Decisions Based On Dream Warnings

Dream WarningDream warnings protect your mental stability and your life. You have frequent warnings when you make mistakes or when you are facing dangerous situations and you need special protection.

Your dreams protect you from problems you didn’t believe you could have before you will face unbearable situations, and they keep helping you while you are dealing with them.

A dream warning can save your life and show you hidden dangers, or help you avoid bad consequences.

Dream Symbols That Reflect Danger

Most dreams contain warnings because most people make many mistakes, and because our reality is dangerous. We inherit absurdity and evilness into our anti-conscience, and our human conscience is deficient. It must be developed through consciousness during our lives.

You are unaware of how many dangers are threatening your mental stability all the time, but God can see what is happening in your brain and in the cruel world, and He shows you the truth in your dreams. All dreams protect your fragile mental stability.

Many people have numerous nightmares and recurring dreams because bad dreams and repetitions are alarming signs.

Warnings usually are represented by important dream symbols. For example:

The snake represents a bad event that will put an end to one of the dreamer’s mistakes.

The spider represents the necessity to act fast in order to prevent many bad future consequences.

The crab represents the impossibility to understand the truth because it is too painful for the dreamer. He or she must be prepared to accept the truth.

Teeth falling out indicate that the dreamer is making serious mistakes and losing his/her psychical energy because his anti-conscience is controlling his behavior.

There are many types of dream warnings, which are based on predictions that reflect what will happen to the dreamer in the future to help him/her avoid bad consequences.

Dreams with comparisons predict two different future developments in the dreamer’s life, depending on his attitude. These dreams are warnings too because they show to the dreamer that only if he will have the right attitude and do what is positive, will he have positive results in the future. Otherwise, he will face the tragic consequences of his mistakes.

Usually the dreamer sees the positive version of his future, and then the negative version. However, the order can be different, depending on the case. When the dreamer is more inclined to have a negative attitude, the negative consequences are presented in the beginning of the dream, and his positive future in the end.

For example, here is a dream with a comparison:

I was walking in a beautiful farm and there were many flowers in the front yard of a house. Then, I was in a dirty basement. There were cockroaches everywhere.

In order to really understand the meaning of this dream we must know a few details about the dreamer’s life biography and the issues he is dealing with.

The dreamer is a man who recently started working in a new job. He is glad with this job, but he thinks that perhaps he should look for another job because he may find a better opportunity.

Dream translation:

I was walking in a beautiful farm and there were many flowers in the front yard of a house.

You represent your ego in dreams.

The beautiful farm represents a place that gives you a great incentive of life; a reason to be alive.

The house in dreams represents your psyche.

The front yard also represents an incentive of life.

Flowers in dreams represent goodness.

The first part of this dream is showing you your destiny if you will have a wise attitude. You will have a positive development and you will cultivate goodness in your heart.

Then, I was in a dirty basement. There were cockroaches everywhere.

The basement is the lowest habitable story of a building, below ground level. It represents a place of your psyche in the area of your absurd and evil anti-conscience.

The fact that it was dirty indicates that there was immorality there.

The cockroaches represent selfish and disgusting people.

The second part of this dream is showing you your destiny if you will be controlled by your anti-conscience and you will do what is negative. You will accept immorality, and you will be surrounded by selfish and disgusting people.

You must be wise, and try to do your best in your new job instead of looking for better opportunities. The job you found already is very good and it will help you positively develop your personality.

If you won’t be a good worker and you will try to have more advantages in life, you will be immoral and you will get involved with dangerous people.

Don’t be greedy. You can lose the good job you already have, and end up working with dishonest people.


This dreamer cared only about making more money, without paying attention to the fact that he should also care about working with honest people, and in a respectable company.

Dream warnings help all dreamers pay attention to many details they don’t take into consideration when they make their decisions.

Should You Insist On Your Personal Opinion?

You may believe you will have more advantages if you will do what seems to be better for you according to your judgement, but many times you are misled by false impressions, or you don’t analyze all the aspects of your reality in order to understand that what seems to be better for you will in fact be worse.

You must not insist on your personal opinion after having a dream warning showing you that you will have problems if you will do what you want.

