Building Self-Confidence Based On Victories

Self-ConfidenceMany people give you lessons about how to become more confident based on their opinion, their knowledge, and their personal experiences. Some people may help you, but most people cannot understand how you can become a self-confident person in the specific situation you are, and according to your personality traits.

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me gives you an alternative you couldn’t have before. The unconscious mind discovered by Jung is God’s mind, as I prove with my work, which is a continuation of Carl Jung’s work.

God will show you in your dreams how you can solve all your psychological problems and build your self-confidence based on victories, and not based on false ideas that end up on failure.

You will verify that you will become more intelligent and start using many skills you didn’t know you had. Your self-confidence will be based on seeing improvements in your personality and in your life.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to accept facing failure until you will finally succeed in life, because this is part of your evolutionary process. You must become a mature person and understand the real characteristics of your reality.

However, you will face failure already knowing that your final victory is guaranteed, and while having smaller victories in your journey.

Building A Self-Confident Personality

In the competitive world you are you have to be above average. Your work must be better. Your techniques must be better. You cannot simply imitate others like all marketers keep telling you.

If you will be a mediocre and shy individual who is not even noticed, you will never be able to have a good social position and feel that you are an important person. This is necessary not only for the satisfaction of your ego, but because you must be a special person. You have to discover in which way you can surpass everyone else, depending on your capacities and skills.

You have to use the opportunity to be alive in order to do something significant in life. Your life must be a meaningful experience.

However, there are many dangers threatening you. Your ego will bother your spiritual evolution. You must surpass everyone, but you also must be humble.

The cruel world won’t let you succeed because most people are controlled by their anti-conscience, what means that they are absurd and evil, even though they pretend to be reasonable. You will have numerous enemies.

On the other hand, you don’t live in order to have pleasant moments and do whatever you may desire. You live in order to become a perfect human being after eliminating your anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience.

Your victories in life must be based on the transformation of your personality. Of course, you also need material victories, but you must not concentrate your attention on your material life, and you must not accept the dishonest methods used by most people in order to triumph.

According to God’s plan, you have to become a perfect human being and do something very important for the human race. You have to become a self-confident person because you can do many things to help the world become a better place.

Your self-confidence won’t be like the self-confidence of sellers who are trying to persuade someone to buy something. Your self-confidence will be based on your satisfaction with your behavior and your qualities.

God will show you in your dreams how you can have the behavior of a wise human being and achieve superior goals.

You will become an admirable person and you will help God put an end to terror, violence, immorality, and all the horrors that keep torturing our population. Your work will help the world find real solutions.

What Is Success?

Success is defined in our world as the attainment of wealth, a good social position, and honors because the hypocritical world gives you a false image of success in life.

Real success is not based on materialistic and selfish accomplishments. Real success must be based on completing your mission in life.

You don’t live in order to have financial success. Your success in life must be based on building an admirable personality.

Money comes and goes. The friends you have today may disappear tomorrow. Your brilliant personality is the only treasure you will never lose.

And even if you will manage to possess everything you desire, this victory won’t be real.

If you are not becoming a better person you are wasting your time, and you are in a very dangerous position. You can become mental ill and lose your capacity to think logically at any time.

How Can You Improve Your Self-Esteem?

Many ‘experts’ tell you that in order to improve your self-esteem you have to love yourself.

But how can you love yourself if you are dissatisfied with your behavior and your life?

These experts tell you that everything depends on your self-acceptance. You have to accept yourself the way you are, and try to find something positive in your personality (among all your defects).

You also have to remember all your accomplishments in life (among all your frustrations) and try to feel better because there is something good in your life, besides all problems.

They also tell you that you have to stop comparing yourself with others, and that you have to focus on having positive thoughts.

Do you believe that their recipe can help you stop being insecure?

With all my respect for the professionals who use this recipe with the intention to help others because they believe that it can work for some people, I must show you how wrong they are.

Your Past

If your parents didn’t show you that they loved you and that you were important for them when you were a child, you have no chances to be a self-confident person. This is not a deterministic statement. This is the bitter truth as it is.

For example, a dreamer who submits her dreams for professional dream translation suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. I cannot expose the dreamers who submit their dreams, so I will talk about her case without showing you all the details of her story.

She told me that her parents kept telling her and her sister that they would live much better if they didn’t have children. Therefore, the dreamer grew up feeling that she was a burden for her parents.

This important detail already destroyed the dreamer’s personality during her childhood.

However, she also had many other unbearable problems. Her life biography is so tragic that only by learning that she had such traumatic experiences when she was a child, anyone can understand that she cannot have the behavior of a person who had a normal development.

