How Disobedient Patients Are Cured Through Dream Therapy

Severe Mental IllnessAll dreams work like psychotherapy because we must follow a deep process of transformation in order to eliminate our anti-conscience through consciousness.

This is a dangerous and difficult process because our anti-conscience is a powerful demon that generates invincible mental illnesses within our conscience.

Those who have a strong human conscience and a weaker anti-conscience seem to be balanced. Their evil side is buried in their psyche. However, it keeps invading the conscious surface like the eruptions of a volcano.

Those who have a weak human conscience and a strong anti-conscience are predetermined to acquire a severe mental illness like schizophrenia, psychosis, multiple personality disorder, etc. depending on their life biography. Dream therapy is a miraculous treatment for those who lost their conscience, but they are disobedient and they don’t cooperate for their treatment.

They keep abandoning the therapy and coming back whenever they have another scary nightmare or whenever they are tortured by the unbearable symptoms generated by their anti-conscience. The dream translator must be patient. At a certain point they start cooperating in some aspects, even though they keep being disobedient in many other ways.

Dream therapy works based on the obedience of the dreamer to God’s guidance in dreams. When the dreamer is disobedient, he/she cannot be cured. Therefore, all dreams try to convince the dreamer to obey the divine guidance in order to find sound mental health.

This is a very difficult matter.

However, God produces a series of dreams that help the dreamer understand his psychological problems and the reason why he had painful experiences.

All mental disorders begin with a traumatic experience because it opens the doors for the anti-conscience, helping it invade the conscious surface. This is why people who have a tragic life biography acquire a severe mental illness when they are young.

After having many explanations in his dreams, the dreamer understands that he/she had traumatic experiences because he has inherited many absurd tendencies. If he wouldn’t have these experiences his behavior would be worse than the behavior of his enemies.

This is a sad comprehension, but it calms down the revolted dreamer who acquired a severe mental illness. He stops considering himself a victim of the destiny, and he understands that he suffered in life because he inherited evilness and absurdity into his anti-conscience and he had to pass through experiences that would help him understand his mistakes.

The repetition of dream scenes with explanations about his mistakes helps the dreamer finally understand his absurd tendencies. However, in a while he forgets this fact and he repeats the same mistakes again. He doesn’t have a good memory, and he becomes less intelligent with the invasion of the anti-conscience into the conscious field.

He is cured thanks to the repetition of various explanations that help him finally understand his mistakes, and stop being revolted with his destiny.

The cure of severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia and psychosis through dream therapy can last from 5 to 15 years. Young people and people who have the support of someone in their environment have more chances to be cured in a shorter period of time.

This is discouraging, but if we will take into consideration the fact that schizophrenia and psychosis cannot be cured, five or even fifteen years of psychotherapy (with gradual improvements every year) are not so long. On the other hand, those who have severe mental illnesses are tortured by unbearable symptoms all their lives. Therefore, a few years of psychotherapy are not so difficult, especially because the unbearable symptoms are eliminated from the beginning of the therapy.

However, only by getting rid of symptoms like dizziness, oral and visual distortions, panic attacks, blackouts, and hallucinations this doesn’t mean that they recuperate their conscience. It simply means that they stop being heavily attacked by their anti-conscience. They still have to eliminate many absurd tendencies and correct their behavior.

If they will stop the therapy at this point, they will have unbearable symptoms again because their anti-conscience never stops attacking them. It simply loses power when they offer resistance to these attacks.

Simple mental disorders like phobias, depression, neurosis, and similar can be cured in around 8 months of dream therapy. This happens because those who have simple mental disorders didn’t lose their conscience completely. A part of their human conscience is still working.

When a person acquires a severe mental illness their conscience stops being active and becomes an observer. Their anti-conscience controls their mind and behavior all the time. This is why it is so difficult to convince them to obey the divine guidance in their dreams.

The various repetitions help their conscience start working again. The same method is used for all dreamers. Everyone repeats the same mistakes many times, not only those who have severe mental illnesses, but those who have a human conscience are able to stop making these mistakes in a shorter period of time because they are able to obey the guidance they have, after understanding this necessity.

The traumatic experiences of those who have a severe mental illness are too painful, and they cannot forget them. At the same time, they cannot forgive their own behavior, or they cannot forgive other people’s behavior. There are also many complications in everyone’s life biography that make everything worse.

This is why everything is very difficult for them. They deal with too many strange problems at the same time.

God patiently repeats the same lessons numerous times in different forms, until they are finally able to understand their mistakes and change their attitude.

This is the only treatment that can work for them because they have many negative reactions. They are:

* Aggressive

* Violent

* Immoral

* Impatient

* Cruel

* Unfair

* Selfish

* Materialistic

* Vengeful

Some patients have all these negative reactions, or a few of them. Their behavior is irritating and doesn’t inspire compassion. This is why most people are cruel with the mentally ill.

