Are You A Victim Of Violence?

A VictimIf you are a victim of violence you know that violence is invincible. There is nothing you can to do make someone else stop being violent.

Violent people have the behavior of irrational animals because they are controlled by their anti-conscience, which is their wild conscience.

When you think about the word ‘conscience’ you believe that your conscience is your moral sense of right and wrong, but the way that your conscience judges what is right or wrong depends on the logic you follow.

If you follow the logic of your human conscience you respect your moral principles, but if you follow the logic of your anti-conscience, you are immoral.

If you are immoral you despise everyone. You are unable to understand the importance of respecting the moral principles that preserve your dignity. You become absurd, cruel, and materialistic. This is what happens with violent people.

First of all you must stop hating them because they are not responsible for acting like animals. They are controlled by their wild nature, which is evil and absurd.

You have to look at them with compassion. Their human conscience is not working.

It’s very hard to show compassion for violent people, but this is the first indispensable step for the elimination of their violence. Your compassion and your forgiveness will help you eliminate their violence because you will be good with them.

In order to eliminate violence and terror, you have to be a saint.

This solution was found by God, the dream producer, the creator of your human conscience, and the creator of our planet. I could discover this truth by translating the meaning of dreams.

You can become a dream translator like me because I teach you everything I know. Through dream translation you will learn how to become a perfect human being and make violent people stop being violent with you.

Dreams That Help You Eliminate Violence And Deal With Violent People

In order to stop being a victim of violence you have to stop being violent. You are violent too, even if you are not as violent as those who are aggressive and cruel. You are far from perfection.

The divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams will show you how to eliminate the negative characteristics of your personality and transform your anti-conscience into a positive part of your human conscience. This way you will have a calm behavior, and you will stop generating aggression around you.

Whatever happens to you is a consequence of your own behavior. You may be unaware of the violent parts of your personality, but they are the main responsible for the fact that you are a victim of violence.

These violent parts of your personality must be transformed into peaceful and wise parts of your personality, so that you may stop being punished by someone else’s violence.

If your behavior is characterized by violence, you attract violent people, and you generate violent reactions. Other people’s behavior is a boomerang of your own behavior.

You may believe you are a calm and reasonable person, but if you are in a difficult position, your violence is repressed. If you were not a victim of violence, you would probably be more violent than your enemies.

This hidden truth is visible when you will translate the meaning of your dreams.

For example, if you have dreams about eating meat, this means that you are feeding your psyche with violence.

Dreams about gangsters killing people indicate that you are violently eliminating various parts of your personality because you don’t have the patience to transform them into positive parts of your human conscience.

Dreams about violent people indicate that many parts of your personality are violent.

Nightmares about frightening situations reflect the absurdity of the violent parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience.

If you have bad dreams, you need psychotherapy more than anyone else; even if you seem to be a normal person. You have to learn how to be a calm and sensitive human being.

I will give you a practical example of a dream that reflects violence. Here are two sentences from a dream dreamt by a dreamer who is following dream therapy and my translations:

His friend was preparing to give him electric shock,

His friend is a violent part of your personality.

The electric shock represents terror.

A mature part of your personality is ready to use terror in order to put an end to the mental illness of the other mature part of your personality. It wants to force this part of your personality to change its behavior.

but then he got up and said: “Hold on please. Be careful because I still need my brain.”

The mature part of your personality that is mentally ill doesn’t want to lose its mind. This part of your personality understands that it is in danger.

You cannot violently change the behavior of the various parts of your personality. They must be gradually transformed.


When you will become sensitive, diplomatic, and peaceful, you will transform violent people into good people thanks to your admirable attitude. This is the secret for the elimination of violence.

Violent people were victims of terror in the past. The traumatic experiences they had in their lives worked against their conscience, helping their anti-conscience control their behavior.

Only sanctity can eliminate the traumatic effect of terror. This is why you must have the behavior of a saint with violent people.

