The Psychological Meaning Of Facts And Dreams

Psychological MeaningCarl Jung discovered that our dreams are produced by the unconscious mind, and I managed to prove to the world that God is the dream producer. The unconscious mind is not a natural organ without a personality. This is why the information you find by relating facts and dreams helps you solve your psychological problems.

In the beginning you may have the impression that God gives you answers like a computer, but as you keep translating the meaning of your dreams you understand that God has feelings.

His answers are made for you. The dream messages are specific messages about your problems, your life, and your future. They criticize your behavior, showing you your mistakes and what you have to do.

God is a doctor and a teacher, but He also is your father. He needs your love. God gives you everything that is good in your life. You should be able to understand this truth. Without God everything would be bad.

Ignorant atheists disagree with this conclusion. They believe that we are able to understand what is good and bad and prefer goodness, but this is an erroneous impression.

We are in fact demons because the biggest part of our brain belongs to our satanic anti-conscience, which is evil and absurd. We merely pretend to be good.

Our tiny human conscience was created by God to help us combat the absurdity and the evilness of our wild conscience, but our human conscience is underdeveloped and one-sided. It must be developed by us during our lives. We develop our conscience by eliminating our anti-conscience and changing our behavior.

God knows that this is a difficult process. This is why he sends us psychotherapeutical dreams with many explanations and lessons.

The Production Of Dreams And The Preparation Of Facts

I don’t know how God decides which information He must send to each dreamer in order to enlighten his/her conscience. I will show you how dreams are produced and how facts are prepared to happen, even though I ignore God’s plan for the dream production and I ignore how much He can influence the formation of facts in our reality.

God is the only one who knows which information is able to be comprehended by every dreamer. I would never be able to understand which information could make the dreamer understand his/her mistakes based on my suppositions. I could try, but I would probably produce a series of dreams that wouldn’t work for the dreamer.

God is a serious doctor who knows how a dream image can open the eyes of the dreamer. He also is a philosopher, an astronomer, a mathematician, a physician, and a lot more. I cannot understand His calculations, but I know some of the formulas He uses to find the solutions He needs.

After mastering the dream language you will be able to understand the symbolic meaning of facts, events, objects, and animals of your reality. God’s symbolic language is everywhere. God gives you information and guidance all the time; when you sleep and when you are awake.

I will give you an example from my life. Many years ago I understood that a boy had serious psychological problems and he had to indispensable follow a treatment. His mother had died, and his father abandoned him and his sister, who were living with their maternal grandmother. His sister was younger and she didn’t seem to have serious psychological problems, but the boy was aggressive.

I knew his godmother because she was my friend, and I knew that she could pay for his treatment. His grandmother already was spending too much with both children.

At that time I was too young, I didn’t finish my research, and I couldn’t personally help this boy. So, I asked his godmother to pay for the boy’s psychological treatment with a psychotherapist. Fortunately, she was generous and she easily agreed to do so. I believed that the problem was solved, but then I had a dream about a spider.

The spider in dreams represents the necessity to do something without wasting time. Otherwise we will face many bad consequences in the future. I had this dream while I was sleeping at a friend’s house because I was in Brazil (I’m Brazilian), while I live in Greece.

In the morning I saw a real and relatively big black spider in my bedroom, which reminded me my dream. This coincidence represented synchronicity. I had to understand something very important and act fast, because I would soon go back to Greece.

When I met the boy’s grandmother she told me that he didn’t want to follow a treatment. He should be grateful for having the chance to be cured, but he couldn’t understand the seriousness of his mental condition. I still had to convince him that the psychological treatment would help him feel better. Without this detail, nothing would work. This was what the spider was showing me twice.

Now, I will show you how the dream and the synchronicity were produced and what else they were revealing, besides helping me understand what to do with the boy’s case. We can translate whatever happens in our reality based on the dream language.

Even though this dream and the situation I was living was related to the case of this boy, it also was related to my mental health. I will analyze the symbolic meaning of the facts of my reality to show you the messages I had from God in my daily life with this case, which were about my own mental condition.

The translation of the psychological meaning of this fact:

First of all I must explain that all the mature parts of someone’s personality are old parts of their personality, which are masculine. All the superficial parts of someone’s personality are not as serious as the mature ones, and are feminine.

This boy represented a mature part of my personality that had the tendency to become schizophrenic. He needed a serious psychological treatment. This means that this mature part of my personality was mentally ill.

