The Mystery Behind Dreams And Mental Disorders

Freud and JungSigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist, who became known as the father of psychoanalysis. He believed that while poets and thinkers had long known of the existence of the unconscious, it received scientific recognition in the field of psychology.

The unconscious was first introduced in connection with the phenomenon of repression, to explain what happens to ideas that are repressed. Freud stated explicitly that the concept of the unconscious was based on the theory of repression. He postulated a cycle in which ideas are repressed, but remain in the mind, removed from consciousness yet operative, then reappear in consciousness under certain circumstances.

Freud believed that the function of dreams is to preserve sleep by representing as fulfilled wishes that would otherwise awaken the dreamer. In Freud’s theory dreams are instigated by the daily occurrences and thoughts of everyday life.

In 1920, he proposed that the human psyche could be divided into three parts: id, ego and super-ego.

The id is the completely unconscious, impulsive, childlike portion of the psyche that operates on the “pleasure principle” and is the source of basic impulses and drives; it seeks immediate pleasure and gratification.

The super-ego is the moral component of the psyche, which takes into account no special circumstances in which the morally right thing may not be right for a given situation. The rational ego attempts to exact a balance between the impractical hedonism of the id and the equally impractical moralism of the super-ego; it is the part of the psyche that is usually reflected most directly in a person’s actions.

Carl Jung was Freud’s student, but he abandoned his teacher and he developed his own analytical method. While Freud was giving explanations about the human behavior based on his theories in 1920, Jung published his books about The Psychological Types, which define the behavior of eight different psychological types that have specific characteristics, and were observed in human beings of different civilizations and historical times. He also defined the neurosis of each psychological type.

Jung divided the unconscious mind into two parts: the personal unconscious, which contained personal experiences, traumas and repressed thoughts that couldn’t reach the conscious level, and the collective unconscious, which reflected the characteristics of the unconscious mind of all human beings in all historical times and civilizations.

He verified that our dreams are produced by the collective unconscious, and he managed to discover the secret symbolic language of the unconscious by analyzing the meaning of important images for various different civilizations, and by relating the findings of the alchemists to his knowledge about the human psyche. His research was complex. He related many different factors from different fields.

Jung defined Freud’s id as the ‘shadow’. He agreed with Freud’s definition of the ego, but he believed that the super ego was part of the ego.

Thanks to their work the world could find scientific explanations for the dark side of the human being, and the formation of mental disorders.

Freud was pessimistic. He believed that the human being would forever live unsatisfied, always seeking pleasure in a contradictory world characterized by pain.

Jung had an optimistic mindset. He believed that the human being could find sound mental health and happiness.

Carl Jung was guided by the divine unconscious mind, which he named the collective unconscious. This is why he managed to understand God’s psychotherapy in dreams, and he could better understand our psychological system.

I continued Jung’s research, discovering the satanic origin of the human conscience, and clarifying all mysteries. I named Freud’s id and Jung’s shadow as the ‘anti-conscience’, our powerful primitive conscience, which occupies the biggest part of our brain and generates mental disorders within our conscience through absurd thoughts.

The anti-conscience is always trying to destroy our conscience through absurdity, even though it pretends that its absurd suggestions are smart.

My work completes the work of many scientists by showing to the world that the human nature is even more absurd and evil than we had imagined.

This is why we must respect our religion and obey the divine guidance in dreams.

Dreams That Reveal The Root Cause Of Your Problems

People who had traumatic experiences several times in their lives – during their childhood, their adolescence, and their adult life – cannot understand their destiny, or their recurring dreams about the past. Many people have dreams about traumatic experiences, especially if they were victims of terror.

They don’t understand why they keep having dreams about these horrible experiences, which they are trying to forget.

The explanation for the emphasis on the traumatic experiences of the past in dreams is the fact that the dreamer must be alarmed. His/her behavior is still exposing him to these traumatic experiences.

For example, he doesn’t know how to judge someone else’s personality and he always gets involved with dangerous people that want to take advantage of him. This is why he keeps having the same traumatic experiences.

