How To Stop Feeling Lost And Find Your Purpose

How To Stop Feeling LostI felt lost when I was young and I had to get adapted to various situations that I was not expecting to deal with.

When I became 15-years-old I almost lost my life in a tragic car accident. I lost the friend who was next to me in the car and I lost my faith. I became a revolted atheist.

At that time, my parents got divorced and I lost my father’s money. I helped my mother get rid of his tyranny, and he stopped being generous with me.

I also lost my country when I was almost 18-years-old because there were too many assaults in Brazil, and I had to live in Greece, which is my parents’ country, after living for six months in the US, where I was studying the English language.

My parents were immigrants who had decided to live in Brazil when the country was growing, like many other Europeans. I had no intention to abandon Brazil and I hated the cold weather of the north hemisphere, but since we had no safety in my country, I felt that I had no alternative.

I also lost my brilliant future as a literature writer, since I lost the Portuguese language, and I couldn’t write so well in Greek. As a matter of fact, I hardly could speak this language in the beginning. I knew only the simple words that my parents used at home when I was a child.

The Greek language didn’t inspire me at all. It didn’t have a beautiful melody like Portuguese and English. Its words were too dry and too long.

I wondered where my life was going. Everything changed too much for me. I lost my purpose in life.

In the beginning I had the intention to be a great literature writer who would help the world find happiness. After the tragic car accident, I realized that first of all I had to help the world find peace.

However, I couldn’t find anything.

I abandoned my ideals, and I became indifferent and selfish. I cared only about my own existence.

Many misconceptions made me believe that I could find happiness this way, but I was punished for being so naïve. I made many mistakes and I had many deceptions.

Fortunately, I found Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation after losing everything. This was the best treasure I could find in my life, but in the beginning I couldn’t understand the meaning of dreams.

I couldn’t even understand Jung’s words. I had to read his books numerous times until I managed to really grasp their meaning.

Everything was very difficult and complicated for me, but I managed to better understand the meaning of dreams, and I simplified Carl Jung’s obscure method of dream interpretation. I continued his research proving that God is the unconscious mind. Today you can easily find your purpose in life through dream translation like many of my students and patients, no matter how lost you may feel right now.

Finding your purpose is easy because God is the dream producer and He shows you in your dreams what you have to do in order to evolve and feel completely satisfied with yourself and your life. The only difficulty you will possibly have is on putting the divine guidance into practice.

You will have to change your behavior because you have to become wise and sensitive. However, this initial difficulty is not an obstacle. You will understand the value of this process of transformation when you will learn how to be diplomatic instead of being aggressive.

Dreams About Your Purpose

Every dreamer has a series of dreams about the most important matters for them. Everyone must learn how to develop all their psychological functions, and how to have a balanced attitude in life.

Here is a part of a dream where the dreamer lost her way:

In hotel in another country, I walked towards garden then felt lost in it, found myself in front of restaurants serving meat, didn’t eat. I lost the way back to the hotel, then I found myself in a train station, I asked myself how did I end up here the hotel was so close? I asked the ticketing person ( I don’t know ) how can I get out of the station? and if he knows the route to the hotel, he was confused and asked someone else, I got frustrated and left the station.

Dream translation:

In hotel in another country, I walked towards garden then felt lost in it,

You represent your ego in dreams.

When you are in a hotel this means that you are making a research for a certain period of time. This is a situation that won’t last long.

Another country represents a place far from your psyche (your home). This means that you were not feeling comfortable there.

The garden is a place where you are somehow exposed to the outside world, and at the same time it represents an incentive of life.

Your ego was making a research in a place far from your psyche, but you got lost in an incentive of life.

This incentive can be anything that will give you a reason to be alive.

The fact that you got lost represents a big danger.

This initial part of the dream is showing you that you can easily lose your mind because of a certain incentive of life, which can be false.

An interesting incentive of life can make you believe that you can find happiness this way, even if this incentive is not really good for you and you will feel uncomfortable. For example, a man can easily mislead you by showing you that you will have a nice life with him.