I had to precisely follow the unconscious treatment in my dreams because I was still in the beginning of my research and my psychotherapy. I shouldn’t believe that I would be able to combat schizophrenia if I wouldn’t keep obeying the divine guidance in my dreams.

The boy’s grandmother represented a superficial part of my personality that had the tendency to repeat the common sins of humanity because she was an old woman. I had to be careful to avoid making the mistakes that most human beings make in their lives.

The boy’s godmother represented a superficial and religious part of my personality. This part of my personality was positive, but it wouldn’t be able to help me if I wouldn’t seriously follow the necessary mental health treatment.

The dream about the spider was showing me all the bad consequences I would have to face if I wouldn’t completely eliminate my anti-conscience through dream therapy.

Now I will analyze the synchronicity:

The house in dreams represents the dreamer’s psyche.

I represent my ego in my dreams and in my reality.

The friend who was hosting me was materialistic and selfish. Therefore, she represented a superficial, materialistic, and selfish part of my personality.

Since I was in her house, I was in the place where this superficial part of my personality lived in my psyche. The spider that appeared in my bedroom (in her house) indicated that when my ego was where this superficial part of my personality lived, I had the tendency to disregard the negative consequences of bad actions.

This spider was a serious warning. I had to stop being materialistic and selfish. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to avoid many bad consequences in the future. I had to care about finding sound mental health, without giving up.

God makes many combinations with daily facts and dreams because everything has a symbolic meaning that gives Him (and gives us) information about our mental health. The psychological meaning of facts is as real as the logical meaning of our reality according to our conscience. God understands what to show to every dreamer in a dream based on the symbolic meaning of everything.

Now I will show you the psychological meaning of what happened with this boy for everyone else.

For the boy, I represented a superficial part of his personality that understood that he needed psychological help.

He represented his ego.

His grandmother represented the root cause of evilness in his behavior. The grandmother always has a negative meaning for the dreamer. Therefore, her symbolic meaning always is negative. This boy was in danger. He was influenced by the absurdity and the evilness he had inherited into his anti-conscience.

The fact that he was living with his grandmother was negative for him, even though he had a good grandmother. Her behavior and her personality are not taken into consideration when we analyze the symbolic meaning of the grandmother for the person.

The symbolic meaning of the grandmother always is bad. This is the meaning she has according to the dream language, which is God’s symbolic language.

This boy had to be very careful because he was becoming more mentally ill. He was more influenced by the negative tendencies he had inherited.

His godmother represented a superficial and religious part of his personality that wanted to help his ego.

For his grandmother I represented a superficial part of her personality that was helping her moral image because I understood that her moral image was negative.

She represented her ego.

Our children in dreams represent our moral image; what we show to the world about our morality. Our grandchildren have the same meaning, even though they represent the moral image of our moral image. They have a somehow indirect importance, but they still represent our moral image.

Therefore, the boy represented his grandmother’s moral image, which was showing revolt to the world. She shouldn’t show revolt because she was responsible for the death of her daughter, the boy’s mother.

A child dies whenever his/her parents make a serious moral mistake, especially the mother. This means that the boy’s grandmother was paying for her mistake. She had to accept her cross without showing revolt.

The boy’s godmother represented a superficial and religious part of her personality that wanted to help her moral image.

For his godmother, I represented a superficial part of her personality that understood that a mature part of her personality needed a treatment.

She represented her ego.

The boy represented a mature part of her personality that was mentally ill. She had to care about curing this part of her personality.

The boy’s grandmother represented a part of her personality that had the tendency to repeat the moral mistakes of the human race (she was an old woman). The boy’s godmother had to be careful in order to preserve her mental stability, without being influenced by this superficial part of her personality.

Everyone in this story had different symbolic information with what happened in their lives in this case, and this information was related to their mental condition. How could God combine the right information with what happened based on everyone’s psyche if for everyone in the story the same people had different symbolic meanings?

I told you from the beginning that I cannot give you clear explanations about this matter. I’m simply showing you the combinations God manages to do, and not how He makes them.

I don’t know how the reactions of a certain person coincide with the reactions that a part of someone else’s personality has and therefore, this fact gives them information about their own reactions. I cannot give you scientific explanations for all these coincidences, but I know that this is how everything works thanks to my observations during three decades.

Everyone has exactly the symbolic information they need in order to solve their own mental health problems, even though they believe that what is happening with them in their daily reality has another meaning, which doesn’t seem to be related to their mental condition.

This means that whenever you help someone else, at the same time you help a part of your personality. This is another reason why you should desire to be a good person.

