The Blueprint Of Your Personality In Dream Codes

Dream codeDNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is an extremely long macromolecule that is the main component of chromosomes and is the material that transfers genetic characteristics in all life forms. The DNA is considered the blueprint of life. We can verify if someone is a child’s mother or father by comparing the genetic information contained in their DNA.

The same way, we can learn the characteristics of a person’s personality by analyzing the meaning of their dreams according to the scientific method. The dream images show us the psychological type of the dreamer and the characteristics that he or she inherited from his parents. We also have information about the dreamer’s destiny.

The dream symbols are the codes of the dream language.

We inherit the characteristics of our parents’ personality the same way we inherit their facial traces. This means that we must carefully analyze their personality and avoid making their mistakes.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a process through which we understand how to correct various behavioral and moral mistakes. Many of these mistakes are visible in our parents’ behavior.

We have the same characteristics of their personality. We also imitate their behavior because they are our models.

How To Read Your Personality Traits And Your Destiny In Dreams

You probably know how various traits observed in your physical formation were transmitted in genes from your grandparents and parents. For example, if your mother has brown eyes and your father has blue eyes, the color of your eyes depends on the combination of their genes. If both your parents have blue eyes, your eyes will be blue for sure.

You can also predict many things and understand the characteristics of your personality and your destiny by analyzing the meaning of your dreams and your reality according to the scientific method of dream interpretation.

For example, if your mother belongs to an extroverted psychological type and your father belongs to an introverted psychological type, you can be extroverted or introverted, but you have more chances to be balanced for having inherited both attitudes in your psyche than someone whose parents are both extroverted or both introverted.

However, your parents are in disagreement because they have different attitudes. So, you have more tendencies to become mentally ill than a person whose parents are both extroverted or both introverted.

You have an advantage and a disadvantage.

Now, if we will analyze your life biography, we will notice that your wife belongs to the same psychological type of your mother, or that your husband belongs to the same psychological type of your father.

If we will analyze your personality we will verify that when you are influenced by your anti-conscience you have the behavior of your mother’s or your father’s psychological type, which is abnormal for you.

If one of your parents or both are mentally ill, you inherit their mental illness. The encouraging statements of various psychotherapists and the optimistic ideas of various other people who declare that ‘you don’t have to be like your parents’ and ‘you can be different’, are misleading the public.

Only if you will follow the right treatment will you manage to avoid becoming mentally ill like your parents.

If your parents are mentally ill, instead of being inconsequential and optimistic you must prevent a mental illness by following dream therapy from the beginning of your life.

The same applies to those whose parents seem to be normal. The bitter truth is that everyone is mentally ill from birth, since we inherit a huge anti-conscience and a deficient conscience that must be developed during our lives. The ‘normal behavior’ according to our society’s definition is absurd in numerous ways.

You will have a clear image of your personality by verifying which your personality type is, depending on the psychological function that is more developed in your conscience, and depending on your attitude (introverted or extroverted).

Your Main Problems And Your Destiny

You can understand your main problems and your destiny by verifying the types of dreams you usually have. You can also understand other people’s main problems and their destiny by reading their dreams.

For example:

Dreamer A always has relationships with the wrong man. She got married and she got divorced many times.

She has two types of dreams:

1- Dreams about flying in an airplane

2- Dreams about false perfect matches that pretend to be her real perfect match

The dream images usually are about:

* Being late for a flight

* Being with the wrong partner

When a person travels by airplane in a dream this means that they are attaining a higher level of knowledge, after abandoning their erroneous ideas.

Everyone can find their perfect match and have a perfect love relationship with the right person, but most people are impatient. This is why they are misled by partners who seem to be the ideal ones for them because they have some of the characteristics of their perfect match, while they are basically different.

Dreamer A has many dreams about flying by plane because she cannot attain a higher level of knowledge, and she repeats the same logical mistakes.

She is also easily misled by attractive men. She must learn how to identify the ideal man for her instead of believing that any man can be the right one for her.

Dreamer B is neurotic. He had panic attacks and blackouts before following dream therapy. He stopped having these symptoms thanks to the unconscious guidance in his dreams, but he must eliminate his dangerous anti-conscience in order to be completely cured.

He has two types of dreams:

1. Dreams about immorality

2. Dreams about anger

The dream images are about:

* Immoral women

* Dangerous situations

* Weapons

* Explosions

This dreamer must stop being immoral and learn how to control his anger. Otherwise, he will acquire a severe mental illness.

He is superficial and materialistic, and he becomes nervous easily. There are many other details about his life and personality that I cannot mention.

Dreamer C is in love with a man who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

She has two types of dreams:

1. Dreams about her perfect match

2. Dreams about her behavior

The dream images usually are about:

* Her perfect match’s life

* Going upstairs and downstairs

She must be a therapist for the man she loves because he needs her support. In her dreams she has information about his past and about what he needs to verify in her behavior, so that he may trust her.

