How Intelligent Are You?

Mental IllnessThe IQ test is widely known. Many other methods for measuring the intelligence of a human being in different aspects of life can be found today, but can these tests really show you how intelligent you are?

What happens if these tests are based on erroneous concepts, as if they were written by people who lived in previous centuries, before modern science became part of our lives?

Perhaps these tests are valid like many discoveries of ancient Greek mathematicians like Pythagoras and Archimedes, which are used until today. However, they can also be based on erroneous conclusions like the idea that earth is flat, while it is a sphere.

Perhaps our tests are made for deficient minds because we are not intelligent, even though we have the impression we are smart.

You can safely understand how intelligent you are by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. Even better, by translating the meaning of your dreams and following the divine guidance you will become more intelligent, besides understanding the level of your intelligence.

You obviously are not really intelligent only because you are not using the biggest part of your brain, which belongs to your wild conscience, the terrible anti-conscience, which generates mental disorders within your conscience.

On the other hand, your human conscience is one-sided and underdeveloped because you must develop it during your life. Your participation is indispensable.

You cannot become a conscious human being without using all the psychological functions you have at your disposal. Your conscience must be developed while you use the psychological functions you are not using because they belong to your anti-conscience.

These psychological functions are in a primitive condition. Your anti-conscience is using them against you. You must transform them into human content and use these psychological functions in a positive way, so that they may help you better solve your problems.

Instead of using your thoughts, your feelings, your sensations, and your intuition to make your decisions, you use only one of these psychological functions and you somehow use another one, without having a global image of your reality.

The two psychological functions and a half that your conscience disregards have an evil and absurd behavior. They must be transformed through consciousness.

You also are either introverted or extroverted. If you belong to an introverted psychological type your opinion is more important than anything else for you.

If you belong to an extroverted psychological type, the opinion of the world is more important than anything else for you.

I could give you numerous examples describing the contrasting differences between both attitudes. Introverted and extroverted psychological types are totally different.

By translating the meaning of your dreams you acquire consciousness because you understand your mistakes and you change your attitude. As you keep transforming your personality and having a wiser behavior, you eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience, which gradually stops controlling two and a half of your psychological functions.

You will acquire total consciousness when you will transform all your psychological functions into positive psychological functions that will help you evolve. You will also have a balanced attitude. You will be introverted and extroverted at the same time.

What happens when a psychological function belongs to your anti-conscience?

For example, let’s suppose that your main psychological function is based on feelings. Therefore, you are unable to think logically, since thoughts are the opposite of feelings. Your thoughts belong to your absurd and evil anti-conscience.

This means that your thoughts are incomplete, and they always take your feelings into consideration. They are not objective and realistic.

This also means that you hate thinking. You like to concentrate your attention on the way your heart is feeling, and nothing else.

This is a description of what happens when you are a normal person, even though nobody is really normal since everyone inherits an absurd anti-conscience and a deficient conscience. However, let’s suppose that a normal person is someone who has reactions that are acceptable by our society and seem to be reasonable.

You may be a person unable to think rationally, but if you are not aggressive and you don’t have strong psychological problems you won’t be considered mentally ill. However, if you already are neurotic, this means that many times you are controlled by the parts of your personality that are characterized by the psychological functions that belong to your anti-conscience.

You may seem to be very intelligent when you are not controlled by these parts of your personality, but you are in danger when they manage to control your behavior. You must follow dream therapy and transform these negative parts of your personality into positive ones.

What Makes You Intelligent

There are many different definitions about what makes people intelligent. However, you should focus your attention on the essential.

You are intelligent when you are able to find happiness.

In order to find happiness you have to find peace. Peace depends on goodness, forgiveness, and compassion. Therefore, you are intelligent when you understand the importance of goodness in life.

However, you tend to make numerous mistakes, and you are far from being able to really understand the value of goodness. You need God’s lessons in your dreams.

Idiotic Behavior And Mental Disorders

I will give you an example of what happens with many dreamers who submit their dreams for professional translation because they have mental health problems and unbearable symptoms.

For example, a dreamer has a dream about a cat.

The cat in dreams is a warning. It shows to the dreamer that he/she must smarten up and understand something obvious that he cannot understand.

According to the dreamer’s life biography (which must be related to his dreams, so that we may be able to accurately translate their meaning) we learn that he has the tendency to make a behavioral mistake. This dreamer is neurotic and he has narcissistic tendencies. He admires himself too much, and he has many absurd desires.

Therefore, the obvious thing he must understand is that the fact that he is a handsome man is not what really matters in his life. He must become a wise and sensitive human being. This was what the cat was trying to show him. He must pay attention to his mistakes and transform his personality instead of admiring his physical appearance.

However, the dreamer is disobedient. His main psychological function is based on sensations. He is materialistic and he keeps looking for pleasure. He likes to observe that he is attractive and he keeps caring about his appearance.

Then, he has a dream about a shark.

The shark in dreams represents schizophrenia.