This also means that your behavior has the power to influence the behavior of everyone around you.

Why Do Coincidences Happen?

How does a coincidence happen? What kind of combinations is necessary for the formation of the phenomenon of synchronicity?

All coincidences are formed with mathematical precision because all objects and facts are related in our reality. Nothing happens by chance. For example, all the people who are around you represent parts of your personality that frequently control your behavior.

You have inherited the psychological characteristics of your parents and relatives. This is why your behavior is like theirs in many ways. You attract friends who behave the same way you do.

Therefore, many coincidences happen in your life because there are many similarities in your reality. Everything in your reality is somehow related to something else, even if you cannot see the relationship existent between them.

You live in a cold country if you are cruel and you are not afraid of anything. You live in a hot country if you are lazy and you easily accept what is bad. This means that all the people of a certain country have many similar psychological characteristics.

I could give you numerous examples showing you all the relationships I could discover, but they are too many. I’m only giving you an idea of how everything is related in your reality.

Synchronicity happens when you have to pay special attention to a great danger. It usually reflects the dangerous formation of a severe mental illness.

This meaningful coincidence happens between a dream and a fact in your daily reality that reminds you the dream, or between two facts of your reality that seem to be independent, but are related according to their symbolic meaning.

God produces dreams and sends you important signs in your daily reality based on the symbolic meaning of everything. His calculations help Him give precious messages to your conscience through many ways.

Perceiving God’s Sanctity

I could perceive the sanctity of the unconscious mind when God showed me in a symbolic message that I had to show compassion for my father. In the beginning I became irritated with this message because my father was a disgusting person.

He was absurd, selfish, and unfair. I condemned his behavior when I became a teen, even though he always was kind to me because I looked like him.

I helped my mother get divorced. He was cruel with her and with everyone else, except me. I couldn’t understand why I had to show compassion for a monster like him.

However, after my initial revolt I paid attention to the personality of the unconscious mind. I understood that only a saint would show mercy to a selfish and unfair creature like my father. This was how I discovered the sanctity of the unconscious mind.

I was impressed with this discovery. I would never believe that a monster like my father deserved to be treated like a human being.

God’s message made me remember the lessons I had in the catholic school where I studied during twelve years, which I had forgotten; especially because I passed through six years of atheism during my adolescence. Jesus taught us that we had to show compassion for everyone, and love our enemies. I suddenly understood the real meaning of these lessons and I cried, ashamed of my cruelty.

This was another impressing fact, because I couldn’t cry. I was so cruel that I had no tears. The fact that I cried because I was ashamed was a true miracle.

God made me understand that I couldn’t forgive my father because I was cruel. At that time, this was a revelation for me. I believed that I was a good person, but I was too insensitive.

God knew that I would notice His sanctity when He would condemn my cruelty with my father. This is why He sent me this message. Another message wouldn’t have the same effect.

I noticed God’s sanctity also when I translated the symbolic meaning of the literary book I wrote after suffering from a tragic car accident. God gave me many clues to help me understand that I could trust His wisdom.

You will have similar experiences when you will translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method. God will help you look at everything from a different angle, and understand how to follow His thoughts.

You will become more sensitive after understanding your own cruelty. You are cruel too, only because you have inherited a violent anti-conscience. You may be less insensitive than me when I was young and I was in the beginning of my psychotherapy, but you are not a sensitive human being.

In order to become really sensitive you have to transform your anti-conscience into a positive component of your human conscience, and have the behavior of a saint.

Understanding God’s Symbolic Messages

God tries to help you understand the importance of goodness. He produces your dreams with this intention, and He created your planet with this intention. All the coincidences of your life try to help you organize your psychological system and become a better person.

God is exactly like He is described by all religions of the world. His intention always is to help you eliminate the negative characteristics you have inherited, and become a perfect human being.

God’s plan for the positive development of your personality is created based on your psychological type, and based on the challenges you have to face in order to stop making mistakes.

By translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method you can understand the relationship between various facts of your reality and your mental health according to the symbolic dream language, the same way you can understand God’s messages in dreams, and follow His plan.

You can predict your destiny and understand what to do in order to have positive results. You are able to change negative predictions by correcting your behavior and doing what God shows you in your dreams.

God always is trying to transform you into the brightest saint on the face of the earth, so that you may help Him put a definitive end to craziness, terror, violence, and immorality. If you will always remember His purpose, you will easily understand God’s messages in your dreams and in your daily reality, and transform your personality the fastest possible.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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