However, your process of transformation is difficult. There are many obstacles in your journey.

You tend to be impatient and lazy, while everything takes time and everything depends on many efforts. You have to be persistent.

The Global Violence

You live in a cruel world ruled by violence, terror, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed. How can you have a peaceful behavior and stop being a victim of violence in such world?

You cannot stop being a victim of the global violence, even if you will stop being a victim of the violent behavior of someone who is part of your life because human beings believe that violence is necessary. You have the same attitude, even if you believe that you are a pacifist. This is why all countries have military forces.

But is violence really ‘necessary’?

Most parents seem to think so. This is why they hit their kids whenever they do something bad, even though they supposedly love them.

Most parents seem to love their children, but this is doubtable.

In a previous article I showed you a video about the suffering of many parents who trusted the guidance of psychiatrists when their children had mental health problems. However, they lost their children because of the medications prescribed by their doctors. These parents were victims of the irresponsible world.

They were not the first ones. However, psychiatric drugs are not forbidden by law, even though they are so dangerous.


Because some parents prefer to transform their children into vegetables without a personality when they become mentally ill. It is easier for them to simply give psychiatric drugs to their children and transform them into fat, sleepy, and inoffensive puppets, instead of bearing their anger.

These parents don’t have the necessary patience to help their children feel better with a long psychotherapeutical treatment. This is why psychiatric medications are not forbidden, even though they destroy the immune system of those who take these drugs when they have mental health problems.

As a matter of fact, most people prefer to just get rid of the mentally ill instead of trying to help them overcome their mental disorders. They only want to stop having problems because of their existence.

This is why asylums and prisons are the solutions found by our cruel population for those who lose their minds. These solutions are an easy way to eliminate various social problems, without directly killing the mentally ill.

You live in a world where violence is considered indispensable because everyone is impatient.

However, we pretend to be civilized. We pretend to respect the human rights of every individual and we condemn the promotion of violence in the media as if we were innocent pacifists who were ‘revolted with the violence of the world’.

Is Violence An Easy Solution?

Even though I theoretically was against violence when I was a young mother, I used to hit my son when he would do something wrong like most mothers do. He couldn’t understand many things and he was hard to deal with.

I didn’t believe that I was violent. I believed that I was protecting my son from various dangers that he couldn’t perceive.

At that time I was in the beginning of my psychotherapy through dream interpretation. I calmed down and I was making progress, but I still was aggressive in many ways.

God showed me in a dream that I had to stop being rude with my son. I had to put into practice the lessons I had about the importance of goodness and peace.

So, I told him that I would never be violent with him again because he was a not a baby anymore, and we could solve our problems by dialogue.

He took advantage of this fact. He did everything he could to provoke me, and test my reactions. He made a big mess in the living room. All his toys were everywhere. He also brought a vase with a plant from the veranda (what he had never done before) and he put it on the carpet, laughing and looking at me.

At that time he was 6-years-old. I had to be patient and explain that he shouldn’t do what he was doing. I told him to keep his toys and put the vase in its place.

He didn’t pay attention to what I was saying. He kept making noise and jumping around like a monkey, as if I was not there.

At a certain point I told him that he needed a bath. He said “no” and he kept playing as if I was not an authority. I had to be patient and try to convince him that the bath would be an exciting experience.

He kept saying “no”.

I had to be creative and use my sense of humor. I tried to remember all the persuasion techniques I knew.

Nothing worked.

After playing for more than half an hour while I was trying to convince him that he should have a bath, he finally agreed to do so. I couldn’t say that I had influenced his decision in any way. He probably was bored and he wanted to do something else.

He played half an hour in the bathtub. Then, I told him that he had to finish having his bath.

He told me “no, I want to stay here”.

I had to convince him that it would be much better to watch a cartoon on TV.

I couldn’t simply force him to do what he had to do, without wasting time. I had to put the divine guidance into practice.

This was a punishment for me.

