Do You Pay Attention To What Is Bad?

Dream SymbolThe Meaning Of Sharks In Dreams

We prefer to ignore what is bad, and we try to define what is negative in a positive way. We usually justify what is negative as something that should be accepted because it is part of the human nature, as if our defects should be simply accepted instead of corrected.

This tendency to justify what is negative and to interpret what is bad in a positive way is an idiotic attitude imposed by our anti-conscience. We adopt the behavioral patterns of our wild conscience without understanding the meaning of our actions.

We believe that this is the way we have to behave only because we have the inclination to do what our anti-conscience imposes to our conscience, without analyzing the reasons why we behave the way we do.

The anti-conscience makes us disregard all dangers, so that it may have the chance to manipulate our conscience and gradually destroy our capacity to think logically. This is why it suggests positive definitions for what is bad, and it justifies the absurdity we observe as if it could be logically explained.

Our conscience passively accepts these explanations, without imagining that they come from our absurd and evil anti-conscience. Even though the anti-conscience is idiotic, it is smart enough to prepare many logical traps for our (also idiotic) conscience.

You have to be afraid of all dangers and learn how to have the right attitude in dangerous situations.

This is not a simple matter in your busy daily life. You tend to disregard what is bad even when you try to pay attention to whatever could be suspicious in your reality.

I had this tendency too when I was young and I was in the beginning of my research. I remember that when I started translating the symbolic meaning of a literary book I had written when I was a teen, I tried to find a way to justify the positive meaning of the shark in my book.

The shark was one of the most important personages of the story, but it didn’t live in the sea. It was a flying shark that lived in the air.

I was 15-years-old when I started writing this book, after facing a tragic car accident. I kept writing it during six years, while I was traveling from Brazil to the US, where I remained studying English for six months, and then I went to Greece, where I have many relatives because my parents are Greek, and where I decided to live because there was no safety in Sao Paulo, my city. There was too much violence in the streets.

This happened in 1980, when I was 19-years-old. I lived in Greece as a tourist after living in the US in 1979, and I went back to Brazil one year later to decide what to do. Since the situation in my country was so terrible because the poor became too violent and there were many poor people in Brazil, I decided to live in Greece, where at the time everything seemed to be safe, and I had the protection of many relatives.

I kept writing ‘The Philanthropic Beggar’, my strange literary book, while I was facing these adventures. I remember that when I wrote the part about the flying shark I was working at the center of Athens as a secretary for a company that exported agricultural products from Greece to Arab countries. I had decided to get married to my Greek boyfriend and we were preparing everything for our marriage.

I had a lot of free time early in the morning because I only had to answer the phone and send one or two telexes. The internet didn’t exist yet, and I had to use the telex in order to send instant messages to our customers in their countries. I usually had work only much later, when my boss would arrive.

Certain morning I was at the office writing my literary book, when I decided to write something totally different because my book was becoming boring. My magical inspiration made me create a new personage: an intelligent and peaceful shark.

I believed that this was my idea, but this idea was inspired by the unconscious mind that gives us artistic talents, besides producing our dreams. The shark is an important dream symbol.

When I was writing this book I believed that the shark was really intelligent and I agreed with its thoughts. At that time (1981) I was neurotic, but I ignored this fact. I agreed with the absurd thoughts that were generating schizophrenia within my conscience.

In 1988, when I was 27-years-old I became a dream translator after seriously studying Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation, and I decided to translate the symbolic meaning of my literary book because I understood that it contained many dream symbols.

In the beginning I looked for information about sharks with the intention to justify the peaceful ideas of the shark in my book, and I found one shark that was not dangerous for human beings in a certain island, even though all the other types of sharks were violent and dangerous.

I related the information I found in Jung’s books with the information I found by comparing dreams, and I discovered that the meaning of the shark in dreams, literary works, and drawings is terrible. The shark represents schizophrenia.

I realized that the shark couldn’t really have a positive meaning since it was a violent killer. Then, I understood that its suggestions in the story of the philanthropic beggar were not as intelligent as they seemed to be. They were in fact misleading the beggar.

The fact that the shark in this story could fly means that schizophrenia would become a god for me. I would be completely absurd. This literary book was reflecting my mental illness and trying to help me prevent schizophrenia.

