Scientifically Analyzing Ancient Discoveries

Ancient DiscoveriesThe protective function of dreams was observed in dream interpretations found in the Bible, and in dream interpretations of Native Americans. Dream predictions always protect the dreamers from bad events.

However, in our historical time the meaning of dreams is not considered to be a valid source of information. It became a chaotic matter that cannot be understood. There are so many dream theories and so many dream interpreters who follow subjective methods that many people don’t know which method of dream interpretation could be trusted.

My work clarifies this obscure matter, since I prove to the world that Carl Jung was the only one who managed to discover the real meaning of the dream language. I could continue his research because his method of dream interpretation accurately translates God’s words in dreams, and I was guided by God.

This is why I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience. Otherwise, I would never be able to discover the existence of a wild conscience that works in parallel with our human conscience, besides invading our conscience many times.

The anti-conscience is represented by Satan in religious documents and various artistic creations. Satan is the devil; the lord of evil.

In modern times Satan is a mythological entity that doesn’t frighten the human being. We gave scientific definitions for our crimes and our mental disorders, and we don’t believe that a person is possessed by Satan when they are violent, cruel, and absurd.

However, this is exactly what happens. Satan is not a myth, and it is not only in the outside world. Satan is within our brain. We should be afraid of the demon; especially because it occupies the biggest part of our brain.

All dreams have a protective function because our conscience must be protected from the attacks of our satanic anti-conscience in order to survive and evolve.

Hell For Ancient Civilizations

According to Chinese mythology Diyu is the realm of the dead or hell. It is based on a combination of the Buddhist concept of Naraka, traditional Chinese beliefs about the afterlife and a variety of popular expansions and reinterpretations of these two traditions.

Diyu is typically described as a subterranean maze with various levels and chambers, to which souls are taken after death to atone for the sins they committed when they were alive. The exact number of levels in Diyu and their associated deities differ between Buddhist and Taoist interpretations.

Some speak of three to four “courts”; others mention “Ten Courts of Hell”, each of which is ruled by a judge (collectively known as the Ten Yama Kings); other Chinese legends speak of the “Eighteen Levels of Hell”. Each court deals with a different aspect of atonement and different punishments; most legends claim that sinners are subjected to gruesome tortures until their deaths, after which they are restored to their original state for the torture to be repeated.

In Greek mythology, Hades was the ancient god of the underworld. He is often pictured with the three-headed dog Cerberus. Eventually, the god’s name came to designate the abode of the dead.

Hades and his brothers Zeus and Poseidon defeated the Titans. The Titans were a family of giants, the children of Uranus and Gaea, who sought to rule heaven, but Hades and his brothers claimed rulership over the cosmos. Zeus ruled the air, Poseidon ruled the sea, and Hades ruled the underworld.

The underworld was hidden deep in the earth and was the kingdom of the dead. Hades was a greedy god, whose sole purpose was to increase the number of souls in his kingdom; at the same time, he was very reluctant to let any soul leave.

The realm of Hades is the place of the dead, but Tartarus also has a number of inhabitants. Tartarus is the deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as the prison for the Titans. Tartarus is the place where souls were judged after death and where the wicked received divine punishment.

The Roman underworld was different because it was the receptacle of all departed persons, of the good as well as the bad. The underworld was divided into five parts: the first is called the previous region; the second is the region of waters, or the river which they were all to pass; the third is what we may call the gloomy region, and what the ancients called Erebus; the fourth is Tartarus, or the region of torments; and the fifth the region of joy and bliss, or what we call Elysium.

The concept of hell in the ancient Egypt was the worst one. Those who were judged unfavorably faced a terrible fate in a specific region beneath the earth. The uncontrollable rage of the deity was directed against those who were condemned through their evils.

They were tortured in every imaginable way and destroyed, thus being consigned to nonexistence. They were deprived of their sense organs, were required to walk on their heads and eat their own excrement. They were burned in ovens and cauldrons and were forced to swim in their own blood, which Shezmu, the god of the wine press, squeezed out of them.

According to the Christian culture, heaven and hell are essentially deserved compensations for the kind of earthly lives we live. Good people go to heaven as a deserved reward for a virtuous life, and bad people go to hell as a just punishment for an immoral life.

The similarities found in these beliefs were not a product of chance, or the result of cultural interferences. The unconscious mind lives within the human being and influences the human thoughts. We didn’t invent God and Satan’s existence. This information was transmitted by God to the human race.

God and Satan are in our brain. God is the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and sends us enlightening ideas, while Satan is our anti-conscience and sends us absurd thoughts.

God sends us dreams with precious messages, hoping that we will care about understanding His symbolic language, and we will respect His guidance. Satan bombards our conscience with misleading absurd thoughts that seem to be smart.

These thoughts are like fish bait. When our conscience follows them, we lose our capacity to think logically. We become idiotic and cruel like wild animals.

Then, we are punished by God. We are punished because our conscience indifferently accepted the demon’s evilness without offering resistance to the violence and the immorality existent in Satan’s thoughts.

