Why You Must Believe That You Are Not Mentally Healthy

Mentally HealthyEven if you believe you are a normal person, you are not mentally healthy. You have inherited a wild conscience (anti-conscience), which is absurd and evil. Your conscience is underdeveloped and must be developed during your life.

You have the tendency to disregard what is unpleasant, and this is why you cannot believe that your anti-conscience can destroy your conscience. You believe that you are able to control your behavior.

Even people who are schizophrenic or almost schizophrenic have this impression. This is a dangerous delusion.

I have to open your eyes, while you like to believe in your imagination. I’m in a difficult position.

Besides this fact, the hypocritical world tells you the opposite of what I’m showing you. Of course, you prefer to believe in the pleasant lies of the atheistic and materialistic world. You don’t want to spend your time with problems and dangers.

My unpleasant mission is saving you from despair, but you don’t recognize its importance while you manage to go ahead and keep believing in theories. You look for psychotherapy only when you start having unbearable symptoms and absurd thoughts.

You must be prudent. If you have mental health problems you have to urgently follow dream therapy. If you believe you are a normal person, you have to urgently learn the dream language.

Why ‘urgently’?

Because if you will become schizophrenic or if you are near schizophrenia (like me when I was young) you are in a very dangerous position, but you cannot perceive the danger.

If you have a strong human conscience and you cannot believe that you could lose your mind, you have the moral obligation to really eliminate your anti-conscience, so that you may be more than sure that you will really keep your mental stability forever. You also have the moral obligation to help others because you have a strong conscience.

Why ‘moral obligation’?

Because most people have a weak conscience and a strong anti-conscience. If your conscience is strong you must become really powerful because you have to help God save others from terror and despair.

Terror and despair?

You are too insensitive; this is why you don’t notice that terror and despair characterize the human life. Even your own life, independently of the way you live.

How many times in your life did you have a deception? And what kind of deception?

How many times in your life did you fell abandoned or unfairly treated by someone? And how important was this person for you?

These situations are characterized by terror and despair, even though you don’t think that they are ‘so serious’ that you should consider them as if they were reflecting the existence of terror on earth. You relate terror to crimes, blood pouring, and bombs.

You believe that I’m exaggerating when I tell you that you already have lived moments of terror and despair many times in your life, even if you had a normal life without serious traumatic experiences.

If you had terrible traumatic experiences during your childhood and your adolescence, you don’t think that I’m exaggerating, but you still are indifferent to the existence of a demon in the human brain. You cannot consciously understand the meaning of this fact. You look at it from a distance, without wanting to believe that it is a tragedy.

You want to learn how to be powerful, make more money, be admired, have a good social position, and make many friends. You are not interested in understanding your mental health and learning what you have to do in order to preserve it; mainly because you don’t know how near you are from losing your mind.

You are in a very dangerous position only because you have inherited an anti-conscience. Even if you have a strong conscience, the fact that you have an anti-conscience is a tragedy.

You should cry because this is a terrible truth. It is the worst truth a human being could discover.

God prepared me to be the one who would show it to you because He needed someone’s help in order to enlighten the world. You may be surprised because God chose me while He could have chosen many other people more important, more intelligent, and more skilled than me. I was surprised too.

I hated my difficult mission and I disagreed with the fact that I was not a powerful person. I believed that I should be a named scientist and have a lot of money in order to carry on this mission. However, I knew that I was ignorant, absurd, and evil and my ideas were probably wrong.

I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams, even though I disagreed with almost everything in God’s plan because I recognized my incapacity to understand how God would manage to prepare the conditions for what He wanted to achieve.

If I would create this plan my position would be totally different, but who was I? I didn’t know how to put an end to terror and despair. This was God’s purpose.

He used me in order to show the truth to the world even though I’m an average person because He had numerous reasons that I couldn’t understand with the knowledge I had. Today I know many of these reasons, but I’m still ignorant. No matter how much I may learn, I’m far from being able to understand how God thinks and how He created His complex plan.

God is trying to eliminate terror even before creating our planet with this intention.

This means that the satanic anti-conscience is so powerful that God had to create an entire planet in order to transform it into human conscience, and He is still not able to eliminate it.

The anti-conscience is incorrigible. God depends on the obedience of our conscience to His guidance in order to tame our anti-conscience thanks to our conscious attitude. He created our conscience based on human characteristics because He needs our cooperation.

This means that there is a way to eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience. By obeying the divine guidance in your dreams an in your religion, you can transform your anti-conscience into a positive component of your conscience.

Then, you will become a sensitive genius. You will have more than many advantages.

However, you have to pay attention to the danger you are exposed to right now, and obey the divine guidance like me. If you will be disobedient and indifferent, the demon will win this battle.