The real explanations for the reasons why you face various problems in life can be clearly understood when you translate the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method of dream interpretation because God gives you a detailed image of your mental condition and numerous explanations about your destiny.

You will often verify that your behavioral mistakes are responsible for your suffering.

By following God’s guidance in your dreams, you will learn how to have the right behavior; the behavior that will work like a shield and will protect you from all attacks.

This means that you will never make costly mistakes that can put your mental stability in danger.

Curing Mysterious Mental Disorders

I started helping others since September of 1990 when I was cured from my neurosis, after discovering the existence of the anti-conscience and fighting its unbearable symptoms in 1989. In the end of the year, God showed me in my dreams that I had to offer my services to everyone (without payment, since I was a beginner and I was still making my research) and not only to my close friends.

This was a complication, since I knew many people and almost everyone had many psychological problems. I helped more those who were victims of traumatic experiences and obviously needed support.

I met a woman who suffered from a severe mental disorder and I tried to approach her. This was the first time I had to cure a terrible mental illness without having any cooperation. In the beginning I was afraid because her case was too complicated, but God showed me many details about her personality in my dreams, which helped me understand her case. So, I saw that I had at least God’s cooperation.

However, this case was too mysterious and God didn’t show me everything. I had some information, but I also had to make my research and relate many aspects while I was trying to understand what was happening with that woman. Her case was obscure. She never seemed to make any progress.

A person who doesn’t have common sense and doesn’t follow a certain sequence in her thoughts cannot be comprehended, and cannot understand how other people think.

She had three distinct personalities, even though they didn’t have a different name for her. One of them seemed to be a normal person, the other one was a child, and the third one was a very aggressive and rude creature.

I concluded that her case couldn’t be cured. However, at a certain point she started trusting me. Then, I had a series of dreams giving me explanations about her case. I had to wait until she would feel safe and open her heart in order to have more information about her also in my dreams. God made me follow her psychological process according to her rhythm.

If I was not obedient I would have abandoned this case from the beginning, but God made me persist, even without seeing any positive result for years.

I realized that our doctors do everything the wrong way. The medications they give to their patients are worse than the mental disorders they are trying to cure. This woman was taking psychiatric drugs that were not helping her in any way and had transformed her into a mentally retarded, while she was very intelligent before taking them.

Her case showed me the big drama faced by those who have severe mental disorders in our cruel and hypocritical world. I understood why I had to follow a different path.

Human beings are unable to cure mental disorders because they are generated by our satanic anti-conscience, which is too powerful.

We indispensably need God’s guidance in dreams.

Permanent Unsatisfaction And Severe Mental Disorders

Many strange cases of people who are permanently unsatisfied reflect the strong influence of the anti-conscience in their behavior. The anti-conscience is violent and cruel. Its behavior is the sneaky behavior of a demon. Many people are always nervous and unsatisfied because their anti-conscience doesn’t let them find peace.

There is no logical explanation for their constant lack of satisfaction, even when they have everything a human being could possibly desire. Those who are around people who always are nervous and unsatisfied cannot understand why they cannot stop having unjustified unpleasant feelings.

The explanation for this tendency is the existence of an absurd and evil primitive conscience in their brain, which is controlling their mind and their behavior. Their wild conscience doesn’t let them feel fine because it has a distorted nature. It feels pleasure with violence and terror. Thus, it generates negative emotions when the person is in a peaceful situation. The distorted nature of the anti-conscience explains many mysterious cases that cannot be comprehended.

One of the most mysterious mental disorders is multiple personality disorder. The various different personalities of the person are generated by their anti-conscience. Bipolar disorder clearly reflects the existence of a second conscience in the human brain, the same way.

For example, here is a part of a dream dreamt by a woman who suffers from multiple personality disorder:

I throw away the food from a plastic rectangular container which is beige. I say, “It is anti-conscience because it starts with S!” (I don’t know why I said that) I am afraid of something related to food (Probably someone or something giving me the food I guess. I don’t remember.) It scares me very much that I am fearing something that does not exist to the point of having my body shaking, especially my lower arms, and that that is making me look like a crazy person.