If we accept the evil suggestions of our anti-conscience we are punished when we are alive, and after death. The representation of the truth thanks to ancient religious beliefs concerning the existence of hell proves this fact. These beliefs were not created by our imagination. They were in fact philosophical discoveries inspired by the unconscious mind.

There is hell for those who disobey the divine guidance because whoever disobeys God’s wisdom, agrees with Satan’s absurdity.

First of all we are punished because we become mentally ill and we are tortured by the unbearable symptoms generated by our anti-conscience. Satan creates a hell for us with the horrors we face when we lose our minds.

God prepares a different hell for us, with the intention to make us understand our mistakes and regret.

Satan In Dreams

In dreams Satan appears as:

The dreamer’s mother – The anti-conscience is the primitive mother of consciousness, which became satanic because of the deceptions of life. Even when the dreamer’s mother is a good person and loves the dreamer, her meaning in dreams always is negative.

Violent and immoral people – Other people in dreams represent parts of the dreamer’s personality. Violent and immoral people represent parts of the dreamer’s personality that are controlled by his/her anti-conscience, and are very dangerous.

People who suffer from a mental illness – A mentally ill person in dreams represents an absurd and evil part of the dreamer’s personality controlled by his/her anti-conscience.

A demon – The demon in dreams usually represents an absurd and evil person who is around the dreamer in his/her daily life, but it can also represent the dreamer’s anti-conscience, depending on the dream story.

Hell in dreams is represented by fire and smoke.

Dream Images That Reflect A Severe Mental Illness:

The shark in dreams represents schizophrenia.

Walking on the roof – When the dreamer is walking on a house’s roof this means that he/she is desperate because he doesn’t believe in God’s salvation. Therefore, he indifferently accepts evilness and immorality.

After walking on the roof, he usually commits a crime and he is chased by the police.

When the dreamer commits a crime in a dream this means that his ego is completely controlled by his anti-conscience and he has no human feelings. In other words, the dreamer is possessed by Satan. He already lost his human conscience, and now he is a demon.

The police in dreams represent the dreamer’s self-defense. The dreamer’s self-defense tries to protect the dreamer from craziness and terror, and this is why it starts chasing his ego.

The police is a dream symbol that appears in many dreams, even when the dreamer is not mentally ill. The dreamer’s self-defense tries to protect the dreamer in all situations, even when the dreamer is trying to hide a mistake. It defends the dreamer’s ego like a lawyer, even when the ego is wrong, but it also disagrees with the ego in many aspects. This is why the police (self-defense) seem to be against the dreamer (his/her ego) in many dreams.

Nightmares indicate that the dreamer is listening to the absurd thoughts of his anti-conscience and being controlled by the demon.

Recurring dreams indicate that the dreamer will suffer in the future because he is not doing an important obligation, or he doesn’t want to understand something important in life. In other words, he is influenced by his satanic anti-conscience, and this is why he doesn’t want to evolve.

How To Avoid Suffering

Elysium is the afterlife concept of Greek religious and philosophical cults correspondent to heaven, since those who remained there after death lived a blessed and happy life. The Elysian Fields were separated from the realm of Hades, and were reserved for mortals related to the gods and other heroes. Later, they included those chosen by the gods and the righteous.

The existence of heaven belongs to mythological concepts and religious beliefs found in ancient religions, like the existence of hell. However, in order to go to heaven a person must have the behavior of a saint.

The atheistic mindset of the modern civilization defends materialistic concepts, without believing in life after death. This is why we are selfish and greedy, and we care only about having material pleasures. In other words, we are controlled or influenced by our satanic anti-conscience most of the time.

The solution for humanity is the cultivation of goodness in our hearts. This solution was discovered by many ancient civilizations because it was inspired by the divine unconscious mind.

In traditional Chinese culture, numerous stories about forbearance have been recorded in history books and chronicles over thousands of years. The ancient virtuous sages tried hard to teach people to be tolerant, patient, and forgiving, so that they would be able to endure humiliation and show forbearance in all situations.

Forbearance is the quality of someone who is patient and able to deal with a difficult person or situation without becoming angry.

This rare quality is despised by the western culture, especially in the modern era. We don’t accept offences and humiliations without attacking our enemies and getting revenge.

Our philosophy of life is totally different from the Chinese, and goes against all religions of the world. We are basically atheists, even if we pretend to believe in God. We are superficial and materialistic.

This is why mental illnesses and suicides keep increasing.

We can find sound mental health and live peacefully and happily on earth if we will obey the divine guidance and we will attain sanctity. In this case we will also go to heaven after death. However, we don’t like the idea to attain sanctity because of our absurd and evil nature. We don’t want to stop being violent, immoral, hypocritical, indifferent, and cruel.

We try to live happily on earth without correcting our behavior and without eliminating our absurdity, and we don’t care about what may happen to us after death.

If you want to avoid suffering in eternal hell, you must accept suffering in order to transform your personality. This suffering has a limited duration, and you will have numerous advantages when you will become a perfect human being.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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