Mental Illness Recovery In Eight Months Of Dream Therapy

A Twin Brother In DreamsThe Meaning Of A Twin Brother Or Sister In Dreams

Eight months of dream therapy are enough to help you eliminate the worst symptoms of a mental illness and understand your psychological problems.

If you are merely feeling depressed, you will already feel better and believe that you found sound mental health.

You have to keep translating the meaning of your dreams for life if you want to really become a mentally healthy individual because you have inherited too much absurdity and evilness into your anti-conscience, but you will already be able to deal with life’s challenges after seriously following dream therapy for eight months.

I’m talking about translating the meaning of all your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation everyday during these months. If you won’t be so dedicated to your mental health treatment, it will take one year or more. Everything depends on your dedication and on your obedience to the divine guidance in your dreams.

You can learn the dream language thanks to my clarifications and simplifications, and you can also submit your dreams for professional translation.

If your mental health problem is more complicated you need more time, but the first eight months will show you what is happening within your conscience. You will understand why you have strange reactions and feelings.

Your satanic anti-conscience is the main responsible for all your psychological problems. If it managed to destroy a big portion of your human conscience, you keep listening to its thoughts in your conscience. The invasion of your anti-conscience into the conscious field happens with absurd thoughts. With these thoughts, your anti-conscience keeps inducing you to indifferently accept its absurdity and evilness.

All your dreams are produced by God, the only one who knows how to fight Satan. Your satanic anti-conscience is a terrible demon that generates terrible mental illnesses within your conscience in order to control your behavior. This is a scientific and a religious fact.

Unfortunately, everything you have learned about Satan is true, and this monster lives in your own brain. The anti-conscience is a crazy demon that wants to spread terror everywhere. It pretends to be ‘you’ and it pretends to have the desire to help you achieve your goals, however, this is not true.

Your anti-conscience’s intention is to destroy your conscience with its absurd thoughts and with all the deceptions you will have after doing what it suggests. All mental illnesses are formed by the absurdity imposed by the anti-conscience and the traumatic experiences it generates in the outside world.

Dream therapy helps you recover from a mental illness because the information you have in your dreams shows you how to stop being a slave for your anti-conscience. You learn how to develop your conscience instead of being a victim of your evil side.

You learn how to offer resistance to the invasion of absurdity and evilness into your conscience, and you understand how to behave based on God’s wisdom.

This method works for all cases, since all mental illnesses are caused by the anti-conscience, and God knows how to help your conscience fight the demon in all situations.

Today you have a clear image of what generates a mental disorder and how you can fight your invisible enemy. Your dreams and your religion help you understand the abstract meaning of your existence, which is as important as the meaning of your physical reality.

Abandoning Materialism

The fact that you have inherited an absurd and evil anti-conscience is the reason why you suffer in life. If you didn’t have an evil side you wouldn’t suffer because you wouldn’t make mistakes and you wouldn’t need to be corrected.

This tragic situation can change if you will be serious and you will obey the divine guidance in your dreams.

I already showed you that the information you find in the dream messages is totally different from the information given by the hypocritical world. You must care about transforming your personality and purifying your spirit instead of desiring material pleasures.

Materialism is a big trap based on delusions.

The world makes you believe that you are a good person if you care only about your own family, but this is not what God believes you must do.

You are not a good person if you spend all your money with your family. You have the moral obligation to care about all the children of the world the same way you care for your own.

This is only one example. God expects a lot of you.

His expectations seem to be absurd for you because you follow the atheistic and materialistic mindset of the modern civilization. This mindset was imposed by most people’s anti-conscience. The truth is that God doesn’t have absurd expectations.

You are absurd because you are selfish and indifferent to other people’s pain.

* Materialism makes you steal and kill because it makes you think only about the material advantages you can have in all situations.

* Materialism makes you pretend to be someone you are not in order to persuade someone else to buy what you want to sell even if it is not really useful, or to persuade them to do what will be profitable for you, without caring about what it means for them.

