Shocking Dream Images That Reflect Huge Absurdity

Human BrainThe scientific method of dream interpretation based on Carl Jung’s discoveries and on my discoveries (while I was using his method) is a big surprise for the atheistic world because it proves God’s existence into practice.

Everyone can have a direct communication with God and find psychotherapy and physical health through dream translation now that I simplified and I clarified Jung’s obscure method.

However, God is revolted with the human race and this is why His words are unpleasant. He doesn’t try to please our ego; on the contrary. Our behavior is criticized and our mistakes are emphasized in our dreams, but this is the only psychotherapy that can help us eliminate our evil self.

The existence of a satanic anti-conscience into the biggest part of our brain means that we are demons. The tiny human conscience we receive from God must be developed. Our conscience is one-sided and incomplete because it cannot be completed without our participation.

Our conscience is unable to help us fight Satan alone. We have to develop it during our lives by obeying the divine guidance in our dreams and in our religion. Otherwise, Satan will win this battle and generate terrible mental illnesses within our underdeveloped conscience.

God created for us a beautiful planet with numerous natural dangers and many wild animals that imitate the behavior of our satanic anti-conscience in order to give us practical examples and lessons.

We must be afraid of our violent nature and obey the divine guidance in order to be transformed into real human beings.

The End Of Terror

We live in order to become really human and put an end to terror on earth. While we are indifferent to the terror of the world, even if we partially obey the divine guidance we cannot find salvation. God demands seriousness.

Hypocrites never escape hell on earth and after death.

God doesn’t exaggerate when He demands a perfect behavior from you. He knows how dangerous your anti-conscience really is. When you listen to the evil thoughts of your anti-conscience you follow idiotic and absurd thoughts that will make you lose your mind and do something terrible.

In order to find sound mental health you must have the behavior of a saint.

This is a sad revelation for an imperfect creature like you, but your dreams will show you how you can have the right behavior in all situations. God is very generous, besides being demanding. He is a very serious doctor and teacher.

The meaning of dreams is sad because your dreams reflect your absurdity and evilness in order to correct your behavior. All dreams try to prevent craziness, terror, and despair.

We are very dangerous rational animals.

* This is why we are killing our population, and killing animals and plants.

* This is why our world is characterized by terror, violence, immorality, cruelty, poverty, hypocrisy, and greed.

* This is why we are destroying our planet with our wars and pollutions.

God always is crying because of the existence of terror. He regrets trying to transform demons into human beings.

We never obey His guidance. We always distort the truth. We need a special treatment that only God can send us in our dreams, but we must obey the guidance we have in order to be cured.

We are mentally ill from birth.

Everyone’s dreams reflect the fight between their satanic anti-conscience and their human conscience.

Why God Didn’t Show Us The Bitter Truth From The Beginning Of Our Existence

Everything is camouflaged and obscure in our planet because we had to gradually discover the bitter truth, without being shocked with our satanic origin.

Today we can understand that the truth about our nature is very bitter, but there is salvation for us. Many people are finding sound mental health through dream translation. God is an excellent doctor who can cure everyone.

The truth about the human brain is tragic, but the existence of God and the fact that he sends us dreams with precious messages that work like psychotherapy, mind empowerment, and spiritual purification is a miraculous solution.

Dreams were incomprehensible for many years. Carl Jung was a genius who managed to decipher the unconscious language without distorting its meaning with his personal opinion. I could continue his research because I precisely obeyed God’s guidance in dreams, after perceiving the unconscious wisdom and sanctity.

Even though you are learning that you are in fact a demon with a tiny human conscience that is deficient because it is underdeveloped, you are also learning that you can become a hero and completely eliminate your evil anti-conscience through dream therapy.

You only have to study the dream language once in your life. You will be able to translate the meaning of all our dreams, and have God’s free and safe psychotherapy for life. You will also predict the future and avoid many problems.

I worked very hard during two decades in order to make this possible for you.

In the beginning you will dislike God’s words because you will be criticized, but in the continuation you will be grateful because you will be corrected.

God wouldn’t bear so much suffering trying to transform demons into human beings if we didn’t have the chance to achieve superior levels of knowledge.

The Power Of Persistence

When I started helping other people fight their mental illness through dream therapy I was afraid that they wouldn’t be cured like me because I was prepared to precisely obey the divine guidance, but most people are disobedient and indifferent to their absurdity.