In the beginning I couldn’t see any meaning on having the behavior that God expected of me, but I was obedient. I learned how to survive with this condition.

My son liked it very much. He always took advantage of my goodness. I always had to be very patient with him and his numerous friends, who always were in our apartment. My son rarely was alone when he was home.

I understood God’s wisdom with time, but the beginning was very hard.

Now, think about the lives of most people in our world. How many parents have enough time and enough patience in order to be able to be calm and kind with their children in all situations?

We believe that our violent methods are practical ways to immediately solve problems that are time consuming and require too many efforts in order to be solved in a peaceful way.

However, the truth is that we use violence to solve our problems because we have a violent nature, and not because this is a simple method. Violence seems to be easy, but it generates tragic consequences.

We believe that violence is an easy way to solve problems that ‘cannot be solved’ because we don’t have the patience to care about all the details of every problem.

We cannot agree with the idea that there are peaceful solutions, but they are difficult. This is why we don’t want to take them into consideration.

Finding Peace

Before following dream therapy I had the personality of a dictator. I had to learn how to stop imposing my desires and respect other people’s desires.

This is why God showed me that my son was my boss. I had to be patient with him. I also had to be this way with everyone else.

In the beginning I couldn’t understand how to put this guidance into practice. I believe you can understand how hard it is to stop being demanding and impose your desires if this is something you had done all your life.

When I learned how to be patient and diplomatic with everyone, the fact that I had to solve my problems without being violent was not a time consuming matter. I learned how to easily solve all problems in a peaceful way.

I saw how ridiculous I was when I believed that violence was an easy way to solve certain problems.

There are many smart peaceful ways to solve all problems, which are much simpler than aggressive methods. Besides this fact, peaceful solutions are safe. They help you prevent violent reactions.

I learned how to use my humorous talent with my son in all situations. This idea not only helped me have a better relationship with him; it also helped my son developed his sense of humor. I always laugh with his jokes.

The same will happen with you. In the beginning you will feel uncomfortable, but in the end you will be glad with all the advantages you will have because you will be diplomatic and calm.

You will surely have to change your behavior in many ways. In order to be really mentally healthy, you must have the behavior of a saint. This is why you need the unconscious psychotherapy.

The transformation of your personality is difficult because you have a violent nature. Your wild conscience is huge, while your tiny human conscience must be developed in order to control your behavior all the time.

You don’t understand how violent and absurd the various parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience are. Their violence is invisible to your eyes, even though you can recognize this violence in your behavior when you become angry for some reason.

You are aggressive even when this is not obvious.

God is trying to eliminate the violence of the anti-conscience during billions of years without success. He created our human conscience hoping that our conscience would agree with the necessity to follow His guidance in order to find peace.

However, our conscience is as disobedient as our anti-conscience. We don’t agree with God’s guidance because we have to make many efforts in order to change our violent, cruel, and absurd behavior.

Another reason why psychiatric drugs are not forbidden is the fact that many people want to believe that they can solve their mental health problems with medication, without following a psychotherapeutical treatment.

They don’t want to stop being absurd. They only want to get rid of the unbearable symptoms generated by their anti-conscience, without correcting their behavior.

If you want to find peace and sound mental health you have to abandon your comfort zone, and learn how to become a balanced person.

God’s method is clear. The same psychotherapeutical method presented in dreams is also presented in all the religions of the world, which were created by the same God.

All religions teach us the importance of goodness. We must cultivate love in our hearts.

God created a complex world for us with the intention to give us many lessons, until He could convince us that we have to be patient. All problems must be solved based on patience, understanding, and compassion.

God seems to exaggerate in every aspect, but the truth is that we are too far from sound mental health. We must learn how to be wise instead of being selfish, hypocritical, and lazy.

You should agree with God’s philosophy of life and follow the guidance contained in your dreams. This way you will be calm and reasonable in all situations, and everyone will respect you.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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