Analyzing Real Possibilities And Delusions Based On Safe Information

Real PossibilitiesThe information contained in dream messages is real and safe because all dreams are produced by God as Carl Jung had discovered, even though he didn’t have a religious attitude. He maintained his scientific identity, concentrating his attention on the therapeutical power of dreams.

I continued his research even though I was young and ignorant because I paid attention to the religious importance of God’s existence, and I precisely obeyed the guidance I had.

My obedience was the result of my rational conclusions, besides being also the result of the preparation I had thanks to my life biography. I understood that God’s wisdom was a treasure.

Many people verify the value of dream interpretation according to the scientific method everyday. They see that the dream messages are based on special knowledge. This knowledge enlightens many obscure aspects of their reality.

The fact that God speaks in dreams is extremely important; it is the most important discovery of the human race.

We cannot say that Carl Jung was the first one who discovered this truth, since many ancient civilizations respected the meaning of dreams because they believed that all dreams were sent by God. Carl Jung is the first one who managed to give us scientific explanations about the symbolic meaning of the dream language and the therapeutical effect of the dream messages.

However, his work was too complicated. Only a few of his students could really learn his method of dream interpretation.

Fortunately, I didn’t let his extraordinary discovers disappear under the dust of time and indifference, since I was enlightened by the unconscious mind and I could continue his research. My simplifications and clarifications help you easily understand how to exchange dream images with words that make sense, and give you precious information.

This means that today you can clearly understand God’s language in dreams and verify that the unconscious messages are based on superior wisdom. The information you have is true and helps you in many ways.

Now that you know that you can really believe in the information contained in dreams, I will analyze what is possible or not in your reality, so that you may understand how your dreams help you identify what is true or false.

You have numerous possibilities in life, but there are also many delusions that are presented to you as if they were real alternatives.

Can You Be Happy With Any Person?

Many people believe that the idea to find their perfect match is a delusion. They believe that they can have a happy life with anyone they may find.

The truth is that everyone should patiently look for their perfect match instead of having a relationship with the wrong person, but most people are impatient and ignorant. They don’t know that everyone needs a soul mate in order to be really happy in life. This is why God prepared a perfect match for everyone of us.

God organized our reality in a perfect way, but we are violent, immoral, and indifferent. We don’t respect God’s perfect philosophy of life. This is why we make many mistakes.

I will give you an example. A dreamer submitted a series of dreams for translation telling me that she and her boyfriend had the intention to get married.

I will show you only a few sentences of her dreams and my translations to give you the chance to verify into practice how you can understand the truth about your reality thanks to the information you have in your dreams. I cannot show you more details because I must respect the dreamer’s privacy.


I was having a shower in one bathroom, and my boyfriend was having a shower in another bathroom in the same house.

Dream translation:

You represent your ego in dreams.

Your boyfriend represents your perfect match, but he can also be a false perfect match; someone who resembles the ideal man for you, but is in fact very different.

The bathroom represents a person’s sexuality.

When you are having a shower in dreams this means that you are purifying your body and eliminating your sins.

This dream is showing you that your boyfriend and you are sinners, what means that you are immoral, you accept infidelity. This is why each one of you has to purify your bodies from your sins.

This dream predicts that if you will get married, you will have affairs with other men and your future husband will have affairs with other women because you don’t really love one another.

The house represents your psyche.

Therefore, your psyche will accept the fact that you won’t be loyal to your husband and he won’t be loyal to you. Your marriage will be false.

You have to change your mind instead of getting married to the wrong person. You cannot be happy with someone you don’t really love.


My boyfriend and I were flying a kite.

Dream translation:

The kite represents a delusion.

When you fly a kite this means that you believe in your imagination.

This dream is showing you that your ego and your perfect match believe in unreal things.

Your life together won’t be the way you are imagining it. You must be realistic.


This is a common example of a wrong relationship that will never work. Many people believe that they can be happy if they will get married to someone they like for various reasons, even though they don’t really love their partner.

This is why divorces are so common.

On the other hand, many couples live together only because of their children, or because this is convenient for them, even though they are not happy. Only a few couples are really happy together.

You have to be patient and discover your real perfect match thanks to the information you will have in your dreams. God prepared a special person for you, but before meeting them you must follow psychotherapy through dream translation.

You have to be prepared to live with the ideal person. Your dreams will help you understand how to behave, so that you may have a harmonic relationship.

