The Deep Psychotherapy Of Dreams

PsychotherapyThanks to Carl Jung discoveries about the meaning of dreams and thanks to my discoveries after precisely following his lessons, today we know that our dreams are produced by the wise unconscious mind, and not by our imagination. The unconscious wisdom proves God’s existence into practice.

Why did God choose this method to speak with us?

When we sleep we stop listening to the thoughts of our wild conscience (anti-conscience). God has the chance to send special messages to our human conscience in dreams, in a symbolic form.

God speaks through images because this way He can say many things at the same time, and according to His logic, which is based on wisdom and sanctity.

Why is the dream language so incomprehensible if the unconscious messages are for our conscience?

Because our conscience must work translating the meaning of our dreams, and understand the unconscious logic. We must learn how to think based on God’s criteria, and not based on human standards.

We are ignorant and absurd. We have to understand the divine wisdom.

However, the main reason why our dreams are incomprehensible is the fact that our anti-conscience must not understand the unconscious messages before our conscience. Our human conscience must understand the unconscious guidance without any interference of the anti-conscience. This is why we have to study the meaning of the dream language in order to understand God’s words.

Thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries and thanks to my simplifications, today you can easily learn the real meaning of the dream language, but in the past this was a big complication.

How do you know if you can really trust the scientific translations?

Until today nobody could clearly understand the mysterious dream language and scientifically prove to the world that there is a right method of dream interpretation, which is not based on the dream interpreters’ opinion. I managed to prove to the world that Carl Jung’s method translates God’s words in dreams. The divine wisdom proves the value of the translations based on his method of dream interpretation.

When we translate the meaning of dreams based on Jung’s method we understand everything about our past and our future, and we have confirmations that this information is real in our daily lives. Many facts confirm dream predictions, and all the information we receive in dreams.

I managed to simplify the dream language only after translating numerous dreams for many people who had different mental health problems during two decades. This was a very difficult matter. I managed to find out the most important aspects for a fast dream translation, and then care about all the other details of the dream.

This was a big innovation that immensely helped me, especially because I had to translate dreams very fast and automatically, without having time to read everyone’s dreams many times and translate their meaning whenever I could. Nobody could wait, and they had many other problems. I was forced to be objective and realistic. Otherwise, I wouldn’t manage to help so many people.

I discovered many connections that helped me discover the rules of the dream language and safely trust the scientific translations. I also learned how to discover the meaning of a dream symbol through research, comparing many dreams like Jung used to do.

The fact that I discovered the meaning of many dream symbols mentioned by Jung (which he admitted that he couldn’t understand) but not defined by him is another facility that didn’t exist before my work.

I organized, simplified, completed, and clarified Carl Jung’s brilliant, but time consuming and obscure method of dream interpretation. You will verify that the meaning of dreams is specific and that all translations reflect the divine wisdom.

Why God doesn’t speak to our conscience when we are awake?

God cannot directly speak to our conscience while we are awake because our anti-conscience would distort His words with its absurd thoughts. There are many other reasons why we are enlightened in dreams.

God speaks to our conscience when we sleep because during this period of time we stop caring about our obligations and our busy lives. When we sleep we make a trip in the dream world. We learn what God can see about us and our future, without being distracted by other matters.

All dreams have a psychotherapeutical effect because we are aggressive by nature and we must learn how to be calm. Our dreams try to tame our wild nature.

After mastering the dream language you will be able to understand the symbolic meaning of God’s signs in your daily reality when you are awake. First of all you have to learn the meaning of the dream images. The same meaning gives you symbolic messages in your daily reality.

This way you will have information about your reality and the future without having to sleep and dream.

I verified that various different components of our reality are related, but we don’t know how to observe the points that explain the relationship existent between unrelated facts, and between objects or animals and our mental condition.

Everything in our daily reality is related to our mental health. Our destiny depends on our mental health. The symbolic messages we find in dreams are about our mental condition and the dangers of the world.

All dreams basically show us that our anti-conscience is absurd and evil, and even our conscience is deficient because it must be developed in order to become really intelligent.

You have to follow a process of psychological and spiritual transformation (that also works like mind empowerment) in order to find sound mental health and help the world with your wisdom. Your dreams help you safely follow this process, and become a special person.


Many studies have shown that aggression is observed in children, especially when they become 2-years-old. Many facts prove that we have a negative and aggressive behavior by nature. Later we learn how to control our behavior to a certain degree.

For example, 4-years-old children stop being aggressive because they understand that they must have an acceptable social behavior in order to live in a group. However, aggression never stops characterizing the human behavior. Aggression is visible in children of all ages, and it becomes worse in teens.

There are many signs of violence in our behavior also as we grow up. We don’t become more balanced. We simply learn how to control our emotions, without showing to the world how we feel. In other words, we become good actors, but we keep having many negative reactions.

The fact that we are so false is another reason why God speaks in a symbolic form. God shows us our hypocritical attitude in our dreams.

We are liars who pretend to be sincere. We are so hypocritical that we believe in our own lies.

