How To Deal With Absurdity And Materialism

MaterialismAbsurdity is an incomprehensible matter for the materialistic world, exactly because materialism is absurd. Materialism is a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values. Materialism is the preoccupation with material objects and considerations with a disinterest in spiritual, intellectual, or cultural values.

In philosophy, materialism is the theory or belief that nothing exists except matter and its movements and modifications. Materialism is the philosophical theory that regards matter and its motions as constituting the universe, and all phenomena, including those of mind, as due to material agencies.

The scientific method of dream interpretation proves to the world that God exists, along with recent discoveries in astronomy and physics, and many other scientific discoveries in numerous other fields.

All religions of the world were created by the same God in order to enlighten and guide the human race. All dreams are produced by God, as many ancient civilizations had discovered, before Carl Jung’s scientific explanations about the symbolic meaning of dreams and their therapeutic effect.

The materialistic and atheistic modern civilization follows the absurd suggestions of the satanic anti-conscience, which occupies the biggest part of our brain.

* This is why we don’t think like sensitive and sensible human beings.

* This is why our actions are characterized by violence, immorality, cruelty, indifference, hypocrisy, and greed.

* This is why there is terror on earth.

* This is why the chaotic situation of the world is becoming worse with time.

We have to stop concentrating our attention only on the material world. We have a spirit, which is more important than our body.

The fact that we cannot understand why materialism is absurd is the first obstacle we have to deal with when we try to understand absurdity. We don’t understand that we are not alive in order to have a good time during our temporary lives on earth, and this is why we concentrate our attention only on having material pleasures.

First of all we have to understand what must be considered a logical and intelligent attitude, so that we may be able to perceive what differs from this definition. If we don’t know what must be considered to be logical, we cannot understand what is absurd.

The hypocritical world doesn’t know what is logical or absurd, exactly because it is absurd.

You will be able to clearly understand what is logical or absurd in every situation by learning how to think and behave in a positive way. Your dreams contain precious messages that help you understand the importance of goodness and wisdom for your mental stability.

God gives you clear definitions in the dream images. You understand that evilness generates absurdity, and that your goodness helps you eliminate the absurdity and the evilness you have inherited into your anti-conscience.

Dream therapy is a safe and effective method of psychotherapy and spiritual purification. God knows what kind of knowledge you need in order to fight your absurd tendencies and triumph over life’s challenges.

Human beings are ignorant, and they don’t have the patience to analyze many details they should care about. God is a patient teacher and doctor. You have all the information you need in your dreams.

How Dream Therapy Works

Even if you don’t remember your dreams, you have many dreams when you sleep. If you will care about this matter, you will start remembering your dreams, especially if you will write down everything you can remember from every dream in a dream journal. All dream images and scenes are important, and give you precious information.

Even if you can remember only a face or another detail, this information already is meaningful. Write it down, and you will surely remember more details from your next dreams.

Most people remember their dreams, especially if they are mentally ill. God is very generous with everyone. However, only those who are interested in the wisdom contained in their dreams can reap the benefits of this knowledge.

Your dreams basically reflect your mistakes, and all the dangers that are threatening your mental health. You make numerous mistakes all the time, and most of them are mistakes you have already made numerous times.

You don’t change your behavior (as you should, if you were intelligent) after verifying the bad consequences of your mistakes. You forget what happened to you, you hope that it will simply never happen again without caring about preventing this fact, and so on.

Sometimes you remember a painful experience and you learn something with it. However, most of the time you are busy with other matters, you don’t pay attention to numerous details, you are tired, and you forget that if you will do the same you did in the past, you will deal with the same bad consequences again.

If you would do what was necessary to avoid having the same problems again, you would avoid suffering, but you don’t try to correct your behavior.

God shows you in your dreams all your mistakes to help you realize that you must change your attitude. He repeats the same messages in many different ways, until He will manage to convince you that you have to change your behavior and stop making these mistakes.

Human beings don’t have this patience. This is why they don’t know what absurdity really is.

Absurdity is defined by the dictionary as the state or quality of being absurd. Something is absurd when it is obviously senseless, illogical, or untrue; contrary to all reason or common sense; laughably foolish or false.

However, this definition doesn’t help you understand what is logical or illogical.

God shows you that what is evil is illogical, false, and dangerous, helping you develop the positive characteristics of your personality. His definition is clear, but it goes against the mindset of the hypocritical world.

