Science-Based Spiritual Healing

Spiritual HealingThe scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me gives you scientific explanations and spiritual guidance at the same time. This happens because the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is God’s mind. You have scientific explanations about all matters in your dreams.

Through dream translation you can understand how God’s spiritual healing works. Your mental health problems and your physical problems are eliminated because you transform your personality and your spirit. God’s healing method is not based on dangerous medications and surgical operations.

You believe that all your thoughts are the result of your conscious conclusions, but this is not true. You cannot imagine that all your negative thoughts are sent by your wild conscience, which thinks like a prehistoric man and tries to destroy your human conscience. The influence of your anti-conscience causes mental disorders and physical diseases.

God gives you scientific explanations in your dreams about your satanic anti-conscience, which tries to destroy your tiny human conscience through craziness.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a science-based spiritual healing, since you have scientific explanations that help you find sound mental health and spiritual health. You are also able to find physical health and become more intelligent.

Your dreams help you understand that God and Satan exist, with scientific explanations about their meaning. Satan is not only a demon that belongs to the outside world. It works in parallel with your conscience, influencing your conscience with its absurd thoughts.

You have to obey God’s guidance in your dreams and in your religion in order to eliminate your satanic anti-conscience and become a wise and sensitive human being.

The fact that I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience by obeying the divine guidance in dreams means that now everyone will learn how to eliminate their anti-conscience and attain sanctity through dream interpretation. By attaining sanctity we will be able to solve all the problems of the human race.

Therefore, the beginning of the 21st century represents the end of terror on earth. Now we know why we have to obey God’s guidance. So, we will agree to do so. This is a very important historical time.

Thanks to the knowledge we have today Nostradamus catastrophic predictions will stop being confirmed in the human history. The world will follow a process of transformation and attain sanctity. This is God’s plan.

My work is in fact God’s work, since I precisely obeyed the divine guidance from the beginning to the end. All my discoveries were made thanks to the clues that the unconscious mind was sending me. The world may forget Carl Jung’s name and my name in the future, but the fact that the scientific method of dream interpretation will be taught everywhere in the world is guaranteed.

You should learn this method today, without waiting for the global recognition.

God’s spiritual healing is more powerful than conventional medicine; especially because many unreal assumptions are presented as if they were science-based conclusions, while the scientific methods used for their evaluations are subjective.

There are many other factors that annulate the value of our scientific discoveries. The fierce competition that characterizes our world is also part of the scientific community.

Why Some People Are Punished

You may have observed that some people are heavily punished in life, while other people do whatever they may desire, without being punished. These people have many advantages in life. I was one of them during my childhood, but everything changed for me in my troubled adolescence.

I was heavily punished because I became an atheist when I was 15-years-old, after facing a tragic car accident and losing the friend who was next to me in the car. I became neurotic, even though I couldn’t understand this fact.

I should be able to recognize my ignorance and remember that God knows why and when a human being must die. I threw my religious education in the trash, along with my first literary book, after concluding that God didn’t exist and this is why He didn’t protect my friend and He let the tragic accident happen. I abandoned God because I believed that He had abandoned me.

I was very religious before the accident. After the accident I lost my identity. I was controlled by my anti-conscience. I become ironic and aggressive.

You may believe that I had a normal reaction after this traumatic experience, but the fact that I abandoned God was a serious mistake. I should be able to understand why I had to accept my pain.

First of all, I had already abandoned God before the accident (when I was 14-years-old) because I was indifferently accepting what is bad. I didn’t want to be one of the best students of the school anymore. I wanted to be just like everyone else, while I could be the same good student I always was if I would keep studying.

I didn’t want to spend my time studying. I saw that there were more interesting things in life. I wanted to be with my friends all the time. This was why I was punished. Or better saying, this is one of the reasons.

I was punished with the accident and my friends too. We were abandoned because we had abandoned God before being abandoned, but we were unable to understand this fact.

Many people are punished with incurable diseases and tortured by severe mental disorders because they listen to the absurd thoughts of their anti-conscience. They can be cured if they will stop making serious mistakes.

I will give you an example. A woman had a recurring dream for years.

Recurring dreams indicate that the dreamer must do something important they keep postponing. Otherwise, they will face bad consequences in the future.

She dreamt that she was in the church and that the statue of Saint Mary was crying. She saw tears of blood flowing down on her cheeks.

Dream translation:

She dreamt that she was in the church and that the statue of Saint Mary was crying.

The dreamer represents her ego.

The statue in dreams represents a part of the dreamer’s personality that was paralyzed because she accepted the absurdity and the evilness of her anti-conscience.

