The Real Reason Why You Are Alive

LifeDreams About Your Psychological Functions

I will tell you the real reason why you are alive because you must learn the truth in order to preserve your mental stability and evolve. You don’t live in order to be happy. Your happiness on earth is not important.

Of course, you want to be happy. Happiness is so wonderful. Why shouldn’t you desire to be happy? This idea seems to be absurd.

You want to be happy not only because this is wonderful, but because this is what the hypocritical world makes you believe you should care about, and you like to believe that you are alive in order to be happy.

You like even more to believe that you will be happy if you will have many material pleasures and a powerful social position, and you will be admired by everyone. So, the world can easily convince you to follow its absurd ideas, which are based on most people’s evil anti-conscience.

My lessons are unpleasant, uncomfortable, and sad, but they are opening your eyes. Thanks to the information I’m giving you, you will manage to surpass the erroneous concepts of your historical time.

I’m not giving you lessons because I’m intelligent, but because I’m obedient. I precisely obeyed God’s guidance in dreams after discovering that the unconscious mind was God’s mind. This is why I’m telling you that you must be afraid of the lies of the world.

You can trust only the divine guidance in your dreams and in your religion.

Religion is a very efficient psychotherapeutical method, but it was so distorted by the evil world that it doesn’t have the same effect it initially had.

The real reason why you are alive is because you have to transform your satanic anti-conscience into human conscience, and then, attain sanctity. Sanctity is sound mental health, spiritual perfection, and wisdom.

Now you can understand why if you will be happy or not while you will transform your satanic anti-conscience into human content is irrelevant. You have to face a battle. You cannot be comfortable in a battle.

You can be somehow happy on earth, but first of all you must become a better person. You have to become a perfect human being in order to be able to be happy on earth, even though your happiness here cannot be perfect because you are in Satan’s world.

Earth is governed by Satan because God must let the demon decide what to do in order to transform it into a conscious human being. Without free will, it would never consciously understand the importance of goodness.

God gives us a human conscience to help us tame the demon within ourselves and teach it how to be a human being. We don’t think that we are demons and we insist on trying to be happy here because we follow Satan’s absurd thoughts.

Our anti-conscience is Satan and occupies the biggest part of our brain. Our tiny human conscience is only a spot and must be developed by us during our lives.

In a few words, everything is terrible. What the hypocritical world is telling you is very far from the truth.

We are idiotic primates who have many absurd and evil tendencies. This is why God produces dreams that work like psychotherapy.

Why You Don’t Learn How To Avoid Going To Hell

After facing a tragic car accident (in 1976, when I was 15-years-old) I became a revolted teen. I started causing problems to all nuns at my school, especially because I became an atheist. It was a Catholic school with Silesian nuns.

I used to be one of the best students, but after the accident I started condemning the hypocrisy of the nuns. I was against everyone and everything, especially against the military dictatorship in Brazil.

I used to go to the big library of the school whenever I had the chance. I liked to read books about other matters, and not about what we were studying. Or better saying, I wanted to learn more details about what we were superficially studying in the classroom. My favorite topics were world history and biology.

Certain day I don’t know why, I read a book about religion I found there. I was probably looking for something else, but I read a few pages of the book anyway.

The author was condemning humankind and saying that everyone would go to hell. He was furious with the human race. I saw a nun I knew in the library, and I showed her the book. I read for her two paragraphs.

Then, I asked her: “Is this guy crazy?”

She looked at me somehow embarrassed, without saying a word. I guess that later she said that it was an old book or something like that. I couldn’t hear her voice. I didn’t insist because it was obvious that she didn’t know how to answer my question.

If she knew what she was doing in life when she decided to be a nun, she would tell me that the author was condemning all human beings because we are terrible sinners. She would explain why I had to be afraid of God’s judgment.

I was studying in that school since I was 6-years-old (in the kindergarten) and until I became 16-years-old and I found that strange book in the library, I had never had any lesson about how to avoid going to hell, or about the existence of Satan.

All the lessons we had there were about Jesus’ words and the importance of goodness. Nobody taught me what a demon was.

This is why I couldn’t understand why that author was saying that all human beings would go to hell. Today I know that this is exactly what happens, but the Catholic Church forgot its mission.

When I discovered the existence of a satanic primitive conscience in the human brain I concluded that the pope should be crucified.

The Catholic Church failed to save humanity from hell.

I was revolted with the hypocrisy of the clergy. God was more revolted than me. This is why He made me study in that school. I had to deeply understand His pain.