The world’s ideas seem to be more intelligent for you because they are based on psychological manipulation. These ideas have a pleasant appearance, while God’s criticism is unpleasant and uncomfortable.

You have to be careful. Otherwise, you will fall into many traps. God shows you what is good or bad. What is good is logical, and what is bad is absurd.

Why You Must Prevent A Severe Mental Illness Even If You Don’t Have Psychological Problems

I cannot show you the dreams and the life biography of those who submit their dreams for translation. I can only show you a few sentences of their dreams, without telling you anything about the dreamer’s life biography. Sometimes I give you an explanation, but I cannot show you too much because I have to respect the dreamer’s privacy.

Therefore, I won’t show you the dreams of a dreamer who suffers from a severe mental illness and my translations because I cannot show you important details of her life biography, and my lesson won’t help you understand her case.

I will show you only a part of one of my email messages explaining something about her behavior. I believe that this information can help you understand the dreamer’s absurdity much better than if I would show you a few sentences of one of her dreams, without telling you anything about her life biography.

Here is part of my long email message:


You must realize that your anti-conscience causes this negative reaction whenever you make some progress and you act like a reasonable person.

Think about that:

1. You know that this tendency is absurd and you hate it because you feel you are not a normal person when it controls your behavior,

2. You are tortured by anxiety because of the absurd reactions sent by your anti-conscience, and you are afraid to reveal your psychological issues to the world,

3. You have many unbearable symptoms because of the abnormalities caused by your anti-conscience in your psychological system,

4. You are following dream therapy to get rid of this absurd tendency and become a normal person, so that you may find happiness in life.

However, whenever you make the minor progress in your treatment, you become furious, as if your purpose was to become more absurd, and not to get rid of this absurd tendency.

You have to be very careful and fight the negative reactions imposed by your anti-conscience.

Whenever you have this angry reaction for making some progress, you have to tell yourself that you want to be cured; you don’t want to become schizophrenic and destroy your life. You have to remember that your anger is generated by your anti-conscience, because it is losing power.

You have to be glad with yourself when you act in a reasonable way instead of repeating the same mistakes.

If you become angry when you start being cured (because you don’t like to be reasonable), how can you be completely cured?


Even my email message is not so clear for you, since I’m not giving you explanations about the dreamer’s absurd tendency. However, you can see that this dreamer is acting like a person who goes to the doctor in order to be cured from a physical disease, but becomes angry with the doctor when she starts being cured, because she likes to be sick.

She has this contradictory behavior because her conscience wants to find sound mental health, but her anti-conscience keeps imposing its absurd reactions.

Our psychiatrists don’t know how to help those who are affected by a severe mental illness understand their absurdity, and change their attitude. This is why our doctors simply give them medications that transform them into vegetables without a personality. They cannot help their patients acquire consciousness.

They simply eliminate their capacity to think logically even more because they care only about making them stop having an inappropriate behavior that cannot be accepted by our society.

Our psychologists avoid dealing with people who are too absurd. They try to help only those who have common sense.

God can help everyone. He is a patient doctor who repeats the same information numerous times in many different ways, until the dreamer will finally accept the necessity to make efforts, and change his or her behavior.

Dream therapy depends on the cooperation of the dreamer. This is why God produces numerous dreams in order to convince him/her that she must change her attitude because her behavior is absurd, and the consequences of this fact are negative.

The more complicated and confusing someone’s dreams are, more absurd this person is. The dreams of those who have a severe mental illness are not like the dreams of those who have simple mental health problems, or who are considered to be normal, according to the definitions of the world.

The truth is that we are absurd from the time we are born, since we inherit an absurd and evil anti-conscience and even our conscience is deficient because it must be developed.

The dreams of those who have a severe mental illness are complicated because their absurdity is incomprehensible, since it is illogical. Their dreams reflect their illogical thoughts and their strange behavior.

Those who have a severe mental illness must indispensably submit their dreams for professional translation because they are not able to follow the treatment alone. However, those who have simple mental health problems (or who seem to be normal) can learn the dream language thanks to my simplifications and follow dream therapy without depending on a dream translator.

You have to learn the dream language and find God’s psychotherapy in the dream images before acquiring a severe mental illness. The absurdity imposed by the anti-conscience is invincible. The anti-conscience is too powerful, and it never stops attacking your conscience.