The day before the dream:
I wrote a message titled “Glad to meet you!”

The day after the dream:
I woke up feeling very cold and my body shaking. I remember covering myself up with a comforter and shaking in it.

Dream translation:

I throw away the food from a plastic rectangular container which is beige.

The rectangle in dreams represents completion that is not based on real satisfaction.

The beige color represents goodness.

Your ego refuses to feed your psyche with the energy that is in a false (plastic) state of completion (rectangular container), which has the appearance of being something good for you (is beige).

I say, “It is anti-conscience because it starts with S!” (I don’t know why I said that)

Your ego understands that this psychical energy comes from Satan. Your anti-conscience is Satan because it is a satanic conscience. This is why you say that the food comes from your anti-conscience, and starts with the letter S.

On the other hand, the name of your second personality starts with the letter S. This personality is a false personality imposed by your anti-conscience. It doesn’t belong to your conscience.

Your ego perceived that this psychical energy came from Satan and it would generate a negative behavior. This is why you threw the food away.

I am afraid of something related to food (Probably someone or something giving me the food I guess. I don’t remember.)

Your ego is very afraid of the psychical energy with which you are feeding your psyche. You believe that there is poison in it.

This psychical energy gives you a certain attitude in life. Therefore, you are afraid of the attitude you have when you feed your psyche with the psychical energy given by an evil part of your personality.

Your ego is afraid of all the parts of your personality, since you believe that they are trying to kill you and completely control your behavior.

It scares me very much that I am fearing something that does not exist to the point of having my body shaking,

Your ego cannot understand that you really must be very afraid of your anti-conscience, and stop believing that there is no danger. You are not fearing something that does not exist. Your anti-conscience is really trying to kill your ego and take its place.

You insist on believing that your satanic anti-conscience has something positive to give you and you follow its absurd thoughts, while it is a demon, and it is killing your ego.

Your body shaking of fear indicates that your ego is finally wakening up and understanding that you must be very afraid of your satanic anti-conscience because it is a monster.

especially my lower arms, and that that is making me look like a crazy person.

Your arms are related to your actions. Your actions are out of control (shaking) because you are controlled by your satanic anti-conscience.

Your ego is afraid to be considered crazy because you finally understood that your anti-conscience is a crazy conscience.

Before you started following psychotherapy through dream translation you ignored the existence of your anti-conscience and you were doing what it was suggesting. Your ego was a slave for your anti-conscience.

Now you understand that all the voices, the absurd thoughts and the strange feelings you have come from your satanic anti-conscience, and therefore, they are very dangerous for you.

This dream has a positive side because it is reflecting your awareness, even though you are in a dangerous situation. You still cannot really understand how negative your anti-conscience is, but you started to perceive its poisonous effect.

So, you stopped blindly following your absurd anti-conscience without paying attention to your actions. Thanks to dream therapy you are learning what is good and bad. Therefore, now you can understand that your anti-conscience is bad for you and you are afraid of it. There is nothing good in the voices and thoughts that pass through your mind.

You must transform your anti-conscience into a human being like your ego by obeying the unconscious mind, instead of being a victim of your satanic anti-conscience and keep suffering because of the strange symptoms it generates.

Let me relate this dream to what happened the previous day:

The day before the dream:
I wrote a message titled “Glad to meet you!”

This was a strange message where you were introducing another part of your personality. This dream was showing you how dangerous this fact really is.

You must have a uniform and harmonic personality. Your dreams will help you achieve this goal.

The day after the dream:
I woke up feeling very cold and my body shaking. I remember covering myself up with a comforter and shaking in it.

The fact that you were feeling so cold and nothing could warm you is a clear sign that you understood that you are in a dangerous situation. You have to be serious and precisely obey the unconscious guidance in your dreams.


I cannot show you the entire dream and more details about the dreamer, but you can see that she finally realized that she had to be afraid of her evil side.

Most people in our world (and not only the mentally ill) believe that evilness is smartness, while it is an idiotic and self-destructive tendency.

