How To Stop An Absurd Tendency

Absurd TendencyA tendency is an inclination; a natural or prevailing disposition to move, proceed, or act in some direction or toward some point, end, or result.

The fact that you have inherited a huge anti-conscience with absurd and evil characteristics means that you have many absurd tendencies. In other words, you have the inclination to act in certain ways, without thinking and pondering your actions.

The absurd tendencies you have inherited into your anti-conscience automatically control your behavior whenever you are exposed to various difficult situations.

For example, you have a self-defensive tendency. You automatically defend yourself from all dangers. You don’t think before doing everything you can to protect your life in a dangerous situation. This instinctive reaction has a positive side, but it also has a negative side.

You really have to protect yourself, but there are situations when you must care more about protecting God’s justice. There are also situations when you overprotect yourself, what means that you become cold and distant.

Your self-defensive tendency is not totally absurd, since it has a positive side, but it must be developed in order to work only a positive way, and completely stop being absurd.

Your totally absurd tendencies are only negative. They don’t have a positive side because they don’t help you in any way.

They result from the interference of your anti-conscience into your conscious mind. Your anti-conscience is violent, immoral, and cruel. Therefore, the behavior it imposes to your conscience is based on its satanic nature.

Your anti-conscience keeps trying to completely control your behavior. This means that even when it doesn’t manage to destroy your conscience by generating a mental disorder and it doesn’t manage to control your behavior all the time, it keeps influencing and controlling your behavior in certain situations.

God produces your dreams in order to help you tame the demon.

You are the human being concentrated into your tiny human conscience, which was created by God and must be developed thanks to your cooperation. The truth as it really is, is that you are the demon you came from and the human being created by God from a part of the demon’s conscience. You are the demon, and the human being.

However, you must identify yourself only with the human being created by God, and consider the demon your worst enemy, as if it was not a huge part of yourself that you ignored. You must look at yourself and recognize the human being created by God.

The demon is your enemy, but you keep following its absurd suggestions because your conscience is idiotic and you like to be evil. You don’t care about becoming a sensitive human being. This matter doesn’t seem to be important for you.

On the contrary, you believe that sensitivity is not helpful in life. You prefer to be cruel and defend yourself from other people’s bad intentions.

You believe that your evil thoughts are as useful as your positive thoughts. You don’t understand that all evil thoughts are absurd and end up on terror and despair. Your satanic anti-conscience easily manages to mislead your conscience, making you believe that you will have many advantages if you will be evil.

Your conscience is one-sided. You have to develop all your psychological functions, and you must have a balanced attitude, instead of being either extroverted or introverted. You have to develop both attitudes.

Your dreams help you understand how you can offer resistance to an absurd tendency. This is how you will eliminate it. In other words, you will learn how to be able to avoid doing something that seems to be irresistible, until you will stop having this desire.

Your dreams will also help you develop all your psychological functions and have a balanced attitude. You will become more intelligent and more sensitive at the same time.

For example, when you are angry you want to be violent and cruel with your enemy. You cannot offer resistance to the tendency to be aggressive. You want to kill your enemy.

Therefore, if you have the chance to do something bad against him/her you won’t be able to resist the tendency to hurt him. However, you have to control this violent tendency. If you will be violent with your enemy, he will be more violent with you, and you will keep being violent too.

God will send you many dreams that will help you forgive your enemy instead of dealing with this war. Your ego will insist on desiring to do something against him, but your conscience must agree with God’s wisdom.

This is a simple example. You won’t be able to easily recognize the absurd tendencies imposed by your anti-conscience the same way you can detect them when you are angry.

You know that anger generates many negative reactions. So, you can logically understand that you have to control your anger. Otherwise, you will kill all your neighbors for insignificant reasons.

However, you don’t logically understand that you have to control many other negative tendencies as well, especially because you don’t think that they are negative. This happens not only because you are ignorant, as well as because the world makes you believe that the violent, immoral, and cruel behavior imposed by your anti-conscience is ‘normal’ and can be logically justified.

For example, whenever you lie to someone for some reason, you don’t think that you are dishonest and immoral. You believe that you must be prudent instead of being sincere with someone who will probably misunderstand you, or you believe that you are simply being polite.

Sometimes you really cannot be sincere, but the reasons why you have to hide the truth will be morally correct, unethical, or immoral, depending on numerous details.

You usually must say the truth in order to be morally correct, but there are exceptions. For example, you cannot simply tell a friend that you believe that the new clothes he/she bought are horrible and you would never wear them. You can say that you don’t like their style, but other people like this style, without lying and without clearly telling the truth because if you will be totally sincere, you will hurt your friend’s feelings.

