The Plan Behind The Evolution Of Dream Interpretation

Dream SymbolCarl Jung ignored the content existent in the unconscious mind. He could only understand a few aspects of the unconscious wisdom. This is why his work was obscure.

He believed that we couldn’t decipher all mysteries while we were alive, and he accepted his ignorance. The knowledge he had when he interpreted the meaning of dreams was not as clear as the knowledge I have – and the knowledge you can have thanks to my clarifications.

For Jung everything was mysterious and dangerous. For me everything was dangerous, but clear.

I had many explanations and lessons in dreams because I recognized the sanctity of the unconscious mind and I realized that since God is the dream producer, I had to obey the divine guidance. My obedience helped me learn a lot more.

Jung understood that the dream symbols have the same meaning for all dreamers, but at the same time he believed that we couldn’t translate everyone’s dreams the same way because every person has different personality traits and a different life biography.

I clarified this matter by verifying that the dream language has a specific meaning, and by discovering the meaning of numerous dream symbols thanks to the information I had in dreams and signs of my reality, and also thanks to the codes I found in a book written by Chico Xavier, a Brazilian spiritual guide. These codes helped me have a better communication with the unconscious mind, which is God’s mind.

I was also immensely helped by the translation of the symbolic meaning of a literary book I had written when I was a teen, which contained numerous dream symbols. We can translate the meaning of literary works the same way we translate dreams, and have more information about our reality this way.

The translation of the symbolic meaning of my literary book helped me understand the meaning of numerous dream symbols that Jung had mentioned without understanding their meaning, as he had confessed. I could also discover the meaning of many other dream symbols thanks to this literary book, which worked like a dictionary of dream symbols for me.

One dream symbol helped me understand the meaning of another dream symbol found in the book. All heroes in the story were important dream symbols, even though I ignored the symbolic meaning of dreams when I had written this book.

The dream language is based on specific definitions, and it is the same for all dreamers, but every dream must be related to the dreamer’s life biography so that we may clearly understand its meaning.

For example, here are two sentences from a dream dreamt by a man:

There was a flood in the living room. M (a depressed friend) called an ambulance.

Dream translation:

There was a flood in the living room.

The flood is an overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines. A large amount of water in dreams represents materialism.

The flood indicates that you are too materialistic and you don’t believe in the existence of a spiritual reality. You don’t believe in God’s salvation.

The living room represents an important part of your psyche.

Therefore, an important part of your psyche doesn’t believe in God and cares only about the material reality.

M (a depressed friend) called an ambulance.

M represents a depressed part of your personality.

The ambulance in dreams indicates that your mental health is in great danger because you are about to lose your mind and do something absurd.

This means that you can be so violent that someone else will need an ambulance after being violently attacked by you. The ambulance is not for you, but for the victim of your anger.

The depressed part of your personality understood that you are in great danger.

You have to calm down and believe that God has a plan for you. He will help you deal with all problems.

What is happening in your life is part of the process of transformation you must follow. You have to transform your personality and purify your spirit. Don’t lose hope.


Without knowing the life biography of the dreamer we cannot understand why he had these warnings, even though we can translate the meaning of the dream without depending on the dreamer’s life biography because the meaning of the dream symbols is specific.

This dreamer had an unexpected problem and he is feeling hopeless. He doesn’t believe that God will help him in the situation he is, and he is revolted and angry.

This part of the dream is showing him that he must believe that there are solutions and God won’t abandon him. He also must control his anger. Otherwise, he will lose his mind and he will be violent with his enemies.

Now that you know a few details about the dreamer’s life, the meaning of the dream became clearer.

You would have a better vision if you knew all the details of his case, and you could see exactly why he is feeling this way.

You would also better understand the meaning of this dream if you knew the dreamer’s life biography and what happened to him during his childhood and adolescence, besides knowing the problems he is dealing with today. However, I cannot expose the dreamer.

I’m simply showing you that the more you know about the dreamer, better you understand God’s messages and the reason why this dreamer needed this kind of dream and the information he found.

