Modern Depression And Incomprehensible Mental Illnesses

Modern DepressionThe scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me who completed his research helps you clearly understand what causes your depression, and how you can become a mentally healthy individual. Depression is an old mental illness, but it acquires different characteristics with time.

The modern depression is mainly generated by the cruelty and indifference of our social environment, in combination with the absurdity we inherit.

First of all I have to give you a few explanations. After my introduction you will understand how the meaning of your dreams will help you find peace and happiness.

God is the dream producer, as Carl Jung had discovered. I continued his research in order to prove to the world the importance of this fact.

I relate science to religion, showing you that everything explains a part of the complex truth that characterizes your reality. Today everyone trusts science more than anything else. However, this is a dangerous attitude.

Of course, science gives us precision in many aspects. I like to be a scientist. It is very comfortable to be in such position. When I started writing my first scientific book (in February of 1988) I was writing it for scientists. It was more complicated than Carl Jung’s books. I liked to use scientific terms.

Only later could I understand that I had to simplify everything, even though I discovered a lot more. Instead of adding more information to my book in a complicated way, I had to make changes based on new comprehensions.

When I was young I believed that scientists should govern the world and decide what was best for humanity, but when I had to become a scientist and I gradually saw how many theories were considered to be scientific discoveries, I understood the chaotic situation that prevails in the competitive scientific field.

I’m glad because I’m not only a scientist. I’m basically a philosopher and an artist. My literary talent was more important than anything else in my research. I was persistent because I understood God’s pain.

I had to write like a scientist to have your attention because if I would write like a poet you would believe that I was talking about things invented by my vivid imagination. However, I’m basically a literature writer. I had to become a scientist to complete my mission.

I even had to become an atheist when I was a teen to understand the mindset of my future enemies. My preparation was long.

My real mission is not to teach you how to translate the meaning of dreams and how to acquire sound mental health through dream translation. This is part of my obligation, but the truth is that I have to prove God’s existence to the world and mainly, convince our indifferent, cruel, and materialistic population to obey the divine guidance in dreams, even though human beings are in fact demons, as I could discover by precisely obeying God’s guidance in dreams.

Now, I will briefly analyze all the problems of this situation. Nobody likes the idea to be a demon.

However, the satanic origin of our conscience is a scientific fact. Our anti-conscience is the wild part of our conscience, and it occupies the biggest part of our brain. Since the anti-conscience is a demon, and since it occupies the biggest part of our brain, this means that we are demons.

Our tiny human conscience was a gift artificially created by God. Without it, we would be only violent and cruel. Our conscience is underdeveloped because it must be developed by our ego during our lives.

We are demons, but we have to believe that we are the conscious human beings existent into our human conscience, and transform our satanic anti-conscience into a positive component of our human conscience.

In order to do so, we have to obey the divine guidance in dreams and in our religion. All religions help us fight the anti-conscience. All dreams do the same, giving us many explanations and lessons.

We are able to be admirable human beings, even though we have a satanic origin. There are many examples of people who had an admirable attitude in our world. There are also a few examples of real saints in the tragic human history, marked by wars and barbarous crimes.

Our world is ruled by terror and violence because of our absurdity. We still didn’t eliminate poverty.

However, how can a person evolve without having the necessary conditions to have a decent life? How can a person be protected in a cruel world without having money?

How can this person understand the importance of moral principles? How can this person keep their sanity?

Only because there is poverty on earth I’m already proving to the world that all human beings really are demons.

How can we allow this situation?

Our planet can feed our population, but the distribution of what the planet gives us is not fair. There is no justice on earth. We should be ashamed of the fact that there are people starving, while other people spend a lot of money with their extravagant hobbies.

The most shocking fact of all is the fact that abandoned children, or children of irresponsible parents who abuse of their power are the worst victims of the human cruelty. A weak child cannot do anything against barbarous adults.

How can we be indifferent to what is happening to these children, but care about protecting our own children? Isn’t this indifferent attitude the most shocking proof of our cruelty?

If we were sensitive we would organize the world based on goodness and wisdom. Everyone would have the indispensable conditions of life, independently of anything.

The cruel competition that characterizes our world reflects the predominance of our animal behavior. We are like the wild animals that kill one another in a violent fight, while we should be calm, wise, generous, and sensitive because we are human beings.

