Are You Safe When You Trust A Mental Health Treatment?

SafetyMany people doubt that a person can be cured from a mental illness by translating the meaning of their dreams. However, this is a tested and safe natural mental health treatment that always has positive results.

These people should in fact be afraid of psychiatry. With all my respect for the professionals who truly desire to help their patients even though the scientific knowledge of our historical time is so rudimentary, I must condemn the mental health treatments that are accepted and respected today as if they were scientific treatments, while their ‘science’ is based on dangerous theories.

The history of psychiatry was marked by many experiments that tortured the mentally ill through many ways from the beginning of its formation. Until today many patients are forced to take psychiatric medication against their will, while there is no guarantee that this medication won’t cause more problems than possible benefits to the patients’ mental health.

Many side effects like tremors and tics have been reported by patients who took psychiatric medication and felt ruined by their doctors. Some psychiatric drugs provoke suicidal tendencies and various abnormal reactions that the patients didn’t have before taking them.

There are no specific and valid tests that can help a psychiatrist verify which mental illness is affecting a certain patient. The diagnosis depends on the conclusions of the doctor.

Most psychiatrists are affiliates of drug companies. Therefore, they decide which medication every patient should have, while they make money with commissions. Thus, psychiatry is an obscure science that deals with dangerous chemical combinations, and mainly works based on marketing.

A psychiatrist is not a psychotherapist. He/she merely prescribes the medication that the patient must take according to his personal judgment, without trying to understand the psychological problems of the patient.

Even though there is no safety at all concerning psychiatric treatments, many people trust psychiatrists because they believe that these doctors are experts.

These people keep taking medications, and hoping to cure their mental health problems with the useless and dangerous chemical substances given by doctors who are gradually transforming them into vegetables without a personality. Even though they keep trying new drugs and never solving their problems, they insist on trying to solve their mental health problems this way.

They are encouraged to do so by many marketing campaigns. Psychiatric medications are promoted everywhere and accepted as if they were helpful, while they don’t cure a mental illness and their effects are very dangerous.

Since psychiatrists ignore the internal functioning of the human brain, they destroy their patients’ immune system. Even when their drugs manage to temporarily alleviate the symptoms that torture their patients, they don’t help them acquire consciousness. Besides having many side effects, these drugs cause dependence and serious withdrawal problems.

Here are two videos about the dangers of psychiatric medication:

Psychiatric Drugs Are More Dangerous than You Ever Imagined

DEAD WRONG – How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child

Real Knowledge

All psychiatrists and psychologists must learn how to accurately translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me in order to understand how to cure a mental illness.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams works like a natural psychotherapist because we are absurd from birth. We need psychotherapy, and we receive it in our dreams.

I continued Carl Jung’s research in order to prove to the world that God is the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. Therefore, everyone must obey the safe divine guidance in dreams in order to find sound mental health and wisdom.

I was extremely obedient, even though I complained a lot because I didn’t want to be a hero. I was not someone who could have the behavior God was demanding for me, but I was obedient.

I understood that I could absolutely trust the divine wisdom and sanctity, even when I disagreed with the guidance I had. God knew what I had to do, while I was ignorant and lazy. I shouldn’t trust my own judgment and decide what to do based on the knowledge I had.

By obeying the divine guidance I discovered that we have inherited a huge wild conscience (anti-conscience) that has satanic characteristics and generates mental disorders within our conscience.

The anti-conscience tries to destroy our conscience and control our behavior, so that it may spread terror everywhere. This is a tragedy.

The existence of a wild conscience that works independently of our conscience explains many mysteries about strange mental disorders like multiple personality disorder and bipolar disorder, when contrasting personality types are clearly observed in the patients’ behavior.

Our ignorant doctors will never be able to tame the dangerous and powerful anti-conscience because it is a sneaky demon that generates invincible mental illnesses. Only God knows how to fight Satan. The absurdity we inherit into our anti-conscience is infinite.

Our doctors must humbly admit their ignorance and stop making experiments with the human brain.

I had to follow a different path in order to discover what causes mental illnesses and how they can be completely cured. If I would imitate the experts of my historical time I would merely repeat their mistakes.