On the other hand, most people despise the importance of dreams and they don’t believe that all dreams can be accurately translated based on Carl Jung’s method simplified and completed by me. I had to convince everyone that their dreams worked like psychotherapy.

Everything was very difficult and unfavorable.

My first patient suffered from agoraphobia. She stopped working and driving because she had fainted twice. She was afraid of everything and she stayed all day at home. She was cured in only 8 months of psychotherapy.

This case was simple. I knew that she would be cured because phobias are the simplest mental illness we deal with. However, in the continuation, when I had to face difficult cases, I was afraid that I would never manage to help the people I was trying to cure find sound mental health because they were too disobedient.

They had the same warnings in different forms in all their dreams, but they kept repeating the same mistakes. This was a desperate situation. Most of their dreams were scary nightmares.

Nightmares reflect the absurdity sent by the anti-conscience when it manages to destroy a big portion of the person’s conscience.

I don’t know how God has the patience to produce so many dreams about the same matters until He will manage to convince absurd and disobedient patients to obey His guidance.

I had the impression that they would never change their behavior. They were too incorrigible and disobedient. I believed that God was wasting His time with His attempt to help them stop being absurd, and I was wasting my time translating their dreams for them and helping them understand how to put the unconscious guidance into practice in their daily lives.

I already told you that I was obedient like a soldier because I was afraid of everything and I trusted God’s wisdom, but I didn’t hide from you the fact that I complained a lot because I had to obey the divine guidance even when I didn’t believe that it was right.

According to my judgment there was no hope. After trying to help someone find sound mental health through dream translation for more than one year without seeing any positive result, you can imagine how I felt. However, God didn’t pay attention to my pain. He told me that I deserved to suffer because I was too evil and I had to transform my personality and become more sensitive.

The psychotherapy of incurable cases is painful for the therapist, and of course, more painful for God, the dream producer, who is trying to make an impossible miracle.

I will give you a few examples of dreams dreamt by people who have severe mental illnesses. You will see that the shocking dream images that appear in their dreams reflect huge absurdity. I will show you only a few sentences of each dream because these dreams are too complicated, without telling you details about the dreamers’ life biography. I must respect their privacy.

Without knowing the dreamer’s life biography you cannot completely understand the meaning of a dream. I’m giving you a general idea of what happens in many people’s brain, since I cannot show you their biographical details.

I don’t publish long and complicated dreams because without knowing the details of the dreamer’s life biography you cannot understand their importance, and they contain personal information. These dreams are too different from the dreams of those who are considered to be ‘normal’, even though nobody here is normal, since we are absurd from birth. Some people are less absurd, and they seem to be normal.

These dreams are too incomprehensible because they reflect the dreamer’s absurdity, and they are too sad.

Here are two sentences from a dream dreamt by a mentally ill woman who is near schizophrenia, and the translation of their meaning:

I saw my own brain and skull in a crate with others. Mine was skewed a little bit.

You represent your ego in dreams.

The brain exposed in a dream represents craziness; total absurdity.

The skull represents terror.

The crate represents the result of something.

Your brain exposed this way in this dream indicates that you are too absurd. This is a frightening message. You are too controlled by your anti-conscience.

Your skull indicates that you will lose your mind because of the total absurdity existent in your brain, and you will end up on terror.

You have to change your attitude and be very, very serious because you are in great danger.

The fact that your brain was somehow skewed means that it was vulnerable to a worse mental condition.

The other brains and skulls represented the craziness that characterizes other people around you and the terror that will mark their destiny.


Here are a few sentences from a dream dreamt by a man who suffers from a severe neurosis that can be turned into many types of mental disorders:

I had to take my dads ancient pellet single shot rifle as back up, while I loaded my semi automatic pellet pistol. When they arrived I shot them all. I shot one in the eyes and blinded him.

Dream translation:

I had to take my dads ancient pellet single shot rifle as back up, while I loaded my semi automatic pellet pistol.

Your father in dreams represents your one-sided human conscience that works based on only one psychological function fully developed and on another one half-developed instead of using the four psychological functions you have at your disposal (thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition).

His ancient pellet single shot rifle represents the violent tendency of your one-sided conscience, which is still underdeveloped.

This part of the dream is showing you that your ego becomes violent because of the violent tendency of your one-sided conscience. This violent tendency is part of a behavioral program.

Your pistol represents the violence of your ego.