I remember that when I was a child I couldn’t understand why we kept asking God to have mercy on us when we were praying in the chapel. We were all rich girls in that school. I believed we should ask God to have mercy on the poor. There were many poor people in my country, Brazil.

Even though I studied twelve years in that Catholic school, I didn’t learn many things I should have learned in order to carry on the mission that God had prepared for me.

Nobody told me that I was a sinner. This word was outdated. It was used in prayers because they were created many centuries ago. We had many lessons about various temptations and dangers, but nobody told us that we had to fight Satan, or that we would go to hell.

We believed that God understood that we were too far from perfection, and He accepted our imperfections the same way we did. We believed that the old story about going to hell was only a metaphor. Nobody told us that it was not a legend and we would be punished for our sins.

The Catholic Church got adapted to the modern civilization instead of defending God’s teachings. This is why you didn’t learn how to avoid going to hell. If you are not Christian, similar distortions happened in your religion.

Most people go to hell after death, besides living in a hell while they are on earth. Our planet is a beautiful hell with many hidden dangers, where we also have many consolations. Here we suffer through many ways, but we also have material pleasures and other consolations, so that we may understand the meaning of goodness.

We are demons with a human face and a tiny human conscience. We have to make many efforts in order to eliminate our satanic anti-conscience.

This is why God sends us wise messages in dreams.

The Visible Truth

The tragedies of the world prove more than anything else that we really are absurd and evil. Crimes, wars, terrorist attacks, and many other horrors always are part of our daily news.

Those who are not victims of terror are responsible for its preservation because they abuse of their financial power. Indifference to other people’s pain is a mental illness and a crime. Indifference is not a neutral attitude.

Another shocking tragedy that reflects our absurdity is our immorality, even though we want to get married and raise children!

We are ridiculous.

Immorality is accepted so much in our world that it stopped being comprehended. Most people today cannot tell the difference between morality and immorality.

I will give you an example by showing you a few sentences of a long dream dreamt by a neurotic man:

Two chickens, one weak one strong, get released, both can fly, the one has to catch the other.
I fly along, end up in woods.

Dream translation:

Two chickens, one weak one strong, get released,

The chicken in dreams represents the acceptance of immorality.

The fact that they are two chickens means that each tendency to accept immorality is characterized by one of the two psychological functions that are not working in your conscience: your feelings and your intuition.

One was a weak tendency, and the other one, a strong immoral tendency.

Your feelings and your intuition are ruled by the acceptance of immorality.

The fact that the chickens were released means that their immorality had the chance to control your behavior.

both can fly, the one has to catch the other.

Since they are birds, the fact that both can fly means that each tendency to accept immorality can bring you different news. In other words, you will have negative news in the future, depending on what you will do, while you will be influenced by the immorality of one or another psychological function.

One has to catch another because each one of them is trying to control your behavior.

Both psychological functions are immoral and they cannot help you have good news in life. You must stop believing that immorality is good because it gives you an absurd pleasure.

I fly along, end up in woods.

The fact that you were flying like a bird means that your ego is too far from your reality, in an imaginary world.

The fact that you fly with the chickens means that your ego follows the immorality of these two absurd immoral tendencies that work based on the psychological functions that don’t belong to your conscience.

The woods represent your animal nature.

In other words, you are eluded, imagining that you can be happy with your immoral tendencies, while these immoral tendencies can only make you have the behavior of an animal (woods), and not the behavior of a wise man.


I have to give you an explanation because this dream was long, but I cannot show you the entire dream because I cannot expose the dreamer and I cannot tell you his personal details. The number two in dreams usually is related to the two psychological functions that are working in the dreamer’s conscience.

However, if the number two appears twice in a dream, this means that the other two people, animals, or objects that appear in the dream reflect the characteristics of the psychological functions that are not conscious and belong to the dreamer’s anti-conscience.

The number two appears twice in this dream. So, the characteristics of the parts of his personality that are based on the psychological functions that are working in his conscience were already previously analyzed. This is why I tell him that the two chickens represent a tendency to accept immorality that belongs to the psychological functions that are not working in his conscience, his feelings and his intuition.

The two psychological functions that are working in his conscience are thoughts (fully developed) and sensations (half-developed).

This dreamer indifferently accepts immorality like most people in the crazy world. This is one of the main reasons why his mental health is in danger, but he doesn’t understand this fact.

