Why Do You Want To Understand The Meaning Of Dreams?

Meaning Of DreamsCuriosity is surely the main reason why you want to understand the meaning of dreams. You want to be able to decipher what your dreams are trying to tell you.

However, dreams are mysterious. They seem to be incomprehensible.

On the other hand, there are many dream interpreters in the world, and each one interprets the meaning of dreams in a different way. How can you be sure that the interpretation of a dream is accurate? You are afraid to trust dream interpretations.

Another reason why you surely desire to decipher the meaning of dreams is fear. Most dreams are intriguing, unpleasant, or terrifying. You are afraid that the horrible things that happen to you in your dreams may happen in your daily life.

I had these reasons to care about the meaning of dreams too since I had many vivid dreams and nightmares, but the main reason why I cared so much about the meaning of dreams was the fact that I had serious psychological problems.

I noticed that all psychologists considered our dreams important. I believed that dreams had a healing power. So, I started reading many scientific books about the meaning of dreams.

I was passing through post-partum depression, while dealing with a depressing situation in my life because my young cousin Efi and my mother-in-law had died in the same week, four months before I gave birth to my son. I always was depressed, angry, and afraid.

I had read Freud’s book about the interpretation of dreams when I was 18-years-old (in 1979). I borrowed it from a library in Pacific Beach (California) when I was studying English there. In the beginning his method seemed to make sense, but later I saw that it couldn’t be applied to all types of dreams.

I abandoned this matter. I remembered my interest for the meaning of dreams again after deciding to live in Greece and after getting married, when I was pregnant and Efi died because of a train accident (in 1984). She had traveled from Athens to Patras (the city where my uncle and my aunt were born and she was registered) in order to vote for the first (and the last) time in her life.

The accident happened when they were going back to Athens. The train went off the rails when it was passing through Corinth because the driver was going too fast. Many people died.

This tragic train accident reminded me the car accident I had to face when I was a 15-years-old (in 1976). I lost the friend who was next to me in the car. I almost died too. The five friends who were with me in the car had fractures and went to the hospital like me, except the driver.

I wanted to be able to prevent accidents, or at least get prepared to bear someone’s death without having a shocking surprise. However, this was impossible.

My mother-in-law had a stroke and died two days after Efi’s death. These two deaths in the family at the same time made me understand that this was not a coincidence. These deaths seemed to be God’s decision, but I was not so sure of God’s existence at that time, especially because I became an atheist after the accident. I started believing in the possibility of God’s existence a few days before getting married, in January of 1983.

I remembered the two deaths of the pope in 1978, the last year I studied in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I was born. One pope died after another for health reasons. Since I studied in a catholic school, we didn’t have school because the pope had died, and a few days later we didn’t have school again because his successor had died too.

I understood that nothing happened by chance, but I didn’t know where to find explanations. Something made me believe that perhaps I could find answers for my questions in dreams.

I studied Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, after studying many other methods that didn’t help me understand anything. Only Jung’s method could be applied to all types of dreams and give us real insights about our psychological content.

I studied so hard and I was so obedient to the unconscious guidance in my dreams that in 1988 I became a dream expert. To my surprise, I had information about the reasons why Efi had died in my dreams, and I learned the meaning of life and the meaning of death.

I was impressed with all the knowledge I found. God listened to my prayers and gave me the answers I was looking for. I couldn’t imagine that I would learn so much by translating the meaning of my dreams based on Carl Jung’s method.

I learned how to prevent accidents and predict the future, but I saw that I couldn’t always predict everything that would happen or prevent all catastrophes. For example, I didn’t predict my husband’s death (in 1989). I believed that God had to send me a dream preparing me for his death, but this was not possible.

However, I managed to prevent the death of my husband’s niece Helen thanks to a dream prediction in 1986. Her parents hated my prediction, but thanks to my courage on telling them what I had predicted they changed their attitude and their daughter didn’t die.

