Transforming The Obsession With Happiness Into A Serious Research

ObsessionWhen you are a child you believe that life is a gift. Happiness is your obsession. You want to do many things in life.

However, you soon start having many deceptions. Your parents cannot understand you, and they don’t care about your problems. Your siblings are selfish. Your friends are rude, or you are rejected by them. Your teacher doesn’t explain what you must learn in a clear way.

You try to overcome these problems, but as you grow up you keep having deceptions in life. You realize that everyone’s goodness is false and everyone is basically indifferent to your pain.

You become shy and insecure. You try to look for solutions, but your anxiety doesn’t let you think. You don’t have time to care about your existential problems. You have to survive. You envy those who seem to be fine.

The world makes you believe that you will be happy if you will make a lot of money. So, you try to make money, always believing that someday you will finally find happiness in life. You do everything you can to go ahead.

You manage to make some money and you feel you are almost achieving your goal. However, life is complicated. You don’t have friends. You go from home to work and then, you go home again.

There are more complications. You discover many bad things about everyone around you. You are betrayed and misled by those who used to be your heroes.

You understand that everything is covered by hypocrisy and superficiality. Life is not what it seemed to be when you were a child.

If you knew that everything was so difficult, you wouldn’t have made many mistakes. Why didn’t your teachers tell you that everyone is selfish and there is no justice on earth?

Unfortunately, you were not prepared to live. The lessons you had couldn’t help you deal with life’s challenges for many reasons, especially because they were based on the global hypocrisy. You don’t learn the truth in schools.

As a matter of fact, you don’t learn the truth anywhere because the world always distorts the truth based on financial interests, and everyone is a marketer. Even those who pretend to care about the general well-being are as selfish and materialistic as everyone else.

Everything is disappointing, but you still want to be happy. You adapt your needs based on what you can find. You believe that your frustrations are caused by political games. You justify all mistakes based on rational conclusions. You try to be strong and defend your own interests like everyone else, abandoning your beautiful ideals.

You speak and behave like your parents. You imitate your enemies. You don’t even remember who you are, or what you were looking for.

However, you still believe in happiness, and you wish you could live many years.

You keep trying to be happy because you can see that you have many alternatives at your disposal, but you don’t know how to organize your life. Your obsession with happiness should be replaced by serious attempts to transform your personality and your world.

You have to be intelligent and follow God’s plan. By obeying the divine guidance in your dreams you will learn what you have to do in order to be happy. Happiness cannot be found without organization.

I worked hard simplifying Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation for you, so that you may easily understand the divine guidance in your dreams and follow God’s directions.

If you will be an obedient patient and student, you will surely be able to find peace and happiness. God knows the right formula. You can trust His wisdom.

In case you disagree with His guidance, He will give you many explanations in dreams. God is not a dictator. He gives you the freedom to decide what to do, after showing you what He expects of you.

You can be disobedient if you don’t want to do what God shows you in your dreams, besides having His explanations. However, this is not advantageous for you.

You must recognize your vast ignorance and try to understand the divine wisdom. God is your doctor. You are an ignorant, absurd, and evil patient. Only because you belong to the human race, you are absurd. The biggest part of your brain belongs to your wild conscience, which didn’t evolve since its formation.

This happens because a conscience must agree to follow a process of development and mind empowerment. If it doesn’t agree with this necessity, it remains in the same conscious level, without making progress. The anti-conscience is a violent and lazy conscience that doesn’t want to make efforts in order to learn anything.

You should remember the depth of your ignorance and agree with the necessity to follow a process of mind empowerment, psychological transformation, and spiritual purification through dream translation.

Many times the divine guidance will be painful for you, but this painful process of transformation will help you avoid suffering in a worse way in the future.

You can trust your doctor’s sanctity. God is not a tyrannous.

In order to find happiness in life, you must become a perfect human being. This is the right formula.

You may disagree with what you have to do in order to change your behavior and become a wise and sensitive human being, but you will like the positive results of this process of transformation.

The positive results are guaranteed. God doesn’t make mistakes.

The Secret Of Eternal Life

Many people looked for the elixir of life in the human history, trying to find a way to live longer besides having to face so many problems in life, but the human life on earth has a limit. On the other hand, eternal life on earth is not really desirable if you will think about all the horrors of the world.

Only your spirit can have eternal life. Your body has a limited duration. You should learn the secret of eternal life based on God’s guidance in your dreams, so that your spirit may have a meaningful and happy life.

Otherwise, why should you desire to live forever?

You may have to accept facing many adventures on earth until you will transform your personality and become a wise human being, but what really matters is the process of transformation you have to follow in order to purify your spirit, and not if you will be comfortable during this process.

You will obviously have to accept suffering in numerous circumstances. Everything is difficult in your reality because the fight between good and evil defines your destiny.

Suffering characterizes the human life on earth because we are violent. Our wars and crimes prove this truth more than anything else, but we can find many other examples that reflect our aggression if we will analyze the human behavior in various situations. Our suffering is a consequence of our mistakes.

This means that you cannot avoid suffering on earth. You can only avoid suffering in a tragic way, and suffer in a constructive way, like a hero.