Satan is more powerful than God. God depends on your cooperation, while Satan easily misleads your idiotic conscience.

If you want to become a sensitive genius and have many advantages in life, you have to transform the demon into a human being. This is a difficult mission, but you have God’s help in your dreams. This is the best alternative you could have, even though you are in a difficult position because you have to fight absurdity.

God’s psychotherapy in your dreams is a consolation for you.

If you don’t care about becoming a sensitive genius, you are a slave for the demon. You have to make efforts in order to transform your personality, and stop making the mistakes imposed by your anti-conscience.

There are no multiple choices for you. You can either obey the divine guidance, or do exactly what your satanic anti-conscience desires (while believing that this is what ‘you’ want) and then, face the bitter consequences of your mistakes.

Do you prefer to have a few pleasant moments in the beginning of your attempts, and suffer in the end?

I believe you should prefer to suffer in the beginning of your therapy because you have to transform your personality, so that you may find peace and happiness in the end of your process of transformation. This process has a limited duration. It doesn’t last forever.

Terror and despair never end.

How To Avoid Falling Into The Anti-Conscience’s Traps

Dreams with violent dream scenes are common. These dreams must alarm you.

I will give you an example to show you why you must worry whenever you have such dreams. Here is a part of a long dream dreamt by a woman who is having relationship problems:

All of a sudden I hear a gun being cocked and I drop to the ground and I hear gun shots and they shoot and kill the black guy and then kill T’s friend C and they shoot T in the head. Then it goes to T being in the hospital on life support.

(T and I have dated for the last 3 years and 2 weeks ago he broke up with me after me and his ex got into an argument. C is T’s friend that works for T at his business. T came home about a month before we broke up and told me that C was acting really weird…)

I deleted her explanation about C’s behavior because it contained personal details. You should imagine a problem that made C have a strange behavior. He represents a part of her personality that started acting in a different way for some reason.

Dream Translation:

All of a sudden I hear a gun being cocked and I drop to the ground and I hear gun shots and they shoot and kill the black guy and then kill T’s friend C and they shoot T in the head.

You represent your ego.

The black guy represents a mature part of your personality that accepts what is bad.

T represents your perfect match. You have objective information about him in your dreams. He doesn’t have a symbolic meaning like the other people who appear in the dream.

C represents a mature part of your personality that has a strange behavior because it is irritated and afraid.

Those who had guns were violent parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience.

The gun and the shots represent violence.

The fact that a negative part of your personality killed your perfect match means that your violent attitude will be fatal for your perfect match. In other words, you will be cruel. You must be careful with your words and your actions in the situation you are.

The head in dreams is related to mental health and reasoning.

The fact that the negative parts of your personality shoot T in the head means that they will generate a mental illness within his conscience because of your violent behavior.

There are too many negative parts of your personality influencing your behavior.

The negative parts of your personality were also trying to violently kill your ego.

The fact that the black guy and C died means that you don’t need their example anymore because you already are imitating their negative behavior and making their mistakes.

You must be extremely careful and control your anger. I understand that you are passing though a stressful situation, and the negative parts of your personality are taking advantage of your anger in order to control your behavior.

You have to be superior and always control your behavior without becoming revolted with other people’s mistakes. Otherwise, your anti-conscience will ruin your personality and your life. The anti-conscience is violent, immoral, cruel, and absurd.

This dream is showing you that you are about to make serious mistakes because you are controlled by your anti-conscience.

The unconscious mind will show you in your dreams how you will be able to eliminate your anti-conscience, so that your conscience may control your behavior, and not your wild side.

Then it goes to T being in the hospital on life support.

The hospital in dreams represents a serious psychological transformation. Your perfect match had to pass through a serious transformation after being ruined by the negative parts of your personality.

In other words, your negative and violent behavior will destroy the person you love. He will have to begin his life again in order to survive after facing what you will do against him because you are angry.

If you will obey the unconscious guidance in your dreams you (the human being concentrated into your conscience) will manage to control your behavior.

You will learn how to become a wise human being. You will stop becoming angry with other people’s evilness. The unconscious mind will transform you into a superior person.

You will also learn how to stop making mistakes and avoid facing unpleasant and dangerous situations.


This dreamer is in a dangerous situation because she is controlled by her anti-conscience, since she is angry with what happened.

She is not neurotic, but she can become more mentally ill if she will do something absurd. Fortunately, she is translating the meaning of her dreams and learning how to behave in this difficult situation. Her success depends on her obedience to the divine guidance.

Right now everything seems to be impossible. However, if she will be obedient, all her problems will be solved.