* Materialism transforms you into a greedy monster who disrespects other people’s rights.

* Materialism makes you forget all the advantages you had in life in order to have the possibility to make money. It makes you believe that other people are lazy, and this is why they are not making money like you.

* Materialism makes you believe that you have the right to have a lot of money because you work hard and you deserve to live in luxury. Other people work hard too, but they are unfairly paid, or they didn’t learn how to work, how to obey a boss, and how to wait for their salary in the beginning of the next month. They are not intelligent. They didn’t have a good education like you. Their parents were immoral and irresponsible. They didn’t live in a house. They didn’t have bread.

* Materialism makes you disregard the despair of those who are starving in the cruel world, and the despair of the victims of violence. It makes you believe that ‘there is nothing you can do’ before all the horrors you observe.

* Materialism makes you conclude that everyone must care about their own lives and their own interests.

* Materialism makes you envy those who can spend a lot of money and waste their time having many material pleasures instead of transforming their evil self into a human being.

* Materialism makes you believe that ‘there is nothing wrong’ with the accumulation of material goods on earth. It makes you conclude that ‘the more you have more you can share’, even though you never give anything to anyone. Sometimes you may pretend to be generous in order to have a good social image, but your ridiculous charity always is based on crumbs, besides being announced everywhere because you want to be admired for your false generosity.

* Materialism makes you care only about your social image and disregard God’s justice.

* Materialism makes you fight with your brothers and sisters, and with many other people you should love.

* Materialism ruins your spirit and transforms your life into a nightmare.

You must get rid of your materialism the fastest possible.

Through dream therapy you will fight Satan’s self-destructive tendency by understanding what is really important in life instead of being misled by false impressions.

God will help you stop being superficial.

The Self-Destructive Human Brain

The human brain is a precious organ, but it has a self-destructive tendency because it is possessed by the terrible anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is idiotic, and this is why it cannot be corrected.

It doesn’t want to learn how to develop its intelligence and peacefully solve life’s problems. It believes that it already is intelligent enough, even though its intelligence is rudimentary. Therefore, it keeps repeating the same mistakes and ending up on terror.

Your anti-conscience is an idiotic, evil, and absurd part of yourself that you ignore, but that keeps influencing or controlling your mind and your behavior. It generates invincible mental disorders within your conscience because it hates to be tamed by your human conscience.

You believe that your anti-conscience is ‘you’ because it really is a part of yourself; it belongs to you like your body. However, you must not identify yourself with the demon, but with the human being existent into your human conscience, which was created by God.

You are God’s child because He gave you a conscience. You are the human being concentrated into your tiny human conscience, and not the terrible demon you came from. God transformed a part of its brain into human content in order to create you.

The demon misleads your conscience, so it doesn’t seem to be a demon to your eyes. This is why you need God’s explanations and lessons in your dreams. You must learn how to recognize and fight your worst enemy.

God gave you a human conscience that must be developed during your life, so that you may be able to fight the absurdity and the evilness of your anti-conscience, and help Him tame the demon. He depends on your obedience to His wise guidance in order to eliminate your evil self.

Without your cooperation, God cannot magically transform you into a perfect human being.

God eliminates the self-destructive tendency of your anti-conscience through consciousness thanks to the cooperation of your human conscience.

Your conscience must understand God’s wisdom and respect its superiority, even when you don’t want to obey the divine guidance because your evil nature doesn’t let you have the behavior of a saint.

The obedience to the divine guidance in dreams is painful for you because your absurd nature doesn’t let you understand the importance of your process of transformation.

You have to recognize God’s wisdom even when evil thoughts mislead you with frivolous, selfish, and subjective ideas.

God is your doctor, your father, and your savior. You must trust His wisdom, and not the idiotic thoughts that invade your conscience.

The Terrible Shadow And The Importance Of Warnings In Dreams

Carl Jung discovered that there are many archetypes that appear in many people’s dreams. Archetypes define experiences that are common to the human race. One important archetype is the shadow. Jung defines it as the dark side of the human psyche, which sometimes contains positive characteristics that were not developed.