Only God understands that they are controlled by their absurd and evil anti-conscience and this is why they have so many negative reactions. The dream translator must understand this fact and be very patient with them.

Those who have severe mental illnesses are not able to follow dream therapy alone, but they can learn the dream language and keep translating their dreams by themselves when they recuperate their conscience.

An Obscure Example

I told you many times that I cannot expose the dreamers who submit their dreams for professional translation. I can show you only a few sentences of their dreams, without showing you their life biography and many details about their daily lives that you had to know in order to understand their case.

I cannot even think about asking them to give me permission to publish these details in my articles because I know that they wouldn’t feel comfortable and I don’t want to disturb them. Once I showed you the life biography of a schizophrenic dreamer who told me by himself that I had permission to use his example because he wanted to help others. This was a rare exception.

So, I will give you an obscure example to help you somehow understand what happens with those who have a severe mental illness.

Here are a few sentences from a long dream dreamt by a woman who has a severe mental illness and is very disobedient:

I am going to sing (probably for an audition because I enjoy audition shows). Put on a white blouse and a dark denim skirt. Wasn’t wearing bras. The blouse is a little small for my body thus it needed to be pulled from both sides and buttoned. Think my mom was helping me(or doing up the buttons as I have no memory of doing anything with my hands as if I didn’t have them).

Dream translation:

I am going to sing (probably for an audition because I enjoy audition shows).

You represent your ego in dreams.

When you sing in a dream this means that you are glad.

Since you would sing, this means that your ego wanted to be glad and reflect joy.

Put on a white blouse and a dark denim skirt.

Your clothes in dreams represent your social image.

The white color represents purity and wisdom.
However, the color of something in a dream can be misleading. It doesn’t define what it really is, but what it seems to be. The color is an appearance.

The white blouse indicates that you were showing to the world that you were pure, even though this is not true because you are immoral. You know this fact thanks to the messages you had in previous dreams. The white blouse indicates that you wanted to show to the world that you had a pure and wise social image.

The skirt is a feminine social image.

Since it was a dark denim skirt, it was dark blue. The blue color represents understanding.

This means that your feminine social image was showing to the world that you show understanding. However, this is a false impression, since you become angry easily.

Wasn’t wearing bras.

The breasts in dreams represent sexuality.

You were not wearing bras because you were not protecting your sexuality.

The blouse is a little small for my body thus it needed to be pulled from both sides and buttoned.

The buttons represent a protection from other people’s criticism.

The fact that the blouse was small for your body and had to be pulled from both sides to be buttoned means that you were not protecting your body as you should. You were exposing your body, and you would be condemned by your social environment for this reason.

Think my mom was helping me(or doing up the buttons as I have no memory of doing anything with my hands as if I didn’t have them).

Your mother represents your absurd and evil anti-conscience.

You were not wearing comfortable and respectful clothes, but provocative clothes, because you were influenced by your evil anti-conscience, which was helping you wear this inadequate social image.

The fact that your anti-conscience was helping you get dressed without your participation means that your ego is manipulated by your anti-conscience without offering resistance.


This part of the dream showed you that this dreamer is immoral. This is one of her absurd tendencies. You may believe that this is not an indication of a severe mental illness because immorality is too common in our world. However, the truth is that immorality reflects absurdity, but the world is indifferent to this fact.

Since I cannot expose the dreamer I will show you only a small description of her personality, which doesn’t help you understand too much about her, but gives you an obscure idea of the severity of her mental illness:

For what it’s worth, I have three beings inside me. They want, respectively
1) me to kill myself so it can go where it belongs. It begs me to let it go and stop being here(in my body and in this world).
2) to be looked up to or admired by lots of people to compensate for my low self esteem and sense of inferiority. It makes me obsessed with achievements.
3) to come out of me to kill everyone on the planet. It shows violent outburst of anger. It also wants me to have “bad” kind of sex. It is now pretty much in control.

This is only a small picture of the dreamer that doesn’t show you many other details you had to know in order to understand her absurdity, but at least you can understand that this is a complicated case.

Even in simple cases the life biography of the dreamer is indispensable for the comprehension of the dream, but in simple cases, the information doesn’t need to be as detailed and profound as in difficult cases.

A severe mental illness demands the analysis of many aspects. The dream translator must analyze all the details of the dreamer’s past and her behavior, the personality of the members of her family and her friends, and also all her traumatic experiences and their relationship with the dreamer’s personality.

Having Information About A Patient In A Dream

When a case is too difficult, the dream translator has information about a patient’s case in his/her dreams. This alternative is immensely helpful, since the dream translator can have information that the dreamer refuses to reveal.