Only God knows how to deal with absurdity. This is what I’m proving to the world with my discoveries, after continuing Carl Jung’s research in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation.

Perceiving The Invisible Danger

The anti-conscience is a sneaky demon. It misleads your conscience because it pretends to be ‘you’. For example, let’s suppose that you are overweight and you are trying to follow a diet. Your anti-conscience doesn’t let you respect your decision. It keeps telling you i.e. “I want a pizza” or “I want an ice cream”.

Since it is a part of your brain, it speaks with your voice, and it pretends to belong to your conscience. You hear its thoughts and you agree with them. You conclude that yes, you really want a pizza and an ice cream. You hate the diet you must follow.

Your anti-conscience doesn’t let you have the behavior of a reasonable person. It keeps making you desire what you cannot have.

You fall into its trap and you end up eating a huge pizza and an ice cream, which have many calories. The next day you look at yourself in the mirror, and you hear your anti-conscience’s thoughts again. This time it tells you: “I want to die”.

However, in a while it will tell you something like “I’m hungry” again, to make you eat more.

The absurdity imposed by your anti-conscience is invincible because the demon keeps misleading and discouraging you. It never stops causing problems and blocking your way. You cannot escape.

I gave you a simple example to help you understand how the anti-conscience tortures your conscience, but everything is complicated in your daily life. You cannot understand that you keep being misled by your anti-conscience’s absurd thoughts in most situations the same way you may possibly understand this attempt when you are trying to lose weight.

My simple example was very specific. The problem was clear, and the trap was visible. However, in your daily life everything is complex and many things happen at the same time. You are not able to clearly discern many misleading thoughts because they seem to be smart. You don’t understand what is dangerous for you.

However, you have to be very careful all the time because your anti-conscience has the intention to:

* Make you commit a crime


* Make you commit suicide

The anti-conscience is crazy. Its self-destructive nature is the reason why it cannot be corrected.

This is why crimes and suicides are so common in our world. Some people manage to escape their anti-conscience’s worst traps, but they surely are influenced by their anti-conscience in many ways.

This is why nightmares are so common. Most people have many nightmares because they make many dangerous mistakes that put their mental stability in danger.

Other times they have dreams that don’t seem to be so bad, but that reflect their absurdity the same way. I will give you an example. Here is a part of a dream dreamt by a neurotic man:

I was on my bed on the right side of my room, lying down. Woke up and heard a sentence with a technical distortion and felt dizzy. Saw flies above a table. Then M (selfish, violent) and me were making a long trip on the bike.

Dream translation:

I was on my bed on the right side of my room, lying down.

You represent your ego in dreams.

When you are on your bed in a dream this means that you are sick because you have a mental illness.

The right side represents the side of your conscience and the unconscious mind. You are with the unconscious mind because you are translating the meaning of your dreams, but you are not doing what you have to do.

The fact that you were lying down on your bed means that you were resting while you must treat your mental illness. You cannot relax. You have to fight the absurdity of your anti-conscience.

Woke up and heard a sentence with a technical distortion and felt dizzy.

The fact that you woke up means that you finally understood that you have to react and treat your mental illness.

The sentence with a technical distortion represents the voice of your anti-conscience. It causes visual and oral distortions.

The fact that you felt dizzy means that your anti-conscience made you lose equilibrium. This part of the dream is not symbolic.

This means that whenever you try to react and fight the absurdity of your anti-conscience, your anti-conscience frightens you with dizziness and you lose control, you want to faint.

You must show resistance to your anti-conscience’s attacks instead of showing fear. You cannot let your anti-conscience frighten you with its symptoms. You have to get out of this state.

When you offer resistance to the unbearable symptoms instead of showing panic, your anti-conscience loses its power and it cannot keep causing them.

Remember that your anti-conscience is attacking you, and you have to offer resistance. Try to be strong, without being controlled by fear. This is how your anti-conscience will stop causing problems. It will see that it cannot frighten you.

Saw flies above a table.

The fly in dreams represents something that is bothering you. It is an obstacle that doesn’t let you see what is happening in your life; something that is distracting you, and doesn’t let you see what is essential.

The table in this case represents a place where the various parts of your personality enter into accordance.