Dream therapy according to the scientific method of dream interpretation is based on divine wisdom, and not on human suppositions. The scientific translations are accurate thanks to Carl Jung’s extraordinary research and discoveries, as I could prove for being able to continue his research by translating the meaning of dreams according to his method.

The unconscious psychotherapy is the only one that helps the patient recuperate the consciousness he/she lost with the invasion of the absurdity of the anti-conscience into his conscience. We cannot eliminate absurd thoughts with chemical substances and blind experiments based on suppositions.

Only the natural mental health treatment of the unconscious mind in dreams can help a person fight absurdity and find sound mental health. This means that science and religion complete one another.

We are used to separate all disciplines, but science, religion, philosophy, and art must be taken into consideration at the same time when we are trying to understand the truth about our reality. Everyone must respect the importance of religion in order to deal with dangerous mental illnesses that are generated by a satanic wild conscience that remains in a primitive condition.

Everyone must scientifically translate the meaning of dreams in order to understand God’s words; not only psychiatrists and psychologists.

Mental health problems must be cured through psychotherapy and consciousness. They cannot be cured with chemical substances.

Dream therapy is a relatively simple treatment for depressed or neurotic patients, but it takes time for patients who suffer from schizophrenia or psychosis. However, the mental health treatment of the unconscious mind works for all patients, even when they need more time.

The unconscious treatment is safe because it is based on sanctity and wisdom. This is a natural treatment you receive from God when you sleep.

While the ignorant world tries to find solutions based on suppositions, you will immediately find the right answers because you will learn what God knows about you and your future. You will verify God’s existence into practice.

Many people have solved their mental health problems thanks to dream translation, even though they couldn’t believe that there were solutions for them. Mental disorders are discouraging because there is no way to deal with them without the right knowledge.

I wouldn’t declare that I can cure a mental illness if I was not enlightened by the divine wisdom in dreams. Everyone’s doctor is God, and not me.

I’m merely a dream translator and a doctor helper. Only God knows how to cure mental illnesses and physical diseases. I teach you how to understand God’s words, how to put His guidance into practice in your daily life, and how to solve your problems thanks to this knowledge.

Those who follow the divine guidance in dreams learn how to eliminate the negative characteristics of their personality and stop making mistakes. This is how they get rid of their dangerous anti-conscience, and they have the chance to evolve without limits.

You should belong to this group. Many people have learned the dream language and they are translating the meaning of their dreams everyday. If you will learn the dream language you will have free psychotherapy in your dreams, without having to do anything else besides sleeping and writing down your dreams.

Finding Sound Mental Health

When you translate the meaning of your dreams and you put the unconscious guidance into practice, you follow an evolutionary process.

Trough dream therapy you learn how to:

* Change your behavior,

* Transform your personality,

* Become more intelligent,

* Pay attention to all the details that compose your reality,

* Become more sensitive,

* Use all your psychological functions, and

* Have a balanced attitude.

This is how you will gradually become a mentally healthy individual. The divine unconscious mind shows you in your dreams how you can develop your conscience and achieve these goals.

You have to make your mind work, improve your memory, and use all your capacities. This is a process that takes some time and depends on your personal efforts.

Your participation is indispensable because you have to become more intelligent with the knowledge you will acquire, and you have use this knowledge to solve your problems into practice. This knowledge cannot remain in a theoretical level.

If you want to become more intelligent you have to learn safe techniques of mind empowerment that improve your mental health, and acquire valid knowledge that helps you understand more things and remember more things. The unconscious psychotherapy eliminates the dangerous influence of your anti-conscience and helps you become a genius.

You have many advantages when you obey the divine guidance in dreams, but your psychotherapy takes some time. It depends more on your dedication to the translation of the meaning of your dreams and on your obedience, than on the severity of your mental illness.

Obedient patients make progress and easily solve their problems.

However, many people are disobedient. They need some time to understand the advantages of obeying the safe divine guidance instead of doing what they believe they should do.

You have to understand that the beginning is sad because your reality is sad, and go ahead, so that you may get to the point where you will eliminate your evil self, and become a true genius.

If you will be obedient you will find sound mental health, and acquire total consciousness. The results of the unconscious psychotherapy are extraordinary, but you have to be obedient. Otherwise, you will waste time, and remain in the same point.

