Why My Scientific Discovery Depended On Literature And Philosophy

Alfred NobelMy scientific research depended on an important philosophical preparation. I couldn’t discover the truth about the human nature without being prepared to have the behavior of a hero instead of committing suicide.

Thanks to my literary talent, God found a way to show me the truth about the hidden content of the human brain and psyche before enlightening me through dream interpretation. This is why I had many philosophical lessons during my childhood and adolescence. The magical inspiration sent by God whispered in my mind the words I should write.

Before studying Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, I had to learn how to think. My philosophy of life was very important because God was preparing me to be the one who would discover the existence of the satanic anti-conscience in the human brain. I had to know how to have the behavior of a saint after making this tragic scientific discovery, even though I was a terrible sinner.

God made me follow his reasoning instead of following the atheistic and materialistic philosophy of life of the hypocritical world. This is why my magical inspiration was so meaningful for me.

I had to pay attention to the importance of my inspiration because He had to gradually teach me the truth about the human nature thanks to the information He was giving me in my poems and stories.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the courage to keep living after discovering that we are in fact demons with a tiny human conscience when I became 28-years-old, in 1989.

The Importance Of Literature For Me

I had to interrupt whatever I was doing whenever I had inspiration in order to write down my thoughts before the inspiration would disappear. It didn’t last long.

This attitude was somehow problematic when I stopped living in my country, Brazil. When I was 18-years-old (in 1979) I had to live for a while in the US with my uncle’s family. At that time I was still writing the first chapter of my second literary book, The Philanthropic Beggar. This book was written only based on my magical inspiration.

One of my teachers told me that I had to keep following my initial style when he read the first pages of the book, which had many rhymes. The beginning was very good. I had to keep writing the book at that level, without being lazy. His advice made me respect my magical inspiration even more.

However, my aunt couldn’t believe that I kept interrupting the work I was doing in the house because I had inspiration. She believed that this was an excuse because I didn’t want to work. I had to help her with the housecleaning and cooking, besides babysitting my three (very noisy) little cousins many times.

Fortunately, my uncle decided to forbid me to cook because I didn’t know how to do it and he didn’t want to be a victim of my experiments in the kitchen, even though my aunt gave me many lessons. She was an excellent cook, but I didn’t have this talent. All my experiences with this matter were disastrous; except once, when I made something that became delicious by chance. I was surprised with my success.

My aunt told me that my uncle liked it and I should make it again, but when I tried to repeat the dish I forgot how I had made it the first time. The second version was a big fiasco.

I liked what happened because since then my uncle decided that only my aunt should cook our food. I was a poetess. I believed that I shouldn’t waste my time with the insignificant tasks of daily life, which didn’t require a very special talent. Literature was more important than boring tasks.

When I was a child I used to live like a princess because my father had a lot of money, but he stopped being generous with me when I helped my mother get divorced. She was the biggest victim of his cruelty. Everyone else was a victim of his terrible personality.

Only with me he was very nice because I looked like him and I was an intelligent child. However, he became cruel with me too because I helped my mother stop being his slave.

It was very hard to live without being in my throne. Besides that, I was in a country where nobody gave any importance to my extraordinary literary talent and to my intelligence. I lost my status quo.

My uncle was glad because at least I was a good student, even though he didn’t like my philosophy of life. My grades were very good, but he didn’t think that he should pay attention to my ideas only because I was intelligent; on the contrary.

We had many philosophical discussions, but he always disagreed with me; in all points. He was very intelligent and he had an important social position, but I believed that he was intelligent only in his work.

I have to admit that he taught me many things. He made me think, but I didn’t like his personality.

My aunt not only disagreed with me in all aspects, as well as she tried to teach me how to be a normal person. She used to tell me what most people say and how most people behave in various situations because she believed that I had to imitate their behavior instead of being against the modern society. I was too different from her pattern. She kept criticizing me all the time and telling me that I was a spoiled child. We spent a lot of time together. She taught me the English language in our conversations. She spoke Greek too because her mother was Greek. Her father was American.

I must admit that she also taught me how to be responsible, besides giving me basic cooking lessons. In the beginning she became angry with me because I didn’t know how to fry an egg, even though I already was 18-years-old. I told her that in Brazil we didn’t fry eggs like Americans did, but she didn’t believe me. Later she got used with my ignorance, and she stopped becoming angry because I didn’t know how to do what most people did.