When I continued his research and I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience, I understood that the shadow is very dangerous. It represents our evil self.

When a twin brother or sister that you don’t really have appears in a dream this is an alarming sign. This warning is showing you that your satanic anti-conscience is taking the place of your ego in various situations, without being controlled by your conscience.

I will give you an example to help you understand how terrible the shadow really is thanks to a dream dreamt by a man who is not neurotic, even though he can become neurotic if he won’t fight the absurdity imposed by his anti-conscience. He is facing a stressful situation in his daily life, which is generating anger all the time.

This is very common. Most people keep facing stressful situations that put their mental stability in danger.

I was with J (my wife to be) and our baby sitting on a sofa in a living room. There was a monster creature trying to get in/attack us. I noticed a door. As I approached the door, the lock was opening something/someone was opening it.
I peeped through the door and saw someone looking as well. I opened the door and saw someone who looked just like me. In fact I saw me. Me smiled at me and looked happy, he was walking towards the living room. I WAS WONDERING IF I WAS DEAD? While I went to the living room I saw J lying as though life less on the sofa. I was crying and sad and people where like even the baby was attacked. it was soo sad. I was very sad, and was wishing I was there to have spent more time with J.

Dream translation:

I was with J (my wife to be) and our baby sitting on a sofa in a living room.

You represent your ego in dreams.

J represents your perfect match.

Your baby represents your moral image because he is your child, but he also represents a moral mistake because he is a baby.

The living room represents an important place of your psyche.

The fact that you were sitting on a sofa means that you were waiting for something.

There was a monster creature trying to get in/attack us.

The monster represents your anti-conscience, which is your absurd and evil conscience. It was ready to attack your ego, your perfect match, and your moral image.

This means that your anti-conscience is constantly trying to control your mind and behavior. It is attacking you all the time. It can generate abnormal behavior and a mental disorder if you will be indifferent to its absurdity.

You have to be very careful and respect your moral principles.

I noticed a door. As I approached the door, the lock was opening something/someone was opening it.

The door represents a solution.

The lock represents a protection.

Someone represents another part of your personality.

Another part of your personality was breaking the protection of a solution, and using this solution to attack your ego.

I peeped through the door and saw someone looking as well. I opened the door and saw someone who looked just like me. In fact I saw me.

Your ego verified the presence of another part of your personality behind the solution.

You used this solution to find your shadow.

Someone who looked like you was your shadow. Your shadow is your anti-conscience disguised as if it was you.

This means that your ego realized that you have a twin brother: your evil self.

Me smiled at me and looked happy, he was walking towards the living room.

Your shadow was glad because it was controlling your behavior. Your ego indifferently let your evil self use a solution to invade your psyche and go to an important part of your psyche (the living room).


Your ego understood that you couldn’t control your behavior.

Your conscience was dying, while your anti-conscience was taking the place of your ego.

While I went to the living room I saw J lying as though life less on the sofa.

Your perfect match’s death means that the image of the perfect woman for you couldn’t help you identify your perfect match anymore.

Your shadow killed the person you loved.

The fact that your perfect match was lying lifeless on the sofa means that something would happen after some time, because of her loss. You would suffer a lot more.

I was crying and sad and people where like even the baby was attacked. it was soo sad.

When you cry in a dream this means that you regret having done something.

Your ego regretted having done something bad. Even your moral image was attacked.

Everything was so sad because your ego let your evil anti-conscience replace you, and act like a monster. This is why you were terribly cruel. You killed your perfect match and your moral image because your shadow was acting as if it was your ego.

I was very sad, and was wishing I was there to have spent more time with J.

Your ego regretted the fact you didn’t control your behavior. You let your evil self act in your place. This is why you lost the woman you love, and you lost your moral image.

This dream was a serious warning because your anti-conscience is frequently controlling your mind and your behavior.

Your last dream was a serious warning too. You are dealing with a difficult period of time in your life. If you won’t be careful, your anti-conscience will completely control your mind and your behavior, and destroy your personality.