We must identify ourselves with the human nature given to us by God, the creator of our planet, the creator of our human conscience, and the dream producer. We are demons because we have a satanic nature, but we must become human beings thanks to our obedience to the divine guidance.

We must understand the superiority of goodness.

This was what I could discover because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams and signs of my reality. I also had to courageously fight absurdity into practice and learn how to combat the unbearable symptoms caused by the anti-conscience, besides having to cure many people from various mental illnesses through dream translation during nineteen years before publishing my work.

Eliminating Depression Through Wisdom

Now, I will show you how you will stop being depressed and how you will help humanity get rid of the modern depression, which is a consequence of our insensitivity. You will become a wise and sensitive human being and help the world with your wisdom.

For example, today people get married and then, they get divorced, as if this was a simple matter. Their children feel that they stopped having a positive meaning in their lives, and they became a burden. We don’t think that this is a tragic situation, but it is.

We try to delete the negative effect of what is bad (as if this was possible), and we try to get adapted to our absurd decisions. Instead of trying to prevent divorces, we force our children to get adapted to the fact that we made a mistake when we got married.

This simple example reflects our absurdity in many ways.

Now, if you are depressed because your parents got divorced or because you got divorced, everyone will tell you: so what? You have to overcome your depression. You are not the only one who got divorced. Today most couples get divorced at a certain point of their lives.

This means that you are forced to swallow your revolt for being in a difficult position because of someone else’s mistakes or because of your own mistake, and get adapted to the fact that most people face the same tragedy in their lives. If this happens to most people, you start believing that you were predetermined to get divorced anyway.

You keep getting adapted to absurd behaviors, absurd ideas, and absurd consequences, as if they were ‘normal’. You believe that various behavioral abnormalities are normal only because they are common. You don’t think that a society characterized by many divorces is idiotic.

You think that it is a ‘modern’ society because we are free to make mistakes and make our children pay for our mistakes, without being obliged to be careful before getting married to the wrong person.

We should be very serious when we decide to get married. We should look for our perfect match. We should respect our children and care more about their happiness than about our own.

However, instead of correcting our mistakes, we try to get adapted to them, and we force our society to get adapted to our mistakes too. We like to see that many people are divorced when we are part of this group. Getting divorced is a common abnormality in our depressed society.

We act this way because we listen to the absurd thoughts of our anti-conscience, but we don’t realize this fact. We accept the anti-conscience’s solutions to our problems, as if they were smart ideas.

You will learn how to find your perfect match through dream translation. You won’t be inconsequential like most people.

If you are depressed this is because you made many mistakes, and because you also are a victim of many other people’s mistakes. You made mistakes because you were influenced or controlled by your anti-conscience. Other people made mistakes because they were controlled by their anti-conscience the same way.

You have to forgive yourself, since you were not responsible for your actions, and you have to forgive everyone else for the same reason. Our absurd behavior is a result of the absurdity we have inherited into our anti-conscience. You have to condemn what is bad, but then you have to forgive yourself and everyone else.

Forgiveness is beautiful, but very difficult.

This is why you need psychotherapy. In order to forgive yourself or forgive others you have to pass through a process of mind empowerment, psychological transformation, and spiritual purification. You cannot have the right attitude based on the way you think and behave today, and you cannot be happy this way.

You have to learn how to forgive your own mistakes and other people’s mistakes. You are not able to forgive your own mistakes because you feel responsible for your suffering.

Even though most people believe that it is harder to forgive others, it is harder to forgive yourself than to forgive others because when you see that you are responsible for your tragic destiny you want to kill yourself.

You have to understand that your anti-conscience is responsible for the mistakes you made, and not your ego. In order to achieve this goal you must translate the meaning of a series of dreams. Only by reading that you have to forgive yourself you won’t manage to do it, especially if you made serious and costly mistakes that affect many other people’s lives, besides your own.

Another big difficulty is to forgive your parents. Most people never forgive their parents’ mistakes and they blame their parents for their destiny.

Our parents inherit an anti-conscience too. They don’t know how to deal with life’s challenges and fight absurdity. They don’t know how to survive in a cruel world. They shouldn’t have children before learning many things they ignore.