Now that we know how really dangerous our anti-conscience is, we must realize that our evil thoughts have no value. They are not smart, and they don’t help us in any way. On the contrary; they are misleading thoughts that destroy our capacity to think logically.

Severe Mental Disorders And Crimes

There is a crime behind practically every severe mental disorder.

If you will look for this information and you will learn what kinds of crimes are committed in the cruel world, you will be shocked with the human barbarity.

Whenever a human being accepts what is evil, he/she is controlled by his anti-conscience, which is a murderer. This is why he becomes totally cruel. Since his human conscience stops working, his actions are not limited by his sense of morality.

For example, a man killed his young and beautiful wife because he was in love with his mother-in-law.

A young lady killed her parents with the help of her boyfriend and his brother because her parents didn’t accept her relationship, since they were rich and her boyfriend was poor. Thus, she decided to kill her parents and get revenge, besides having the intention to keep all the money of the family.

A man killed his parents and his sister only because he wanted to keep all the money of the family, like this young lady. He had no reason to hate his family.

The murderers were discovered mainly because of their cold indifference. They were so indifferent to the loss of the dead people, that the police understood that they were the murderers.

All the examples I mentioned are real examples. I’m not giving you links with more details about them because I don’t think you want to learn more details about these horrible cases. All those who committed these crimes were respectable people who had important social positions and a good reputation. They had never committed a crime before.

Anyone can be controlled by their absurd and evil anti-conscience, and end up committing a terrible crime.

The existence of a satanic conscience in the human brain is an alarming fact, since the anti-conscience transforms human beings into demons. This is why God produces alarming dreams. Nightmares try to prevent tragedies before it is too late.

Preventing Fatal Mistakes

You have to be very careful because if you will make a tragic mistake, you will lose your mind and you will be tortured by unbearable symptoms.

You will be punished through so many ways that you will desire to commit suicide. You may escape the police, but you won’t be able to escape the tortures of your anti-conscience.

Perhaps you don’t believe that you can commit a crime in your life, but you never know what can happen to your mental stability in a world where you are constantly tempted to be evil. Since there is absurdity in your brain and everyone else around you is absurd too, you are in great danger.

When I was young I ignored this truth and I couldn’t suppose that I could commit a crime in my life, but thanks to the information I had in my dreams I discovered that I was so cruel that I could indifferently kill anyone. I accepted to precisely obey the divine guidance in my dreams especially because I was afraid of my behavior.

When I became an adult I always was angry and depressed. So, I understood that I needed psychological help. This is why I studied Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation with all my attention.

You should be afraid of your behavior too, even if you have no reason to believe that you need psychotherapy. There are many ironies in life. You never know why you may have the desire to do something absurd that will make you lose your mind.

While your life follows its routine you manage to go ahead and bear all difficulties without having mental health problems. However, if something unexpected will happen to you and everything will suddenly change, you don’t know how you can react, and which road you can take.

You must be prudent and eliminate the root cause of all mental health problems before being a victim of your anti-conscience, and a victim of mysterious ironies.

Protection From Chaos

Freud analyzed the dark side of the human being, and Jung found solutions for our psychological problems in the unconscious wisdom.

After discovering our evil side and verifying the depth of our absurdity thanks to their work, we can understand why we have to obey the divine guidance.

Dreams give us scientific explanations that help us accept respecting the rules established by our religion. These rules help us keep our mental stability and find peace.

Our sense of morality is what makes us human. We are different from all irrational animals not only because we can think, but because we can understand the difference between good and bad, and the meaning of justice.

The comprehension of the depth of the human absurdity and evilness must make you realize that your sense of morality protects your mental stability.

Your moral principles don’t let you follow illogical thoughts. They show you what you must respect in order to preserve your dignity.

The maintenance of your mental stability depends on the preservation of your dignity. Thus, the positive characteristics of your personality help you keep your sanity.

The fact that you must be a good person is not only a philosophical or religious matter. Your mental health depends on your goodness.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to submit your dreams for translation.

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