Your progress depends on your capacity to understand that you must be grateful for being guided by God, instead of insisting on your narrow-minded points of view.

God gives you numerous explanations in dreams, but He cannot force you to obey His guidance. You have to recognize His sanctity and wisdom and agree with the necessity to become a better person.

Safe Guidance

By translating the meaning of your dreams you will understand how your anti-conscience is influencing your behavior and what you have to do to stop having unbearable symptoms and absurd thoughts. The unconscious guidance is safe because it is based on real knowledge about your mental condition.

You have to make efforts in order to stop having the behavior imposed by your anti-conscience. This treatment depends on your cooperation because your personality must be transformed. You must understand what you are doing in life, and control your behavior.

You are able to learn how to control your behavior and always have the behavior of a conscious human being. This is not as hard as it seems to be.

You will be amazed with what you are able to do. You are used with a passive situation, and this is why you don’t understand how intelligent you really are. You are not using the biggest part of your brain.

God will help you gradually tame the demon that occupies the biggest part of your brain, and transform it into positive human content. This way your conscience will become stronger, and your anti-conscience will become weaker.

Your psychotherapy is a process of spiritual purification and mind empowerment at the same time. Thanks to the unconscious treatment you stop accepting the immorality of the world. You become a humble and wise human being.

This process helps you transform your evil self into a positive component of your human conscience. You become a sensitive person, what means that you understand other people’s pain.

God’s mental health treatment helps you become a perfect human being.

You stop thinking about trivial matters. You stop feeling empty. You understand that you are becoming more intelligent thanks to the knowledge you have.

Dreams about your past help you identify the immature parts of your personality and understand why you have the same immature behavior until today.

You also understand the influence of traumatic experiences in the formation of your personality. The unconscious mind helps you observe the past through different points of view. You analyze again the experiences you had based on more information.

This analysis helps you discover the real reasons why your life was marked by these experiences. You also learn how to avoid having traumatic experiences in the future.

Dreams about your progress help you understand the evolutionary process you are following. You understand if you are mastering the dream language and really transforming your personality. God gives you an image of the process you are following as a patient and a student.

Dreams about being in a school reflect how much you are learning through dream translation. Whenever you are in a school in a dream this means that you are learning the meaning of life and the meaning of dreams.

Depending on your attitude as a student in the dream, you will verify if you are making progress or not. You make progress when the knowledge you have through dream translation helps you change your behavior and improve your life.

Dreams about a watch reflect an important period of time in your life, when you finally understand something that will change your life. These dreams are part of the series of dreams that reflect your progress as a student and patient.

You have a detailed image of the process you are following in your dreams. This image helps you correct your mistakes, and gives you an incentive to keep transforming your personality. You understand your treatment as if you were a psychotherapist, and not only a patient.

God helps you become more intelligent. This is why later you are able to help others with this knowledge. You become a strong and self-confident person, and you help the world become a better place.

This mental health treatment takes some time (around eight months for basic psychotherapy), and it depends on your personal efforts and on your obedience to your natural doctor. In the beginning it is unpleasant because you keep verifying all the mistakes you make, one after another.

The unconscious treatment becomes pleasant when you stop making these mistakes, and you find new ways to solve your problems. The beginning is uncomfortable because you have to change your behavior, but after becoming a better person you feel safe for being who you are.

God seems to demand too much from imperfect human beings, but this is not true. We don’t want to use all of our brain power. We are satisfied with our brain, besides our imperfections. We are irresponsible and lazy animals.

You have to desire to become a perfect human being and understand that your mental health depends on your goodness. Real goodness is a quality that the hypocritical world doesn’t know how to define. You have clear lessons about this matter in dreams.

In order to become mentally healthy you must desire to attain sanctity and spiritual perfection. This is the real definition of perfect mental health.

The violent world and the violent nature of our wild conscience cannot understand this meaning. They believe in selfishness and greed.

The world doesn’t understand the importance of goodness for the preservation of our mental health. Without goodness we always end up on terror. We depend on goodness in order to find peace, and preserve our sanity.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

If you are in a difficult situation, you can send your dreams to me for a professional dream translation and psychotherapy. I will help you solve your problems thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to Submit your Dreams

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