant and lazy population likes to believe in simple solutions that don’t require effort.

New psychologists invented various psychotherapeutic methods based on suppositions, including methods that eliminate post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers based on the elimination of their sensitivity. This attempt is as absurd as what generates PTSD.

In order to cure post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers we have to stop having wars. This is the right solution.

I could understand this truth after precisely obeying Carl Jung’s guidance and learning his method of dream interpretation, and after precisely obeying the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams, especially after verifying that it is God’s mind.

Thanks to my obedience I could discover that the biggest part of the human brain belongs to our satanic anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience, and generates invincible mental illnesses within our conscience.

Today I can give you explanations that Jung couldn’t give to the world because his extraordinary method of dream interpretation was incomplete, and he didn’t obey the divine guidance like I did.

My work is not based on my suppositions, but based on God’s lessons. This is why it reveals to the world the real importance of the meaning of dreams, the meaning of life, the meaning of death, and how mental illnesses are formed.

Understanding How God Produces Our Dreams

All dreams are produced by God. This fact can be verified thanks to the scientific method of dream interpretation, which accurately translates the dream messages, revealing their wisdom.

Our atheistic and materialistic population will have to admit this truth and stop governing the world based on dangerous theories.

Dreams are produced based on:

* The dreamer’s mental health

* The daily life of the dreamer

* The future

We can translate the meaning of what happens to us in our daily reality based on the symbolic dream language the same way we translate the meaning of dreams because the symbols of our daily reality are the same symbols found in dreams.

The dream language is God’s language. We can read it in all images, either they are in dreams, art works, movies, or they belong to our daily life.

I could discover this fact because I had this information in dreams. I would never have understood it without all the lessons I had because everything is obscure in our reality. Therefore, this discovery cannot be attributed to my intelligence and my own speculations.

Carl Jung had discovered the phenomenon of synchronicity which is a strange coincidence between a dream and a fact, or between two dreams dreamt by different people, or two facts with a similar meaning in a person’s life. However, he didn’t understand that this strange coincidence was predicting a severe mental illness.

I could understand a lot more about this matter because God showed me these details. I would never suppose that everything in our reality has a symbolic meaning and gives us information about our reality and the future, and not only sometimes, but all the time.

In the beginning I even believed that it was silly to believe that insignificant things could have an important meaning, but later I understood how wrong I was. I had many dreams with the meaning of the food we eat. Then, I had many dreams about the meaning of our clothes.

I had numerous dreams with information about the symbolic meaning of people, animals, plants, and objects. God was very generous in His lessons. All the knowledge I needed was given to me in my dreams and signs of my reality.

Dreams are produced based on a program that combines what happens in our daily life and in our brain because our mental stability and our actions determine what will happen in the future.

God found a system that automatically relates these three aspects in order to give us this information in dreams.

I’m showing you how God manages to organize the production of dreams, even though I don’t know how He selects the information that must be sent to every dreamer, depending on his/her personality and life.

Only God knows what kind of information can help the dreamer understand his mistakes and change his attitude.

Since every dream reflects what is happening in the dreamer’s life, you have to know the life biography of the dreamer and the issues that he/she is facing in his daily life in order to clearly understand the meaning of his dreams.

Every dream is also related to his mental condition. You also have to learn Carl Jung’s definitions about the mental health problems reflected in dreams. I simplified this part for you the same way I simplified Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

Wish I had found my work ready instead of finding only Jung’s work. I had to do a lot more. You are lucky because I simplified so many complicated matters and everything is easier for you.

God was very generous with me, but I had to relate everything He was showing me and understand His strange lessons. I also had to organize all the information I had in dreams, and transform it into something comprehensible.

You have to be a good student like me and study the meaning of your dreams with all your attention. This precious knowledge will save your life.

Many dreams give you information about what will happen in the future. Sometimes this happens while you are having information about your life and your mental health. Other times, the dream is about only one of these matters.

For example, let’s suppose that you made a mistake because you listened to the suggestions of your satanic anti-conscience. The next day you remember that you had a dream about a snake.

The snake represents a painful experience that will put an end to one of your mistakes because you are making a dangerous mistake. You must stop making it; otherwise you will face its bitter consequences in the future.

The snake represents the intervention of divine providence. God doesn’t let you insist on making this mistake, but punishes you with a bad event that will make you regret having made it. This way you will definitively stop making it.

You will have this painful protection based on a bad event if:

* You will really stop making this mistake after facing this bitter experience, which will punish you for listening to your satanic anti-conscience.

* You will be able to recognize that you deserved to be punished this way because you made a ridiculous mistake.