She also has many dreams about her own behavior, since she must be sincere and loyal in order to help her partner believe that he will be safe with her.

When we go upstairs in dreams we go to the conscious surface. When we go downstairs, we go to the region of the anti-conscience.

This dreamer has many dreams about going up and down because on one hand she tries to understand her perfect match’s problem and help him, but on the other hand she often becomes irritated with everything that she has to do in order to help him.

When she is up on the conscious surface, she has a positive attitude. When she goes down to the region of the anti-conscience, she has a negative attitude.

This dreamer must patiently accept the necessity to help her perfect match overcome his PTSD, without showing anger for being in such position.

Dreamer D is obese and depressed. He knows that he must follow a diet, but he cannot control his appetite.

He has two types of dreams:

1. Dreams about his sad childhood

2. Dreams about his indifferent attitude in life

The dream images usually are about:

* His parents, his relatives, and past situations

* His sexual apathy

This dreamer had many traumatic experiences during his childhood, and this is why he has many dreams that give him explanations about what happened in the past.

He also has many dreams about his indifferent attitude because he doesn’t have any courage to live. Even though he is a relatively young man, he has the behavior of an old man who has no disposition to do anything.

This dreamer will overcome his depression by forgiving his parents and his relatives, and beginning a new life. He also must care about having a love relationship. The fact that he is overweight is a result of his indifference to his appearance and to the opposite sex.

Dreamer E is aggressive and antisocial. She belongs to a psychological type based on thoughts, and she has no feelings.

All her dreams are about:

1. Having a relationship with an immature man

2. Being trapped

The dream images usually are about:

* An Immature or a dangerous man

* Conflicts and disagreements with various people

* Falling into an underground trap

The immature man and the dangerous man represent false perfect matches that pretend to be the real one.

Other people in dreams represent parts of the dreamer’s personality. This means that this dreamer is in a constant battle with the various contrasting parts of her personality.

The underground trap represents the anti-conscience’s trap, which imprisons the dreamer’s conscience into the labyrinth of craziness.

Dreamer E has a masculine behavior because she is aggressive. This is why she feels attracted by immature men, who let her decide everything. She feels insecure with mature men.

She is too rationalist, and this is why she always falls into the logical traps of her psychological type.

This dreamer must learn how to be feminine and develop her feelings. She also must learn how to avoid being misled by dangerous men. She doesn’t know how to recognize a false man, or how to have a relationship with a mature man.

I could give you many other examples to show you that only by reading a few dreams of someone’s dream journal you will already understand their main psychological and existential problems.

Everyone has a series of dreams about the same topics because these are the most important matters for them.

I gave you simple examples about many characteristics that are easily visible in each one’s dreams. You can learn many other details about someone else’s personality and life by reading their dreams if you know the dream language.

You can also discover their destiny by reading their dreams, but in order to give you an example about how you can discover a dreamer’s destiny I would have to publish various dreams of the same dreamer with all their details and my translations, and the dreamer’s biographical details. However, I cannot expose the dreamers who submit their dreams for professional translation because my translations are private.

I simply showed you a few details found in the dreams of many dreamers with similar cases in order to help you understand what you can find out by analyzing someone’s dreams.

You can easily learn the dream codes now that I transformed Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation into a fast method of instant translation from images into words. This way you will understand everything about your personality and your destiny by reading your dreams and translating their meaning.

You will also understand everything about someone else’s personality and life if you will have the chance to read their dreams, or if they will relate their dreams.

The Function of Dreams

All dreams have a protective function. They protect your mental stability.

Dreams always have the intention to help the dreamers develop their human conscience, which has human characteristics, while they eliminate their absurd and evil anti-conscience, which has satanic characteristics.

All dreams help the dreamers become more intelligent and sensitive.

Dreams have in fact many functions. They reflect another dimension of life. They help you become really human.

While the ignorant world believes that what differentiates human beings from animals is our ability to think rationally, the truth is that we don’t stop being animals if we think based on violent criteria. What differentiates human beings from animals is the comprehension that we must respect a series of moral principles.

We are human because we understand that we must organize our behavior based on rules that guarantee our peaceful coexistence. We can understand and respect the meaning of justice. We can recognize the importance of goodness.

This is what makes us human, and not our rationalism.

Thoughts can be extremely dangerous and absurd. Thoughts can create atomic bombs, guillotines, and prisons. Thoughts are logical conclusions based on ideas, accumulated knowledge, and suppositions.

Dreams help you abandon the material delusions and pay attention to your spiritual reality.

This is why you become a sensitive person who shows compassion for all human beings when you translate the meaning of your dreams. You learn how to attain spiritual perfection.

When you have a balanced personality you understand how to have a meaningful life, and you are glad with your behavior. You find peace and completion, and you become a savior.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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