All her dreams are about the traumatic experiences she had in the past. God is helping her understand what happened to her and why she was in the position of a victim, so that she may be able to forgive her enemies.

This dreamer doesn’t have a good memory and she doesn’t remember many things about her childhood. She also has a certain difficulty on learning and remembering what she reads.

She is not a revolted person, but a person without any self-esteem, who is afraid to live.

This dreamer has no chance to become a self-confident person without following dream therapy during two or three years. Her case is one of the worst ones, but with this example you can understand that even those who didn’t have a tragic life biography like her surely had many traumatic experiences during their childhood if their parents didn’t love them.

Even people who had affective parents and had a normal childhood have many traumatic experiences in their lives. Therefore, building self-confidence is not only a matter of self-acceptance.

The same way, you cannot build your self-confidence by trying to have positive thoughts if you are a victim of other people’s wickedness, or a victim of other people’s mistakes.

In this case, all your thoughts cannot but be negative. Your conscience is invaded by the absurd and evil thoughts of your anti-conscience whenever you have negative experiences in life. This is why you need a psychological treatment in order to build your self-confidence.

I will give you another example by using one sentence from a dream dreamt by a man who has many psychological problems. His low self-esteem is only one of them.

He didn’t have a tragic life biography like the previous dreamer, but his parents were indifferent to his existence. There are more complications, but I’m giving you a summarized image of his case.


I threw the candies in the toilet bowl.

Dream translation:

You represent your ego in dreams.

The candies represent consolations, things that give you comfort in a time of grief or disappointment. These consolations are the good things you have in life or the good characteristics of your personality.

The toilet bowl is a place where you get rid of your mistakes, which are represented by excrements in dreams, and a place where you get rid of your fear, which is represented by the urine.

Therefore, your ego was getting rid of the consolations you had in life, as if they were mistakes and fears.

You don’t believe that the consolations you have are valuable. You don’t understand that they help you feel better in life.

You believe that what helps you feel better is as negative as your mistakes and fears.


This dreamer cannot evaluate his qualities. He believes that everything he does is bad, deficient, and inferior. He cannot admire anything in his personality.

The simplistic solutions of various ‘experts’ who pretend to be able to help you build your self-confidence cannot work for people like him, the same way they cannot work also for people who didn’t have the same sad life he did.

The biggest part of the world population suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, even if their traumatic experiences were not as tragic or not as sad as the traumatic experiences of these two dreamers. Psychotherapy is indispensable for everyone.

Simple Cases

Young people who had a normal childhood and don’t have serious psychological problems can improve their self-esteem through many ways. However, this help is not sufficient for adults, and for people who had a problematic life biography.

On the other hand, everyone inherits an absurd and evil anti-conscience that keeps trying to destroy their conscience and ruin their lives. Thus, everyone must eliminate their dangerous anti-conscience through dream therapy by precisely obeying the divine guidance.

Simple cases can become complicated with time.

Overcoming Shyness In A Cruel World

You live in a dangerous world where you feel constantly criticized and misunderstood. You tend to be shy even if you are a self-confident person because you are naturally afraid of society.

If you are not self-confident you obviously are more afraid of the world than those who manage to overcome their shyness. Even if you will read thousands of self-help books about how to become more self-confident, you will never manage to put any lesson into practice.

You need the divine guidance in your dreams in order to understand how to stop being afraid of other people’s judgment.

First of all, you must learn to be afraid of all human beings because we are not really human, since we inherit a satanic anti-conscience into the biggest part of our brain. You will have many lessons about the human nature and the human behavior in your dreams.

God won’t mislead you with beautiful lies like human beings do. God will show you the root cause of terror.

You will clearly see the monster existent into everyone’s brain. This scary vision will help you understand all the dangers that are threatening your mental health and your life because almost everyone around you is a selfish betrayer.

You won’t believe in delusions, and you won’t believe in the lies of the hypocritical world. You will know how to face dishonest and cruel competitors without falling into their traps. You will know how to interpret the meaning of everyone’s behavior and read their minds.

You will be able to predict the future thanks to the knowledge you will have after having many dreams with predictions, since you will understand how the world functions. You will also have information about the future in your dreams.

You will be realistic and prudent.

Your self-confidence will be built based on showing courage before all dangers. You will surpass any obstacle you may find in your journey, even if you will have to climb many mountains in order to achieve this goal. You will even be able to deal with terrorists without dying.

God will transform you into one of the greatest heroes in history.

You will feel powerful thanks to the knowledge you will have, and thanks to the improvements in your behavior and in your daily life.

God’s therapy is not based on empty words.

You will surely become one of the most influential people in history. You will be surprised with your capacities and victories.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to submit your dreams for translation.

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