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ReligionThe Meaning Of Colors In Dreams

Debates between science and religion are common in our days. However, they are not contradictory as you may believe. Religion is a discipline created by God in order to help you fight the absurdity and the evilness you have inherited into your huge anti-conscience.

All dreams have a psychotherapeutical effect. They help you solve your psychological problems and become a better person. You don’t need scientific knowledge in order to solve your psychological problems. If you know your religion, this is enough.

Thanks to Carl Jung’s extraordinary discoveries about the importance of dreams, today you have also scientific explanations about the meaning of dreams, and you can understand how God manages to cure your psyche. This knowledge completes the knowledge given to you by your religion.

The world must be grateful for Jung’s discoveries. Everyone must recognize that he was the only person who really managed to discover the symbolic meaning of the mysterious dream language. He is the only one who managed to give us valid scientific explanations about the meaning of dreams and our mental health because he looked for the meaning of dreams like an archeologist who was looking for the meaning of an ancient language.

Jung had to respect the spiritual dimension of dreams, even though he was not religious. His ideas were mainly atheistic. He liked Taoism because it is a religion that doesn’t depend on the obedience to a God who punishes the human being for his/her sins.

Christianity was made for the worst races of the globe. Most people have inherited a strong anti-conscience. This is why they are more absurd than those who have a weaker anti-conscience and a strong conscience. Therefore, they must be afraid of a God who judges our attitude and send us to hell when we act like monsters. They are controlled by their anti-conscience all the time.

However, the Catholic and the Orthodox Church distorted God’s lessons, and many other distortions in many other fields made us believe that God forgives us, even when we don’t regret for being evil and we don’t change our attitude. We believe that God knows that we are imperfect, and this is why He doesn’t expect too much from us.

This is a serious distortion that ruined the meaning of Jesus’ lessons to the world.

God is furious because we keep committing crimes.

Today you have scientific knowledge about the meaning of dreams and also religious explanations that help you better understand the dream language. Now that I continued Jung’s research and I completed his work, you can see everything at the same time.

We are not merely ‘imperfect’ creatures. We are terrible monsters. All dreams and all religions help us tame the demon that occupies the biggest part of our brain because we need help.

This is a tragic truth, but we have to realize it, and change our attitude. The demon we have inherited into our anti-conscience must be controlled by our conscience, which was partially developed by God based on human standards.

In order to be able to control our behavior and tame our anti-conscience we have to indispensably obey the divine guidance in our dreams and in our religion.

The fight against absurdity is too difficult. I noticed from the beginning of my work as a dream translator and a mental health therapist that those who believe in God make progress faster.

Atheists (or people who have no faith, even though they supposedly believe in God) usually have too many dream warnings because they keep repeating the same mistakes. They don’t obey the guidance they have.

Religiosity helps you have the right attitude when you are dealing with mental health problems. Your religion doesn’t let you get lost among the obscure and absurd definitions of the hypocritical world. You understand that sound mental health must be based on goodness and wisdom. You know what to do.

The Importance Of Your Attitude

I will give you an example to show you that even a difficult case can be easily cured when the dreamer is religious.

I cannot tell you various important details about the dreamer’s life, but I can tell you that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, and I can also show you a part of what is happening in her daily life without exposing the dreamer.

You will understand why the dreamer’s religiosity helped her. I will show you the beginning of one of the first dreams she had submitted for translation:

I am part of a very long line of people, I am with my father, my father is behind me. Suddenly, I do not see my father anymore, I notice that I am behind a co-worker, both, he and I are wearing a yellow sweater.

Dream translation:

I am part of a very long line of people, I am with my father, my father is behind me.

You represent your ego in dreams.

These people are parts of your personality.

This line is formed by the various parts of your personality that are waiting their turn to control your behavior.

Your father represents your one-sided human conscience based on only one psychological function well developed and another one half-developed, from the four psychological functions you have at your disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

The fact that your one-sided conscience is behind your ego in this line means that your conscience is waiting its turn to control your behavior after your ego, and after all the other parts of your personality that are in front of you.

Suddenly, I do not see my father anymore, I notice that I am behind a co-worker,

Your one-sided conscience stopped waiting its turn to control your behavior because it saw that you would do what it wanted, when it saw the coworker in front of you.

This coworker represents a mature part of your personality. Your ego is behind him because this part of your personality will manage to control your behavior before your ego.

both, he and I are wearing a yellow sweater,

The sweater represents a protection, and also your social image – the image you show to the world about who you are. You show to the world that you are protected and this part of your personality does the same.

The yellow color represents the truth.

