Depression Treatment Based On Detailed Dream Analysis

Depression TreatmentSome people don’t like to talk about themselves and their lives and they don’t like to be analyzed by someone else; even by a therapist. The depression treatment based on detailed dream analysis is the ideal solution for them since their therapist is God, the dream producer.

The mental health treatment contained in dreams proves God’s existence to the world since this treatment couldn’t be produced by chance, the same way it couldn’t be produced by our deficient conscience, which ignores the dream language and the origin of our mental health problems.

All dream images and scenes follow a logical sequence. You can verify this fact by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation, which is based on Carl Jung’s discoveries and on my discoveries after continuing his research.

God works as a therapist who produces dreams that help you understand the reasons why you are depressed, and what you have to do in order to feel better. These reasons are related to the influence of your anti-conscience in your behavior. Your anti-conscience imposes its absurdity and evilness to your conscience.

You become depressed after making many mistakes and getting involved in sad situations, even if you don’t understand that they are sad because you try to live based on your delusions. Your psyche feels uncomfortable and unsatisfied.

You also become depressed with tragic losses and events. The cruel world increases your sadness, discouraging you even more.

When your depression doesn’t seem to have a logical explanation, this means that your anti-conscience doesn’t let you find peace. A detailed dream analysis will show you how you will be able to overcome this feeling.

First of all you have to understand that the pursuit of happiness based on having material pleasures and social power is a false concept of happiness imposed by the commercial world, which is easily accepted by your selfish ego.

You don’t live in order to be happy. You live in order to stop being absurd and find sound mental health. When you will stop making mistakes and you will become a wise and sensitive human being, you can be happy.

This means that you have to organize your psyche in order to feel better and evolve.

No Motivation And No Courage

Life is a difficult journey. Many people begin this journey in a negative way, which increases the influence of their anti-conscience into their human conscience.

Here is a part of a dream dreamt by a depressed woman who has no courage to go on:

My sister (bipolar) is lying on the floor. I do not expect her to help me. Something extremely dangerous is happening in her room. A big part of the wall of her room is gone. I am scared.

Dream translation:

My sister (bipolar) is lying on the floor.

Your sister represents a mentally ill and unstable part of your personality.

When you are lying on the floor in dreams this means that you lost your self-confidence.

Therefore, the mentally ill part of your personality lost its self-confidence.

I do not expect her to help me.

Your ego understands that the mentally ill part of your personality cannot help you in any way.

Something extremely dangerous is happening in her room.

Her room represents the place in your psyche where the mentally ill part of your personality lives.

Something extremely dangerous is related to the severity of the mental condition of this part of your personality. It is becoming more absurd.

A big part of the wall of her room is gone. I am scared.

The wall represents a separation or a protection. In this case, it is a protection. The fact that it is gone indicates great danger.

This means that the mentally ill part of your personality lost the protection it had in your psyche, and now it is exposed to the outside world.

Your ego can understand the danger of this situation, and this is why you are scared.

This part of the dream is showing you that there is an unstable part of your personality that lost its self-confidence and the protection it had in your psyche because of what happened in the past.

Your parents were wrong in many ways, but you have to understand that all human beings make many mistakes because everyone inherits an absurd and evil anti-conscience.

You have to forgive your parents and transform your personality. This way you will become self-confident and protect your mental health instead of being unstable, while you are exposed to the dangers of the cruel world.


Many people suffer from depression because of their parent’s behavior when they were children, or because of the traumatic experiences they had during their childhood.

They are more vulnerable to depression because of these experiences. They didn’t learn how to cope with bad experiences because they couldn’t find support anywhere, and this is why they keep having problems of adaptation in life.

These people understand how sad and difficult it is to be alive since one can face so many tragic experiences in life.

Treatments based on ignorance don’t take into consideration the real causes of depression. God already knows everything about every dreamer, and this is why He sends him or her he right psychotherapy in dream messages.

The Real Causes Of Depression

You will understand the real causes of your depression thanks to a detailed dream analysis because you will verify which characteristics of your personality are responsible for your destiny. This means that you will stop blaming your parents and the situations that marked your life for your suffering.

Your destiny is related to the characteristics of your personality. The traumatic experiences you have in life are the result of the absurd tendencies you have inherited. You can change your life by transforming your personality through dream translation.

Dream analysis helps you find the courage to go on despite your fears. You understand that you are responsible for your recovery and you learn how to do what will help you become stronger.

God shows you that you have to tame your wild behavior, and how to do it. Therefore, you have another image of your depression. You realize that your depression depends on your behavior, and not only on the outside world.

Through dream translation you understand in which ways you are misunderstanding your reality and the human behavior. You also understand how to become a wise, self-confident, and sensitive human being.

Your wild behavior is imposed by your anti-conscience. This behavior has many shapes that don’t seem to be wild, but it is the result of the absurd and evil tendencies that control your mind in certain situations.

A tendency is a natural or prevailing disposition to move, proceed, or act in some direction. Your dreams help you organize your thoughts and control your behavior instead of being controlled by the primitive tendencies of your anti-conscience, which are negative.

These negative tendencies are responsible for the way you feel and the way you behave.

The dreamer of my example understood that a part of her personality is mentally ill. This part of her personality lost its self-confidence and it cannot help her ego, and this part of her personality is dangerously exposed to the outside world, without any psychical protection.

This means that everybody can understand that she is insecure. She cannot protect herself from the cruel world since everyone can see her weakness, and therefore, everyone take advantage of it and prepare a trap for her.

She doesn’t have the courage to do anything because she doesn’t believe that she can deal with life’s challenges. She underestimates her capacities.

Through dream translation she is learning how to change her behavior and believe in herself. She is learning how to judge the world based on the information given by the unconscious mind, and not based on the image she has of the world from her childhood.