The world is destroying our self-defensive system. We are accepting absurdity without criticism. This is why even marriages between homosexuals are permitted and defended today. We completely lost the sense of morality.

Homosexuality is a mental illness generated by the anti-conscience. It can be cured through dream therapy. However, the world doesn’t want to eliminate the absurdity of our society. On the contrary, it wants to promote absurd ideas through manipulation.

The world likes to see the population suffering because it has the chance to sell us its products, which promise to give us solutions, while they generate more problems. So, we keep looking for solutions, and paying for services or products.

If we were not so insensitive and so selfish, the world wouldn’t manage to mislead us so much.

However, this is not the case. We like craziness.

God’s Guidance In Dreams

God is generous and patient, but He is also revolted with our evilness.

You have to understand this fact and care about transforming your personality. You are not alive without a purpose. You shouldn’t be free to waste your time doing whatever you may desire.

If you will follow your desires, you will do what your satanic anti-conscience imposes to your conscience, instead of eliminating the demon.

God must give you the freedom to listen to the demon’s suggestions, but you must prefer to listen to God’s lessons in your religion and in your dreams.

In other words, you have to stop being immoral and materialistic. You have to completely abandon the erroneous concepts of the modern civilization.

Your eternal spirit is more important than you mortal body. You must care about your spiritual purification more than about anything else.

The Importance Of Purity And Love

Purity is so rare and so incomprehensible for us that we don’t understand its meaning, even though we define it as freedom from guilt or evil; innocence.

We don’t know what innocence means because we are too immoral and evil. God is trying to teach us the importance of purity and love, but we are not interested in this lesson.

We like what is bad.

We agree with Satan. Our conscience merely repeats the mistakes of our anti-conscience instead of teaching our anti-conscience how to be human.

We will never manage to win the battle against the demon without obeying the divine guidance because we are idiotic, absurd, and evil.

We prefer the absurd temporary pleasure of immorality than the genuine and eternal satisfaction of love. We don’t believe that there is a perfect match for us. This is why we are impatient and we have relationships with the wrong partners.

This is a chaotic situation.

In this situation, how can you understand the importance of purity? How can you protect your family?

And how can you help the world understand the importance of purity and love?

You depend on the world for everything. Your life cannot be unrelated to what is happening in the world. Therefore, you must care about the human race and about the way that all human beings are living on earth. This is your moral obligation because you have to do something for humanity.

All human beings have this obligation because we need real solutions. There are too many problems and challenges in our lives.

Obeying The Divine Guidance

You can understand the real meaning of purity and love, become a mentally healthy human being, attain sanctity, and save the world thanks to your work and your example by translating the meaning of your dreams and obeying the divine guidance.

This is a simple alternative because God is generous and He sends you important messages in dreams. I simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation and now you can instantly read His words in all dreams.

However, obeying the divine guidance is not a simple matter for you because you have many absurd and evil tendencies. You have to transform your personality.

So, the fact that you are guided in dreams is a simplicity that facilitates your life and helps you understand what you have to do. The fact that you can easily understand the dream language is another simplicity you didn’t have before my work, but your obedience is indispensable, and this is a complication.

You have to do what God shows you, and not what your conscience desires.

God is demanding because He is a serious doctor and you are basically a demon. He doesn’t trust you. You don’t deserve His mercy.

God will show you how you can become a hero, but this is a tiring and unpleasant necessity. So, you will probably have to suffer in order to obey God’s guidance. This is unavoidable.

Jesus came to our world in order to teach us how we must behave when we are unfairly condemned, betrayed, tortured, and crucified. You have to carry your cross like He did.

You also have to forgive your enemies, accept your pain, and believe that you will be consoled by God.

This way, you will purify your spirit, and you will also help God put a definitive end to terror, violence, and immorality.

Violence generates violence. You cannot combat violence with violence. Your peaceful attitude and your forgiveness are indispensable.

Now you don’t depend only on your religion in order to understand God’s teachings. You have a tremendous advantage because you can understand God’s messages in your dreams.

Understanding Your Position

God will show you in your dreams how you will become a perfect human being and solve all the problems of your life. You will also help the world with the solutions you will find.

Therefore, even though everything is terrible, and even though you have to change your behavior and transform your personality, what is painful, tiring, and unpleasant, in the end of this process you will be glad with yourself, and the world will be grateful for your existence.

Most importantly, God will be happy with you because you will alleviate His pain. You will be compensated, but this will happen when God will decide that you deserve this compensation. You cannot have the mindset of a marketer who accepts his/her suffering in exchange for God’s compensation, and demand it from God.