Your ego and this part of your personality are showing to the world that you are saying the truth, but the color of an object is only an impression, it can be a false image.

You seem to be sincere, and you seem to show the truth about who you are to the world. You are protected by your sincere social image.

However, your ego must control your behavior, and not the other parts of your personality that are waiting in line.

Let me relate this dream to the previous day:

About what happened the day before, I do not remember, the last 3 weeks have been difficult at work, dealing with my boss and co-workers is hard. There is a war of egos. The medication I was taking for panic attacks was affecting my cognition so I decided to stop taking it, as a result of the abstinence syndrome I had difficulties doing some math calculations and that led people start making fun of me in my face. It’s been a nightmare but God has helped me to get rid of unnecessary egoistic desires that would make things worst.

You have to be patient with your colleagues. You also have to keep translating your dreams so that you may get rid of your panic attacks.

The medication you were taking was not helping you and its side effects were causing more problems. Panic attacks must be eliminated through psychotherapy.

The meaning of dreams is symbolic. Your coworkers represent parts of your personality. This dream is about your behavior, and not about the workplace.


I’m using her example not to give you lessons of dream translation, but to show you that the dreamers who have a positive attitude and believe in God make progress fast, independently of the severity of their mental illness.

This dreamer was one of my best patients. She already finished her treatment. She also learned the dream language, and today she translates her dreams herself.

Sometimes she submits a dream for translation when she has an intriguing dream or when she must deal with a challenging situation because she wants to be sure that the translation is correct, but she was basically cured.

If you knew her life biography and the problems she had to deal with during her childhood, you wouldn’t believe that someone who had such experiences in life could be a logical person.

Other patients have traumatic experiences that are not as serious as the traumatic experiences this dreamer had, but their conscience is so weak that they acquire a severe mental illness like bipolar disorder or multiple personality disorder, which is many times worse than PTSD.

You should be religious and respect the lessons you had because religion is medicine.

If you don’t believe in God, today you have scientific proof of His existence because the dream language was clarified thanks to my simplifications, and you can verify that God works like a therapist for you.

God surely exists, since He works hard all the time. He gives you important information, and He answers your questions in dreams. Today you can understand His words in the dream images, and verify that these words are meaningful and wise.

Therefore, wanting or not you have to believe in God’s existence. This is a fact.

You will be intelligent if you will respect your religion. Your religiosity will help you follow dream therapy faster, and you will have positive results in a short period of time.

Dreams About Cultivating Goodness

I will give you another example to show you how God reminds all dreamers the religious lessons they had when they have a religious formation.

This dream was dreamt by a neurotic woman, who fortunately was religious, and this is why she managed to overcome her psychological problems in a short period of time:

Apartment with N (man I dated before A. He was nice in general I don’t remember any negative thing about him, I now condemn my behavior with him) was wearing angel wings on his back, gave me the top part of pajamas to wear, I refused it and asked for the trousers, it was white, I wore it.
Dad and S (my sister, antisocial) were present, we were talking and seemed to disagree about something, dad kept telling us to get along.
I realized it was 11 am and we had to get ready for Friday prayer, I took a shower washing my hair and body very well.

(One bad situation happened with N when he left me in the car and went into a shop to buy something urgently, I didn’t know it was a gift for me, I got irritated waiting for him so I left the car and took a taxi home, afterwards he called me and he wasn’t upset he calmly told me that the car could have gotten stolen)

Dream translation:

Apartment with N (he was nice in general I don’t remember any negative thing about him, I now condemn my behavior with him) was wearing angel wings on his back,

The apartment represents your psyche.

You represent your ego in dreams.

N represents a false perfect match who was kind and peaceful.

The angel wings on his back indicate that he was a good person. He was an angel, while your behavior with him was cruel.

gave me the top part of pajamas to wear,

The pajamas in dreams indicate that you are sleeping instead of paying attention to the truth as it is. You are not paying attention to your dangerous reality.

The top part of the pajamas protects your chest, which is related to your affection.

So, this kind perfect match gave you a protection for your lack of affectivity that was in fact making you close your eyes to the truth.

He was so kind and tolerant that you were abusing of his goodness without being punished.

Another man could have abandoned you because you were cruel and you abandoned him. You were too impatient without a real reason.

I refused it and asked for the trousers, it was white, I wore it.

Your ego refused to protect your affectivity (your chest) by wearing the top part, but you wanted to protect your masculine social image, even though it was not really serious and you were not paying attention to your reality.

The trousers represent a serious masculine social image, but because they are pajama trousers they are not really serious. The pajamas are always related to sleeping and being inattentive instead of paying attention to a dangerous reality.