Other dreamers have different problems, depending on their personality and life.

Dreams contain important guidance for every dreamer.

The Healthy Aspect Of Depression

Depression is sadness, disgust, and fear. Since we are in a crazy world ruled by terrorists and their military forces, depression is an obvious consequence of the absurd way we live, besides being caused by many other abnormalities derived from the absurdity of our anti-conscience.

Depression is not a mental illness in its initial stage. Depression is a natural feeling in a depressed world where there is no justice.

Indifference to all horrors is a mental illness, but we don’t consider our indifference an abnormal reaction. We may understand that we are absurd when we are indifferent to our children’s happiness, but we don’t understand that we are absurd when we are indifferent to the suffering of the abandoned and abused children of the world.

We could even say that depressed people are more sensitive and mentally healthy than the indifferent part of the world population.

The cure for depression is not the elimination of our sadness while we observe the tragedies of the world. Sound mental health is not indifference to all horrors.

We must stop accepting the absurdity of the world.

Understanding The Truth

Dreams work like psychotherapy because we are absurd from birth. All abnormalities observed in the human behavior result from the existence of a satanic anti-conscience in our brain.

This means that our goodness is false. We are selfish and evil.

We have to stop killing our population with bombs and with our greedy attempts to make money no matter what, if we want to be considered balanced. We cannot be considered human before putting an end to poverty, terror, immorality, violence, and indifference.

God is revolted with the human race because we keep disregarding what is bad, and we indifferently accept being controlled by our evil anti-conscience. While we disregard our absurdity and we try to live based on absurd concepts, we cannot find sound mental health.

For example, we attempt to interfere in the chemical reactions of the human brain based on an external image of its functioning, without understanding its internal functioning. This is why dangerous psychiatric medications keep destroying the immune system of the mentally ill, while the treatment of mental disorders cannot be based on chemical substances.

Absurdity is the result of the satanic thoughts of our anti-conscience. Absurd thoughts must be combated with resistance, and not with apathy.

We try to cure post-traumatic disorder in soldiers with attempts to annulate the effect of terror. The real solution to this problem is the end of all wars, and not our adaptation to the horrors of a war.

We try to get rid of thieves by locking them in prisons, while the solution to this problem is the end of poverty.

We want to have a beautiful family and a loyal partner, but we are indifferent to the existence of prostitution and homosexuality. We will never manage to protect our children and our marriage if we accept immorality.

We try to cure stress and anxiety while we are constantly trying to be more productive and make more money, without paying attention to our physical and mental health.

We will never find sound mental health, peace, and happiness based on our absurd assumptions.

This is why God is revolted with the human race. Here is an explanation for God’s anger:

“God’s anger is rationally retributive. His anger is His direct, calculated response to sin. Nowhere is His anger observed more clearly than in the pages of the Old Testament, where we read often of God exhibiting His anger at the children of Israel in a very demonstrative and graphic manner. Remember, however, that God never became angry at the children of Israel unless they breached their covenant with Him; if God was angry, it was Israel’s fault (see Deuteronomy 11:17; 29:24-28; Ezra 8:22; Nehemiah 13:18, et al.).

The psalmist wrote that God is “angry with the wicked every day” (7:11). The anger of God is the response of His holiness to outbreaking sin. Particularly when it culminates in action is it rightly called His ‘wrath’” (1956, p. 135).”

Dangerous mental health treatments increase the mental illnesses generated by our anti-conscience. Instead of trying to invent therapies that are unable to eliminate our absurdity, we have to follow the natural treatment sent by God in our dreams.

This treatment is private and simple. Only God and you know the information contained in your dreams.

You only have to study the dream language for a while, the same way you study any foreign language. Then, you will have this knowledge helping you for life.

You will understand God’s guidance in your dreams, and you will follow a path of self-discovery that will help you become more intelligent and sensitive. Your depression will gradually disappear and you will feel strong.

You will understand when you have to accept suffering in order to respect God’s justice, without feeling depressed. You will also understand how you can find sound mental health, peace, and happiness based on goodness and wisdom.

Your personality and your work will change the world and help God put an end to craziness and terror. Your life and your example will meaningfully transform the human race.

God will help you become a very important person, besides curing your depression. You will help many other people become stronger like you.

The Real Meaning Of Happiness

Thanks to the vision you will have with all the information God will give you in your dreams, you will understand the real meaning of happiness.

You will verify that you have no reason to envy anyone. Those who are living well in a living hell are not the examples you should desire to imitate. Those who are powerful in a world that works based on violence, terror, immorality, financial power, indifference to the human pain, and greed accept the rules of this world. They agree with the predominance of terror.

You shouldn’t believe that they are living their lives the best way they can. They are in fact preparing their grave. There is a worse hell for all sinners after death. This information was found in dreams. It completes the information already verified in our lives.

God is revolted with those who disregard His teachings and indifferently agree with the terror of the world.

So, don’t think that your life would be better if you could have more material pleasures. As a matter of fact, materialism is a terrible obstacle that prevents you from following an indispensable path of spiritual purification.

You should pay attention to the preservation of your dignity and respect your moral principles in all situations.

Those who indifferently pursue material pleasures without eliminating their satanic anti-conscience are wasting their time. You should care about becoming a better person, and learn how to have the behavior of a saint.

Your dreams will help you find happiness based on goodness. You won’t follow the philosophy of life of the cruel modern civilization. You will discover the power of compassion and the importance of wisdom.

You will help God put an end to hypocrisy and greed. The world will be grateful for your existence, and your eternal life on heaven will be guaranteed.

The depression treatment you will follow through dream translation will help you discover another dimension of life, which is more important than the material reality. You will be cured thanks to the transformation of your personality.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to submit your dreams for translation.

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