Since it was the statue of Saint Mary, this means that it was a religious part of her personality.

The fact that she was crying means that this part of her personality regrets having done something.

She saw tears of blood flowing down on her cheeks.

Blood in dreams represents pain.

Therefore the tears of blood represent regret and pain.

The religious part of her personality that was paralyzed regretted accepting the absurdity of her anti-conscience, and it was suffering because of this mistake.

The dreamer had to respect her religious education and the divine wisdom, but she was materialistic and indifferent.

She didn’t care about the importance of this dream. A few years later she had cancer. After facing a painful chemical treatment, she died. I knew her case because she was one of my mother’s friends. She was many years younger than my mother.

I tried to help her through dream therapy, but she never cared about her dreams. Before becoming sick she was busy with many social activities, besides working many hours.

Why was she punished this way?

Many people make terrible mistakes, but they don’t have to face accidents, and they don’t have any incurable disease. Why God doesn’t punish all these people?

Everyone is punished when they listen to the absurd thoughts of their anti-conscience. Everyone is punished at a certain point of their lives in a certain way, but some people are more punished than others because they have the capability to understand God’s wisdom and follow His guidance.

When they don’t want to do so, and they are as materialistic and indifferent as everyone else in our world, they are punished with many painful situations, which also work like a mental health treatment for them.

God demands more from those who can give more. This is why some people are more punished than others. Those who are more intelligent and sensitive are more punished than those who are not intelligent and are visibly cruel, because they may be able to avoid going to hell, where everyone is heavily punished.

Since we have the behavior of demons because we have a satanic anti-conscience, we are punished with suffering after death, besides being punished during our lives.

Some people are so evil that they must be punished after being able to understand their mistakes, what may take years. We have the impression that they never are punished, because they are punished on earth only when they are able to acquire more consciousness.

I don’t know how much everyone is punished after death, but there is hell after death for those who never stop listening to their satanic anti-conscience. This is why you must prefer to attain sanctity while you are alive, and go to heaven after death.

The scientific explanation for the existence of heaven and hell is based on the existence of God and Satan. Science and religion are connected, and complete one another.

You may believe that the tragic accident that punished me was responsible for my aggressive behavior, but I would become neurotic in a way or another because I was becoming an adult and I had inherited a strong anti-conscience. The car accident didn’t cause my neurosis. It was a consequence of my mental illness.

The fact that I abandoned my good behavior made my anti-conscience strong enough to cause the accident, along with my friends’ anti-conscience. The anti-conscience has satanic energy. It causes accidents and other misfortunes when it manages to control our conscience.

Now that you understood how we are punished for our mistakes, you can understand why you can be cured from mental disorders and physical diseases by obeying the divine guidance in your dreams, without depending on conventional medicine.

You can also prevent accidents and other misfortunes, and avoid dying while you are still young, besides finding sound mental health and physical health through dream interpretation. If you will always obey the divine guidance in your dreams you will avoid what is bad, even if you will have to face difficult challenges.

Spirit, Mind And Body

Whenever you follow the reasoning system of your dangerous anti-conscience you have an absurd and evil behavior. You are controlled by your wild nature, which is violent and cruel. Whatever happens in your life is a consequence of your behavior.

You must respect the unconscious guidance in order to develop logical thinking skills and become more sensitive. This way you will transform your anti-conscience into a positive part of your human conscience.

If you have physical problems, first of all you have to find sound mental health. Your mental health will help you acquire physical health. God’s spiritual healing is based on helping you understand the importance of goodness in life. Your goodness helps you find mental, physical, and spiritual health.

All the parts of your body have a psychological meaning, the same way that everything in our world has a symbolic meaning related to your mental health. You will understand this truth by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method.

The unconscious mind will show you in your dreams how to stop making the moral mistakes that generate physical problems. For example, if you have a headache, this means that you are thinking in an erroneous way.

When you will correct your thoughts and stop following the thoughts of your anti-conscience, you will stop having problems.

You may believe that this is nonsense and that an aspirin will have a better effect.

Many people cannot understand the power of spiritual healing because they don’t understand that our reality is complex. The material world is only one part of our complex reality. There is also a spiritual, abstract reality, which is more important than the material one.

For example, whenever you get a cold, you are having an animal attitude about something in your life. You will be cured if you will stop having this erroneous attitude.

I will give you an example from my own life. In February of 1991 I had many dreams about the church. I had to assume my religious role in the church. I could also understand God’s messages thanks to the codes I had taken from a book written by Chico Xavier.