All dreams are produced by God with the intention to help you eliminate your absurd and evil anti-conscience and develop your human conscience. If you will disregard a dream warning, you will obviously regret.

God is not like one of your friends who may give you advice based on his personal opinion. God shows you exactly what will happen the future. You must be grateful for having this information, without closing your eyes before any danger.

Understanding That Your Anti-Conscience Is Your Enemy

Your anti-consignee is your primitive conscience, which didn’t evolve with time. Even though it is idiotic, it pretends to be smart in order to destroy your human conscience and control your behavior.

In other words, your anti-conscience is a wild part of yourself that you ignore. It is your worst enemy, but it pretends to be ‘you’ and care about your interests.

You have to understand that your anti-conscience is your enemy, without accepting its suggestions. The unconscious warnings help you identify the absurdity of your evil anti-conscience instead of agreeing with its absurd thoughts.

You have many warnings when you cannot understand that your evil self is not protecting you in any way, even though it pretends to do so.

Your anti-conscience makes you think in a selfish and materialistic way, misleading you with false conclusions. It does so with the intention to destroy your conscience and control your behavior, but it pretends to be helping you do what ‘you’ want.

God’s warnings help you recognize that the absurd suggestions of your anti-conscience will work against you.

A Sad And Dangerous Reality

The existence of the anti-conscience is a tragedy. The anti-conscience is a violent, immoral, and cruel demon.

Since it didn’t follow a process of development with time, it remains in the same idiotic level of consciousness of the beginning of its formation. It practically is an irrational animal, but it can think in a rudimentary way and prepare logical traps for your conscience.

The anti-conscience generates mental disorders within your human conscience with its absurd thoughts. It also distorts your feelings, sensations, and intuition.

If you are not controlled by your anti-conscience all the time you cannot understand how the mentally ill feel. However, you must have this knowledge, so that you may be afraid to end up like them.

If you already are mentally ill like most people in our world, you must take dream therapy seriously because a mental illness becomes worse with time.

The mentally ill feel that there is something bad in their psyche and in the world because they are controlled by their satanic anti-conscience, which always is unsatisfied, while their human conscience cannot understand why they have abnormal reactions and negative emotions.

Depressed people are unable to deal with their reality because their human conscience can understand that they are in a depressing world where everyone is a selfish actor and there are numerous dangers everywhere. They also feel the existence of their satanic anti-conscience within their psyche. Therefore, depression is not an unexplained phenomenon like many people believe.

We try to cover the bad side of our reality and indifferently pursue happiness without paying attention to the terror that characterizes our world, but depressed people are sensitive enough to feel that there are too many horrors in our world, they had many sad experiences in life, and they make many mistakes. They cannot indifferently pursue happiness like ‘normal’ people, who disregard what is bad.

If we will take into consideration all the crimes, wars, conspiracies, and many other shocking truths that are part of the routine in our world, we will realize that we should in fact be very sad with our lives. We shouldn’t ignore all horrors and try to find happiness.

Our indifference is an abnormal reaction, but we think that it is normal because everyone is indifferent.

We understand how horrible terror really is only when we are victims of terror. Otherwise, we don’t care about this matter. We are indifferent to the terror that characterizes other people’s lives when we observe their suffering without being affected by the same problems they do.

We don’t feel pain in our hearts when we see someone else suffering. We care only about our own suffering.

This fact reflects our evil nature. This is why we kill others, and there are so many horrors in our world.

If we were sensitive, we wouldn’t have the courage to do something bad to anyone. We wouldn’t have the courage to abandon so many people living in poverty, while we live our lives in luxury. We act this way because we are demons, while we believe that our indifference is a ‘neutral reaction’.

The biggest part of our brain belongs to our absurd and evil anti-conscience. Our tiny human conscience is only a spot. This is why we are indifferent to other people’s pain.

Depression is not a mental illness. It becomes a mental illness only when the person cannot cope with it.

After depression comes neurosis, and with it a series of mental disorders like bipolar disorder, multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, and so on. All mental disorders are caused by the invasion of the anti-conscience into our human conscience.

Those who have a strong human conscience and are considered to be ‘normal’ cannot understand what happens with those who have a weak conscience and are controlled by their anti-conscience. This is why normal people don’t show tolerance to the mentally ill.