It was really hard for an artist like me to live with them, but the truth is that I should be grateful for having the chance to better study the English language thanks to my uncle’s generosity.

My aunt kept admiring the freedom she had in the US. My uncle loved the US too, even though he is Greek. I was the only one who didn’t like the American mindset.

Americans were too snob, and they talked about money all the time. Except a few of my classmates and my boyfriend, everyone else was more than greedy.

I believed that the world shouldn’t work based on money. My uncle told me that I had to be objective. Money was invented for many important reasons. I had to stop being naïve.

I felt as if I was serving the army in another country. That experience was too hard for me. However, I couldn’t go back to Brazil before finishing my studies.

I really was very lazy and I hated the housework, but I had never used my magical inspiration as an excuse to avoid working. My inspiration was sacred.

I never let it pass without writing down my thoughts when it was telling me what I should write because I knew how precious it was. On the other hand, it didn’t come to my mind whenever I wanted to write something.

Many times I spent hours and hours trying to write a poem, but all my efforts were made in vain. In the end I scribbled all verses, except a few words. Perhaps they could be used later.

I was very demanding. I wanted to win the Nobel Prize of literature. When I was not satisfied with what I had written, it didn’t deserve to be part of my work.

When I had inspiration the words would come to my mind so fast that I could immediately write entire verses with perfect rhymes. I didn’t need to change anything. This is why I had to immediately write down what my inspiration was saying, without wasting time.

Then, I kept admiring my words and feeling like a genius. I was my best fan. I read my poems more than too many times.

I kept reading the words I had written not only because I liked them, but also because I had to really understand their meaning. This was an intriguing fact. Even though I was the author of my poems and stories, I couldn’t understand the wisdom contained in my own words from the beginning.

I believed that this wisdom was the result of my own thoughts and feelings. I couldn’t imagine that it was sent by God.

God was sending me information in a poetical form through my magical inspiration because He was trying to help me remember the meaning of compassion. I had to show compassion to the poor in order to understand why I had to help Him put an end to terror on earth when I would find out the mission He had prepared for me.

I also had to understand that love can solve all problems before discovering the satanic origin of the human conscience. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have any motivation to fight the demon when I would discover its existence.

My poems were written by me, but I was not the real author. I simply transcribed God’s words, making a few adaptations here and there, in order to complete the meaning of each poem.

I believed that I would surely become a famous literature writer. Everyone who read my poems and stories agreed with this thought.

However, the real reason why I had this talent was because it helped me think according to God’s philosophy, which is based on wisdom and goodness. It also helped me better understand the poetical and philosophical dream language when I started studying the meaning of dreams.

When I became a dream expert (in 1988) I learned how to transcribe God’s words by translating the meaning of dreams without problems. This practice was totally different from writing down poems and stories sent by God through my magical inspiration, but there was a similarity in the meaning of the translations and in the meaning of my poems.

Both contained the same profound wisdom because both were created by God. I was a prophet, even though I ignored this fact.

Who could imagine that a literature writer would be able to understand how the human brain works, and cure mental illnesses that today’s doctors are unable to cure?

This was possible only because I precisely obeyed God’s guidance, even against my will.

I disagreed with my suffering and with God’s intention to save all human beings from craziness and despair. After discovering the truth about the human nature I saw that we are too absurd and too incorrigible.

I believed that God had to accept His failure and let me rest instead of making me carry on His difficult plan, but I didn’t doubt that He always was right and I always was wrong whenever I disagreed with His wisdom.

I never forgot that I was ignorant. I could continue Carl Jung’s research and win the battle against the anti-conscience only because I always was obedient and serious.

Psychiatrists and neurologists cannot understand how the human brain works because they analyze its external movements. Thanks to the lessons I had in dreams and thanks to the experiences I had when I fought the absurdity imposed by my anti-conscience, I verified that all mental illnesses are formed by the anti-conscience’s absurd thoughts.

The only way we can cure a mental illness is by sending away our anti-conscience’s thoughts when they invade our conscience.

Only God knows how to give us these lessons because He can see the internal functioning of our brain. He sends us this information in the dream messages. All dream images reflect the internal functioning of our brain and psyche.

The Ambition Of Every Human Being

I always had the intention to do something very important for humanity. I believe that every human being has a similar ambition. Everyone wants to be admired, and everyone wants to be remembered by the world with gratitude after their death.

