Materialistic Obstacles In The Path To Spiritual Evolution

MaterialismWe believe that our materialism is a natural attitude. Of course we need many things in order to survive and live well. Therefore, we don’t believe that God expects us to accept sacrifices.

However, God is disgusted with our greed and with our indifference to the poverty that characterizes the lives of many people in our cruel world. We want to live well, but we don’t care about how other people are living.

I speak about God as an authority because I’m a professional dream translator and God is the dream producer. The explanations I’m giving you were found in various dreams of many different dreamers.

Religions like Buddhism and Taoism are being more accepted by the materialistic civilization of our historical time because according to these religions the human being is a conscious individual who is responsible for his destiny and not a sinner who depends on God’s wisdom. They are in fact faith beliefs based on revelations, and not religions characterized by the adoration of a God.

Buddhism is a religion originated in India by Buddha, which states that life is full of suffering caused by desire. The way to end this suffering is through enlightenment that enables one to stop the endless sequence of births and deaths to which one is otherwise subject.

Taoism is a philosophical system evolved by Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu in China, stating that a life of complete simplicity and naturalness and of non-interference with the course of natural events is the way to attain a happy existence in harmony with the Tao. Tao is that in virtue of which all things happen or exist.

Both religions are basically philosophical therapies that help the human being give importance to the cultivation of compassion and humility, without considering the human being an inferior creature.

According to these beliefs, the human being doesn’t even need to believe in God. What really matters is his or her process of spiritual transformation.

God’s image as a judge who punishes the human being for his sins was defended by the Catholic Church in the past, but the concepts of the clergy became more flexible with time. Today God is presented as a very good father who forgives our sins because He knows that we are imperfect creatures.

However, the truth is that God is a judge and He does punish all sinners. God is a holy father who corrects the behavior of His evil children.

As I told you before, all religions were created by the same God. There is no right or wrong religion. All religions or beliefs that have a religious aspect explain one part of our complex spiritual reality. Their differences become comprehensible when we learn a lot more about the meaning of life and death. These differences are not contradictory.

The Christian view observes the dark side of the human being, while other religions believe in the bright side of the human being besides his/her imperfections.

Man can become a god. There is a bright essence in the human mind. Everything depends on our capacity to discover this essence.

Some religious focus their attention on the brilliant alternatives of the human spirit, which are more encouraging and optimistic, even though they do so in parallel with the comprehension that the human being is imperfect and must evolve.

According to Christianism you are a sinner from birth and you must become a perfect human being after purifying your spirit. Christianism deeply analyzes the dark side of the human behavior because the Christian point of view has the basic purpose to end terror.

According to Christianism God is a father who teaches His children how to eliminate their evilness. This is an unpleasant and painful situation, but it reflects the dark side of the truth, which prevails in our reality.

It is also true that even though we have an evil anti-conscience that transforms us into terrible sinners independently of our will, we are responsible for our actions because we receive a human conscience from God.

We can develop our human conscience if we respect the rules of goodness, even if we don’t believe in God. However, this is more difficult because we have inherited a huge anti-conscience, which is absurd and evil.

When we are controlled by our anti-conscience we think like wild animals that can use various strategies with the intention to kill their prey. We don’t think like conscious human beings who are trying to find happiness in life. There is a big difference between both purposes.

When we manage to concentrate our attention on our superior capacities we can attain sanctity and spiritual perfection besides being induced to be evil by our anti-conscience, but this is very hard.

This is why Christianism is more emphasized in our world. It is more difficult to attain sanctity by paying attention to what is good without focusing our attention on the elimination of what is bad, even though it is possible.

God showed us this solution because it helps us discover the importance of our spiritual reality and stop making the mistakes imposed by our anti-conscience.

We can attain spiritual perfection through many ways.

The emphasis on our mistakes and on the necessity to eliminate what is bad is the method used by God in our dreams to enlighten our conscience because it is direct and clear.

This method is based on the purification of our spirit, so that we may find sound mental health, peace, love, wisdom, and happiness.

The method used by Buddhism and Taoism for the transformation of our personality is based on the comprehension of the beauty of goodness. This method can work for many people, but they must already have a spiritual inclination in order to understand it. This is not a method that can work the same way for the materialistic part of the population, which is characterized by the Western culture, even though many materialists feel comfortable with it.

If Buddhism, Taoism or any other religion you may prefer will seem to help you in your spiritual journey, you may have the desire to change your religion, but it is not a good idea to abandon your own religion. Your religion was made for people who have a personality similar to your personality. Your personality is like the personality of your parents and grandparents in many ways, and like the personality of those who live in your country.

Of course, you are free to change your religion or belief if you truly believe that it will really help you in your spiritual journey. However, this is not advisable because if you have the Western behavior and mindset you need a direct method to purify your spirit.

The method used by Buddhists and Taoists is made for those who accept giving more importance to their spiritual reality than to the material life, and not for those who follow the materialistic Western culture.

