Dreams About Teeth And The Incorrigible Human Race

Dreams About TeethTeeth represent your psychical energy in dreams. Whenever you have problems with your teeth, this means that you are losing psychical energy. In other words, you are making serious mistakes that are making your conscience become weaker, and your absurd anti-conscience is becoming stronger.

You have to do eliminate the absurdity of your anti-conscience and acquire consciousness through dream translation. Dreams about teeth falling out indicate great danger. Since you are losing psychical energy, this means that you will deal with many negative consequences in the future. You are making a terrible mistake or many mistakes at the same time.

Even if your teeth are not falling out in a dream, but you have problems with your teeth, this means that you are making a dangerous mistake.

I will give you an example. This dream was dreamt by a young woman who is not mentally ill. However, she is making mistakes that can cause a mental illness:

I was at the dentist watching a lady get a dental procedure done. The patient was missing her 2 front teeth and getting 2 porcelain/ veneer teeth put in. The procedure was very quick but when the dentist glued the teeth on her gums, I felt it in my mouth in the dream (even though I didn’t have anything done) I could feel how the teeth felt in the woman’s mouth. It felt very uncomfortable, like something glued heavily on my gums and my head was throbbing profusely.

Dream translation:

I was at the dentist watching a lady get a dental procedure done.

You represent your ego in dreams.

The dentist represents a part of your personality that helps you keep your psychical energy and be a strong person. Your teeth in dreams represent your psychical energy, what gives you power in life.

The lady that was having a dental procedure represents a superficial part of your personality that needed help to recuperate its psychical energy because this superficial part of your personality was making costly mistakes.

The fact that your ego was watching this procedure means that your ego was following the treatment of this part of your personality.

The patient was missing her 2 front teeth and getting 2 porcelain/ veneer teeth put in.

The fact that this lady was missing her 2 front teeth indicates that this superficial part of your personality made a big mistake, or many mistakes.

The number two is related to the two psychological functions that are working in your conscience (one of them is only half-developed).

This means that this part of your personality lost psychical energy because of the mistakes it made while it was paying attention only to the two psychological functions that are working in your conscience (and give you a partial image of your reality), rather than using the four psychological functions you have at your disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations and intuition.

The fact that she would get 2 porcelain teeth put in their place means that now this part of your personality will have false psychical energy, it won’t be as strong as it used to be before.

You have to develop all your psychological functions through dream translation in order to stop making costly mistakes.

The procedure was very quick but when the dentist glued the teeth on her gums, I felt it in my mouth in the dream (even though I didn’t have anything done) I could feel how the teeth felt in the woman’s mouth.

The fact that you felt the teeth as if they were glued in your mouth means that what happened with this superficial part of your personality affected your ego.

The mistakes of this part of your personality made your ego suffer too.

It felt very uncomfortable, like something glued heavily on my gums and my head was throbbing profusely.

The fact that it felt very uncomfortable means that your ego felt how terrible it was to have lost your psychical energy.

The fact that your head was throbbing profusely means that the loss of psychical energy affected your mental health.

You have to be careful with what you are doing in life.

(At this point I talked about her mistakes, since I knew what was going wrong because I analyzed her life biography, her behavior, and the issues she was facing in her daily life when she had this dream, but I cannot show you these details.)


Even though her teeth were not falling out in the dream a part of her personality lost two teeth. The fact that she had problems with her teeth indicates that the dreamer is losing psychical energy because of a superficial part of her personality.

This means that this superficial part of her personality makes her have a negative behavior whenever it manages to take the place of her ego and control her behavior.

What does it mean to be controlled by a certain part of your personality?

Your personality is composed by numerous different parts. For example, one part of your personality makes you have a calm and peaceful behavior, but another one makes you have an aggressive and rude behavior. Depending on the various situations of your life, you are controlled by one or another. When a certain part of your personality that belongs to your anti-conscience permanently controls your behavior, you are aggressive all the time.

This dream was showing to the dreamer that a negative part of her personality controlled her behavior so much that it ruined her personality. This is why her ego was affected.

She had a negative behavior in so many situations that she lost her power. For example, she became ridiculous, or she made a big mistake that even a child wouldn’t make (because she was controlled by the negative part of her personality). Now she is not as strong as she was before having this negative behavior in so many situations.

I cannot tell you her story, but from the translation of the meaning of this dream you can understand that she is in a dangerous position.

You can think about various mistakes that many people make, and deduce the dreamer’s life biography by yourself. She is making one of these dangerous mistakes that characterize the tragic human history.

Why Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Are So Common

Dreams about teeth are very common, since they represent the dreamer’s psychical energy and most people lose their psychical energy because they listen to their satanic anti-conscience. Teeth represent power.

When you have problems with your teeth, this means that your conscience is becoming weaker. You are becoming less intelligent, or you are in great danger.