Your ego wanted to play the role of a masculine woman who commands in a relationship and doesn’t tolerate too much.

The tendency to have this role was making you disregard the truth and understand that you cannot have this position in a relationship if you want to be happy with your partner. You must feel that your partner is the most important person for you, and truly love him. You have to care about his feelings.

The white color represents purity and wisdom. However, the color of something can be misleading. It doesn’t define what it really is, but what it seems to be. The color is an appearance.

The white pajamas seemed to be a wise and innocent social image, while this was not true.

Dad and S (my sister, antisocial) were present, we were talking and seemed to disagree about something,

Your father represents your one-sided human conscience that works based on only one psychological function: your sensations. Your sensations make you be materialistic, and look for immediate material pleasures.

You have to learn how to use your thoughts, how to pay attention to your real feelings, and how to guess many things about the future by using your intuition.

S represents a superficial part of your personality that is antisocial.

Your ego and the antisocial part of your personality disagree in some aspects because your ego understands that you cannot be rude and expect to be socially accepted, but the antisocial part of your personality believes that if someone wants to have a relationship with you he must be your slave.

dad kept telling us to get along.

Your one-sided conscience based on sensations was trying to make your ego and the anti-social part of your personality enter into an agreement, even though this was not possible.

Your ego cannot agree with the antisocial part of your personality because it is absurd.

You have to pay attention to how other people feel, and never cause sadness, or hurt anyone. The antisocial part of your personality doesn’t care about others, only about what it wants.

I realized it was 11 am and we had to get ready for Friday prayer,

Whenever you see what time it is in a dream this means that this is an important period of time for you. 11 am indicates that something very important will happen in your daily life.

The Friday prayer represents an important meeting with God. Friday, as the end of the week and as a day that marks many religious mysteries represents a date of meditation and sadness. This important meeting with God is the comprehension that God suffers because human beings are absurd and evil.

After studying the meaning of dreams you could not only understand your psychological problems and the psychological problems of those who are around you, but you could also understand God’s suffering because we make so many mistakes.

After having a scientific image about the human brain and psyche, you understood that you have to be sorry for God because He must cure absurd and evil creatures like us.

I took a shower washing my hair and body very well.

The shower indicates that you purify your body from your previous sins.

Your hair in dreams represents your ideas. The fact that you washed your hair very well means that you cleaned very well your ideas, what has a positive meaning.

So, after understanding God’s pain your ego purified your body and psyche. Your ideas are conscious because they are clean.

Now that you saw how much absurdity exists in the human brain, your relationship with God is different. Now you can understand His pain.

So, now you cannot have the aggressive behavior you had in the past.

You cannot be like the antisocial part of your personality. You have to be a sweet, sensitive, and diplomatic woman.


I cannot tell you details about this dreamer’s life biography, but she had a very sad childhood, even though she didn’t have shocking traumatic experiences like the previous dreamer.

Her case was difficult, but she managed to overcome her neurosis and find balance. Of course, we cannot compare cases. There are so many different details in everyone’s personality and life that comparisons are impossible.

However, in general terms I can tell you that other patients who didn’t have a sad childhood like this dreamer and didn’t have many of the problems she had to face in life, didn’t make as much progress through dream translations as she did, because they were not as religious as she was.

She also studied the dream language. When a dreamer also learns the meaning of dreams and the scientific explanations about the dream images they understand my translations much better. Of course, not everyone can study the dream language in a moment of despair, but the comprehension of how the unconscious mind explains everything in a dream is very helpful.

This dreamer is not Christian; in her country another religion prevails.

All religions are valid psychotherapeutical treatments that help us transform our absurd and evil anti-conscience into human content. All religions can be better comprehended through dream translation. The same way, we can better understand our psychological problems when we have in mind that they are generated by Satan (our terrible anti-conscience).

Today’s psychiatrists don’t know how to define a mental illness or how it is caused. They only describe its symptoms.

They have to learn the dream language in order to understand how the anti-conscience manages to generate invincible mental illnesses within our conscience, and help their patients through psychotherapy, without chemical interventions. Psychiatry and psychology must become the same discipline. All professionals must be guided by God’s superior knowledge in order to understand how to help the mentally ill.

God knows how to cure a mental illness through dream therapy. He also gives information in dreams to a doctor about his/her patients.

Dream therapy also works like alternative medicine, since it also cures physical diseases. All doctors must respect the divine guidance in dreams, and follow the treatment given by the divine unconscious mind.

Right now this is inconvenient because they have to abandon their old methods and study the dream language. However, when they will master the dream language thanks to my simplifications, this practice will help them cure their patients without having to decide by themselves what to do.