I had a dream telling me that Helen would die like Efi. So, I told her parents to let her develop her personality without imposing their desires. Until today they don’t believe that she was miraculously saved thanks to the warning I had in my dream, but if you knew her story you would surely understand why this warning was so important.

After having a series of dreams with explanations about why Efi had to die, I could understand why Helen was in a similar position.

Sometimes we can prevent a premature death thanks to a dream prediction. Other times, this is not possible. God is the only one who knows when we can do something in order to change the development of our reality.

How To Verify The Accuracy Of The Scientific Dream Translations

I give you numerous lessons of dream interpretation in my free articles, and I show you how your dreams help you solve your mental health problems.

You have to spend some time reading my articles and trying to translate your dreams. You also have to write all your dreams in a dream journal. This is how you will verify the benefits you can have if you know the dream language.

You cannot learn the dream language without studying it, the same way you cannot learn any language made only by words without studying it. This is a fact, but you are able to learn the dream language like many other people. I simplified Jung’s method of dream interpretation and also the process you must follow. I eliminated numerous steps with shortcuts, and I clarified everything for you.

You would be able to verify the accuracy of the scientific dream translations if I could show you the life biography of the dreamers who submit their dreams for translation and their dream collection, but my translations are private.

So, you have to pay attention to various details that can give you safety when you trust the scientific method of dream interpretation when I publish a few sentences from the dreams I translate for the public, without showing you the dreamer’s life biography. Try to imagine their story based on the information you have in their dreams.

I will give you an example that shows you that there is a continuation in the dream series, because one dream completes the messages of the previous ones. You can verify that the scientific translations are correct, since the dream messages follow a sequence.

Here is a part of a dream dreamt by a woman:

I was in a building, sitting in a sunlit atrium on the top floor preparing for a test. I had my backpack and my purse. I kept looking in my purse for something but couldn’t find it.

Dream translation:

I was in a building,

You represent your ego in dreams.

The building represents a collection of personality types that you can imitate.

sitting in a sunlit atrium on the top floor

The sunlit atrium indicates that you can see the real truth (represented by the sunlight) and the atrium indicates that your ego is in a position of exposure.

The top floor indicates that you have learned all the personality types concentrated in the building and you are now on the conscious surface.

preparing for a test.

The test in dreams represents a life challenge. You have to get prepared to face a situation in your life that has a decisive importance; you have to prove something to someone.

I had my backpack and my purse.

The backpack represents your past. You are carrying with you your memories of past experiences and erroneous conclusions. Your past cannot help you, so its meaning is negative.

Your purse in dreams represents your feminine identity; the type of woman you are.

I kept looking in my purse for something but couldn’t find it.

The fact that your ego was looking for something in your purse indicates that your ego needed the support of your feminine identity for some reason.

The fact that you couldn’t find what you were looking for indicates that your feminine identity won’t be able to help you in a difficult situation, when you will have to prove something to someone.

In other words, you won’t be able to protect yourself thanks to the serious type of woman you are.


This part of the dream clearly reflects a prediction, but the dreamer cannot understand what she is predicting. Some predictions take time to be presented by the unconscious mind to the dreamer. He or she has a series of dreams about something that will happen in the future, and not only one dream with a prediction, like I had in Helen’s case.

I had only one dream showing me that her life was in danger, but after having a series of dreams with explanations about why my cousin couldn’t keep living on earth. The same way, many dreamers have a series of dreams with information about what will happen in the future and not just one dream predicting a future fact or event.

When a dreamer regularly translates the meaning of his dreams he can understand what will happen in the future even if it will happen many months or years later, and get prepared to face his reality the best way he can.

The confirmation of previous dream predictions help him accept doing what is necessary in order to prevent a bad event, with confidence.

Many people say that it is impossible to change a negative event when we predict it in a dream. This happens because they don’t change their behavior and they don’t do what is necessary in order to prevent what is bad.

We have to follow the divine guidance in a series of dreams if we want to prevent a bad event predicted in a dream, or if we want to prepare positive results in the future after predicting that we will have to deal with many complications that we were not expecting.