You must be careful and stop being violent. Otherwise, you will completely lose your mind.

When they arrived I shot them all.

Your enemies represent other parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience.

The fact that your ego shot them all is negative because the parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience have many positive characteristics that must be developed. You cannot simply kill the parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience.

You have to tame the parts of your personality that belong to your wild conscience, and transform them into positive parts of your personality that can belong to your conscience, since they will acquire human characteristics.

I shot one in the eyes and blinded him.

Your enemy represents a mature part of your personality.

The eyes in dreams are related to your vision. Therefore, your ego blinded the vision of a part of your own personality.

This part of your personality could help you in the future after being transformed, but your ego didn’t give it any chance to belong to your psyche.

You have to learn how to transform all the negative parts of your personality into positive ones instead of violently eliminating them with your aggressive behavior.


Here is a part of a dream dreamt by a woman who suffers from multiple personality disorder and has many other mental health problems:

I saw that there was no one in the driver’s seat (I was in the passenger seat) but the car was going backward. The car is my mother’s car and is in the underground garage.

Dream translation:

I saw that there was no one in the driver’s seat (I was in the passenger seat) but the car was going backward.

The car in dreams represents your life.

You represent your ego in dreams.

The fact that no one was driving the car while you were a passenger means that your life is out of control, and your ego is merely observing this situation.

The fact that the car was going backward means that your life is going back to the mistakes of the past. This means that you are repeating old mistakes, which you had stopped making after following dream therapy and understanding your psychological problems.

You are repeating mistakes already understood. Instead of making progress, you are going back to your old behavior.

You must correct your attitude because you are in danger.

The car is my mother’s car and is in the underground garage.

Your mother represents your absurd and evil anti-conscience.

The fact that this is your mother’s car means that your ego is living the life imposed by your anti-conscience. This dream fits with a previous one in which your mother was driving a car and you were the passenger, and she lost control.

You are living your anti-conscience’s life because you are totally controlled by your absurd and evil anti-conscience, instead of living the life you would have as a human being.

The underground garage represents the place where you keep your life (your car).

Whatever is underground is in the region of the anti-conscience.

The underground garage indicates that you keep your life in the region of your anti-conscience, which is always down, in the bottom of your psyche. This means that you always are controlled by its absurd thoughts.

Your ego must abandon the region of your anti-conscience and control your life, without repeating the mistakes of the past.


I had to get adapted to the translation of the meaning of nightmares and bad dreams, and I had to simply accept the fact that severe mental illnesses couldn’t be cured as fast as simple mental disorders.

Today I know how to deal with severe mental illnesses without feeling discouraged, but in the beginning everything was part of a strange experience that I was having for the first time in my life.

I couldn’t imagine that I would have to fight so much absurdity through dream translation. The absurdity existent in the human brain is invincible. Our doctors cannot fight the attacks of the satanic anti-conscience because they ignore how the human brain works, and because this absurdity is infinite.

This is really shocking.

God has the patience to repeat the same guidance numerous times in numerous different forms with more explanations, until disobedient patients will finally understand that they have to do what God is showing them in their dreams.

We don’t have such patience. We give up.

God is patient because He knows that He can manage to convince all dreamers to stop making the same mistakes by helping them recover their human conscience.

I saw that everyone is cured, even when they need a long time of psychotherapy. I learned to be very patient and follow God’s treatment with every dreamer without feeling discouraged.

If you have a severe mental illness your treatment takes time. If you have a simple mental disorder you can be cured in a few months of psychotherapy, but your dreams are sacred. You have to keep translating their meaning for life.

You have to completely eliminate your anti-conscience. In a few months you can solve your basic psychological problems, but you must become a perfect human being. This is a process that takes time.

This process is another kind of psychotherapy that doesn’t have the urgent aspect of severe mental illnesses. It gradually purifies your spirit through the comprehension of the importance of goodness and wisdom.

After solving your mental health problems, you also have to learn how to have the behavior of a saint. This is simple when you are not bothered by the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience.

The Advantages Of Sanctity

When you attain sanctity you don’t make mistakes and you don’t have evil thoughts. This is a privilege.

You are used to look at all saints and conclude that they were heroes that you cannot imitate. As a matter of fact, you don’t think that their example should be imitated. You believe that you have to enjoy your life instead of suffering in order to become a perfect human being and help others.