Everyone can learn everything I know and use this knowledge in order to help themselves, and help others.

God already shows to every dreamer how he/she will be cured. This is a miraculous alternative that will help us find sound mental health and will immensely simplify our lives in many other ways.

There is only one right method of dream interpretation because the dream language is complex. This is why only Carl Jung managed to scientifically explain the real meaning of dreams.

As a matter of fact, his method of dream interpretation is so complicated exactly because the dream language is complex. I had to work hard for two decades until I managed to simplify everything and create shortcuts for you. You wouldn’t have the courage to study the dream language without my work.

Now you don’t have to follow more than 1000 steps in order to understand the meaning of a single dream. I transformed this adventure into a simple process.

Now you only have to follow six steps in order to immediately translate the meaning of any dream.

Can You Trust Science The Same Way You Trust Your Religion?

Today many people admire science so much that they don’t want to take anything else into consideration. Science seems to show us the ultimate truth about every matter.

However, the scientific knowledge of the world is not valid in many aspects, and it keeps changing. Besides this fact, we misinterpret many of our discoveries. Many things were not comprehended by our scientists, and many other things were not discovered yet.

We also have to take into consideration the fierce competition existent between scientists, which is exactly like the fierce competition existent between marketers. Corruptions and distortions of the truth happen all the time.

Can you trust the scientific knowledge of your historical time the same way you trust your religion?

The truths you have learned in your religion never change.

* You must win the battle against Satan and become a better person.

* You must forgive your enemies, and show compassion for everyone.

* You must love everyone; including your enemies.

* You must defend God’s justice, which is based on goodness.

* You must be humble and kind.

* You must be sincere, patient, and generous.

All religions give you the same basic lessons.

Your spiritual purification is also the solution for your mental health problems. You must pay attention to this fact because you must care about the existence of your spirit. If you will obey the guidance you have in your religion and in your dreams, you will easily overcome your psychological problems and become a hero.

If you will prefer to be a modern atheist because you don’t want to recognize God’s existence and you don’t want to respect His lessons, you will waste your time making mistakes and your mental health will be in danger.

And there is more, because when you will die your spirit won’t disappear. Depending on your actions during your life, you will be relieved or punished.

The Simplicity Of Religion

Your religion is a simple psychotherapeutical treatment. It gives you basic guidance about how to behave in all situations. I managed to simplify the dream language exactly because I related science to religion and I saw that everything is related in our world.

Think about that: when I tell you that you have to offer resistance to the absurd thoughts of your satanic anti-conscience, don’t you understand that these thoughts are dangerous? The word ‘satanic’ gives you a full description of the nature of your anti-conscience.

If I would scientifically describe the anti-conscience as a primitive conscience that has the tendency to generate problematic situations in your life with the intention to break your nerves and send you to the hospital, you wouldn’t have a clear image of what the anti-conscience really is. Since I tell you that it is a demon, you don’t need more explanations.

You know that a demon is a terrible creature.

When I tell you that you must obey the guidance you have in your dreams because all dreams are produced by God, don’t you feel safe?

Would you obey a superior mind only because it was superior?

No. You would be afraid of it.

However, God is not a stranger. You already know Him thanks to your religion. Even if you don’t have scientific knowledge, you can understand His words in your dreams.

You already know the most important of all: God produces your dreams because you must eliminate your satanic anti-conscience through consciousness, and become a wise and sensitive human being. Therefore, you look at your dreams based on this basic truth. You already know the basic purpose of the dream producer.

Carl Jung couldn’t see the anti-conscience because he stopped his research at a certain point. This is why his work was so obscure. Today you have the privilege to understand the meaning of dreams better than him thanks to my clarifications.

If I wouldn’t understand the religious importance of the dream messages, I wouldn’t be able to simplify the dream language for you. Religion helped me understand the nature of the anti-conscience more than the scientific knowledge I had.

I was also immensely helped by my literary talent, which was inspired by the unconscious mind.

Thanks to this literary talent God managed to keep my sensitivity somehow alive, even though I became neurotic when I was a teen, after facing a tragic car accident. My artistic sensitivity helped me understand God’s pain when I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience.

If I wasn’t a poet, I would never be able to pay more attention to God’s pain than to my own pain because I had to become a hero. I wanted to keep being a sinner, but I had to become a hero because I had to alleviate God’s pain; not only for my own salvation.

God wants to transform you into a big hero too. This is His main purpose. He seems to exaggerate, but you will see into practice how much you can do, even though you underestimate your capacities.

You will easily overcome all mental health problems if you will be more sensitive. Your goodness is more important than anything else for the maintenance of your mental stability.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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