The accurate translation of the meaning of this dream symbol was very unpleasant and sad for me, but thanks to the comprehension that I would become schizophrenic I was very serious and I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in my dreams.

I was already obeying the divine unconscious mind, but I couldn’t imagine that I was so absurd. I believed that I had a simple neurosis.

Through dream translation I learned that I had inherited a very strong anti-conscience. I had to be cured before it would become even stronger. Without the right treatment, my neurosis would become schizophrenia.

Fortunately, I was studying the meaning of dreams and I could be enlightened by the symbolic information contained in my dreams and in my literary work. I was very serious and careful, and I obeyed the divine guidance like a soldier, even when I disagreed with my suffering.

My obedience saved me from terror.

I was lucky because I was protected and I manage to escape schizophrenia, but most people don’t want to pay attention to what is bad. They disregard even the worst nightmares because they don’t want to believe that something bad can happen to them.

The Meaning Of Nightmares

Here is the beginning of a scary nightmare dreamt by a mature man, and my translations:

My wife and I had murdered our oldest daughter (my stepdaughter) and hidden the body in the woods then reported it to authorities.

(She doesn’t necessarily look like my wife in the dream)

Dream translation:

Your wife represents your perfect match, the ideal woman for you.

You represent your ego in dreams.

Your wife’s oldest daughter represents the moral image of your perfect match and also your own moral image, since you are her stepfather.

A person’s moral image is what this person shows to the world concerning their morality.

The fact that your wife and you had murdered your oldest daughter means that your ego and your perfect match ruined your moral image. You made a terrible mistake, and you stopped having the positive moral image you had before. You became immoral.

The woods represent your animal nature.

The dead body of your oldest daughter represents the death of your positive moral image, which your ego and your perfect match were hiding in your animal nature.

In other words, you were trying to hide your terrible mistake by pretending that you simply acted like rational animals, while disregarding the fact that you were totally insensitive.

The authorities represent your self-defense. After hiding the death of your moral image in your animal nature, your ego and your perfect match pretended that you were worried about your moral image, and you entered in contact with your self-defense.

The fact that your wife doesn’t look like your real wife in the dream means that your perfect match had a different personality.


I cannot publish the entire dream or tell you anything about the dreamer’s case, but you can see from the beginning that something bad is happening in his life. Otherwise, why would God send him this frightening nightmare?

My initial translations are not really enlightening because I cannot show you everything about this case. If I could publish the entire dream and the dreamer’s life biography you would clearly understand the messages contained in this nightmare, but I can only publish one sentence that could be part of anyone’s dreams without exposing the dreamer.

Should he believe that there was something positive in this dream? Or, should he ignore the dangers he was exposed to, after having this warning?

This is what many people do after having a similar nightmare.

They try to interpret terrible nightmares as if they could have a positive meaning. They follow the absurd and idiotic tendency imposed by their anti-conscience to disregard what is bad, and this is why they try to find a positive meaning for what is visibly bad, the same way that I was trying to find a positive symbolic meaning for the shark in the beginning of my research.

Negative dream symbols are alarming signs. Nightmares reflect dangers that come from our anti-conscience and from the cruel world.

Many people believe that our dreams are produced by our imagination and they reflect our fears. This is an interpretation based on suppositions.

The dream language follows God’s logic. All dreams are produced by God with the intention to help us prevent or cure the mental illnesses generated by our anti-conscience within our conscience.

Nightmares try to help all dreamers prevent what will be catastrophic for them, before they will deal with bad situations in their daily lives, or while they are having serious problems that they ignore.

Your Dreams And Your Mental Health

Your dreams reflect your mental health. If you have bad dreams, this is because you are mentally ill, or you are about to lose your mind.

Some people have positive dreams, but this is rare. Most people must follow dream therapy for a certain period of time before they will finally have positive dreams.

This happens because most people are influenced or controlled by their anti-conscience, which is absurd and evil. They have many bad dreams that reflect their mistakes. They have to understand what is going wrong in order to stop making these mistakes and become more intelligent.

You have positive dreams when you have a wise attitude.

First of all you have to transform your personality and eliminate your anti-conscience. If your anti-conscience is influencing your mind and your behavior, you have to be alarmed by unpleasant and scary nightmares.