Otherwise, God won’t try to make you stop making this dangerous mistake. He will let you keep making it and then, He will let you face the bitter consequences of your evilness, without helping you in any way.

Your conscience must respect God’s commandments.

This is a difficult matter. This is why you have the divine guidance in your dreams. God helps you understand how to behave in order to respect His wisdom and eliminate your evil self.

The Meaning Of Strange Coincidences

Before having the dream about the snake, let’s suppose that you watched a movie where a big snake appeared. You believe that perhaps you were influenced by the movie. However, the fact that you watched this movie was not the reason why you had a dream about a snake.

This movie was sent to you because it was a sign. You didn’t watch it by chance.

Your reality is prepared the same way that your dreams are prepared. Your reality gives you information about your mental condition, your daily life, and the future, exactly like your dreams. If you know the symbolic dream language you can understand the symbolic meaning of your reality and have more information about everything.

The movie in dreams reflects what will happen in the future.

Since you watched a movie about a snake, you were predicting that in the future you would have to face a bitter experience in order to stop making a dangerous mistake. This sign is showing you that you must be serious, and it was emphasizing the importance of the dream you would have about a snake.

After watching the movie about a snake and having a dream about a snake, let’s suppose that you go to the farm, and you see a real snake. This coincidence represents the phenomenon of synchronicity. It is showing you that the experience you will have in the future will be too bitter. You must stop making this mistake without having to be punished.

Synchronicity is a serious warning. This phenomenon happens with a strange coincidence between a dream and a fact in the dreamer’s life or other types of coincidences. It indicates the dangerous formation of a mental illness. Synchronicity is a sign related to your mental health.

This means that the mistake you are making will make you lose your mind in the future. If you will keep making this mistake you will be completely controlled by your satanic anti-conscience, and your human conscience will stop working.

You have to be very careful if you observe strange coincidences in your daily reality and in your dreams. Many times the phenomenon of synchronicity is not impressing. You must be attentive in order to perceive it.

For example, the fact that you met someone in your daily life after having a dream about this person is emphasizing the importance of the symbolic meaning of this person for you.

Let’s suppose that this person is an immoral friend. Thus, this friend represents an immoral part of your personality, which is inducing your ego to accept making a dangerous mistake. This is an important sign.

Synchronicity usually happens when you have a dream, and then you learn something related to the dream in your daily life, or you see someone or something that appeared in your dream. This sign is showing you that you must be very careful because you must prevent a severe mental illness.

You have to seriously follow dream therapy in order to eliminate your evil self.

The Meaning Of Various Other Coincidences In Your Daily Life

You may have already observed that many people who have rare diseases or other problems usually have a relative or a friend who has the same problem. I noticed this fact many times because I study many people’s life biographies, since they are very important for the comprehension of the dream messages.

There are many impressing coincidences everywhere because everyone around us has the same characteristics of our own personality. Every person we know represents a part of our personality that has the same characteristics of this person. Such coincidences don’t happen by chance. They reflect the preparation existent in our reality.

We need many lessons in order to understand our mistakes. God gives us these lessons in our daily lives, in our dreams, and in our religion, using many real examples.

All dreams help us pay attention to many details we disregard.

You will be surprised with everything you will be able to discover by understanding the symbolic meaning of your daily reality and the meaning of your dreams.

All coincidences have an important meaning and they don’t happen by chance. Nothing happens by chance. There is always a preparation that depends on your thoughts and actions.

You are alive in order to stop being a demon and be transformed into a real human being. Everything in your life is related to this matter.

You have many temptations in your daily reality because Satan is very powerful on earth, since most people are controlled by their anti-conscience and nobody obeys the divine guidance; not even those who supposedly represent God on earth.

You are attacked by the temptations and the manipulations of the commercial and evil world, and by the absurdity imposed by your anti-conscience. God sends you important messages in dreams to help you understand how to escape the traps of the cruel world, and the traps of your evil anti-conscience.

The various coincidences existent in your daily life reflect the dangers that are threatening your mental stability. For example, if you imitate the behavior of your parents and you make similar choices, you probably are repeating their mistakes. This coincidence must make you worry. You have to follow a different route, without repeating your parents’ mistakes.

There are many details in your reality that help you understand all the dangers you are exposed to. Unfortunately, you are in a very dangerous reality, while you believe you have a certain safety. This is not true. Nobody is safe on earth because human beings are in fact dangerous demons.

You cannot trust anyone here.

You can trust only God, who created your religion and your conscience, and who produces enlightening dreams in order to transform you into a superior human being.

Why Dreams Follow A Sequence

You have a series of dreams about the same matters because you need many lessons until you will be able to understand everything you need to know.

Your dreams follow a sequence because you gradually learn what is happening in your brain and psyche, and what is happening in your daily reality. Your dreams reflect what is happening to you.