This means that if this dreamer won’t change his attitude and stop being superficial he will acquire a severe mental illness. His behavior is too absurd. He will become schizophrenic.

So, the dreamer understands that he must be serious and stop admiring his physical traces. His ambitions of grandiosity and superiority are very dangerous. His selfish ego has too many absurd intentions.

He tries to follow the unconscious guidance in his dreams.

Then, he has a dream about swimming in a swimming pool.

The swimming pool represents false truth. The water of the pool represents materialism.

Since the dreamer was swimming in the swimming pool this means that he was looking for the truth in a place where he could only find materialism and hypocrisy.

He had to look for the truth in the sea, which represents craziness. This is how he would really understand the truth about his mental health.

The dreamer cannot stop being superficial. He keeps thinking in a materialistic level. He is wasting his time looking for the truth where he can only find lies.

In the sequence, he has a dream about a spider.

The spider in dreams indicates the necessity to act fast. If the dreamer won’t do something very important without wasting time, he won’t be able to avoid facing many bad consequences in the future.

The dreamer understands that he cannot be indifferent to his mental health. He knows that he has absurd desires and he is afraid of himself. He becomes furious when he is not applauded by everyone around him, and he cannot control his behavior when he is offended. Sometimes he has panic attacks.

He must learn how to be a humble human being in order to stop having unbearable symptoms whenever his ego is hurt.

Then, he has a dream about walking in a green field.

When we are walking in dreams, this means that we are looking for the truth.

The green field represents a place that gives an incentive of life to the dreamer; it gives him a reason to desire to be alive.

Therefore this dream is showing him that he is looking for the truth in a place where he feels well. He still cannot be objective and look for the truth in a forest, where he will find his wild nature.

If we will analyze what is happening in his daily life we will verify that he is trying to stop admiring his physical appearance, but he is now trying to be admired for another reason. He thinks that perhaps something that could seem to have a spiritual value could be considered a good reason to be admired for.

Therefore, he insists on desiring to be superior for some reason. He cannot understand that he must be humble and care about correcting his mistakes.

After having this dream the dreamer finally understands that his purpose in life is not to pursue pleasures that don’t give him true satisfaction. He realizes that he must stop caring about being in a superior position, and he must learn how to be friendly, patient, and diplomatic.

His next dream is about wearing sunglasses.

The sunglasses in dreams have a positive meaning. They indicate that the dreamer can see the light of truth, which is the sunlight. The sunglasses protect his eyes from the light of truth.

This means that this dreamer made progress and he finally understood that he must pay attention to his mistakes and correct his behavior. He is decided to put an end to his self-admiration.

However, nothing is simple in life. His anti-conscience keeps trying to make him have absurd reactions. Even though the dreamer is making progress and he started changing his behavior, he is alarmed by a nightmare.

He has a dream about his house burning on fire.

The house in dreams represents the dreamer’s psyche.

Fire represents hell. In other words, punishment and suffering.

This dream is showing to the dreamer that he has the intention to make a serious mistake, and his psyche will be punished with great suffering because of this moral mistake.

When we analyze what is happening in his daily life, we verify that he met a beautiful woman. He suddenly forgot his mental health and the necessity to change his behavior. He is now concentrating his attention on this woman, and trying to seduce her.

He forgot all the process he followed through dream translation because a stimulus in his environment made him desire to be attractive. He wants to attract an attractive woman, even though he doesn’t love her.

He only has the intention to satisfy his ego. This is why he had a serious warning.

A few days later, he has a dream about a cat again, or a similar warning. He repeats the same mistakes many times.

In the beginning he followed a process of consciousness and he understood his mistakes. He verified that he must stop desiring to be admired because this purpose is meaningless.

However, whenever he is exposed to a situation in his daily life that makes him forget the knowledge he acquired through dream translation, he has the same absurd reactions he had in the beginning of his therapy.

This is an idiotic behavior. Even though he consciously understood his mistakes and he decided to stop making them, whenever something unexpected happens in his daily life, he forgets everything he had understood.

The mentally ill repeat their mistakes numerous times. They seem to logically understand their mistakes, but after a while they forget the comprehension they had, because they have to respond to the stimuli of their environment.

Instead of remembering the unconscious guidance in their dreams when they have to face a difficult situation where they must offer resistance to their absurd tendencies, they are controlled by their anti-conscience and they have the same absurd behavior again.

They cannot immediately learn the unconscious lessons and put them into practice. They need many lessons, and numerous explanations.

The dreamers who are not mentally ill understand their mistakes and stop making them, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have the tendency to repeat these mistakes again, since their anti-conscience keeps trying to control their behavior. If they don’t have serious psychological problems at a certain point they manage to stop listening to the absurd thoughts of their anti-conscience, they change their behavior, and they evolve.

Dreamers who suffer from neurosis or any other mental illness that surpasses the severity of depression and phobias (which are the simplest mental disorders) have a great difficulty on changing their behavior.