Dreams reflect dangers and mistakes because they are helpful tools that try to save your mental stability from the attacks of your absurd and evil anti-conscience. Your anti-conscience is a wild animal that tries to destroy your human conscience. It keeps attacking your conscience without interruption because while your human conscience controls your behavior, your anti-conscience is a prisoner.

You must learn how to eliminate this enemy before it will transform you in its prisoner. You are the human being existent into your human conscience. You must control your behavior and acquire total consciousness.

If you have nightmares and unpleasant dreams you need psychotherapy. I had many frightening dreams when I was young. This was one of the reasons why I cared so much about the meaning of dreams.

I also had many intriguing and mysterious dreams that seemed to contain an ancient knowledge and were very interesting.

My dreams were reflecting my mental illness, but also my capacity to seriously study the dream language and obey the divine guidance. I had to fight absurdity and follow the positive destiny God had prepared for me, instead of becoming schizophrenic.

You will have information about your destiny and what you have to avoid in life, so that you may become a superior human being instead of being a victim of your anti-conscience.

Your dreams reflect:

* Your psychological system

* Your mental condition

* The issues you are facing today

* Your future

* What you have to do in order to eliminate your anti-conscience

* How you can acquire total consciousness

Many times your dreams are unpleasant and their messages are sad because you are making mistakes. You have to be humble and objective.

Bad dreams reflect the negative characteristics of your personality and the dangers you are exposed to because you have an anti-conscience and everyone else has an anti-conscience too. You are in a cruel world where you are manipulated all the time by numerous liars.

Dreams cannot be pleasant because your reality and your brain are absurd. They show you the truth behind the scenes.

Why You Need Warnings

A neurotic dreamer once told me that the unconscious mind should send us encouraging dreams instead of sending us warnings all the time.

I told her that the unconscious mind reflects the truth. If she keeps making dangerous mistakes, she cannot but have many bad dreams containing warnings because her dreams are trying to make her stop making these mistakes. She couldn’t be encouraged if she was repeating serious behavioral mistakes.

Some people think like this dreamer. They believe that the unconscious mind should produce dreams that would help them feel better from the beginning of their treatment.

The function of dreams is protective. Dreams reflect the truth about our mental health. They work like a mental health treatment. They cannot be pleasant if the dreamer is not doing what is positive for him/her.

The dreamer must be humble and respect God’s wisdom and His criticism. God is not a manipulative marketer who is trying to convince the dreamer that he/she must obey His guidance. God is a doctor who eliminates the absurdity existent in the dreamer’s thoughts.

The dreamer must accept his position as a sinner who must be corrected, and understand that his dreams show him the truth as it is. God is trying to open his eyes and help him become more intelligent.

God is not manipulative like Satan (our anti-conscience), and this is why He doesn’t try to please our ego. On the contrary; most dream messages reflect our ego’s mistakes. This is why they are unpleasant.

Your Attitude Before What Could Happen To You

Some people become irritated when they have dreams about their partner’s infidelity; especially men. They don’t want to believe that these dreams could reflect the truth, while dreams about love are very clear.

Once a woman sent me a message because she read one of my articles, and in the article I was saying that if you have dreams about your partner’s infidelity this means that he or she is cheating on you. She couldn’t accept this translation.

She copied a definition of the meaning of dreams about infidelity written by a certain psychologist, which she believed was much better than my translation, and she told me that I shouldn’t declare that dreams about infidelity have to be interpreted as if they reflected real facts because I could hurt the dreamer’s feelings.

The psychologist had defined the meaning of dreams about infidelity as if they were reflecting the dreamer’s fears of abandonment. She believed that this was a reasonable definition.

I told her that I don’t translate the meaning of dreams based on my personal opinion. I respect a series of rules, which were discovered by Carl Jung, and I also respect many other rules that I discovered by precisely obeying the unconscious guidance in dreams. I work as a translator, and not as an interpreter.

I’m translating dreams for many people since 1990. I help everyone overcome their mental health problems through dream translation. My work is based on my obedience to the unconscious guidance in dreams, and not based on my imagination.