Many times you have problems with your teeth in a dream because you are in a dangerous position, even though you ignore this fact. The danger can come from your anti-conscience or from the outside world. It usually comes from both sides.

Dreams about teeth falling out are so common because we are incorrigible creatures. Our idiotic conscience keeps repeating the same mistakes without learning anything with our deceptions and failures.

Many people have numerous dreams with the same warnings in various different forms because they don’t want to understand that they are making mistakes, and they have to change their attitude.

The incorrigible human race keeps making the same mistakes for years and years. We don’t learn anything from our experiences or from other people’s experiences. All generations repeat the same mistakes.

We are admired with our scientific and technological progress, while we should pay attention to the fact that our behavior didn’t change. There is still terror, violence, and immorality in our world. Everything is becoming worse with time.

Why are stories about vampires and zombies so popular today?

Why do teens wear T-shirts with skulls?

Why self-abuse characterizes the behavior of the young people of our historical time?

There are many signs of absurdity and evilness in our behavior. Humanity is becoming more absurd with time because nobody is eliminating their satanic anti-conscience through consciousness.

Satan is more powerful than God because it is a destroyer, while God is a creator and a doctor. God’s work is difficult, and depends on many details.

Dreams about teeth falling out are very common because most people repeat the tragic mistakes of the human race, besides having so many warnings in their dreams and in their lives. God tries to protect and save everyone’s conscience, but the anti-conscience easily destroys everyone’s conscience through manipulation.

The anti-conscience is an idiotic demon, but it is intelligent enough to mislead our conscience, which must be developed during our lives. There are many problems in our existence because we must fight the demon, but the demon is stronger, and wins the fight.

How can an insignificant and ignorant human being fight the absurdity of a sneaky and powerful demon?

This is impossible.

This is why God shows us in our dreams and in our religion that we must obey His guidance. God is the only one who knows how to eliminate the anti-conscience through consciousness. We have to obey the divine guidance, so that God may be able to cure the demon.

This means that your obedience to God’s guidance in your dreams is indispensable because you are absurd and you do crazy things, without understanding your absurdity. If you won’t obey the divine guidance, your anti-conscience will control your mind and your behavior.

You prefer to decide what to do based on your knowledge and your suppositions, even though you are so ignorant and imperfect, and you don’t know how to predict what will happen in the future, but you have to be humble.

Unfortunately, you are not able to understand how to behave in all situations of your life without being guided by God. You are too imperfect.

This is sad, but the fact that you can become a perfect human being by obeying the divine guidance is a miraculous solution. You have to recognize your ignorance and humbly follow the guidance of your unconscious doctor.

Today you have a difficult mission, but tomorrow you will be proud of yourself. You will solve your psychological problems and transform your personality.

The bitter necessity to change your behavior today is the reason why you will become a superior person tomorrow.

Fighting Absurdity

Do you know how to fight absurdity?

This is an obscure matter. You don’t even know what is absurd or logical. There are many controversial definitions in the world.

You may believe that this is not a topic you should care about, but the truth is that it is more than indispensable. You live in order to eliminate the absurdity you have inherited into your anti-conscience and become a wise and sensitive human being. All the other purposes you have in mind are irrelevant. First of all you must care about the necessity to eliminate your evil side.

God shows you in your dreams how to transform your dangerous anti-conscience, but you have to be obedient. You have to remember that you are fighting Satan. You are not dealing with a simple enemy. On the contrary, you are dealing with a powerful enemy that possesses the biggest part of your brain.

What does your satanic anti-conscience suggest to your conscience?

Your anti-conscience teaches you how to make dangerous mistakes that will lead you to total despair. However, it hides its purpose. It pretends that it is teaching you how to be smart and have many advantages in life without making any effort.

You have to offer resistance to these thoughts instead of following them as if they were logical thoughts.

However, their absurdity is hidden, and you like to believe in your imagination. This is why you tend to listen to thoughts that seem to be smart, no matter how absurd they may be.

You need the divine guidance in your dreams in order to discern the dangerous thoughts of your anti-conscience, because they are imperceptible. You may be able to understand that a thought about i.e. stealing money from a bank is absurd and dangerous, but the same doesn’t happen with many other absurd thoughts that don’t seem to be dangerous at all; especially in the beginning.

When I was following dream therapy because I was neurotic I believed that it was terrible to have to fight my own thoughts. It would be simpler if I had to fight someone else’s absurd thoughts and not my own.

However, when I became a dream expert and I started translating other people’s dreams I saw into practice how hard it was to help someone else fight their absurdity. At least, when I was following psychotherapy I was obedient. It was hard to convince others to obey the guidance they had in their dreams like I did.

Some people kept making the same mistakes again and again. It was really disappointing to verify how many times they repeated exactly the same mistake – with a few different details.