India and China are countries that have a spiritual development that doesn’t exist in the Western countries. They accept their material poverty in many ways that those who belong to materialistic countries cannot accept. Western countries try to live in luxury.

In our dreams God criticizes our behavior, clearly showing us all our mistakes and sins like a judge, according to the Christian philosophy. At the same time, He shows us how to transform our personality and find sound mental health like a doctor, according to the Buddhist and Taoist philosophy.

Many other religions are represented in dreams. I simply gave you an example thanks to these three different and similar religions. There are numerous similarities between all the religions of the world.

You will have information about your own religion in your dreams, so that you may really understand the information you will have. If you are an atheist, you will have information based on your parents or grandparents’ religion.

Through dream translation you can better understand God’s wisdom because you have a direct communication with God through dream messages. God answers your questions in dreams. Therefore, you have answers for all the questions you want to make about your spiritual reality and everything you ignore, while in your religion you have only a few answers for some of your questions.

God’s Image

If you don’t like the idea to believe that the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is ‘God’ because you are an atheist and you have problems accepting the idea that God exists, you can follow the unconscious wisdom without treating the unconscious mind like a divinity, but as a more enlightened mind in the universe.

I give you lessons based on the Christian mindset because this was the religious education I had and I know it very well. I ignore many details about many other religions.

Other people may give you lessons about the meaning of dreams based on the Buddhist or Taoist mindset after learning the meaning of the dream language according to the scientific method of dream interpretation, because you can associate the dream messages to these beliefs.

Since God is the dream producer, it would be much wiser to simply accept His divinity. The atheistic mindset of the modern civilization is based on the false impressions given by the hypocritical world. God’s existence is a fact.

It’s hard to feel like an underdeveloped primate before a perfect God, but this is your real position. I’m showing you the truth exactly as it is, even though it is unpleasant and sad. You must attain spiritual perfection while you inherit a satanic primitive conscience that tries to destroy your human conscience.

Of course you dislike your position, but the sad position of the imperfect sinner will not define your existence forever. If you will obey the divine guidance in your dreams and in your religion, you will become an admirable human being.

This method is direct, effective, and safe.

God gives you the freedom to disobey His guidance, but if you want to be realistic and solve your existential, psychological, and material problems without wasting time, you have to be obedient and respect His rules.

God’s rules are based on sanctity. You can trust His goodness.

The Dangers Of Materialism

Do you buy things only when you need them?

No. You buy things even when you don’t indispensably need them; especially because you are bombarded by numerous ads. You always feel that you have to buy something for some reason.

If you have money, you keep feeling glad for a while every time you buy something, but this happiness doesn’t last long. If you cannot buy what you want, you feel inferior. You become frustrated.

Materialism is very dangerous for your mental health because it generates anxiety, besides causing many other problems.

If you are materialistic you cannot follow the indispensable process of transformation that characterizes the meaning of the human life.

Of course you need money because this is how the world works. Without money you cannot do anything, even if you are creative. You don’t have all the alternatives you need at your disposal.

However, when you have money, do you work more?

Do you study more? Do you use all the alternatives you have in order to make the world a better place?

No. You rest more. You want to have pleasant moments.

You don’t try to be more productive. You don’t try to solve difficult problems.

Your laziness cuts your path to self-discovery .

Your materialism doesn’t let you understand that your life has no meaning if you don’t follow a process of spiritual purification.

Your materialism makes you desire to work only with the intention to make money, and not with the intention to really solve our problems. Your materialism transforms you into a selfish, indifferent, and greedy monster.

Of course you need basic conditions of life, but if you live in order to buy more products like all marketers desire, you don’t care about your spiritual evolution. If you are indifferent to your spiritual health, you will have worse problems after death.

You live in order to follow a process of spiritual purification. If you will fail, you will pass through another process after death, which will be more painful.

Life is full of suffering because we have to transform our satanic anti-conscience into human conscience. The way to end this suffering and stop the endless sequence of births and deaths is the transformation of our personality into sensitive human personality, based on goodness and wisdom.

A life of complete simplicity is the way to attain a happy existence in harmony with God’s rules. We live because we must learn how to attain God’s intellectual level.

We must stop having the behavior of wild animals that can think.

Understanding The Obstacles Of The Way

Here is an example of a part of a dream that reflects materialism, dreamt by a woman:

On the top, there’s a wooden terrace with a pool. Sunset, dark clouds over the horizon and reddish sun. The pool is not deep and there are stones in the bottom – clear water but dark – and a snake with a dinosaur effects on it.

Dream translation:

On the top, there’s a wooden terrace with a pool.

The wooden terrace is an exposed place with a fragile protection.

The pool represents materialism.

Sunset, dark clouds over the horizon and reddish sun.

The sunset indicates that now you will understand the truth you couldn’t see before.