Let’s suppose that the dreamer was betrayed by his wife, or that he lost a lot of money because of someone else’s wickedness. You can imagine many similar examples.

In case he was betrayed by his wife, you will better understand the dreamer’s case if you will learn why he got married to his wife, and many other details of his life.

In case he was robbed by someone, this means that he is about to be seduced by a woman who won’t respect his personality. The robbery in dreams and in our daily reality always is related to an evil person of the opposite sex that is threatening the person’s morality. In case this was the dreamer’s problem, he had to be careful and open his eyes. He couldn’t let an evil woman steal his heart.

However, this is only one aspect of his problem. His dream is showing him that he doesn’t believe in God and he wants to get revenge because he lost his money.

Therefore, if you knew all these details and you were a dream translator, besides helping the dreamer protect his human conscience and respect his moral principles, you also had to help the dreamer calm down and forgive his enemy.

The Dream Logic

If I would translate the meaning of this dream based on the logic of my conscience, I would conclude that M’s attitude was absurd. Since there was a flood in the living room, instead of calling an ambulance he should call a plumber.

However, I know that the dream logic is based on God’s wisdom and sanctity. God shows to every dreamer how his/her satanic anti-conscience is influencing his mind and behavior.

I also know the meaning of the dream symbols. Therefore, I can understand that the ambulance makes sense.

God uses images that belong to your daily life in order to produce dreams that give you secret information about what your worst enemy is doing with the intention to destroy your conscience.

All dreams help you deal with a tragic reality. Even though God uses simple images that belong to your dally life, the meaning they have always is related to your mental health and to the dangers you are exposed to.

Your dreams help you prevent mental disorders and tragedies.

All dream images talk about a frightening truth. There is a demon into your brain, trying to destroy your tiny human conscience, which was created by God in order to help you transform the demon into a human being like you. You represent the human being created by God in order to eliminate Satan (your anti-conscience).

You must identify yourself with the human conscience you received from God. You have to believe that you are the human being existent into your human conscience, and not the demon that occupies the biggest part of your brain.

Your dreams contain important messages that help you avoid suffering as a victim of Satan, and become a perfect human being.

The Continuation Of Carl Jung’s Research

I managed to clarify and simplify the dream language not only because I was a writer and I was helped by my literary talent and the dream symbols I found in my own literary work, but because I continued Jung’s dangerous research, without accepting my ignorance as he accepted his ignorance, since he stopped his research at a certain point.

I discovered that the reason why dreams are so mysterious is the fact that the biggest part of our brain belongs to our anti-conscience, which is absurd and evil. The dream messages are secretly sent by God to our tiny human conscience in order to help us eliminate the absurdity and the evilness we have inherited into our anti-conscience.

I also learned how to fight the absurdity of the anti-conscience and the unbearable symptoms it generates into practice. This is why my work is so clear and so different from Carl Jung’s obscure work, even though my dynamic method of instant translation is derived from his complicated and time consuming method of dream interpretation.

Carl Jung discovered the basics. I simply organized his work, and I completed his research.

Now that I discovered the meaning of numerous dream symbols after translating the meaning of numerous dreams for many people since 1990, of course my dynamic method and my teachings are very different from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation and his lessons, but he discovered the meaning of the most important dream symbols, and he managed to explain the psychotherapeutical treatment of the unconscious mind in scientific terms.

I found his work ready, and I concentrated my attention only in the interpretation of dreams, without believing that we could understand the functioning of the human psyche through other ways. The guidance of the unconscious mind had primordial importance for me, and I absolutely trusted the unconscious mind, while Jung was afraid of the unconscious mind because he didn’t have a clear vision.

Carl Jung concentrated his attention on analytical psychology. My work has a social importance. I not only try to cure individual cases; I try to eliminate the evilness and the absurdity of the world. I have to help God eliminate terror on earth.

My work is not only scientific but also religious because the meaning of dreams gives us explanations about our spiritual reality, besides working like a mental health treatment.