The dreamer of my example predicted that she would have to face a challenging situation in her daily life (when she would be tested) because she had to get prepared in order to have the right behavior in this situation, and successfully face this challenge.

Right now the importance of this dream is not visible, but in her next dreams the dreamer will understand what to do in order to get ready for what will happen in the future.

The dreamer will be successful if she will do what will help her triumph. If she will be indifferent, she won’t have positive results.

Now I will show you a part of one of her next dreams, where the preparation for the future can be observed again, even though I cannot show you the most interesting parts of this dream because I cannot expose the dreamer. This means that I’m giving you a lesson of dream interpretation based on the scientific method without showing you the most important details because I have to respect the dreamer’s privacy. You have to imagine the dreamer’s life story based on the dream messages.

All dreams become clear when we relate the information we find in the dream messages to the dreamer’s life biography and the issues that he/she is facing in her daily life:

I was at my desk at work. I was preparing for work. I kept preparing everything three times: sharpening my pencils, cleaning the tips of my pens, and making sure I had all my supplies ready.

Dream translation :

I was at my desk at work.

The desk in dreams represents studies.

Your work is your mission in life. Your mission is to find sound mental health and happiness.

I was preparing for work.

You were getting ready for your mission.

I kept preparing everything three times: sharpening my pencils, cleaning the tips of my pens, and making sure I had all my supplies ready.

The preparation of everything three times is related to the three psychological functions that belong to your anti-conscience.

The three psychological functions that are not working in your conscience will try to influence your behavior during the challenge. You must offer resistance, without letting them influence your behavior.

The fact that you sharpened your pencils indicates that you are ready to draw the picture of your reality and express your feelings.

The pen in dreams represents self-confidence. The fact that you cleaned the tips of your pens indicates that you are convicted of your victory.

The fact that you made sure you had all supplies ready indicates that you are ready for the challenge, after all the preparation you had thanks to the translation of the meaning of your dreams.


You can see that the dreamer was prepared for the future thanks to the information she had in her dreams. If I could show you her dream collection you would be impressed with everything that she could learn thanks to the information she had through dream translation.

This dreamer is very intelligent and she is not mentally ill. She is following dream therapy because she has another problem, but I cannot tell you more details.

A Convincing Reason To Believe In The Accuracy Of The Scientific Translations

The scientific translations are not pleasant because they reflect God’s words, and God is a judge. The information you find in your dreams doesn’t try to satisfy your ego. God shows you that you are basically a demon with a tiny human conscience, which must be developed.

God shows you that if you won’t transform your personality you will be punished on earth, and you will go to hell after death.

You may think that the existence of hell is contradictory to God’s goodness, but here is an explanation that will help you understand the existence of hell, written by Dr. J. Vernon McGee:

“Don’t say that a loving God sends people to hell . Say that there is a holy God, and when you do not meet His standard you cannot go into His heaven where He is. That ought to be very obvious to you. In your home I’m sure that you have a standard and there are certain people that you would not let come in. God does the same thing. You have to meet His standard if you’re going to heaven.”

This is a good explanation, but the fact that we are demons (since we have a satanic anti-conscience that occupies the biggest part of our brain) better explains this matter. If we are demons, we deserve to live in hell.

As a matter of fact, God showed me in my dreams that earth is hell, even though we can also have material pleasures and joy. If we will live like sinners on earth, there is a worse hell for us after death, without any pleasure.

I wouldn’t write these things in my articles if I could write something pleasant, but I must show you the truth as it is. This is my moral obligation.

The scientific method of dream interpretation doesn’t follow the style of the commercial world. This method respects God’s wisdom.

The meaning of dreams usually is unpleasant because we are absurd and our reality is tragic. We have inherited a violent, immoral, and cruel primitive conscience that doesn’t let us evolve and generates terrible mental illnesses within our conscience.