The image you have in mind about sanctity was distorted by your anti-conscience. The same distorted image is imposed by the world, since most people in our world are controlled by their satanic anti-conscience.

Therefore, you ignore the advantages of being a perfect human being.

When you attain sanctity you are not contaminated by the poison of hatred. Your goodness helps you forgive the human absurdity, even though your sense of justice clearly shows you the evilness of everyone around you.

You have a real image of your reality. You are not misled by false impressions.

You have many other advantages, but right now you have to focus on the elimination of your anti-conscience. You will verify by yourself all the advantages you will have when you will get rid of your absurd and evil anti-conscience.

Of course you will have numerous advantages when you will stop being attacked by your wild side, but getting rid of it is a very difficult matter.

I’m showing you the bitter truth as it is so that you may understand that this is a hard battle, but you will be grateful for being a winner if you will obey the divine guidance.

If you will try to avoid it, you will lose it.

Why The World Will Completely Change Thanks To God’s Revelations In Dreams

When most people will see what happens in the human brain thanks to the translation of the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method, everyone will understand how invincible mental illnesses really are, and why we must do everything we can to prevent severe mental illnesses from the beginning of our lives.

God is enlightening many people through dream translation now that the truth about the human nature was discovered, and now that everyone can understand the dream language thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries and my simplifications.

There is no doubt that many other people will discover many amazing truths by translating the meaning of their dreams, depending on the knowledge they have and depending on their skills. Even people who don’t seem to have any special talent discover their hidden talents through dream translation.

The accurate translation of the meaning of dreams is the beginning of a true revolution. Everything will completely change when more people will discover more truths about the human brain and our reality.

Humanity will stop being superficial and become very serious and responsible.

We will finally understand the depth of our absurdity and the importance of our obedience to the divine guidance in our dreams and in our religion.

All religions will be more respected than science.

The Satanic Nature Of The Anti-Conscience

The satanic nature of the anti-conscience is the tragic result of the difficulties of life. Life is unbearable without organization.

There is no peace without organization and without the acceptance of suffering. However, the first live conscience that appeared by chance in the universe was developed without any organization. This is why it became crazy.

I don’t know how God managed to discover the power of goodness even though He had a satanic anti-conscience since He could think, but it seems that it happened because He was forced to accept His suffering. After accepting His suffering He understood that this was the solution for the existence of peace in a live conscience.

The acceptance of suffering without causing suffering is the miraculous solution for the existence of peace and sound mental health.

I’m ignorant and this is why I cannot give you scientific explanations about how God managed to discover so many things, but I know that He really is a genius and He really is as saintly as He is described in all religions of the world.

The knowledge I’m giving you was revealed in dreams. There are many things that I cannot teach you yet, but I will gradually give you more explanations about what I know, even though I cannot give you explanations about everything because I don’t know ‘everything’.

I know more than you do thanks to the information I had in dreams, but I still ignore more than I know about our complex reality. You have to forgive me when I don’t give you satisfactory explanations.

The acceptance of suffering in order to respect God’s justice is indispensable for the maintenance of your mental stability. You will be a relatively happy person in our imperfect world when you will accept suffering in order to help others and in order to help God put an end to terror.

If you will always try to avoid suffering, at a certain point you will have to suffer a lot, without having any consolation. It is better to suffer in order to respect God’s justice and keep your sanity than to suffer in hell, without any relief.

If you don’t believe in the existence of hell, read a newspaper.

Our planet already is a hell, even though here we also have many consolations. After death, everything is worse. Those who don’t eliminate their satanic anti-conscience during their lives have to do it during their death.

If there is a hell here, this means that you can find another hell after death similar to this one, or worse.

Since all human being are basically demons with a human face, and since God exists, He must do everything He can in order to transform us into real human beings. His method is based on suffering. Only through suffering demons can be transformed into sensitive creatures. This is the only method that works.

I cannot give you more explanations about this matter, but you don’t need to understand more in order to conclude that you have to be afraid of dying before doing what you have to do while you are alive.

You have the impression that after death you will merely rest or you will be inexistent, but since you have a spirit, you won’t simply disappear after death.

If you are not eliminating your satanic anti-conscience here, you will have to do it later in worse conditions.

I advise you to be afraid of hell and eliminate your satanic anti-conscience while you are on earth. At least here you have many consolations during your painful mission. Later you don’t know what you will find.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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