Getting lost in a dream is an alarming sign. This means that you can suddenly forget all the lessons you had. You still believe in many illusions.

found myself in front of restaurants serving meat, didn’t eat,

The restaurants serve food for your psyche. Depending on the food you eat, you will have an attitude or another. When you eat vegetables, you have a peaceful attitude. When you eat meat, you are violent.

Your ego understood that you shouldn’t feed your psyche with violence. You decided to have a peaceful behavior.

I lost the way back to the hotel,

The fact that you couldn’t go back to the hotel means that your ego couldn’t go back to your research after having abandoning it because you were involved in an incentive of life. This means that if you will abandon your research, you won’t be able to go back.

The research was related to your life and your perfect match, like most of your dreams. You must be careful because if you will get involved with someone else you will stop your research and stop looking for the ideal man for you. You will get involved with the wrong person again.

then I found myself in a train station,

The train represents your life following a route without alternatives, which ends up on deceptions and frustrations. This is the route that most people follow.

Your ego was tempted to follow this route, without thinking about the future.

I asked myself how did I end up here the hotel was so close?

Your ego realized that you were in a bad situation.

You must be very careful because you can get lost in life. The same message appeared in many of your dreams.

You have to stop believing in illusions. Now you know that human beings are absurd because everyone inherits an anti-conscience, and everyone’s conscience is underdeveloped. You cannot ignore this truth and care only about a man’s appearance like you used to do when you ignored the truth about the human nature.

The fact that you lost your way in this dream indicates that something can make you lose your way in life. In other words, a dangerous attractive man can make you lose your purpose in life. You had many dreams about this matter.

I asked the ticketing person ( I don’t know ) how can I get out of the station? and if he knows the route to the hotel,

The ticketing person is a mature part of your personality that works mechanically, without thinking about what it is doing.

Your ego tried to find help through this part of your personality, even though it is not intelligent.

he was confused and asked someone else,

This part of your personality that works mechanically was confused because it doesn’t use its brain for anything. It does a mechanical work and nothing else. This part of your personality doesn’t think.

This is why it asked for help.

Someone else is another part of your personality.

I got frustrated and left the station.

Your ego managed to avoid following the route that everyone follows in life (the train) and ends on frustrations and deceptions, but you didn’t complete your research (you didn’t find the hotel).

This dream is showing you that even though you seem to be able to control your behavior and you are analyzing the meaning of your dreams, you can lose your way and get trapped in a terrible situation.

This dream fits the previous one about the roller coaster. In that dream you accepted to face a terrible adventure. In this dream you got in a terrible situation because you lost your way.

You must be very careful and pay attention to all dangers.

Let me relate this dream to what happened the previous day:

Yesterday, I was thinking how my whole life was ruled by unconscious thinking, I never knew why I was doing anything I did, now I have to always think consciously.

This dream was showing you that you have to be very careful with false impressions. You have to think about the negative consequences of everything instead of following your enthusiasm. Otherwise, you won’t find the right person for you. You will forget your purpose in life.

Your purpose is to become a perfect human being, so that you may find authentic happiness in life, and help many other people find happiness too.

If you will be inconsequential and impatient, you won’t be able to complete your mission.


This dreamer must pay special attention to her tendency to get involved with the wrong partner. This mistake can make her lose her purpose in life.

Her purpose in life is not only to find the right person, but to become a perfect human being. If she won’t manage to find the right person, she will make a series of mistakes that will make her lose her mind. This is why it is very important for her to avoid making this mistake.

Other dreamers have to avoid making different mistakes, depending on their personality. This dreamer belongs to a psychological type based on sensations. This means that she must develop her intuition, her thoughts, and her feelings. Other dreamers have to develop their sensations.

Everyone’s mission in life always is related to the necessity to completely develop their human conscience and use in a positive way the psychological functions that are not working in their conscience, and belong to their absurd and evil anti-conscience.

Forgetting Your Life’s Purpose

Most people make mistakes in the beginning of their lives like me. However, there are also people who follow their purpose in life and make progress in the beginning of their lives because they have a strong human conscience and many positive characteristics in their personality.

These people manage to have an admirable life and remain loyal to their moral principles for a long time, but they never stop being in danger.

Many times people who respected their moral principles when they were young, stop paying attention to various religious lessons with time. They gradually abandon their admirable philosophy of life; especially because they are influenced by the commercial and immoral world.