You have to be humble and patient. You don’t deserve any compensation for being a hero because you have the obligation to eliminate your satanic anti-conscience.

When you obey the divine guidance you are not doing God a favor. You are doing what you have to do in order to avoid suffering forever.

Curing Mental Disorders and Health Problems

Even though you reality is tragic, God can help you carry on your mission. By following His guidance in your dreams you will discover how to cure mental disorders and health problems, besides purifying your spirit.

Our sick population cannot find sound mental health and physical health because nobody respects God’s wisdom. You will be an exception.

I will give you an example to show you how you will clearly understand what to do thanks to the dream messages. Here is a dream dreamt by a woman who has a health problem:

I was going to school with many friends. My roommate (she is not a person I know) and I decided to apply for student housing. When they showed us our apartment, on the second floor, I couldn’t believe it had one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. It was over looking many trees and had a peaceful and tranquil feeling.

Dream translation:

I was going to school with many friends.

You represent your ego in dreams.

The many friends are various parts of your personality.

When you go to school in a dream you learn the meaning of life and the meaning of dreams.

So, you were learning the meaning of life and dreams with many other parts of your personality.

My roommate (she is not a person I know) and I decided to apply for student housing.

Your roommate is a superficial part of your personality connected to your ego, which is studying the meaning of life and dreams with you.

The house in dreams represents your psyche.

The fact that you decided to apply for student housing means that your ego and this part of your personality decided to take your studies very seriously, and transform your psyche based on them.

This is a positive sign. It shows you that besides your negative reactions because you had many warnings in the beginning, you finally understood that your dreams contain precious messages that help you change your behavior and your life.

When they showed us our apartment, on the second floor,

Your apartment represents your psyche. The fact that it is on the second floor indicates that the place of your psyche where your ego lives is over the region of the anti-conscience, which is down in the bottom of your psyche. Your ego is concentrated on the conscious surface because it is up, on the second floor.

The number two is related to the two psychological functions that are working in your conscience. One of them is fully developed, and the other one, half-developed.

This means that you still must acquire consciousness of the two psychological functions and a half that are not working in your conscience because they belong to your anti-conscience.

Since you belong to the extroverted psychological type based on feelings, the second psychological function that is half-working in your conscience can be your sensations or your intuition. Your thoughts are the opposite of your feelings, and this is why they belong to your anti-conscience, along with your sensations or your intuition, depending on which one of these psychological functions is working in your anti-conscience.

Therefore, your ego is on the conscious surface because you are paying attention to the two psychological functions that are working in your conscience.

I couldn’t believe it had one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen.

The fact that the apartment had one of the most beautiful views indicates that your ego has a positive view of your reality.

The view from your apartment represents the vision you have about the world and about your psychological reality.

Since the view was so beautiful, your vision is concentrated on the positive characteristics of the world and the positive characteristics of your psychological reality when you are using the two psychological functions that are working in your conscience.

It was over looking many trees and had a peaceful and tranquil feeling.

The trees in dreams represent life. They are incentives that make you desire to be alive.

The peaceful and tranquil feeling reflects the harmony of your psychological reality and your optimism when you use the two psychological functions that are working in your conscience.

Therefore, you become anxious and impatient when you go to the region of your anti-conscience (down) and you are controlled by the psychological functions that were not developed in your conscience, and therefore, have wild and dangerous characteristics.

The solution for you is not to remain on the conscious surface using only the two psychological functions that are working in your conscience, but to develop your four psychological functions (thoughts, feelings, sensations and intuition) based on human standards.

You have to feel the same peace you find when you use the psychological functions that are working in your conscience also when you use your other two and a half psychological functions.

Right now they belong to your anti-conscience, and this is why you have an impatient behavior when you are controlled by these psychological functions. They must be transformed, so that they may help you find solutions in life, instead of causing psychological problems.

When you will stop making mistakes because you will correct your behavior, you will also stop having the skin allergy. This allergy is a result of your erroneous attitude.


This dreamer is gradually understanding her mental health problems and changing her attitude. You have to develop the psychological functions that are not working in your conscience like her.

This is not easy, but you will surely manage to triumph if you will obey the divine guidance. Don’t be afraid of your process of transformation.

This process of transformation is the most important matter of your life. Your spiritual health, your mental health, and your physical health depend on it.

You must be afraid of your indifference.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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