This was what Alfred Nobel thought when he decided to give all his money to the most brilliant human beings of the world after his death. The Nobel Prize was created because he wanted to have a good reputation.

He didn’t want to be remembered for being the inventor of dynamite. He didn’t want to see his name associated with wars and destructions.

He loved literature, he loved peace, and he loved science. He wanted to be remembered for being someone who paid attention to the most admirable virtues of the human being.

Literature was his passion because it is a superior way to analyze the meaning of life. He could understand the sensitive philosophy of literature like many other people who adore literature like him did.

All human beings love goodness (at least theoretically). This is why we like poetical thoughts. We like the philosophy of art.

Even though we are basically selfish and cruel, we want to be good. We want to be human.

We don’t want to have a shameful life. We want to be proud of ourselves.

I became very sad when I understood that I would never become the famous literature writer I was meant to be exactly because I believed that I lost the tool through which I would be proud of myself and do something very important for humanity.

I had to live in Greece because there were too many dangers in my country, and I had many relatives in Greece because my parents are Greek. However, I lost my adored Portuguese language.

I didn’t like the Greek language at all. I was not melodic like Portuguese and English. After writing The Philanthropic Beggar, I wrote a few poems in Greek, but I liked only a few of them. Their quality was rudimentary. They didn’t look like the poems I could write in my mother language.

Then, I abandoned this matter. I got married, I became a mother, and I became as materialistic as those I had condemned when I was a teen.

However, I had to deal with the consequences of my mistakes. I always was depressed and angry. I understood that I was neurotic after reading many books about this matter. This is why I studied Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation with all my attention.

When I became a dream expert I verified that our dreams contain scientific, philosophical, and religious guidance. They also are beautiful and mysterious artistic creations. Besides working like psychotherapy, dreams are a font of endless information. This is why many inventors could complete their inventions thanks to the information they had in a dream.

I understood that I was in fact lucky because instead of becoming a famous writer, I could discover the power of dreams and have a direct communication with God. I became a doctor. I could help God cure invincible mental illnesses through dream translation.

Therefore, I could do something more important for humanity. Thanks to my work as a mental health therapist and thanks to my work as a missionary, I was helping God put an end to terror on earth.

I hope that the world will remember me for discovering how everyone can become a brilliant human being thanks to their obedience to God’s guidance in dreams.

The same way that Alfred Nobel didn’t want to be remembered for discovering dynamite, I don’t want to be remembered for discovering the existence of Satan into the biggest part of the human brain.

Why There Are So Many Impossibilities In Our Reality

The fact that I had to live for six months in the US exactly when I was writing The Philanthropic Beggar was part of God’s plan. I had to understand that even if I could put an end to poverty on earth, I wouldn’t solve all human problems.

In the US I wrote the part of the book about the monster who used to be a human being, but became so fat that he couldn’t move. He was an insatiable consumer who kept consuming valuable objects, without stopping. He ate jewels, ships, clothes, furniture… everything.

The old beggar tried to show him that his life had no meaning, but the monster became furious with his arrogance. He didn’t believe he should be corrected by an insignificant beggar.

Many other monsters imitated the rich monster’s example, even though they couldn’t eat expensive objects like him. The beggar was afraid that the poor people of the gray city and even the entire world would become as greedy as the monsters he found in the trip he made with his granddaughter, looking for solutions. He was trying to put an end to hunger and bring peace to the world.

The poor girl who had no teeth couldn’t believe that her poor relatives and friends would become as greedy as the fat monsters if they could have everything they needed. However, the beggar was very worried with this matter. He understood that even if he could feed the world, he wouldn’t be able to help humanity find peace and happiness.

A Tragic Truth And A Miraculous Solution

Most people have bad dreams and many warnings. Everyone is too far from sound mental health, while they believe that they are intelligent like I did when I was young, only because I was a good student.

I made many idiotic mistakes. When I became a mother, I studied Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation because I was desperate.

I couldn’t find peace. I had no motivation to live. I knew that I had the obligation to be good mother, but I couldn’t even take care of myself.

I learned how to cook and how to clean the house, but this was not enough. My heart was heavy. I felt as if I had suffered another accident, like the tragic car accident I had to face when I was a teen. I don’t know what could have happened to me if I wouldn’t find Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, and if I wouldn’t find God’s guidance in dreams.