Can You Change Your Life If You Will Change Your Thoughts?

The ignorant and hypocritical world makes you believe that you can change your life if you will change your thoughts, but in order to change your thoughts you must be mentally healthy. This is a big problem because you are mentally ill from birth. You inherit absurdity into the biggest part of your brain.

You cannot control your thoughts without psychotherapy. Many of these thoughts are sent by your anti-conscience to the conscious field.

In order to change your life you must change your behavior, and stop paying attention to the absurd thoughts that pass through your mind. This is not a simple matter because you cannot recognize absurd thoughts.

The idea that you can change your life if you will change your thoughts is based on the impression that you can create a logical system that helps you interpret whatever happens to you based on an optimistic perspective. In other words, you can change your life based on your personal theory.

Your thoughts don’t have the power to modify anything, but they can help you understand what to do. Your actions have the power to change many things. Your thoughts are theoretical conclusions.

You have to understand how to become a wise and sensitive human being and live your life based on God’s wisdom, and not based on your suppositions.

Here is an example that will show you that you have to be very careful with what you do in life. You cannot change your reality based on your thoughts when you make mistakes. You can only imagine that your reality is like you want it to be, even when it is not.

Here is a sentence from a dream dreamt by a young woman who abandoned her studies and left her parents’ house in order to live with her boyfriend:

I was hanging my laundry out to dry, but I also hanged a dead cat next to the clothes.

Dream translation:

You represent your ego in dreams.

You clothes represent your social image; what you show to the world about who you are.

The fact that you were hanging your laundry out to dry means that your ego was showing to the world that your social image was not immoral, since it was clean.

The cat in dreams represents a warning sign. It is showing you that you must smarten up and understand something obvious that you cannot understand.

The fact that the cat was dead means that this warning couldn’t help you anymore.

You are stubborn, and you don’t want to open your eyes.

The fact that you were hanging the dead cat means that you were showing to the world that you cannot understand something obvious that another person would have understood in your place.

You shouldn’t stop studying to live with your boyfriend. Everyone can understand that this was a mistake, except you.

You have to be serious and think about the future.


When you make the wrong decisions you take a dangerous road that leads to frustrations, deceptions, and traumatic experiences. If your life will follow this route, you won’t be able to change it with optimistic thoughts. You won’t even be able to believe in something good.

Your thoughts cannot help you get out of despair when you are in a bad situation.

Therefore, don’t be naïve. You have to transform your personality and avoid making dangerous mistakes that can ruin your life. You need the divine guidance in your dreams in order to prepare the conditions that will enable you to have the life you desire.

If you already made many mistakes, you have to learn how to correct these mistakes and begin a new life.

Don’t let erroneous concepts mislead you. Nothing is simple in your dangerous reality.

How Much Can You Influence Other People’s Behavior?

I showed you in many of my articles that you can influence other people’s behavior because other people in your life represent parts of your own personality, the same way they represent parts of your personality in dreams.

Your life biography follows a plan, which depends on your psychological type.

Everyone belongs to a psychological type, depending on the psychological function that is more developed in their conscience from the four psychological functions we have at our disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

Therefore, those who belong to psychological types based on thoughts must develop their feelings, their sensations, and their intuition. One of these psychological functions is half-developed in their conscience, but it is not really helpful. This second psychological function cannot be the opposite of their main psychological function.

Thoughts are the opposite of feelings, and sensations are the opposite of intuition.

If you belong to a psychological type based on feelings, you must learn how to think logically. If you belong to a psychological type based on sensations you must learn how to pay attention to your intuition (which is an instinctive emotional response).

Your destiny is traced based on your necessities. If you belong to a psychological type based on intuition you are enigmatic. You must learn how to be realistic and pay attention to your reality as it really is rather than imagining it the way you desire.

If your psychological type is based on sensations you are too materialistic and selfish. You don’t understand what is abstract. For you everything has a material reason to be the way it is, and this is the only one you take into consideration.

You will meet people who will have the same characteristics of your personality, so that you may have the chance to look at your mistakes in the position of an observer. You have many lessons in your daily life, the same way you have many lessons in your dreams because you must follow a process of transformation.

You have to transform your wild personality into a peaceful personality. You have to become more sensitive and understand the importance of goodness and wisdom.