The flies above the table indicate that there are many distractions bothering the various parts of your personality to enter into accordance. Each part of your personality follows a different lifestyle, has a different mindset, different ideas, etc, and all the parts of your personality cannot find a way to enter into accordance and believe in the same things.

M (selfish, violent) and me were making a long trip on the bike.

M represents a mature, selfish and violent part of your personality.

The long trip on the bike represents the beginning of a long research.

Your ego and the selfish part of your personality were beginning a long research together.

Since you were making a research about your personality and about the meaning of life while you were influenced by a selfish and violent part of your personality, you were not paying attention to many aspects of your reality.

This part of your personality was in fact bothering your ego during your research. You have to stop being selfish and violent.


The attitude of this dreamer is absurd from the beginning, since he is resting instead of treating his mental illness. This means that he is not paying attention to the unconscious guidance, and he is not changing his attitude. He keeps being selfish and violent. This is very common.

Until today we didn’t know how absurd we were, but now this shocking truth must alarm the world. Our anti-conscience is too dangerous and it must be urgently tamed through consciousness.

I will give you another example of an email message I sent to a dreamer who is almost schizophrenic. Since I cannot expose the dreamer, I cannot tell you anything about his case or show you his dreams. I will show you only a part of my answer to his email message, to help you understand the problems faced by those who are constantly controlled by the absurdity of their anti-conscience:


It was your fault to disobey the guidance you had and to hide the truth from me, but on the other hand, it was not your fault completely because your anti-conscience is too strong. It is the real responsible for your horrible behavior.

You have to control your behavior, understanding that all the anger you have is generated by a demon that occupies the biggest part of your brain. Anger must be repressed. This is the only way it can be eliminated.

Anger is like fire. When you feed it, it becomes too strong and burns everything. You have to do everything you can to suffocate it.

So, remember this lesson very well whenever you become irritated for some reason.

Be serious now, and you will win this battle now.


This dreamer keeps making the same mistakes, but his dreams are helping him get out of this vicious circle.

You must perceive the invisible danger that is threatening your mental health before dealing with unbearable symptoms and being controlled by your anti-conscience like these dreamers.

You should pay attention to the fact that the two dreamers who have severe mental illnesses are tortured by anger. The first dreamer becomes angry when she stops having an absurd attitude instead of becoming glad with her improvements. The last dreamer is constantly controlled by anger and this is why he has a horrible behavior.

Absurdity generates anger and hatred.

How To Eliminate The Absurdity You Have Inherited Into Your Wild Conscience

By regularly translating the meaning of your dreams you will gradually eliminate the absurdity you have inherited into your wild conscience and stop having psychological problems. If you are not aware of your psychological problems, you will understand their existence.

Everyone has many psychological problems and everyone makes many mistakes. Unfortunately, we are so far from sound mental health that mentally healthy people on earth are rare. There are only a few examples of sensitive and wise human beings in our long history.

This means that you are absurd even if you believe that you are a sensible and sensitive person, only because you belong to the human race. Now, imagine how absurd you are if you are not so sure if you really are a reasonable person.

If you have mental health problems, you obviously need a psychological treatment. Your dreams will help you understand how to deal with the absurdity imposed by your anti-conscience, by showing you the demon’s logical tricks.

Your anti-conscience is a dishonest and manipulative demon that never stops attacking your conscience. It prepares many traps for you. You are a victim of your anti-conscience.

You are the human being who wants to find happiness. You don’t want to lose your mind and end up on terror. You hate your anti-conscience’s evilness, but it doesn’t let you find peace. It keeps sending you absurd thoughts and feelings.

Your anti-conscience makes you desire what you hate, and hate those you love. It distorts your mind and your behavior with its absurdity.

God needs the cooperation of your human conscience in order to tame the demon, because Satan is invincible. This is why He gave you a conscience with human characteristics.

Only God can tame the demon, but He depends on the obedience of the human being created by Him in the demon’s brain (you) in order to control your satanic anti-conscience. You have to help God tame the demon because you are human. You are not like your evil side. You don’t want to be a demon.

Your religion can help you in this tragic situation, but you need the treatment sent by God especially for you in your dreams in order to completely eliminate your anti-conscience. This is a difficult matter, and the hypocritical world distorted the meaning of religion.

The commercial world transformed religion into an insignificant collection of rules that nobody respects. Religion merely helps the indifferent population find reasons for having holidays and exchanging gifts.