I assume the responsibility for my translations and I can guarantee that the meaning of dreams never causes psychological problems to the dreamer. On the contrary; the meaning of dreams always tries to open the dreamer’s eyes and show him or her dangers that he cannot see.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a mental health treatment able to cure even severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder.

All dreams protect the dreamer’s mental health. God tries to prevent panic and despair because of sudden discoveries.

Dreams about infidelity protect the dreamer’s mental stability.

Men don’t want to accept this fact. I can tell you that 90% of men who have dreams about infidelity abandon dream translation. They prefer to conclude that they shouldn’t believe that the meaning of their dreams could give them real information about the future, instead of believing that their wives are cheating on them. This is too unbearable for them. They prefer to close their eyes and pretend that this is not true.

Even though some women have the same reaction, they usually are more flexible and intelligent. They care more about dream translation after discovering that the unconscious mind gives them information about their partner.

Then, they discover many clues they had never noticed before, which confirm the information they had in their dreams. They even find objects that clearly reveal that something strange is happening with their partner.

Of course, it is very bitter to discover that the person you love is betraying you. However, when you find out the truth thanks to dream translation you are prepared to deal with your sad reality. God helps you understand what happened and why you are dealing with this problem. You are consoled by the divine wisdom, and you find ways to be strong.

Instead of being a victim of a conspiracy against you, you discover the truth and all the details of this conspiracy, without falling into the traps prepared by your enemies.

If your partner and his/her lover had the intention to kill you because they believed that this was the best solution for them, you will have information about how to deal with this dangerous situation in your dreams, and avoid their traps.

Nobody wants to believe that they could be in such position, but crimes because of illegal love relationships are part of the routine in our world.

There are also times when dreams about infidelity are trying to help you prevent your partner’s infidelity –because he/she is being tempted to cheat on you. In this case, your dreams will help you avoid having to deal with a rival.

God will show you what you have to do in order to help your partner understand that you are a special person who cannot be replaced by anyone else. You will save your marriage instead of having a divorce.

You always have trustworthy information about the person you love in your dreams because your mental health is in danger when you are in love. You depend on the other person.

There are many other types of dreams that predict negative events, and must be respected. Your dreams show you the truth in order to help you have the courage to face difficult challenges without fainting.

Since you are in a dangerous reality and since you have inherited absurdity into your anti-conscience, you must be careful. Your dreams help you get prepared for the future, and at the same time, they show you how to prepare the positive results you desire.

Instead of closing your eyes before what will make you suffer, you have to be intelligent and care about protecting yourself.

Conformism And Adaptation

Dream therapy is a mental health treatment totally different from the treatments based on human suppositions because it is based on divine wisdom.

All the other treatments are based on conformism and adaptation. They try to make you accept your pain instead of transforming you into a self-confident and intelligent person.

Your dreams reflect the truth because God wants to transform you into a brilliant human being.

Instead of trying to get adapted to a tragic reality, you learn how to transform your personality and solve all problems based on wisdom.

Finding Peace

The world is ruled by most people’s idiotic anti-conscience. This is why our world is a living hell where we try to survive like wild animals. The competition existent in our civilized population is exactly the same competition existent between predators in their natural environment.

God created our complex planet with many different animal and vegetable species. They would never have enough time to be transformed by chance in only four billion years and a half, which is the age of our planet, as the astronomer Fred Hoyle concluded. According to his calculations, even the formula for the appearance of life on earth wouldn’t have been found yet if it depended on molecular combinations made by chance.

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution has many valid aspects, but this theory is based on many erroneous concepts. It cannot explain the basic aspects of the formation of so many different species or even the formation and the functioning of so many complex organisms. It doesn’t explain why all animals are prepared to be able to survive in a dangerous environment where they have many enemies, and many other details that prove the necessity of a creator.

God made many efforts in order to show us the truth about our violent and evil nature, hoping that we would obey His guidance and learn how to find peace.

However, instead of learning how to be wise, we prefer to be violent predators and hide our evilness behind our hypocritical social mask.

You have to understand the value of the dream messages and precisely obey the divine guidance, without accepting the absurdity of the world. You will learn how to discern what is good or bad, and always have a wise attitude.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

If you are in a difficult situation, you can send your dreams to me for a professional dream translation and psychotherapy. I will help you solve your problems thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to submit your dreams for translation.

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