Many times they are aggressive, and they insist on their points of view. They even believe that they are able to control their behavior, besides verifying that whenever they are exposed to a certain stimulus in their environment they make the same mistake.

Human beings are idiotic, absurd and evil by nature, but when we become neurotic, we make ridiculous mistakes. We become mentally retarded with the influence of the absurd thoughts of our anti-conscience.

This means that you are intelligent when you are mentally healthy. If you are mentally ill you keep repeating the same mistakes and suffering because of their terrible consequences.

The truth is that we are mentally ill from birth because we have an idiotic primitive conscience that thinks like a demon, and an idiotic human conscience that is one-sided and must be developed. We live because we have to find sound mental health and wisdom, even though we are too far from perfection.

In order to become mentally healthy we have to obey God’s guidance in our dreams. Otherwise we will never transform our wild nature into peaceful human nature. We are too absurd. We need superior guidance.

Obedience has a negative side because you are not free to do whatever you may desire. You have to obey your doctor. However, if you will be reasonable you will understand that of course you have to protect your mental health the same way you protect a broken arm.

Your mental health is defined by your behavior. You cannot keep making the same mistakes without controlling your behavior. This is why you have to be obedient.

God is an excellent doctor who shows you all the process you have to follow in order to become a mentally healthy individual. You see your process of transformation reflected in your dreams. You understand how to transform your personality and stop making the mistakes imposed by your wild nature.

This achievement will help you begin a new life, and transform the world into a place where all human beings will be respected, and everyone will have the chance to evolve without limits. Your personality and your work will change the human history and help the world find solutions that couldn’t be found before your existence.

Following Dream Therapy

Carl Jung had discovered a series of dream symbols that are observed in the dreams of all dreamers who follow the trip to the Self to the end. These dream symbols reflect the attitude of the dreamer during his trip of self-discovery. This is also a trip that will help him/her meet the unconscious mind, which is God’s mind.

However, many other dream symbols reflect our psychological transformation. I will use the dreamer of my example to give you more lessons.

Now, the dreamer understood that he must be humble and he is trying to be humble in his daily life. He is trying to be a simple man, instead of having the behavior of a handsome man who knows that he is attractive.

He feels somehow out of his skin. It is unpleasant to be insignificant. He couldn’t imagine that someday he would have to learn how to act like an average person, instead of having the behavior a king.

However, this is necessary for his evolution as a human being. He has to find peace, love, wisdom, and happiness. The fact that he is so attractive is an obstacle for his spiritual evolution.

After accepting the necessity to change his behavior, he has a dream about climbing a mountain.

The mountain represents a challenge that the dreamer must face in order to evolve.

The fact that he is climbing the mountain is positive. This means that he is doing what is necessary for his process of transformation.

In his daily life we verify that the dreamer stopped going to the places he used to go before, and he is trying to make new friends. He is trying to find people who are not superficial and materialistic.

Then, he has a dream about a mysterious woman.

This woman represents his perfect match. The dreamer is about to understand the type of woman who is the ideal one for him, and meet his perfect match in his daily life. Now that he understood that he must become a wise human being, he started having information about the right woman for him.

He couldn’t have this information before, when he was superficial and he cared about all beautiful women he could find.

The dreamer is interested on finding out more about his perfect match, but his next dream is about a dog.

The dog in dreams represents immorality and infidelity. Before having more information about the ideal woman for him, the dreamer must eliminate his immoral tendencies and understand the importance of loyalty in a relationship.

His next dream is about a church.

The dreamer must approach God and respect his religion. This is how he will be a good father and have a good family.

The dreamer understands that he must care about finding authentic happiness in life instead of trying to seduce all women. He is becoming more intelligent and thinking in a logical way.

He stopped having panic attacks and absurd thoughts. He is now following a progressive path to sound mental health and wisdom.

This is a simple summary of the mental health treatment followed by a neurotic dreamer through dream translation based on the scientific method.

You saw how hard it was for him to understand that sex without love has no meaning, and material pleasures without spiritual health don’t represent happiness.

In the beginning he couldn’t understand the meaning of life, and he believed in delusions. His anti-conscience was constantly controlling his mind and behavior. This is why he repeated the same mistake numerous times.

He had to follow a process of mind empowerment and acquire consciousness until he could finally understand the importance of authentic happiness in life. He couldn’t understand this meaning while he was thinking according to his anti-conscience’s concepts.

By translating the meaning of his dreams he could gradually understand that he had to stop being materialistic and take into consideration the importance of the spiritual reality.

This dreamer couldn’t pay attention to the importance of spiritual perfection because he was immoral. Immorality is disgusting and generates mental disorders.

He had to follow a process of consciousness until he could understand his stupidity, and stop desiring to have sex like an animal. When he came to this point, he realized that he had to find a woman who would really make him happy.

He became more intelligent and sensitive because he understood the importance of love. Now he can follow a healthy psychological development and find happiness.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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