All these messages were showing me that I had to meet the catholic bishop in Athens, and tell him what I could discover by translating the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation and precisely obeying the divine guidance in dreams.

I got a terrible cold that almost killed me. I was cured thanks to a strong antibiotic, which was forbidden a few years later because of its negative side effects. This means that you should not believe that you can trust pharmaceutical industries because they are science-based companies. They make many mistakes.

However, I kept getting this cold and taking the antibiotic. I couldn’t be completely cured with it.

I also couldn’t be cured through dream translation because I didn’t want to obey the divine guidance and meet the bishop. I had to tell him that God was revolted with the Catholic Church, and give him many lessons.

I won’t tell you why I didn’t want to go there because I believe that this is obvious for all human beings.

I was heavily punished because I didn’t want to obey the divine guidance during two months. In February I finally accepted to do what God was showing me, I courageously met the bishop, and I never again had that horrible cold.

The bishop was polite. He didn’t hit me. He only opened the door when I finished talking, and he showed me the way out. At that time only God knew why I had to face this experience, but later I could understand His reasons.

This was an example of how you can stop having health problems when you obey the divine guidance, even if you have many objections. You must be able to realize that your opinion is not important because you are ignorant. You will be cured when you will realize this fact and understand how God wants you to think, and stop thinking the way that your absurd and evil anti-conscience wants you to think.

I found numerous scientific explanations for the formation of mental disorders and physical diseases thanks to dream translation. Mental disorders are generated by absurd thoughts. I also found many scientific explanations for the formation of catastrophes, and the reasons why a person dies.

All scientific explanations are better understood thanks to religious explanations that clarify their importance. We separate all disciplines, but science and religion are connected.

You can find explanations for many other matters in your dreams. All dreams give you valid information. Most importantly, they help you find real solutions.

Are Scientific Explanations Enough?

Conventional medicine is accepted more than alternative medicine today. We like to believe in rational conclusions because our historical time is characterized by various scientific discoveries and a big technological progress. Civilizations that belonged to ancient historical times gave more importance to philosophy, religion, and art.

We can find many types of solutions for various problems, and we can cure diseases through many different ways. For example, acupuncture and homeopathy are not accepted by the scientific community, but their positive results in most cases prove that there are many phenomena that cannot be scientifically explained based on rational criteria, and based on the knowledge we have today.

These phenomena can be explained when we look at them from a different perspective. We can find philosophical and religious explanations that are as valid as scientific explanations, and can help us solve our problems.

We like rational explanations, but since the meaning of the human life on earth is the transformation of our anti-conscience into human content, what really matters is the cultivation of goodness in our hearts. When we find solutions that help us develop our human conscience and become more sensitive we are successful, even if they don’t follow the known physical laws of the material reality.

Psychosomatic medicine is based on the belief that some physical diseases have a psychological origin, while the truth is that all diseases have a psychological origin, but we must know how to analyze their formation. You can understand how the formation of a disease is related to your mental condition because God gives you many explanations in dreams.

Many people who had intriguing diseases were cured through dream translation after understanding the reasons why they had various health problems, and after correcting their behavior. They learned how to use the power of their spiritual reality.

Those who have health problems also have mental health problems. Our mental health is reflected in our thoughts, our feelings, and in our behavior. This is why first of all we must follow a mental health treatment. Our physical health depends on our mental health.

Through dream interpretation based on the scientific method you will find scientific, religious, and philosophical explanations for everything. You will also understand how you can be cured if you are mentally ill or if you have a physical disease.

You will follow a process of psychological and spiritual transformation that will help you become more intelligent and sensitive. You will be cured thanks to your admirable behavior. This is how God’s psychotherapy works.

Your mental health depends on your goodness, and not on your rational decisions. You may be considered to be intelligent according to the narrow-minded opinion of the hypocritical world. However, your sanity depends on your heart, and not on your dangerous thoughts. Your warm human heart protects your mental stability.

Your heart must decide what you should do in life and not your cruel thoughts, but you are insensitive and you are far from real balance. Your heart can be frozen, like most people’s hearts. This is why you need God’s guidance.

You are not aware of your insensitivity because you believe that many violent and absurd reactions are ‘normal’ only because they characterize the human behavior in general terms. You don’t believe that negative emotions are generated by your anti-conscience because you ignore its influence in your mind and behavior.

By translating the meaning of your dreams you will have a clear image of your mental condition, and a clear image of your physical health. You will understand the relationship existent between spirit, mind, and body and how your behavior determines your destiny.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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