A dream translator is a doctor who helps the patient understand how to behave, after being guided by the information found in the patient’s dreams or in his/her own dreams.

For example, when a patient is a criminal the confession of the crime is very difficult. The dream translator can have this information in his/her dreams, since the patient doesn’t cooperate telling the truth.

However, the fact that he has this information in his dreams cannot be revealed to the patient. This secret information is given to the doctor with the intention to help him understand a strange case, but it must not be used to force the dreamer to confess a crime.

When the dreamer doesn’t want to confess it, the dream translator must respect this decision, until he/she will desire to confess it. The information given to the dream translator in his dreams must not be transmitted to the dreamer. It simply helps the doctor have a better vision of the case, and show more patience.

A dream translator must be very patient and always forgive the negative reactions of the dreamer.

If you want to use dream therapy in your work, or if you want to help someone you love, you can become a professional dream translator by following my lessons. The real doctor is God, the dream producer. Every human being can become a doctor helper through dream translation if they are obedient and serious. What really matters is the obedience to the divine guidance.

The dream translator must learn the dream language and understand the mental health problems generated by the anti-conscience, but the treatment is given in the patient’s dreams or in the doctor’s dreams.

God is the only one who knows how to help every dreamer eliminate his/her anti-conscience through consciousness. A human being doesn’t know what kind of explanations can work for each dreamer. Even God’s explanations are not accepted without many repetitions in different ways.

Dreamers Who Ignore Their Mental Health Problems

I will give you another example to help you understand mysterious mental illnesses. Here is a part of a dream dreamt by a man who has a severe mental illness, but was unaware of it:

I kill my brother (jealous) because he hurts my mother. But immediately I felt pity and despair, and could see that my mother was very upset by it.

Dream Translation:

Your brother is a negative part of your personality, since he is jealous. The fact that you killed this negative part of your personality could be considered positive because he represents a negative part of your personality.

However, you cannot kill the various parts of your personality because this is the same as if you would cut your arm or your leg. This part of your personality must be transformed.

Your mother represents your absurd and evil anti-conscience.

Therefore, your intention to protect your anti-conscience was a mistake. You shouldn’t protect your evil side.

The fact that your brother died means that you don’t need his example anymore to avoid being jealous. You already are jealous like him.

You have to learn how to be a self-confident man and never be jealous of anyone if you want to be a balanced person. You will achieve this goal through dream therapy.

Your anti-conscience was merely pretending to be upset because you killed this part of your personality. Your anti-conscience is false. It becomes glad when you make costly mistakes.


I cannot give you the information you need in order to understand this dreamer’s mental condition, but I will show you his comments after the translation of this dream:

Thank you for the interpretation. It is correct, but I refuse to see it in this dramatic way. I am aware of my possessiveness and jealousy. I’m taking care of myself and I’m not abandoning everything in order to put myself at danger of another breakdown in my life. I’m not mentally ill. I have my wounds, but they can and shall be healed. I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do with my life.

If you could read his life biography you would be intrigued with his answer. He had so many traumatic experiences during his childhood that he should be aware of the fact that he is not a normal person. If you knew more details about his behavior in his daily life, you would be surprised with the fact that he doesn’t believe that he is mentally ill.

The incapacity of the dreamer to understand his mental illness reflects his absurdity, like all the other absurd tendencies of the list I showed you above.

This dreamer was following dream therapy because he had another problem that seemed to be more important for him than his mental condition, even though he didn’t want to recognize his mental illness. He had a series of dreams reflecting his absurdity, besides also having information about the problem he was trying to solve.

This was how he understood that he is mentally ill. He was not cured yet, but at least he understood that he needs psychotherapy.

God never abandons anyone, even when He is abandoned multiple times. He keeps sending dreams with precious guidance and numerous explanations to all dreamers, until they will finally understand their mistakes and obey the guidance they have.

Many people submit their dreams for translation because they have recurring dreams, or they have relationship problems, problems with their family, with the workplace, etc. Then, they discover that they also have many mental health problems. They learn how to solve these problems, besides solving the problems that were worrying them.

Some people are offended by the fact that they are considered to be mentally ill because they believe in the lies of the hypocritical world. Other people are grateful for seeing that dream therapy helps them become more intelligent and sensitive, besides helping them deal with their daily problems.

You should understand that the world ignores the truth about the human nature, and accept God’s criticism with humbleness.

Everyone is mentally ill only because everyone inherits an anti-conscience, and their conscience is underdeveloped. It must be developed during their lives. Some people have a strong conscience, especially if they are religious, and they don’t seem to be mentally ill, but everyone makes mistakes that must be corrected.

If you have a severe mental illness you have to eliminate your anti-conscience through dream therapy with seriousness. If you don’t have a severe mental illness you must follow dream therapy in order to find sound mental health before it is too late.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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