Your Real Purpose

When we will have the behavior of saints, mental disorders and diseases will stop torturing the human race, and we will stop torturing God with our insanity.

However, we are disobedient. We prefer hypocrisy. We don’t like the idea to attain sanctity.

God gives us the freedom to follow the absurd thoughts of our anti-conscience if we prefer, but we are punished with the consequences of our actions. We must learn into practice the negative effects of evilness in order to consciously prefer to be good.

Since the biggest part of our brain belongs to our wild conscience, the satanic anti-conscience, we have the behavior of demons numerous times. Therefore, we suffer because we are evil and we don’t want to learn how to be wise and sensitive.

Besides our wars and crimes, the fact that many people like horror stories about vampires is another visible proof of our absurdity and evilness. We wouldn’t like terror if we didn’t have a satanic nature.

Now that you know the truth about the human nature you can understand that you shouldn’t live your life trying to find happiness. You can be relatively happy when you will become a mentally healthy individual, but your main purpose is to eliminate your anti-conscience while you are alive.

You should have this purpose in mind from the beginning of your life, but you were misled. You should have it in mind now.

First of all you have to stop being controlled by your wild conscience, and definitively stop making mistakes. When you will achieve this goal, you can look for happiness.

If you will try to be happy before transforming your personality you will either be a violent demon all the time because you will impose your desires, or you will face a series of frustrations and failures.

A Mentally Ill Population

Dreams about demons are very common because there are many demons on earth. Demons in dreams usually represent evil people of your social environment. They can also represent absurd and evil parts of your own personality. You will understand their meaning depending on the dream story and on what is happening in your life.

Some people have a strong human conscience, and this is why the demon is buried in their psyche. However, most people have a weak conscience, and this is why they are frequently or permanently controlled by their anti-conscience.

For example, psychopaths have a weak human conscience, which is immediately destroyed. This is why they kill people for no reason, and they have no regret. If you will analyze the behavior of those who have severe mental disorders you will observe that their behavior is cruel and immoral the same way because they are controlled by their anti-conscience like psychopaths. This absurd and evil behavior is not human.

This means that you have to be afraid of your evil self, since your anti-conscience is as cruel as the anti-conscience of murderers. The elimination of your dangerous anti-conscience through consciousness is more important than anything else in your life.

You will acquire consciousness by translating the meaning of your dreams and understanding God’s messages.

You also have to learn how to protect your life in a world of demons with a human face. If you will be immature and naïve, you will be a victim of their wickedness.

Our mentally ill population seems to be reasonable in some ways, but this is a false impression. If you will trust people who are controlled by their wild conscience you will have many traumatic experiences. In this situation, you won’t be able to prevent depression or neurosis.

Avoiding Dangerous Relationships

Now that you know that your reality is dangerous, you can understand why your world is a jungle where all human beings are predators or prey. You will better understand this truth whenever you have dreams about animals.

Most animals represent dangerous people of your social environment. Lions, tigers, alligators, and many other dangerous animals in dreams represent your enemies. They are the people who are around you.

Many animals have a different symbolic meaning because they are dream symbols, but most animals represent other people.

Since you know this fact, you can understand that you must care about protecting your life and your mental stability. Dangerous people can ruin your personality and your life. You cannot live your life without taking into consideration all the dangers that are threatening your mental health.

Now that you know the truth you must care about understanding which dangers are threatening you, and how to avoid them.

Dreams about falling from height are very common too. They represent a big deception. Usually, this deception is related to a person of your environment.

Most people become mentally ill because they are victims of other people’s wickedness. Their anti-conscience takes advantage of their revolt, imposing absurd thoughts of revengeance to their conscience.

This means that if you want to prevent a mental disorder, you must be very careful with the people who are around you. You have to look for signs of evilness in their behavior, and avoid being in the position of a victim.

This is a sad reality, but you cannot disregard it. The negative side of everyone’s personality can be invisible, but it always exists; unless you live surrounded by saints.

The unconscious mind will give you many explanations in dreams, and show you the truth about everyone around you. You will learn how to avoid dangerous relationships and protect your life. You will also learn how to find good people, even though they are rare.

Finding Happiness Based On Research

When you follow dream therapy you make a scientific research. You analyze your psyche and your life. You understand how your brain works and what determines your behavior. You also understand how other people behave.

Therefore, you learn how to find happiness based on research instead of following your suppositions.

You learn the meaning of life and the meaning of death. You learn how to prevent your premature death, and have a long, healthy, and meaningful life. You also prepare your spirit for eternal life.

God gives you many explanations that surpass the knowledge of the human race. You have many confirmations that the information you have in dreams is true thanks to various events of in your daily life.

Your dreams are about your life, your mental health, and your destiny. They help you transform your personality and they help you avoid bad relationships.

Everything is related. You must become a perfect human being so that you may find authentic happiness in life, and purify your spirit.

You attract around you people who have the same characteristics of your personality. Your personality is composed by numerous different parts. For example, whenever you are dishonest you are controlled by the parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience, and you attract dishonest people in your daily life. You make many dishonest friends. Therefore, at a certain point you are betrayed.

Your destiny mainly depends on your behavior.

If you want to avoid having negative experiences and being surrounded by sneaky people, you have to learn how to have the right behavior and attract the right people.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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