God must be careful with us. We have a satanic anti-conscience that thinks like a demon, and a human conscience that thinks like a devil. We have to develop the conscience we receive from God, and think like saints. Our absurd and evil nature is a big obstacle for our communication with God.

I could simplify Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation because I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience and the absurdity of the human conscience, since I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams.

This is why I’m giving you clear explanations and relating science to religion. Everything is related in our reality. We keep separating everything because it is simpler to work this way, but our reality is complex and must be understood in general terms.

All mental disorders are generated by the anti-conscience, which is a wild conscience that didn’t evolve with time. The anti-conscience is absurd and evil. It proves the existence of Satan.

God is the dream producer and the creator or our human conscience. Our conscience must offer resistance to the absurd thoughts of our satanic anti-conscience, and obey the divine guidance in our dreams and in our religion. When our conscience follows the absurd thoughts sent by our anti-conscience, we lose consciousness and we become mentally ill.

Sound mental health is based on goodness and wisdom. When we are evil we are absurd. We are violent, unfair, and sneaky.

Perfect mental health is based on goodness, compassion, humbleness, sincerity, sensitivity, patience, understanding, and generosity. We are mentally healthy when we have a sensitive and sensible behavior.

Many people ignore this truth. They believe that anger is a normal reaction. They believe that indifference is a neutral attitude.

These suppositions are far from the truth. Whenever we become angry, we are violent. Whenever we are indifferent to what is bad, we are cruel.

You must learn God’s definitions by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me. The knowledge you will find will help you understand your reality and your destiny. You will stop having the behavior imposed by your anti-conscience, and have the behavior of a wise and sensitive human being.

Social Behavior

Your behavior is predetermined by many factors, and it is also influenced by society. Your difficulties as a human being who must have a social behavior that is accepted by your environment begin when you go to school. Everything becomes more complicated as you grow up and you deal with more people.

Your relationship with every person around you defines your destiny. However, you ignore this fact.

You look at everyone around you with selfish eyes. You keep trying to have advantages in life. You always want to be in a powerful position. This is the behavior imposed by your wild nature.

You believe you are intelligent when you think about what you want, but you don’t realize that you are ignorant and you don’t really know what is good or bad for you. The selfish mindset of your conscience reflects the influence of your anti-conscience in your thoughts.

Therefore, your social behavior is distorted by negative thoughts and by the global indifference.

God sends precious messages to your conscience when you are sleeping because you stop being influenced by your social environment. When you are sleeping you can only pay attention to your dreams. You are not interrupted by the outside world. Therefore, you pay attention to what God is showing you in a symbolic form.

Your dreams have a psychotherapeutical effect even when you don’t understand their meaning. When you translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method you verify that there is a logical sequence in the appearance of the dream images, and all images give you important messages. Even if for your conscience certain dream scenes seem to be disconnected, they are connected according to their symbolic meaning.

Your dreams help you understand the world and all the people who are part of your life. At the same time, you understand your own behavior thanks to their example.

You gradually stop having the selfish behavior imposed by your wild nature. You become a peaceful and calm human being.

Unconditional Love

God gives you many behavioral lessons in your religion. According to His teachings you must love all human beings. All religions of the world teach us the same basic truths because they were all created by the same God.

God shows us that we must love one another because we are brothers and sisters. We must stop having the wild behavior imposed by our absurd and evil nature, and understand the importance of goodness in our relationships.

This means that you have to love everyone the same way you love your own children. If you don’t have children, replace them with the people who are more important for you.

In other words, you cannot look at another human being as if he or she was a stranger you don’t care about. You must care about all human beings the same way you care for the people you love.

You may theoretically believe you care about the general well-being, but your selfish tendencies make you think about your ego’s satisfaction. You obviously don’t love everyone the same way you love your children, and you don’t think you have the obligation to love all the other children of the world the same way you love your own.

However, you do have this obligation. This is what God expects of you.

God may seem to have absurd expectations from imperfect creatures, but the truth is that we are the absurd ones in this story. The human race is violent and absurd.

You must love everyone the same way you love the people who are very important for you. God is not exaggerating.

Many people cannot agree with the idea of loving their enemies, but this is what God expects of you. You must love your enemies the same way you love your children. You must forgive your enemies the same way you forgive your children.

When you will eliminate your wild tendencies you will stop having aggressive reactions and intentions. You will desire to love everyone.

You won’t hate your enemies. You will understand that they are absurd because they are controlled by their anti-conscience. You will be able to forgive them because you will know that they were influenced by their wild nature when they did something against you. They couldn’t act like conscious human beings.

On the other hand, you will analyze everything as if you were in their shoes. You will remember your own mistakes. You will feel their pain.

However, this is very difficult when you try to put it into practice. You may theoretically believe that you are able to forgive everyone, but if you will be in the position of a victim, you won’t remember your previous conclusions.

You have to follow psychotherapy through dream translation and eliminate your aggressive tendencies in order to learn how to forgive your enemies. If you are aggressive, you cannot have a peaceful behavior even when you are not attacked.