The pool is not deep and there are stones in the bottom – clear water but dark –

The stones represent the truth, the real truth accumulated for years.

This means that in the bottom of the materialism that characterizes your life, you will find the truth.

The fact that the water was clear but dark indicates that there are many things that you ignore about your materialism.

and a snake with a dinosaur effects on it.

The snake represents a painful experience, a bad event that will put an end to one of your mistakes. The snake represents the intervention of the divine providence because it doesn’t let you keep making the same mistake for life, and it doesn’t let you face worse consequences in the future. It makes you regret for making this mistake, and stop making it.

The fact that this snake had dinosaur effects indicates that it is a painful experience very ancient, which is being correcting the behavior of the human race for years.

Your behavior will be corrected thanks to this ancient painful experience.

You have to understand how to avoid having this experience by following the unconscious guidance in your dreams. You can be corrected if you will stop being materialistic.


This dreamer had a warning. She had to be careful and stop believing that her materialism was beneficial to her.

This painful experience would be the same painful experienced faced by the human race in ancient times. This means that this experience is the result of a mistake that human beings cannot stop repeating.

We repeat the same mistakes because we listen to the absurd thoughts of our anti-conscience.

We cannot stop being materialistic animals. We don’t want to understand the importance of our spiritual reality.

Believing In Delusions

The materialistic mindset of the current civilization makes you believe that God’s existence is a delusion, and what really matters is the tangible material life.

However, the truth is that materialism is a concept imposed by the hypocritical world. The false world makes you believe in delusions because it concentrates its attention on the material reality as if this was a sure way to find happiness, while this is a marketing myth.

God shows you in your dreams what is real or not, helping you stop believing in the lies of the world.

You tend to believe that the material world is real. What you can see and touch is real. However, what is not material is as real as the material world, with the difference that it is abstract.

You believe that your materialistic concepts are realistic, but they are based on commercial manipulation.

You believe that God is an invention, but God is the creator of your planet and the creator of your conscience. You must learn His symbolic language in dreams in order to verify His existence.

You must discover many scientific truths you ignore.

Materialism And Absurdity

If you believe that the material reality is everything that really matters in life, you accept the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience without understanding that you have the obligation to respect your moral principles. You abandon your religion. You become more materialistic than everyone else.

You accept the absurdity of selfishness. You are indifferent to the meaning of justice. However, you pretend to be reasonable and care about the general well-being.

Your anti-conscience gradually destroys your capacity to think logically and eliminates your sensitivity, taking advantage of your hypocrisy.

Here is a part of a dream dreamt by a middle-aged man about the dangers of delusions:

I possessed the ability to fly and had an extreme desire to fly but couldn’t. This is a super-human ability to fly as in superman (not fly as in piloting an airplane). Then I was running as fast as I can with someone chasing me, but not moving fast – like I’m weighed down or paralyzed.

Dream translation:

I possessed the ability to fly and had an extreme desire to fly but couldn’t. This is a super-human ability to fly as in superman (not fly as in piloting an airplane) .

The fact that you had the ability to fly as if you were a bird means that you believe in unreal things. When you see yourself flying in dreams this means that you are far from the objective reality, in your own imaginary world, believing in unreal things.

Since you couldn’t fly in fact, even though you supposedly had this ability, this means that your conscience is preventing from abandoning your reality and believing in unreal things.

However, you are in a dangerous situation because you believe you can fly – while this is not true and it indicates that you want to escape reality. You have to be realistic and verify the possibilities you have at your disposal and all the obstacles of the way.

Your desire to fly and your conviction that you have the ability to fly are absurd ideas imposed by your anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is your primitive conscience, which didn’t evolve like your human conscience.

Your human conscience is still controlling your mind, but you are in great danger because you are ready to accept the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience.

Then I was running as fast as I can with someone chasing me, but not moving fast – like I’m weighed down or paralyzed.

This is a common dream scene. Many people have dreams about being chased. This dream indicates that your anti-conscience is trying to control your mind and your behavior, and trying to destroy your capacity to think logically.

You are running but not able to move fast as if you were paralyzed because you are feeling weak. You are ready to accept the suggestions of your anti-conscience and do something absurd. You don’t have the courage to keep avoiding the negative behavior imposed by your evil anti-conscience, and you are letting this behavior control you, without offering resistance.

You have to stop believing in unreal things, so that you may clearly understand what is good or bad, and have the right behavior.


This dreamer is passively accepting the behavior imposed by his anti-conscience because he doesn’t want to deal with the difficulties of his reality as it is. He believes that he doesn’t need to stop being imperfect. This is why he doesn’t offer resistance to the absurdity of his evil side.

When you believe in the lies of the world you let your anti-conscience control your behavior.

Everything that the hypocritical world shows you is false. Life is not an opportunity to have a series of material pleasures.

You have to pay attention to the wisdom found in all religions of the world and in the meaning of dreams.

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