The Shocking Truth

The existence of a satanic primitive conscience in the human brain is a tragedy. This is why the shocking discovery of the existence of the anti-conscience was very dangerous for our human conscience, besides being impossible. Our conscience would never be able to discover the existence of another conscience in our brain, which is the wild conscience of a demon.

The fact that I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience proves God’s existence. A human being would never have the capacity to discover the existence of another conscience that works in parallel with his/her human conscience. I could discover the existence of the satanic anti-conscience because God showed me the truth in my dreams.

Then, I had to fight the absurdity of the anti-conscience in my daily life. I learned how to cure the mental illnesses generated by the anti-conscience within our conscience by offering resistance to the unbearable symptoms generated by the anti-conscience when it manages to destroy a big portion of our conscience.

I had to help many people fight absurdity thanks to dream translation after finding out how we can eliminate the anti-conscience, because my work couldn’t be theoretical. I also had to simplify the dream language before publishing my work because nobody would care about learning how to interpret their dreams if they had to follow Jung’s complicated and obscure method. I was persistent and I was a good student, but most people dislike studying.

The existence of the anti-conscience is clearly reflected in cases of multiple personality disorder and bipolar I disorder. Carl Jung had to stop his research because he wouldn’t be able to fight the absurdity of the anti-conscience like I did because I was strong, I was young, and I was extremely obedient. I did exactly what God was showing me in my dreams, and in symbolic signs in my daily reality, which could be interpreted like dreams.

I was obedient like a soldier because I had to fight craziness and terror, and I was afraid of everything. I trusted God’s wisdom in this chaos. This is why I could discover everything I’m teaching you.

The fact that a human being could discover the existence of the anti-conscience and how it can be eliminated through dream translation represents the end of human suffering.

This discovery was God’s generous gift to humanity. I didn’t decide anything. I merely obeyed Jung’s teachings and God’s guidance.

If I would do what I wanted to, I would write a book about the meaning of dreams to prove to the world that Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is the only one that is valid, and nothing else. I only had the intention to write one scientific book. I had no intention to become a doctor. This was God’s idea.

I had to learn how to cure invincible mental illnesses in order to learn how to deal with terrorists. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to help God put an end to terror.

God prepared a literature writer to continue the dangerous research of a psychiatrist because my mission had a social dimension. I had to relate science to religion and put an end to materialism and atheism. I had to eliminate hunger and uncover many lies. I couldn’t belong only to the scientific field.

I had to be like the ancient Greek philosophers, who were also mathematicians, physicians, poets, and a lot more. This is why my parents are Greek and I had to live in Greece when I became a young adult and I started caring about the meaning of dreams. I had to imitate the example of my ancestors. I couldn’t imagine that this was the reason why I had to live in Greece at that time, but I understood it later.

The Greek tragedies helped me discover the existence of the anti-conscience. Greeks believe that the lessons of the ancient philosophers are constantly being confirmed in our days, and this is true. Their wisdom was so valid that its superiority is still verified in modern times.

I was intrigued by the fact that the ancient Greeks wrote so many tragedies. Since they were so wise, this means that they could understand that many tragedies marked the human existence. Why there were so many tragedies in the human history?

When I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience, I found the answer for this question.

The Greek mythology helped me better understand the meaning of dreams, and the complicated Greek language helped me better understand the complicated dream language, which I later had to simplify.

I had to be born in Brazil and become a researcher in Greece only when I was 18-years-old, because Brazil is a country that achieved a higher spiritual level in comparison to other countries, besides its financial and social problems. Even though it is a new country discovered in 1500 by the Portuguese explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral, Brazil achieved a high spiritual evolution level, which is similar to the spiritual level of countries characterized by their deep spirituality, like China and India.

Brazil is a Catholic country, even though there are many other religions that are also part of the Brazilian culture.

Dream Interpretation Without Scientific Knowledge

The meaning of dreams was discovered by ancient civilizations. This is why there are numerous dream interpretations in the Bible. However, this ancient knowledge was not transmitted to the world, and we lost this treasure. Numerous distortions of the meaning of dreams transformed dream interpretation into a subjective matter that couldn’t be taken seriously.