I will give you a practical example, showing you a few parts of two dreams dreamt by the same dreamer.

This dream was dreamt by a woman who was facing a challenging situation:

I saw someone suspiciously run through the security gate wearing all black. It was suspicious but I didn’t bother that much. While still on the phone a thief/rapist entered my room through the window. I begun screaming for help and fighting my way out. He had heard me narrate what happened to me while on the phone. He said what an unlucky day.
I got out of the room and pretended to use a lift but went into a near by bathroom. The thief went in the lift.

Dream translation:

I saw someone suspiciously run through the security gate wearing all black.

The fact that you saw someone suspiciously run indicates that your ego could clearly understand the dangerous presence of a false perfect match.

The black color represents the acceptance of what is bad. Since he was wearing black, this means that he was showing to the world that he accepts what is bad. Therefore, he won’t respect your marriage.

It was suspicious but I didn’t bother that much.

Your ego didn’t have the right attitude before great danger. You had to be careful.

While still on the phone a thief/rapist entered my room through the window.

A thief in dreams represents a dangerous person of the opposite sex who wants to steal your heart by force, without respecting your feelings.

This false perfect match will invade your psyche, and then he will force you to have sex with him.

I begun screaming for help and fighting my way out.

Your ego will be in a very difficult situation. You won’t manage to escape if you will let this man approach you.

He had heard me narrate what happened to me while on the phone. He said what an unlucky day.

The phone represents a possibility.

Your ego tried to use a possibility to escape, but it couldn’t help you.

I got out of the room and pretended to use a lift but went into a near by bathroom.

Your ego pretended to go to a dangerous region, the lift. If you would take the lift the negative parts of your personality reach the conscious surface. In other words, you would let the man possess you.

The bathroom represents your sexuality.

This means that in the end instead of letting the negative parts of your personality control your behavior, you were prudent and you went to your safe sexuality.

The thief went in the lift.

This man can catch you only if you will let the negative parts of your personality control your behavior. If you will protect your sexuality, you will be safe. The thief won’t imprison your ego in his trap.

Remember that your husband is the man of your life. You must be a hero and completely ignore the attacks of his rival.


When the dreamer understood the danger that was threatening her and she changed her attitude thanks to the guidance she had in her dreams, she had a positive dream:

I was in a large place of worship. The picture in my head is like its a place where the world population resides to mediate or pray. The entire world was in this place of worship. Those I knew and those I didn’t know. Someone asked me if God exist .I didn’t answer. Then a wave of light swamped into this worship place. I believed it was God. Showing that he exists. It was nothing physical or an appearance of anyone. But bliss of light that lighten the entire place.

Dream translation:

I was in a large place of worship. The picture in my head is like its a place where the world population resides to mediate or pray.

This place of worship is a place of spiritual evolution. This is an important dream. This means that you have evolved after learning the importance of goodness.

The entire world was in this place of worship. Those I knew and those I didn’t know.

This means that all the parts of your personality were following this important process for your spiritual evolution, even many parts of your personality that you ignored.

Someone asked me if God exist .I didn’t answer.

The person who asked you if God exists was a part of your personality that understands that you already had proof of God’s existence by translating the meaning of dreams and verifying the unconscious wisdom and sanctity.

Therefore your ego should confirm that you believe in God instead of remaining silent.

I remember that in the beginning you were distrustful because you saw that I mentioned the religious side of dream translation in my work. However, now that you have learned so much through dream translation, you must admit that all the wise messages you had – which helped you solve your problems – were sent by a superior mind that could only be God’s mind.

I knew nothing about you and your life, but the translation of the meaning of your dreams helped you find all the solutions you needed.

You have to understand the importance of being guided by God when you translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method. God’s existence must be noticed.

Then a wave of light swamped into this worship place. I believed it was God. Showing that he exists.

The light that doesn’t come from lamps in dreams represents the truth, like the sun. This light that swamped into the worship place was the light of truth.

God showed you that He is alive since your ego is following a process of spiritual purification with the various parts of your personality, while you are learning the meaning of your dreams and obeying His guidance.

It was nothing physical or an appearance of anyone. But bliss of light that lighten the entire place.

This light was the knowledge you have. The light of truth showed you what is more important than anything else in your life. Now you know that only if you will have a wise, careful, moralistic, and sensitive behavior will you manage to triumph over life’s challenges.

Satan cannot imprison your conscience in its trap.


In order to escape the traps of your anti-conscience and the traps of the world, and in order to have positive dreams you must do what God shows you in the dream messages, without being superficial.

This example showed you the sequence followed by the dream messages. You could see the dreamer’s progress. First of all she had a serious warning.