You have to be patient and diplomatic with everyone. Whenever you are violent, your anti-conscience acts in your place. It can generate a neurosis within your conscience and make you do something terrible that you will later regret. However, time is irreversible.

Remember that human beings are imperfect creatures. You have to forgive everyone’s mistakes in order to preserve your sanity. You are far from perfection too.

You have to be tolerant and careful. Otherwise, your evil self will ruin your life.


Many people are near neurosis, even though they ignore this fact.

Their materialism is the main responsible for the formation of a mental illness within their conscience because it makes them disregard the importance of goodness, and listen to the demon.

You have to follow dream therapy without wasting time, either you already are mentally ill, or you are near neurosis. You need at least eight months of psychotherapy, even though as I told you before, this is merely a basic treatment.

You must attain sanctity and spiritual perfection by obeying the divine guidance forever. Your mission is complex. However, you will feel better with time. You will be gradually rewarded for your efforts. You will be glad with yourself.

If you believe that you don’t need a treatment, you must understand the bitter truth about the human brain and respect the divine guidance in your dreams before having serious problems. You never know what can happen in your daily life, and stressful situations are very common.

Your anti-conscience takes advantage of every opportunity to destroy your conscience through craziness and despair.

You must learn how to control your mind and your behavior in all situations. Otherwise, the demon will completely destroy your conscience with an invincible mental illness and ruin your brilliant brain. It will also ruin your life.

If your conscience already was destroyed you need more time in order to be cured, but you will be cured if you will be obedient and persistent. Dream therapy is a perfect mental health treatment because it is based on God’s wisdom, and not on ridiculous human theories.

The Importance Of Spirituality

The hypocritical world distorted the meaning of spirituality, transforming it into a convenient philosophy of life that seeks pleasure in the material world based on a spiritual perspective, and without necessarily believing in the existence of God.

However, there is no spirituality without God because He discovered the power of goodness.

We are demons. We don’t know the meaning of goodness. We depend on God in order to understand this lesson.

We are natural actors because we have numerous evil thoughts. Our goodness is superficial and false.

Spirituality is not a philosophy of life that helps people bear their suffering without revolt.

Spirituality is the respect for the existence of a spiritual reality, which is abstract, and more important than the material one. The abstract reality never dies because it remains in your memory, while the material reality has a short duration.

You must be afraid of materialism because it doesn’t let you pay attention to your abstract reality and to the importance of your spirit.

The abstract reality is invisible, but eternal. This is why it belongs to your spirit.

Your mental health depends on your goodness, and your spirit is purified thanks to your goodness.

You tend to believe that goodness is a foolish attitude because of the materialistic ideas imposed by the commercial world. The world is your enemy. You have to offer resistance to the absurd impositions of the world, the same way you have to offer resistance to the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience.

You will understand all these lessons and their relationship with the details of your life through dream therapy. God helps you analyze your personality and understand how to behave in order to combat the attacks of your anti-conscience and the attacks of the world.

You are in a constant battle, even though you ignore this fact. Thanks to the translation of the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, you can understand the root cause of every problem.

Your dreams give you an analytical and a global image of your problems. At the same time, you learn how to follow God’s philosophy of life, which is based on sensitivity, forgiveness, compassion, generosity, and justice.

God helps you understand that your goodness protects you from the evil world.

You believe that your goodness works against you because the world takes advantage of your goodness, without helping you in any way. However, your goodness protects you from bad consequences.

Goodness must be part of your philosophy of life independently of what the cruel world believes or does. You have to be a good person for the purification of your spirit and the preservation of your mental health.

This philosophy of life will help you eliminate your worst enemy, which is your own anti-conscience. The elimination of your anti-conscience must be your main purpose in life, since this is how you will acquire sound mental health and this is how your spirit will be pure.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

If you are in a difficult situation, you can send your dreams to me for a professional dream translation and psychotherapy. I will help you solve your problems thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to submit your dreams for translation.

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