However, if you will say that you love these clothes, you will be false. This is something you cannot do if you want to avoid being controlled by your anti-conscience. You cannot be false, even when you are trying to be kind. You have to say the truth in a gentle manner.

I’m giving you simple examples to show you the essential. However, your life is complicated and what happens in various situations is complex. You have to think about many things at the same time.

For example, if the person who bought new clothes and asks you your opinion about them is your boss, you will obviously be afraid to be sincere. You know that you cannot be false, but at the same time you also know that your boss is not a reasonable person and he will hate your sincerity.

You understand that it is much better for you to simply tell him that you like his new clothes, without being afraid of complications, and this is what you automatically do. You don’t need to think too much to come to this obvious conclusion.

You may believe that this way you are avoiding conflicts, but this is not the case. You may avoid having problems with your boss, but you will have problems because of the impositions of your anti-conscience. The more you agree with its suggestions, more it controls your mind and behavior.

If you were intelligent, you would remember that whenever you are false, your anti-conscience takes advantage of this fact. You would prefer to be polite without being a liar. You could tell your boss that you didn’t like his clothes’ color or whatever, but that this was merely your opinion.

Perhaps your boss would understand that you were not trying to please him, and he will prefer your sincere answer. You assume that he will be glad with you if you will agree with him because this is a simple assumption, but perhaps your boss wants to test you and see if you are a liar.

Perhaps he knows that these clothes are not the ideal ones for him. So, if you will tell him that you love them, you will show him that you don’t pay attention to his problems. You simply try to please him, without analyzing anything.

As you can see with this example, you never know what can happen to you when you are false.

When you are sincere, you are not afraid of the truth. If you are not hiding anything, you don’t care about what will happen in the future.

When you lie, you always are worried. You are afraid that perhaps the other person will understand that you were false, or that something will happen and uncover your lie.

When you keep hiding the truth, you are constantly worried, and you are constantly forced to be careful and false in order to cover your previous lies. You cannot relax.

You become always more absurd, and more unable to find peace. Therefore, you are tortured by anxiety. At the same time, you believe that you are too anxious ‘for no reason’, since you cannot understand that your anxiety is a consequence of the several lies you are trying to cover.

You don’t think that you are absurd because you are a liar. Therefore, you don’t attribute your anxiety to your absurd tendency to hide or distort the truth. You believe that this is what you have to do in order to be socially accepted.

You have to find out what is happening to you by translating the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method. You will learn how to take everything into consideration. This way, you will stop accepting the absurd suggestions of your anti-conscience. You will understand that they are not logical assumptions.

God will show you your mistakes and correct your behavior. You will learn how to be sincere without being rude.

This means that you will have a series of dreams about your behavior and what you have to do in order to offer resistance to the absurdity imposed by your anti-conscience, which sometimes is instinctive, and other times is the result of your idiotic attitude, since you accept absurd thoughts that seem to be reasonable, without criticism.

You will learn how to stop being fooled by the logical appearance of numerous absurd thoughts. You will also learn how to become a brilliant human being.

God’s Preposition

All dreams contain important messages that provide our conscience with psychotherapy. We need this mental health treatment because we have inherited many absurd tendencies into our anti-conscience.

God created our human conscience in order to help us tame the demon we come from, what means that we have to develop our conscience by acquiring more consciousness during our lives.

With this purpose in mind, God tried to teach us the meaning of goodness. At the same time, He gave us the freedom to prefer being evil because we had to see the consequences of our absurdity and evilness into practice.

Now that we almost destroyed our planet and we almost killed our depressed population, God is showing us the truth about the human nature. He chose me to make this discovery and transmit it to the world because He had to choose someone. Anyone could be in my place.

I could continue Carl Jung’s research only because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in my dreams after perceiving the unconscious wisdom and sanctity, and concluding that God is the dream producer.

This was how I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience. This discovery had many consequences in my life. I had to tell my family that I had mental health issues (in the beginning of 1989) because I had to deal with the absurdity of my anti-conscience after discovering its existence. This was humiliating for me, but I obeyed God’s guidance, even though I hated my position and I basically disagreed with God’s plan, which was based on my suffering.

God didn’t hide this fact. On the contrary, He told me that the reason why He chose me was because I was too evil and I deserved to suffer in eternal hell.

God was giving me the chance to suffer for a certain period of time on earth and pay for my sins instead of sending me to hell. I was lucky because I could escape hell after death if I would precisely obey God’s guidance and help Him put an end to terror on earth.

Earth is a hell with many consolations and many opportunities. However, there is a worse hell for those who are evil during their lives. I was lucky because God chose me among all the strong people he could have chosen, and He prepared me to carry on an important part of His plan. I had no chance to escape hell. That was a great opportunity for a terrible sinner like me.