After seeing all the absurdity and the evilness existent in my brain and psyche, I stopped being sorry because I didn’t become a famous literature writer. I understood that if I wouldn’t continue Carl Jung’s research, I would surely make more costly mistakes, and lose my mind. Even if I would win the Nobel Prize of literature, I would be ashamed of myself.

After translating many people’s dreams I verified that most people are in a situation similar to the situation I was in when I became a young mother. Everyone is absurd, and most people make terrible mistakes.

This is why I have to talk about terror, violence, immorality, absurdity, cruelty, hypocrisy, indifference, and greed. I cannot talk about beautiful and pleasant topics. I have the moral obligation to open your eyes.

Here is an example of a bad dream that contains a serious warning, which was dreamt by a mentally ill man:

Somebody is laying on the floor with blood running on the right side of his head. I heard an irritating duck noise and laughing. Someone said “whatever you do, do it with pride”, something like that. Then I’m at a table in a room. To my right is J (he’s rude) and then B ( he’s violent). A girl sits on my left side. The tables were like squares in a cafe. I show my hand to J. I was thinking “you see, I knew they would sit next to me!”

Dream translation:

Somebody is laying on the floor with blood running on the right side of his head.

Somebody is a part of your personality.

The fact that this person is on the floor means that this part of your personality lost its self-confidence.

Blood coming out from one’s head represents craziness.

The right side is the side of the human conscience and the unconscious mind.

This means that a part of your personality became crazy and lost its self-confidence. Now this part of your personality has no human conscience and no contact with the unconscious mind.

This dream is a serious warning.

I heard an irritating duck noise and laughing.

The duck noise is reminding you that you didn’t become a swan. The swan in dreams is an important dream symbol that represents wisdom.

The duck represents an imperfect wisdom. It makes an annoying noise because it is dissatisfied.

This means that the duck’s noise was reminding you that you didn’t become a wise person yet.

The laughing indicates that your anti-conscience is making fun of your intention to become a wise man.

Someone said “whatever you do, do it with pride”, something like that.

Someone represents a part of your personality that was imposing its cruel behavior to your ego. It told you to do everything with pride because it was trying to make you care more about your pride than about anything else.

Then I’m at a table in a room. To my right is J (he’s rude) and then B ( he’s violent). A girl sits on my left side.

You represent your ego in dreams.

The room represents a part of your psyche.

When you are sitting at a table with more people this means that your ego is trying to enter into an agreement with the other parts of your personality.

J represents a mature (masculine) and rude part of your personality.

B represents a mature and violent part of your personality.

This girl represents a superficial (feminine) part of your personality.

The right side is the side of the unconscious mind and your conscience, and the left side is the side of your anti-conscience.

The fact that your ego was trying to enter in an agreement with the violent parts of your personality and with the superficial part of your personality is negative. Your ego cannot agree with them.

You have to be kind, peaceful, and wise.

The tables were like squares in a cafe.

The cafe is a place where you eat fast food, which is not good psychical energy for your psyche, and it is a place where you drink coffee, what means that you accept what is bad. Therefore, this psychical energy you find there doesn’t give you a positive attitude.

I show my hand to J. I was thinking “you see, I knew they would sit next to me!”

Your hand is related to your actions. You were showing J that you knew the intention of the other parts of your personality because the fact that they were next to you was a consequence of your actions.

Your ego believes that you are smart because you can understand the behavior of the various parts of your personality. However, you are having a negative attitude because you are trying to enter into an agreement with them, while they are violent.

This dream has a negative meaning because you had the same inconsequential behavior of the past in your daily life. You have to be careful because you are in danger. If you will be indifferent to your mental condition, you will acquire a severe mental illness.

You have positive dreams when you follow the unconscious guidance and you do what helps you transform your personality.

You have negative dreams when you are indifferent to the unconscious guidance, and you act the way you used to do before following psychotherapy.


Most people have similar dreams, and similar mental health problems. I rarely have the chance to translate positive dreams.

People who seem to be ‘normal’ have many bad dreams and nightmares too. Everyone is far from balance.

The scientific meaning of the dream messages reveals the depth of our absurdity and evilness. Everyone can be cured through dream translation, but their cure depends on their obedience to the divine guidance.

Dream therapy is a miraculous solution for the world, but it depends on seriousness.

Only God can help humanity find peace and happiness. We will never be able to solve our problems without His wisdom.

Today the only ambition I have is to help humanity attain sanctity, so that I may complete my mission, and so that God may finally rest.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to submit your dreams for translation.

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