God wants to see you showing compassion for your enemies. This is a beautiful ideal, but you have to make many efforts in order to become a sensitive human being instead of being a selfish and evil animal.

This is why you receive free psychotherapy in dreams, with helpful messages, explanations, and lessons.

God’s ideas and lessons are very different from our suppositions and our personal conclusions. His holiness is totally different from our violent nature.

Dreams About Your Behavior

You may like God’s ideas and believe in them, but your wild nature won’t let you have the behavior of a saint. You have to fight your absurd tendencies if you want to control your behavior.

I will show you parts of dreams dreamt by two dreamers without telling you details about their life biography because I cannot expose them. You won’t be able to directly understand my translations because you won’t learn what exactly is happening in their lives. However, you will be able to see how the unconscious mind gives them behavioral lessons, and how hard it is for them to stop making the mistakes reflected in their dreams.

A man had the following dream:

I saw M (a neighbor, she is enthusiast, can complain and get irritated) she looks at me like “what are you going to do now?” I see a wave of water painted on a wall.

Dream translation:

I saw M (a neighbor, she is enthusiast, can complain and get irritated)

M represents a superficial part of your personality that complains and becomes irritated with the problems of life.

she looks at me like “what are you going to do now?”

You represent your ego in dreams.

This superficial part of your personality is irritated. It doesn’t know how to behave after the conflict with your colleague, and this is why it is asking your ego what you intend to do.

For this part of your personality what happened with your colleague is the end of the world.

I see a wave of water painted on a wall.

The wall represents a separation and a protection. However, whatever is painted on a wall is an important expression of what is happening in your psyche.

The painting on a wall reflects your psychical condition. It reflects despair.

The wave in dreams represents great danger. The sea in dreams represents craziness.

This means that your psyche was invaded by craziness because you were very angry with your colleague.

You must be careful with your anger and forgive your colleague. Don’t let this problem cause more problems.


Now, here is a dream dreamt by a woman.

I was with my brother (he is false) in a tent next to my driveway. We were hiding from soldiers. It was like we were deserters from the army. A woman saw us and told us we shouldn’t be there. Then, a man I knew was going to start taking dance lessons.

Dream translation:

I was with my brother (he is false) in a tent next to my driveway.

You represent your ego in dreams.

Your brother represents a part of your personality that is false.

The fact that you were with him indicates that this negative part of your personality is influencing your behavior. You have to get rid of this influence.

Your driveway represents the beginning of a research, but you were on a tent and not on the road.

The tent in dreams represents a situation that lasts only for a short period of time.

This dream is a short lesson about the influence of the false part of your personality.

We were hiding from soldiers.

Soldiers in dreams represent parts of your personality that have a certain mission, an important obligation, and must obey orders.

The fact that your ego and the false part of your personality were hiding from soldiers indicates that you don’t want to obey the unconscious guidance in this difficult mission.

It was like we were deserters from the army. A woman saw us and told us we shouldn’t be there.

The fact that you were deserters from the army indicates that your ego and the false part of your personality don’t want to accept the difficult mission you have to face in order to help your perfect match.

The woman was a superficial part of your personality that was showing you that you were visible there because this part of your personality believes that you have to hide instead of accepting your mission. This superficial part of your personality doesn’t want to help your perfect match in any way.

Then, a man I knew was going to start taking dance lessons.

When you dance in dreams, this means that you are happy.

This man represents your perfect match. He was going to start taking dance lessons because he sees that you are very serious and devoted and you didn’t abandon him. He is following you all the time, and he is happy with your behavior.

However, your ego and the false part of your personality want to abandon him now because you are tired, and you don’t want to be patient.

You have to be persistent if you want to help your perfect match trust you. He started feeling more confident now, but he needs time.


We tend to have violent reactions when we have problems with someone else, like the man of my first example. We not only are unable to forgive our enemies; we want to kill them.

We cannot calm down when we are betrayed. We have violent reactions because we feel that our enemies deserve to be violently punished.

We are not only unable to love all the children of the world the same way we love our own, as well as we many times we stop loving our children at a certain point of our lives for numerous subjective reasons; i.e. when we get divorced.

On the other hand, many people hate their own children from the beginning of their lives. Child abuse is a demonstration of this fact.

Our violent nature and absurd nature is very dangerous. The existence of the anti-conscience is clearly visible in the human behavior.

The woman of the second example was only pretending that she wanted to help her perfect match, but she was false. She wanted to have immediate results.

Our relationships are distorted by our selfishness all the time. We don’t want to do too much for someone else. Our ego puts a limit to our goodness.

Of course, many people don’t seem to deserve our goodness, but we are not generous even with those we truly love. We may theoretically agree with the idea to do everything we can to help someone we love, but at a certain point our ego will disapprove this idea.

When we have to face various life challenges for one reason or another our behavior is not based on logical conclusions, but on automatic reactions. We automatically have aggressive reactions. We always defend our ego’s desires; without thinking. This is why our process of transformation depends on a deep psychotherapy.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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