Forgiveness is indispensable when you deal with the human reality. Most parents make terrible mistakes and their children have traumatic experiences that cause damage to their psychological development and the formation of their personality.

Abnormalities like homosexuality appear when a child has horrible experiences because of the negative behavior of the opposite sex. Homosexuality is a behavioral abnormality caused by their anti-conscience in response to their revolt. They hate the opposite sex. Homosexuals or people who have homosexual tendencies can be cured through dream translation. Homosexuality is a mental illness, even though it is not considered to be one today.

Many mental illnesses are not recognized by the ignorant and hypocritical world. The abnormalities caused by the anti-conscience are too many.

In order to be cured, every patient must understand how to forgive his/her own mistakes, and other people’s mistakes.

Why Medication Cannot Cure A Mental Illness

Sometimes an antidepressant or a bottle of wine can alleviate the symptoms of depression, but psychiatric medication cannot cure a mental illness. All mental illnesses must be cured through psychotherapy because the patient must learn how to control the demon that is controlling his/her mind and behavior.

The anti-conscience is a demon that generates mental illnesses through absurd thoughts, then absurd feelings, sensations, and intuition. It distorts our psychological functions.

Only God knows how to eliminate the absurdity imposed by the anti-conscience. This is why He produces psychotherapeutical dreams.

You may prefer to take a pill and get rid of all your psychological problems, but this is not possible. You have to eliminate the craziness that invades your conscience through consciousness. This means that you have to understand what is right and wrong.

You can understand what is right based on sanctity and wisdom. This is not a matter that depends on the situation, or on every person’s opinion.

God shows you what is right in your dreams and in your religion. You learn how to tame the demon, and develop the positive characteristics of your personality. By following the divine guidance you become more intelligent and sensitive.

Success and Power

Everyone looks for success and financial freedom, power, and glory. However, the way you will become a successful person depends on various details, and your definition of success is very important for the comprehension of this matter.

Of course, you want to be happy. You want to have a beautiful and meaningful life.

God knows this fact. Here on earth you have many lessons about the meaning of happiness.

However, you also are misled by many false impressions. You have to eliminate your anti-conscience in order to understand the truth.

Your purpose is to find happiness, but in order to be happy you must become a wise and sensitive human being. If you will try to be happy without becoming a better person your happiness will end at some point.

Financial freedom is very dangerous without wisdom.

You have to find authentic happiness after transforming your personality and purifying your spirit. This happiness will follow you after death.

You will understand how to follow the process of transformation that marks your destiny by translating the meaning of your dreams and obeying the unconscious guidance. Your obedience is more important than anything.

Even if you won’t be able to completely translate the meaning of a dream you will be helped when you will translate the meaning of the dream symbols you will find, and you will obey the guidance you have.

For example, dreams about people who have a negative behavior are showing you that you are imitating their bad example.

Even if you won’t understand the details of a dream where they appear, you can understand that they are influencing your behavior. You have to stop letting these negative parts of your personality take the place of your ego and control your behavior.

After having this warning you have to perceive the influence of these negative parts of your personality in various life situations, and stop having their behavior. Of course, you must learn more details about this matter. You will have more information in your next dreams.

You have to keep translating the meaning of your dreams to learn how to pay attention to the alterations in your behavior. You will make progress if you will be obedient and serious.

Dreams about animals usually are about other people’s behavior, while dreams about other people give you information about your own behavior.

When you will understand the meaning of this information about your own behavior and the behavior of everyone else around you, you will understand your psychological problems as if you were a psychologist, besides understanding them as a patient.

This comprehension will help you calm down and feel that you have the unconscious support. When you find knowledge and comprehension you feel helped.

In a crazy world where many dangers are threatening your peace of mind and you have to get adapted to absurd situations, you surely need superior guidance to face all challenges. The various cures for depression you find in the hypocritical world are more dangerous than your mental illness.

You can trust the natural cure that comes from God in your dreams whenever you sleep. There are no side effects because you are cured by eliminating the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience. You don’t depend on drugs that kill brain cells and destroy your immune system.

These drugs cannot cure a mental illness, since all mental disorders are generated by the craziness of the anti-conscience.

Craziness must be combated through consciousness. Evilness must be combated through sanctity. The light of truth must eliminate the darkness of ignorance.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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