Carl Jung managed to give us scientific explanations and help us understand the meaning of the dream images used by the unconscious mind to produce our dreams after making an arduous research. His work helped me discover the existence of the anti-conscience, and understand that we are in fact demons who must be transformed into real human beings through psychotherapy.

However, if humanity would keep interpreting the meaning of dreams based on the knowledge we had before Christ and a few years after his life , we would be able to find sound mental health. We didn’t need to have discovered the existence of a series of mental disorders in our historical time in order to understand the unconscious psychotherapy in dreams. We didn’t need to learn the scientific definitions discovered by Carl Jung and my clarifications.

We only had to obey the divine guidance in dreams, and fight Satan in our daily lives.

The image of Satan given to us by the various religions of the world was sufficient to help us understand that we had to eliminate our evil tendencies by respecting God’s rules, but we are disobedient and stubborn.

This is why only after having so many scientific, philosophical, religious, and empirical explanations in our history, can we accept the fact that we must obey the divine guidance in dreams and in our religion.

God had to be patient.

We had to gradually discover the truth. Otherwise, we wouldn’t understand the importance of goodness, and we wouldn’t try to achieve spiritual perfection after discovering the satanic origin of our conscience.

The Delusions Of The Modern Civilization

We don’t want to admit the existence of God because we hate our position as sinners who must obey God’s commands. We prefer to believe that religion has no meaning and trust only science.

However, even when we find scientific evidence of the existence of God we prefer to concentrate our attention on scientific theories that try to prove that we don’t need a God.

We don’t like the truth. We want to be free.

We want to be happy without changing our violent and immoral behavior. We like to disregard what may happen to us after death, and believe that this is the only life we are certain of.

This is why Nietzsche’s philosophy marked the Western culture in the beginning of the 20th century.

“On Nietzsche’s view the fundamental self-betrayal of the human race is to submit its freedom to the fictitious demands of an imaginary god. Afraid to live by the strength of our own wills, we invent religion as a way of generating and then explaining our perpetual sense of being downtrodden and defeated in life.”

However, his suppositions were wrong. We didn’t invent God. All religions were inspired by the divine unconscious mind. The religions of the world are not human inventions. Many scientific discoveries that happened in the 20th and the 21st century in astronomy, physics, and biology prove that we must admit the existence of a creator.

We must voluntarily obey God’s rules and learn how to be wise and sensitive. We cannot be free. Otherwise, we will unavoidably be evil, since we have an evil nature.

Jung was influenced by the mindset of his historical time. He agreed with Nietzsche’s idea of a morality “beyond good and evil”, even though this idea is absurd.

Morality is conformity to the rules of moral or virtuous conduct. It is formed by principles that define the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

This means that our morality must be based on respecting the moral principles of goodness and social justice. If we don’t respect the moral principles of goodness we are evil, and if we are evil, we are immoral.

Jung should pay more attention to the fact that “on 3 January 1889, Nietzsche suffered a mental collapse. His mental illness was originally diagnosed as tertiary syphilis, in accordance with a prevailing medical paradigm of the time. The diagnosis of syphilis has since been challenged and a diagnosis of “manic-depressive illness with periodic psychosis followed by vascular dementia” was put forward by Cybulska.”

How could the ideas of a philosopher who suffered from a severe mental illness be respected as if they were the brilliant ideas of an intelligent mind? Was his mind sane before his mental illness? Or was his mental illness caused by his absurd ideas?

He became mentally ill exactly because he was following the absurd thoughts of his anti-conscience. However, these thoughts pleased the materialistic and atheistic population of his historical time. This is why Nietzsche was admired by many as if he was a genius.

Carl Jung agreed with his absurd notion of morality like many others, believing that Nietzsche’s ideas were original. However, they were the ideas of the primitive anti-conscience. Jung couldn’t make this distinction.