Through dream translation you find God’s words in your dreams without any distortion. The scientific method respects the meaning given by God to the images He uses to produce dreams. Carl Jung managed to discover the meaning of these images after making an arduous research, and my work proves that his translations are accurate.

You have to be obedient and persistent. The world will delay to understand that our obedience to the divine guidance in our dreams and in our religion is indispensable for our mental health. You have the privilege to have this information today.

Someday the world will unavoidably understand this fact because God is a genius and His plan is based on numerous calculations and predictions. I’m merely carrying on a part of His plan.

You have to wake up now, without doubting that the existence of the terrible anti-conscience must be taken seriously. If you will wait until the hypocritical world will understand the truth and many other people will confirm that the anti-conscience really exists and it really is extremely dangerous, you won’t have enough time to complete your process of transformation.

The world doesn’t want to see the unpleasant truth.

Today many studies about the philosophy of science are common. The philosophical interpretation of a scientific discovery is as important and meaningful as the discovery itself. One discovery can change the destiny of the human race, depending on its philosophical implications.

A known example is the case of the theory of evolution, written by Charles Darwin. Even though we cannot say that his theory was based on scientific discoveries, it is still considered to be a basic explanation about how we could reach our level of development. This theory changed the world.

Atheists still defend it, even though its numerous flaws were already discovered by various scientists in the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. Darwin’s atheistic theory gives many logical explanations for the formation of the species, without depending on a creator.

This theory justifies the greed of the commercial world, and this is why it keeps being respected until today, besides being false in numerous points. This fact is really ridiculous if we will take into consideration the real scientific discoveries of many scientists, which prove that this theory is based on erroneous concepts. The insistence of the materialistic world on defending Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution reflects the global absurdity.

Konrad Lorenz and many other biologists showed us that all organisms have behavioral patterns already programmed in their cognitive mechanism, which unable them to survive before learning how to defend themselves. They are also able to kill their prey in their first attempt without having previously observed another member of their species do the same.

Other researchers noticed that many animals have to learn how to catch their pray, so not all animals are able to do everything perfectly from the beginning of their lives, but the fact that all animals follow a well-organized chain of behavioral programs proves that a superior mind created and organized all these behavioral programs. Even when they have to learn a behavior, the fact that they can learn it proves that they have such capacity in their cognitive mechanism.

This perfect organization cannot be the product of chance, especially because the age of our young planet doesn’t support the possibility of the formation of complex structures by chance.

Recent discoveries on geology showed us that the time that the soil needs to become as solid as a rock, while it contains fossils of various animal species, is not billions of years like Darwin had believed. These rocks can be formed in only a few years.

I could mention many other scientific discoveries that reveal that Darwin’s theory of evolution doesn’t reflect the truth about the evolution of the species – and their formation in the first place, but I believe you can already understand this fact with the examples I mentioned.

The atheistic philosophy of the world doesn’t let us pay attention to scientific discoveries that go against materialism, and to many other discoveries that prove our insanity. Materialism puts many obstacles in our reasoning system.

When I discovered the existence of the satanic anti-conscience in the beginning of 1989, I looked at this discovery with the eyes of a poet because God had prepared me to interpret this discovery based on His philosophical view. I didn’t look at it with the cold and indifferent eyes of scientists who cannot understand the consequences of what they discover for the destiny of human race.

Besides being shocked with the human misery, I realized that we could achieve a higher level of consciousness because God exists.

God wouldn’t create our planet and give us a human conscience if it was not so important to transform our anti-conscience into a human being. We can achieve spiritual perfection and become geniuses. Instead of being demons, we can become gods.

We are not using our intelligence because the demon steals all of our brain power. We are using only a small percentage of our brain power, which cannot help us by itself. We have to obey the divine guidance, so that we may have the chance to eliminate our anti-conscience through consciousness, and evolve without limits.

We are immersed in terror and despair, but we try to have many material pleasures, without purifying our spirit and without acquiring sound mental health. If we were not so idiotic, we would understand that by obeying the divine guidance we can live peacefully and happily on earth, and prepare our spirit for another evolutionary level.

Our happiness cannot be perfect on earth, but it is possible when we have the behavior of sensitive and wise human beings. You must understand this fact, even though the world is too far from this comprehension.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to submit your dreams for translation.

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