However, supposedly ‘normal’ people are absurd too, even though their absurdity is accepted by the world, and they are as vulnerable to severe mental illnesses as those who have a weak conscience. Their strong human conscience can be destroyed at any time, depending on their life experiences.

Most warnings in dreams are trying to prevent a mental illness, or trying to prevent worse psychological problems when the dreamer already is mentally ill.

This is the most important reason why you have to pay attention to dream warnings. You must do everything you can to eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience before it will manage to destroy your personality and your life.

Why Sometimes You Have No Warnings

You usually have numerous warnings in dreams, but there are exceptions.

Many times you will face dangerous situations in life without being advised of this fact by a dream warning because your ignorance is a better protection. It will be better for you to ignore all the dangers that are threatening you because this way you will have the courage to face a dangerous situation without fainting.

Another reason why you don’t have warnings before all dangerous situations is the fact that if you will believe that you always will be advised by warnings whenever something dangerous will happen, you will stop being careful in general terms. You will always wait for a warning in order to have a serious attitude.

You cannot rest and expect to always be advised whenever you will be in danger. You must be able to defend yourself and know how to react in an unexpected situation.

On the other hand, you have warnings in dreams when you can do many things in order to change your destiny and avoid what will be bad. When you have no chance to change anything, you are not advised that something bad will happen.

There are numerous reasons why you are not alarmed by warnings, even if you believe that you should always be advised whenever something important would happen to you.

God cannot send you dreams predicting everything that will happen to you because you have to learn many things, you have to be tested, and you wouldn’t be able to understand all predictions before living and discovering many things you ignore.

What Really Matters In Life

You have to be tested because your behavior is extremely important. Only if you will positively transform your personality will you evolve.

However, you don’t believe that God is watching you all the time, and you don’t think that you should be a good person in all situations.

So, here is how you behave in a busy day:

You are in a hurry to go to work. Your brother calls you and tells you that he needs a favor. You tell him that you will talk about this matter later.

In the office one of your colleagues tells you that you have to do something you had no intention to do. At the same time, an impatient client starts complaining about a problem, and you have to listen to what she is saying even though you are not responsible for what happened. You become angry, but you try to be polite.

You receive an important message. Someone did something, and now you have to do something else because of this fact. You start thinking that you will have a lot of work with this matter. You wish you could avoid this obligation.

Your brother calls you again. You tell him that you will call him back when you will have the time to do so.

At that moment, your boss arrives and looks at you. You seem to be distracted instead of concentrated in your work. You become sad because you didn’t give him a good impression.

Another colleague makes you a question. You think that you have no time to give her the right answer because it is too long. You don’t feel you should be her teacher, and you are tired. So, your answer is basically aggressive, but in a disguised form.

Now, if someone will ask you if you believe that you are a good person, what will you say?

You will probably say that if you are good or not doesn’t matter. You are trying to survive.

However, your spiritual transformation is more important than your material reality.

You believe that what really matters in life is what you want and how you feel, but you are constantly being examined and tested. God is observing your behavior and judging your character based on the goodness you show to the world.

According to my description, you didn’t show any goodness to anyone. You didn’t help your brother, and you became angry with those around you. Your behavior was hypocritical, selfish, and aggressive.

You need many warnings. At the same time, you have to understand many things by yourself, without being helped. God cannot give you common sense lessons.

You don’t pay attention to all the details that denounce the influence of your absurd and evil anti-conscience in your behavior, but God is constantly analyzing your attitude.

You are exposed to various situations where you can be good or evil, so that God may verify if you will accept what is bad or if you will respect your moral principles. You will be punished or rewarded, depending on your behavior.

You live in order to eliminate your absurd and evil anti-conscience and become a wise and sensitive human being. Everything in your life depends on this matter.

Now that I transformed Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation into a fast method of instant translation you can be guided by God in your dreams and understand what to do. God will help you become a perfect human being and carry on your mission in life. You will stop acting based on your suppositions, and having deceptions.

You always will make your decisions based on dream predictions, but you won’t have warnings when you will stop making mistakes. You will simply understand how to better prepare your future thanks to the information you will have.

After transforming your personality you will achieve higher levels of knowledge. You will stop wasting your time with behavioral lessons.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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