Then, she understood that she had to be careful because she was in a dangerous situation. She had to respect her moral principles.

Since she understood what she had to do in order to protect her mental stability and her relationship and she obeyed this divine guidance, she had a positive dream. The second dream was showing her the religious importance of her fidelity. This dream helped her understand that she was protected by God’s wisdom.

All dreams follow a sequence, reflecting your mistakes or your progress.

God’s messages are sent in a sequence because He cannot teach you too much at the same time. You have a series of lessons that help you understand more details, and analyze more aspects with time.

Many times you will really understand the meaning of a dream after a long time because you will be able to understand what it was predicting, after living and seeing what happened in your life.

Dreams Are More Than A Mental Health Treatment

I couldn’t be only a psychiatrist and psychologist like Carl Jung in order to continue his research because I had to prove to the world that all human beings are in fact demons. We must obey the divine guidance in our dreams and in our religion in order to become really human.

My mission was not only to cure a few mental illnesses, but to cure the world population. I have to put a definitive end to all mental illnesses on earth by proving to the world that only God knows how we must behave, and this is why we must obey His guidance. This is the mission that God gave me.

Only if we will obey the divine guidance can we find sound mental health and put an end to terror. This is the only solution available for us.

We are too absurd. We have to respect God’s rules.

Dreams are more than a mental health treatment. They help you solve your psychological problems, your physical problems, and a lot more, but you have to keep following the divine guidance even after solving all your problems because you have a mission.

You have to become a perfect human being and help God transform the world.

Your reality is tragic, but you can change your reality by changing your behavior. You have the power to transform the world if you will have the behavior of a saint, and you can have the right behavior in all situations if you will obey the divine guidance in your dreams.

God’s mercy made this possible for you.

The Mystery Of Dreams And The Mystery Of Life

The scientific method of dream interpretation clarified the mystery of dreams and the mystery of life.

Until today you couldn’t imagine that your purpose in life was to attain sanctity, but now you know this fact. You are very far from having the behavior of a saint because you have a satanic anti-conscience, but this is possible for you.

Your dreams help you completely eliminate your satanic anti-conscience and develop all your psychological functions. This process is indispensable for your spiritual evolution.

Do you think that I would accept suffering so much trying to attain sanctity if I didn’t know that this was necessary?

I could be a billionaire and live like a queen. I was attractive; I had a good education and powerful social relationships. I was very intelligent, even though my neurosis made me make many foolish mistakes. I could simply abandon this difficult mission and do whatever I would desire.

I was not an ugly and poor creature who had no better alternative in life. I had the opportunity to be at the top and give orders.

However, I preferred to carry my cross and precisely obey the divine guidance, even though I completely disagreed with God’s plan, which was based on my suffering.

I understood that I was evil and absurd. I had to be transformed.

Do you believe that I would prefer this solution if I didn’t know that what really matters in life is what happens after death?

I was exactly like most people. I was selfish, indifferent, and lazy. I didn’t have any desire to attain sanctity. On the contrary; I didn’t like this idea. I didn’t think that attaining sanctity was something possible for me.

However, God showed me through many ways the importance of my process of transformation. I studied the meaning of sanctity, the same way I studied the meaning of terror.

The process of transformation you must follow is long because the biggest part of your brain remains in a wild condition. Your dreams help you understand how to follow this process faster.

The ignorant world is wasting time with the material reality.

You have to be intelligent. I was a perfect example of what happens in general terms with every human being. I was not a super-woman who had special powers.

God gave me knowledge and nothing else. I accepted my cross and I preferred to obey the divine guidance besides my revolt, because I understood that attaining sanctity was a perfect solution. God was right. I was evil and I had to be purified.

I had to get adapted to this difficult mission while I was living like an average person. I had to face many dangerous and unpleasant adventures in order to do what God demanded from me.

I couldn’t explain what I knew to the world. I had to finish writing my book, but my long research never ended. I took nineteen years in order to finish writing all explanations, and in order to simplify all complications.

Do you think that I would work so hard if I didn’t know that I had to be grateful for being enlightened by God’s wisdom?

Attaining sanctity is a difficult purpose, but it is a beautiful purpose that purifies your spirit. You must believe that you can become a saint and desire to achieve this goal. This is a meaningful goal. God shows you that you can achieve it by obeying his directions in dreams.

You will become a wise human being who never makes mistakes and has an admirable behavior in all situations.

Instead of following your evil nature and being a slave of the repetitive circle of the animal life, and instead of ending up on terror and despair for repeating the common mistakes of the absurd human race, you will become a superior human being. You will escape the tragic destiny of your ancestors.

Most importantly, you will be glad with your spirit.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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