For example, a young man had a serious problem with his anger. He always was too nervous. Anything could easily irritate him.

Almost all his dreams were about violence. He had numerous warnings about the necessity to calm down, forgive the human mistakes, and understand the importance of goodness and wisdom.

However, he was unable to control his anger, even after having many warnings about this matter. He always was fighting with someone for some reason, or breaking something in an explosion of anger. He couldn’t stop having explosive reactions.

It was very, very hard for him to obey the guidance he had in his dreams. Whenever he would try to do what the unconscious mind was showing him in his dreams he felt as if he was a prisoner. He had many dreams reflecting his revolt because he had to control his anger.

He wanted to be free and have the behavior he usually had. However, anger doesn’t go away without repression and consciousness. This dreamer had to learn how to bear the strong desire to be violent without having a violent attitude. He had to remember that human beings are imperfect creatures, and show compassion to everyone.

God kept sending dreams with similar warnings to this dreamer until he finally started changing his attitude. This case was too difficult.

If I didn’t know that God knows what kind of information can help every dreamer, I wouldn’t believe that this man could be cured. He was too disobedient.

He seemed to logically understand that his anger depended on his capacity to bear other people’s mistakes without exploding. However, he was unable to remember that he had to control his anger instead of arguing and breaking things in his daily life. He kept acting the same way.

Only God knows how to convince a stubborn and disobedient dreamer to do what is necessary for his mental health. This case was very difficult, but God makes miracles.

I wouldn’t have the courage to deal with such problems if I didn’t know that God knows how to cure everyone.

Many people have a great difficulty on fighting their anti-conscience. They keep making the same mistakes again and again. God has the patience to explain the same things numerous times in different ways until the dreamer will finally do what he must do in order to correct his behavior.

Some people are obedient and they make progress fast, but the mentally ill need many dream warnings until they will finally understand that they have to change their behavior. Only God can be so persistent and patient.

We become irritated with those who keep making the same mistakes. We don’t feel compassion for them. On the contrary, we blame them for their incapacity to learn how to behave. We feel that they deserve to deal with many problems because they are so incorrigible.

God is a doctor and teacher who has the patience to make us understand our mistakes and change our attitude, no matter how many dreams He must produce until He will finally manage to make us stop doing what is negative.

The Symbolic Meaning Of Problems With Your Teeth In Your Daily Life

You can translate the meaning of facts and events the same way you translate the meaning of dreams, and have more information about your reality and the future.

For example, here are the comments of a young dreamer who suffers from schizophrenia and is following dream therapy. He is also studying the dream language:

I have a lot of problems with my teeth.I didn’t have problems with my teeth at all in my past.But in the last year i have a lot of problems…I’ve undergone two surgeries so far + i was at several dentists.This will be my third surgery.I didn’t undergo the surgey today because i am not schedled for this day as i thought..but i was at dentist… I think my dental problems are somehow related with the dream i had 7 months ago where my teeth were falling out (I know that the correct interpretation is :I was loosing my psychical energy).

The fact that he has problems with his teeth in his daily life means that his mental illness became worse. He is making many dangerous mistakes. I can tell you that his life biography is strange and sad because this dreamer gave me permission to use his example in order to give you more detailed lessons.

He has no friends at all. He is a young man who lives as if he was a very old and sick man. He has an almost imperceptible problem with the way he walks. Most people don’t pay attention to this defect, but his colleagues at school always make fun of him because of the way he walks. He also has problems with his speech. His words are not clear.

His father is schizophrenic and he does many absurd things. His mother works all day and she always is busy with his two younger brothers when she is home.

His parents don’t pay attention to his strange loneliness. He is 19-years-old. According to his age he should have many friends, but he has no social life.

The problems with his teeth are related to his tendency to remain isolated. He makes no efforts at all on trying to make friends. He always is alone, and always at home. He only goes to school, and then he comes back home and stays there alone. He lives as if he was in a desert.

He had many warnings in his dreams about this tendency to always remain alone, but he didn’t make any effort to make friends. All his dreams were scary nightmares.

He started making some progress only after five months of dream therapy, but he is still far from sound mental health.

Many people have the tendency to live completely isolated like this young man. Some people don’t have the courage to even get out of bed.

Dreams about teeth are so common that practically all dreamers have at least one or two dreams about teeth in their dream collection. I could give you many examples, but I would have to look for them among too many other dreams of the same dreamer.

Some people have difficulties on obeying the guidance they have in their dreams because their negative tendencies are too strong. However, I can tell you that this is not the real reason why they are unable to be obedient because I had many strong negative tendencies too, but I was obedient.

Those who keep repeating the same mistakes again and again are disobedient and lazy. This is why they seem to be incorrigible.

Everyone’s behavior can be corrected. This is not impossible. If it was impossible, God wouldn’t create our planet with the intention to help us eliminate our evil anti-conscience.

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