I hated God’s plan and I hated my destiny, but I was obedient because I was carefully prepared to act this way thanks to my life biography, besides all the knowledge I had. Even for my obedience is not my merit.

When I had to face the unbearable symptoms imposed by the anti-conscience, which are dizziness, oral and visual distortions, blackouts, panic attacks, hallucinations, and numerous immoral and absurd thoughts, I understood why I had to tell my family that I was not strong, and I couldn’t deal with too much in my daily life. My mother and my father-in-law helped me, taking care of my son.

I had to be a hero and bear the attacks of my anti-conscience while silently praying and working all day in my mother’s and my aunt’s store selling clothes. The anti-conscience’s attacks lasted eight months. After this period of time I stopped having problems thanks to my resistance.

Then, I had to face many other adventures. This was only the beginning of the most complicated and dangerous part of my research.

In 1988 I had written a book proving to the world that Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is the only one everyone must learn and respect, but instead of publishing it in the end of the year, I had many warnings in dreams, showing me that I had to be patient.

I couldn’t imagine that I would stop being a writer. I was a writer since when I was 7-years-old. God made me stop writing and become a doctor when I became 29-years-old, after wining the battle against my anti-conscience. I had to cure many people through dream therapy into practice (without payment) during nineteen years before publishing my work.

If I knew all the adventures I would have to face from the beginning of my interest for the meaning of dreams (because I had many vivid dreams and I understood that I needed psychological help) I don’t think that I would have the courage to study so much. Fortunately, I was young and ignorant, and I believed that I had already discovered too much in the end of 1988. I couldn’t imagine that God would make me work during two decades in order to be able to really help the world with this knowledge.

I was a very persistent student. This was the best advantage I had in life.

Or should I say that the most important advantage I had was my extraordinary literary talent? I had many advantages, besides being in a difficult position. God demanded too much work from me, but He was generous. He gave me many tools.

This is why today I’m showing you God’s thoughts and His preposition to humanity.

Now that we know that we are demons and we have many absurd tendencies, we must consciously recognize that we are unable to decide what to do in life based on our ignorant and evil conscience.

God let us decide what to do, and we this is why we transformed our world into a living hell that works based on terror, violence, immorality, cruelty, indifference, and greed.

Now God asks us to finally obey His guidance, giving us more explanations about the meaning of dreams and our mental health. We have to understand that we cannot be free because we are dangerous, and obey the divine guidance in order to solve our problems and find peace.

The end of our freedom is not based on slavery. God is not a dictator. We have to consciously understand that our freedom is dangerous because we are absurd and evil, and obey the divine guidance in our dreams and in our religion because this is better for us.

All religions were created by God and all religions work like psychotherapy because we need all the help we can have in order to stop being demons, and become really human.

Independently of the answer of the world to God’s preposition, you must decide to obey the divine guidance even against your will. Since you have inherited many absurd and evil tendencies, it is obvious that you don’t know how to control your behavior in all situations and how to find peace and happiness.

You cannot trust other human beings, but you can trust God’s sanctity.

God’s guidance in your dreams may go against your laziness and your passive acceptance of what is bad in your mind and in your life, but this guidance saves your life.

Even though you have to suffer in order to obey the divine guidance, when you respect God’s wisdom your suffering is a surgical operation for your psyche. When you suffer because of the consequences of your mistakes, your suffering has a destructive effect because you are controlled by many violent tendencies.

You should prefer to suffer in order to become a true human being while you are alive, and avoid going to hell after death. This was what I did. It is much better, without a doubt.

Precious Messages In Dreams

God is generous with everyone. He produces dreams that reflect our absurdity, showing us why we are having problems.

I will give you an example. This dream was dreamt by an insecure man:

“Hanging onto a flag pole on top of an enormous skyscraper. Very windy. Over the edge, I saw a building with new shiny silver architecture, an office or hospital with solar panels.

Everywhere else, desert floor was cleared for construction. Each site was marked by with a gigantic circle engraved in dirt. I was blown over the edge and fell rapidly (terrified). Time began to slow down and it felt like I was floating down.

I was translated to a room in a house with carpet. Saw a huge hand with it’s index finger making circles in the carpet (same as the construction sites).”

Dream translation:

“Hanging onto a flag pole on top of an enormous skyscraper. Very windy.

You represent your ego.

The flag represents a demonstration of ownership.

The skyscraper represents a collection of personality types you could imitate, a huge collection. This means that you tend to imitate whoever, without verifying if the characteristics of their personality fit yours.

You don’t mind imitating contrasting personality types. Your personality is not uniform.

The fact that you were hanging onto a flag pole on top of an enormous skyscraper indicates that you are in a very dangerous position because you don’t believe in God’s protection. You want to be a boss in your life, without depending on God.