They become as materialistic and indifferent as the biggest part of the population, while they could achieve higher levels of knowledge and sensitivity if they would remain loyal to their moral principles.

When they forget their sense of morality, they are punished with an unexplained mental disorder, even though they seemed to be balanced all their lives.

They also have to deal with tragic events and other misfortunes. God punishes more those who are near sound mental health and could help Him put an end to terror when they abandon their moral principles, than those who have mental health problems from the beginning of their lives.

You have to avoid forgetting your purpose in life. Your dreams will help you always remember that developing and preserving the positive characteristics of your personality is what really matters for your evolution as a human being.

Overcoming Psychological And Existential Problems

Your dreams help you understand the mistakes of your underdeveloped and one-sided conscience, and the influence of your absurd and evil anti-conscience. You understand how all psychological problems are caused and what you have to do in order to stop being a victim of your anti-conscience.

All your problems begin with your anti-conscience. The psychological functions that are not working in your conscience and belong to your anti-conscience are in a wild, childish, and primitive condition.

Your life mission is to transform these psychological functions into positive psychological functions that can belong to your human conscience. This means that these psychological functions must acquire human characteristics. They must respect the importance of goodness and justice.

As you could see with the example of this dreamer, for her thinking is too difficult. She doesn’t think before acting. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t use her rationality at all even though it does mean that she avoids using it. This means that whenever she thinks, her thoughts are illogical. They are not intelligent thoughts that help her solve her problems. They are idiotic thoughts that confuse her mind.

Her dream helped her understand that she can get lost in life because she cares only about feeling well and having pleasure, without thinking about any consequence. She must learn how to think logically. She also understood that she must be patient and selective, and look for the right person for her.

The same way that for her understanding the importance of thinking before acting is indispensable, something similar is indispensable for you too, depending on your psychological type and life biography. Dream therapy is a natural mental health treatment indispensable for every human being, since every person must indispensably understand something.

Your dreams show you very clearly what you have to do in order to avoid sad life experiences that can put your mental health in danger. You also learn how to find the right person for you, or how to improve your current relationship, how to make friends, how to solve your existential problems, and everything that seems to be difficult for you.

This way you become a balanced person, and you are able to find happiness in life. You also are able to help others, since you are fine and you are sensitive.

After mastering the dream language you will be able to translate other people’s dreams the same way you will translate your own dreams. You will help your children, your relatives, your friends, and many other people.

Finding Happiness

Everyone’s purpose is to be happy in life, but we don’t live in order to find happiness. We live in order to find sound mental health and peace because we are mentally ill from birth. The mental illnesses we acquire as we grow older already are in our brain. They simply invade the conscious field.

We can find authentic happiness in life if we will become mentally healthy, but we get lost pursuing false ideals, and we don’t understand that we need psychotherapy.

“Aristotle argues that happiness is activity of the rational soul in accordance with virtue. Human beings must have a function, because particular types of humans (e.g., sculptors) do, as do the parts and organs of individual human beings. This function must be unique to humans; thus, it cannot consist of growth and nourishment, for this is shared by plants, or the life of the senses, for this is shared by animals. It must therefore involve the peculiarly human faculty of reason. The highest human good is the same as good human functioning, and good human functioning is the same as the good exercise of the faculty of reason—that is to say, the activity of rational soul in accordance with virtue.”

Virtue is moral excellence; righteousness.

Aristotle was right, but human beings are far from perfection. This is why we cannot find happiness.

In order to be happy, we have to become perfect human beings. God is trying to teach us this lesson through all the religions of the world, which were inspired by Him, but we never learn it.

All dreams teach us the same lesson through many ways. We have to stop trying to be happy without achieving perfection because we have inherited an absurd and evil anti-conscience that generates terror, and must be eliminated.

While we have a satanic anti-conscience imposing its absurd thoughts to our conscience, we are unable to think in accordance with virtue.

You must understand this basic truth, and get rid of your anti-conscience the fastest possible. This way you will have the chance to find authentic happiness in life without getting lost, and without forgetting your life mission with time.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to submit your dreams for translation.

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