Your destiny depends on your main psychological function and on how you will manage to develop your human conscience.

The people who are around you represent parts of your own personality that must be transformed and are giving you real examples of how you behave. You imitate their behavior, but in different areas.

You may be unaware of the fact that you act exactly like them numerous times, but their example is important for you.

You can understand someone else’s mistakes much better than you can understand your own mistakes. When you observe someone else’s attitude and you criticize their behavior you pay attention to their mistakes. However, when you do something similar, you justify your attitude as if you were not having exactly the same behavior you condemned when you were an observer.

Since everyone around you is a part of your personality and this symbolism is not only theoretical but practical, you can make negative people have a positive attitude thanks to your admirable attitude .

Your attitude is very powerful. When you have a positive attitude with others, they have a positive attitude too.

Your dreams show you everything you must understand in your life, so that you may develop all your psychological functions and become a balanced person. This way, you will be able to positively influence many people thanks to your extraordinary behavior.

However, there are exceptions to this rule.

If you will attain sanctity, you will influence everyone around you, but you won’t be able to change every person on the planet only because you are a saint. If one saint could change humanity, everyone would easily attain sanctity and spiritual perfection.

If you will be a missionary working for God, you will have numerous enemies because most people in our world are controlled by their satanic anti-conscience. If you will uncover conspiracies, corruptions, and crimes you will have many violent enemies, independently of your behavior.

Your behavior is extremely important and powerful, but not as powerful as it must be in order to deal with infinite enemies. You can transform some people thanks to your attitude, but there is a limit.

The human nature is absurd and evil. God is trying to save our anti-conscience from terror and despair during billions of years, even before our planet was created with this purpose. You can change many things in the world, but not everything.

You are able to influence many people’s behavior, even if they are not people who belong to your daily life. However, there are many people who cannot be positively transformed without following psychotherapy.

You should focus your attention on helping those who can be transformed.

Possibilities And Limitations

You have many possibilities in life, but there are also many limitations. You have to get adapted to your reality as it really is, so that you may understand how to protect yourself, and at the same time, how to have a meaningful life.

The world keeps misleading you with false impressions. You have to understand what is real or not by translating the meaning of your dreams, where you have safe information sent by God.

The world makes you look for financial success and material pleasures, but you shouldn’t waste your life living like an animal. You must eliminate your evil self and achieve superior goals.

You can evolve without limits and abandon the limitations of the material life if you will stop being a wild animal. You may believe you are civilized, but the fact that you are a wild animal is as undoubtable as the fact that a lion is a wild animal.

Human beings are violent primates. Our nature is as violent as the nature of baboons. Chimpanzees are not our immediate ancestors. I read a study about this matter in 1988, when I was in the beginning of my long research. However, until today most people believe that chimpanzees are the primates that are more similar to us.

After reading the study about the fact that the violent baboons are the primates that look more like human beings than smart chimpanzees, I had an impressing dream:

Someone I couldn’t see and had a masculine voice was singing a happy song.

Dream translation:

The masculine voice in dreams represents God’s voice.

The fact that God was singing in this dream means that God was glad because I understood that human beings have a violent nature.

This comprehension was very important because I had to discover the existence of our absurd and evil anti-conscience, and help everyone eliminate their wild conscience through dream therapy.

The fact that I could discover the satanic origin of the human conscience is sad and unpleasant for humanity, but God is glad because He finally managed to show the truth to a human being. Now I’m transmitting this information to the world.

The initial reactions were negative. Nobody liked my discovery. Many people attacked me when I told them that since we have a satanic anti-conscience that occupies the biggest part of our brain, we are in fact demons.

However, after all my explanations some people understood that we must be grateful because someone finally could discover the existence of the anti-conscience.

Now that we know the truth, we can eliminate our anti-conscience through dream translation before being victims of its absurdity. Now the world will stop believing in unreal things and having an irresponsible attitude.

Our personality is divided in two contrasting sides. We are demons, but we also are human beings because we receive a human conscience from God. We must obey the divine guidance in order to transform our anti-conscience into a positive part of our human conscience.

After following the necessary process of transformation, we can attain sanctity and spiritual perfection.

This is God’s solution for all the problems of the human race. When everyone will attain sanctity, we will live peacefully and happily on earth, and after death.

I believe that everyone will obey God’s guidance like I did when I was in the beginning of my research. God’s plan is very good.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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