Those who disregard the horrors of the world and try to have many material pleasures are doing the opposite of what they must do in order to evolve, and will be punished for abandoning their mission.

Therefore, the most important reason why you should care about learning the meaning of your dreams is the fact that you need God’s guidance in order to avoid going to hell after death, and avoid being punished on earth.

Christianity passed through many modifications in our long history. Even though it was powerful during the crusades, the medieval inquisition, and after Luther and Calvin’s reformations, Christianity gradually became insignificant and meaningless for the world. It was ruined by our violent impositions in the beginning of its formation and later, by our tendency to adapt the truth to what is more convenient for us.

We should be afraid of God’s judgement while we are alive in order to avoid making dangerous mistakes. We should also be afraid to go to hell after death.

However, since the clergy simply got adapted to the commercial world instead of defending God’s justice, today we believe that God simply forgives our sins because he understands that we are imperfect creatures.

We don’t believe in the existence of hell and we are not afraid of anything. Thus, we don’t respect our moral principles and those who are around us.

Similar distortions happened in many other religions, but I ignore many details about other religions. I can only condemn those who follow the same religion I do and should defend God’s teachings instead of getting adapted to the mindset of the absurd modern civilization.

Everything is worse than it seems to be. We are idiotic primates who must be tamed. We have to be afraid of God instead of despising His judgement.

This information is unpleasant, but you must learn the truth in order to protect yourself. Now that you know that everything is so bad, you have to do everything you can in order to protect your mental health and your spiritual health.

Your dreams will help you transform your dangerous anti-conscience into a positive component of your human conscience, so that you may be able to help God change the world and put an end to terror on earth. This is your mission.

You live because you must become a hero.

More Reasons

Your dreams show you how you can change your reality, even though everything is difficult. Human beings are hypocritical actors who pretend to be good, but are in fact sneaky betrayers.

The fight between God and Satan characterizes our reality. Those who have a strong human conscience are sad with the crazy world. They defend God’s justice, but they represent the minority.

Most people agree with Satan. They defend its violent, immoral, selfish, and dishonest lifestyle, without trying to change the unjust world.

You have to be a philosopher who respects the moral principles of goodness.

In a historical time based on commerce, philosophy and religion are not admired like astronomy or physics. Moreover, our scientific and technological progress helped us understand so many things at the same time that we feel far superior from our ancestors, besides our wars and our failures. We don’t pay attention to the horrors of the world.

Philosophy is necessary for the organization of the knowledge of the world and the definition of its implications in our lives. Everyone must be a philosopher and analyze the meaning of their reality.

Modernism and materialism transformed our world into a commercial chaos. Atheism seems to be more reasonable in the modern era because everything seems to be explained by scientific discoveries, but the truth is that we cannot find answers for too many questions.

We like to believe in the advantages of our dangerous freedom, but we have to be guided. Otherwise, we will commit crimes. We are selfish and cruel animals that can think. If we don’t respect God’s rules, we will never become sensitive human beings.

This is why we have to indispensably follow psychotherapy during our lives.

We have to respect our religion and develop philosophical thoughts. Our lack of criticism and our tendency to simply imitate the world’s models work against our mental stability.

God sends us true information and wise guidance in our dreams because we need His help in order to face so many problems at the same time, and evolve. His natural mental health treatment works like mind empowerment and spiritual purification because we have to pass through a deep process of transformation.

We should have discovered the real importance of dreams many years ago, but Satan managed to distort so much the meaning of dreams that until today many people cannot believe that dreams contain God’s words and work like psychotherapy.

Satan is very powerful on earth, while God is a beggar who is not respected by anyone – not even by those who supposedly represent Him on earth. God is more revolted with the members of the Catholic and the Orthodox Church (who completely distorted the meaning of His teachings) than with the worst sinners of the hypocritical world. Those who distorted the meaning of God’s lessons will be more punished for their sins than all murderers and thieves.

You can have a direct communication with God through dream messages, and learn the truth about everything without distortions.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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