The wind represents anger.

You are angry for being in this dangerous position because you don’t believe in God’s protection.

Over the edge, I saw a building with new shiny silver architecture, an office or hospital with solar panels.

The building with shiny silver architecture represents another collection of personality types you could imitate, which is more sophisticated.

The sun in dreams represents the light of truth. The solar panels were trying to help you see the truth as it really is.

You have a distorted image of the truth in mind.

The hospital represents a place of deep psychological and spiritual transformation. The office is related to your mission in life.

You have to pass through a process of psychological and spiritual transformation in order to understand your real mission in life.

Everywhere else, desert floor was cleared for construction.

The fact that the floor was cleared for construction means that the personality types you could imitate were not ready yet.

Each site was marked by with a gigantic circle engraved in dirt.

The site represents a possession.

The circle represents completion (real satisfaction).

The dirt represents concernment about what is happening on earth (without caring about your spiritual reality).

This means that for you, completion must be based on material elements. You don’t believe that there is anything else besides your material life.

I was blown over the edge and fell rapidly (terrified).

The fact that you fell down represents a big deception in your daily life.

Time began to slow down and it felt like I was floating down.

However, this deception won’t be so painful because you are learning the meaning of your dreams and you are being guided by the divine wisdom.

I was translated to a room in a house with carpet.

The house represents your psyche.

The room represents a part of your psyche.

The carpet hides immorality under it. This means that you are hiding immorality in your psyche.

Saw a huge hand with it’s index finger making circles in the carpet (same as the construction sites).”

The huge hand represents God’s actions.

The circles that the index finger was making in the carpet represent completion (real satisfaction).

The fact that they were designed in the carpet means that God was showing you that you need completion, and that you cannot hide immorality in your psyche if you want to find completion.

The same way, the personality types you will imitate (building) depend on completion. You cannot just imitate any personality type without caring if this will bring you completion.

This dream is showing you that you have to stop being so materialistic and so indifferent to your behavior.

You have to believe in God’s existence and in His protection. You are not alone in the world as you believe.

You also have to pay attention to your spiritual reality and purify your spirit instead of accepting immorality.


I cannot tell you details about the dreamer’s life biography to help you understand how important these messages were for him. Many people have meaningful and enlightening dreams showing them that they can be protected by God. However, they must believe in God’s existence and obey His guidance instead of being controlled by their absurd tendencies.

The tendency to doubt that God will protect you is absurd. You must be careful, but at the same time you must believe that God is with you because you are doing what He is showing you. Your faith is important.

Most people cannot understand what is really important in life. You must learn everything you need to know by translating the meaning of your dreams, and understanding God’s words.

Health, Mental Health, And Abundance

God can help us solve all our problems and live in abundance, but He depends on our obedience. As a matter of fact, the reason why we don’t live in abundance is exactly the fact that we refuse to obey God’s guidance. This tragedy was explained in the Biblical narrative about Adam and Eve.

If we were obedient, we wouldn’t have to work to find food. We wouldn’t have to deal with diseases, mental disorders, and social problems. Everything would be much easier for us.

However, we are disobedient, and we cannot be trusted.

The obedience to the divine guidance is difficult in the beginning, but it becomes easier with time, and the results of this obedience are excellent. God cures everyone’s psyche, and He solves all problems based on wisdom and goodness.

If we could understand how many advantages we can have by obeying the divine guidance, we wouldn’t desire to be free.

However, we don’t want to obey God’s guidance because are idiotic, absurd, and evil. Even the most logical explanations or the most impressing scientific discoveries cannot convince us that God exists, and that we must respect His wisdom.

You have to understand that God knows what is better for you, without following the erroneous mindset of the hypocritical world.

I could recognize this truth in the situation I was, even though I hated God’s guidance. He not only made me work hard; He made me abandon the man I loved. I was ready to commit adultery when God showed me the truth about the human nature. This was the worst guidance I had to obey.

I could logically understand that God was right and I was wrong, besides my revolt, but I didn’t want to understand anything. I wanted to be a sinner. However, God gave me too much knowledge.

He also showed me His pain because He couldn’t eliminate terror. I saw into practice how powerful the anti-conscience was. I had many reasons to be obedient. Based on the vision I had, I would be more than an idiot if I wouldn’t obey God’s guidance after having so much information about all the dangers that were threatening me.

I’m trying to give you this vision, so that you may be as obedient as I was.

The alternative to be directly guided by God in dreams is a big advantage for every human being. You must be able to understand this fact, besides the negative reactions of your selfish ego.

You can become a genius. You can do many things you cannot imagine. Everything depends on your capacity to understand why you have to follow God’s directions.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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