He disliked the Christian teachings because they were based on prohibitions. He preferred Taoism, which doesn’t depend on God, instead of Christianism, which was his original religion.

He believed that the unconscious mind was God, but that God also had an evil side. Since he ignored the existence of the anti-conscience, he believed that the unconscious mind was responsible for the formation of mental disorders, while this was a contradiction.

The unconscious mind works like a doctor. The satanic anti-conscience generates mental illnesses. I had to clarify this matter.

Carl Jung couldn’t understand many things about his religion and he never found many answers about religious matters. He believed that his questions should be answered by theologians. His points of view were basically atheistic, even though he also liked spirituality.

He believed that the human being should make his decisions based on the judgment of his conscience, even after verifying that all the psychological types that predetermine our behavior are based on one-sided concepts.

Everything for him was obscure and mysterious. This is why he followed an undefined philosophy of life, and he believed that the human conscience was powerful.

Even though he discovered that we tend to become neurotic as we grow older, he still believed that we were able to find sound mental health by making our decisions based on the judgment of our one-sided conscience. He also believed that our conscience was created based on our experiences here on earth, and in many other delusions.

Our complex conscience couldn’t be formed by chance on earth in only four billion years and a half, which is the age of our planet. Its formation happened many billions (or trillions) of years ago.

The truth is that our human conscience is a part of the anti-conscience, which was transformed into human content by God. Our conscience is underdeveloped and one-sided because it must be developed by us. We must consciously develop our conscience by eliminating our satanic anti-conscience during our lives, thanks to our obedience to God’s guidance.

God let us rule the world and create a living hell in order to show us into practice that no matter how much we may achieve, we will never find peace and happiness based on our suppositions.

Now, in the beginning of the 21st century, we are informed enough in order to understand why we have to obey the divine guidance instead of doing whatever we may desire. This is why now my work is finally ready and you can learn how to immediately translate the meaning of dreams. Everything was carefully planned and prepared by God, after numerous predictions and calculations.

This is the right historical time for the recognition of our insanity and the comprehension that we really need God’s guidance. In Carl Jung’s historical time humanity believed that our scientific progress would help us solve all our problems.

Now we already saw that science doesn’t make miracles. We will never be able to eliminate all diseases and all mental disorders based on our scientific discoveries. Thus, we can accept our inferior position as imperfect creatures who must be corrected and helped by a superior mind.

Convincing Facts

The fight between good and evil defines the meaning of the human life. Everything is tragic in our reality because the existence of our satanic anti-conscience is a tragedy.

Ancient Greeks had verified that many tragedies mark the human life because they had analyzed our behavior and our destiny.

They were not the only ones who paid attention to tragedy in our history. The apocalypse of Saint John gives us explanations about Satan, predicting many horrors for the human race and the Church.

“It shall be war unto death between the Church and the powers of darkness in a final effort of Satan to destroy the Church and thus prevent the universal reign of Christ on earth. Satan will first attempt to destroy the power of the Papacy and bring about the downfall of the Church through heresies, schisms and persecutions that must surely follow. Failing in this he will attack the Church from without. For this purpose he will raise up Antichrist and his prophet to lead the faithful into error and destroy those who remain steadfast.”

In 1555 Nostradamus published his prophecies about many horrors that really happened in the human history as he had predicted.

“Nostradamus has been credited, for the most part in hindsight, with predicting numerous events in world history, from the Great Fire of London, and the rise of Napoleon and Adolf Hitler, to the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center.”

Why did he predict that many horrors would happen in our history?

Catastrophes and tragedies were predicted by those who were enlightened by God because the bitter truth is that we are demons, and demons generate terror. Now that I completed Carl Jung’s research and I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience, we can understand why we have so many tragic experiences in life, and why our history is characterized by wars and crimes.

We believe that ‘bad things happen to good people’, but the truth is that we are evil. Bad things happen to us and we become mentally ill because we are violent, and we disobey God’s rules. In order to stop suffering and become really human, we have to respect God’s wisdom.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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