I saw many miracles happening, but I also saw many disobedient dreamers make mistakes they shouldn’t have made since they had a warning about this matter in a dream. This is why I told you that if she will successfully solve her problems or not depends on her obedience to the divine guidance.

If she will be disobedient and she will insist on having a violent attitude even after having this warning, she will face the consequences of her mistake. Just by knowing how she must behave, she didn’t solve her problems.

She has to behave according to God’s guidance in her dreams in order to solve every problem, one by one, or many problems at the same time.

You should remember that a conflict generates numerous other problems, and your anger makes you vulnerable to your anti-conscience’s control whenever you are dealing with a difficult and dangerous situation.

Your satanic anti-conscience takes advantage of bad events, and it also generates numerous bad events in your daily life with the intention to destroy your conscience. It tries to break your nerves with all the deceptions you have because you follow its absurd ideas and you have the terrible behavior it imposes to your conscience.

God helps you deal with difficult situations by sending you information and guidance in your dreams. If you won’t be obedient and careful, your anti-conscience will destroy your personality and your life because it will force you to make a costly mistake in a moment of despair.

You will believe that you made this mistake, and you won’t forgive yourself. Then, your conscience will stop deciding what you do. Only the demon will make decisions. Your ego will be a slave.

The anti-conscience’s traps are terrible.

You never know what can happen in your daily life. One problem can suddenly transform your life into a nightmare.

You have to be prudent and regularly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you may prevent bad events, instead of doing what may cause problems in the future. If you already are in a difficult situation, your dreams will help you understand what to do.

How To Prevent Schizophrenia

I won’t give you examples of dreams dreamt by those who are about to become schizophrenic and must be very careful to prevent schizophrenia because you won’t be able to understand their real meaning. I cannot expose the dreamers and tell you all the details you need to know about their case in order to understand their mental health problems.

These cases are difficult because these dreamers are too aggressive and disobedient, or they are too indifferent to the treatment. They don’t understand how dangerous their mental condition is, even after making absurd mistakes that reveal their lack of equilibrium.

They are not afraid of schizophrenia. I keep trying to make them understand that they are in great danger when I translate their dreams for them. It is very hard to make them understand that they must be careful and pay attention to their behavior.

* People who are near schizophrenia have numerous dreams warnings about the same mistakes, but they keep repeating these mistakes.

* They act as if they didn’t have any problem, no matter how many warnings they may have.

* They delay to understand that they are in danger and they have to control their behavior.

They become serious only after repeating many times the same mistakes, and facing many problems because of their behavior. The dream messages help them understand that they keep repeating the same mistakes until they will finally stop being indifferent to this fact.

This method is tiring for the dream producer (God), but it is effective for the dreamer because he/she really needs many repetitions until he will finally understand the danger.

These dreamers are too insensitive, and they don’t have common sense. Sometimes they lie to me about what is happening in their lives, while their dreams reveal the truth. I have to insist until they will finally confess that they repeated the same mistake again. They are unable to control their behavior because they are controlled by their anti-conscience, and they don’t offer resistance to its absurd thoughts.

You have to do everything you can to prevent schizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses. If you already are schizophrenic, you will be cured through dream therapy, but your treatment can take five or more years, especially if you don’t cooperate with your doctor.

You must be prudent and follow dream therapy while you are only a ‘normal’ mentally ill individual, or while you are depressed, neurotic, or you have a phobia, which are simple mental health problems, and you can be cured in eight months of psychotherapy.

The period of time you will need to be cured depends on your dedication. You have to write down your dreams everyday and translate their meaning based on the scientific method everyday in order to be cured so fast. If you won’t be so dedicated you may need around one year of dream therapy.

Of course, you also have many other obligations in life, but if you will be prudent your treatment will be short and simple. You can learn the dream language and translate the simple dreams by yourself and submit for translation the complicated dreams that need more time to be translated. This is what most people do.

You also have the option to only submit your dreams for professional translation if you cannot care about the dream language right now. Everything is easier for you now that I completed Carl Jung’s research, even if you already have a severe mental illness.

Your mental health depends on your obedience to the guidance you have in your dreams. God is demanding because you are too far from sound mental health. However, after the initial difficulties, you will be glad with yourself.

My example is not encouraging because God demanded too much work from me, but He prepared me to be able to do what I had to, since He needed someone’s help. Therefore, I was merely compensating Him for working so hard in order to convince a monster like me to obey His guidance. I didn’t deserve the grace I received.

Many people tell me that they don’t believe that I was so terrible. However, I had no doubt of this fact. God clearly showed me the depth of my absurdity. This is why I was so obedient. I was afraid of my evil self.

You should be afraid of your evil self the same way, even if you are not as mentally ill as I was when I looked for psychotherapy through dream interpretation in 1984, because I always was depressed and angry.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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