Surprising Conclusions Based On New Information

Wild NatureThe dream language basically helps you understand your absurdity and the absurdity of the world. When you have this function in mind, you can easily understand the unconscious messages.

Your dreams help you correct your mistakes. You will have positive dreams when you will transform your personality and stop making mistakes.

Many people have false impressions about the function of the dream messages because of all the distortions of various subjective dream interpreters who ignore the rules of the dream language. Only Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation accurately translates the meaning of dreams.

His method is so obscure and time consuming that only a few souls had the patience to seriously follow his steps. This is why the world didn’t understand that only Jung’s method helps you really solve your psychological problems and a lot more.

Fortunately, I simplified and clarified his method of dream interpretation and today you can easily learn it, independently of your educational level. This way you have the chance to find the solutions you need through dream translation, and Jung’s work didn’t go wasted besides its tremendous value because the world wasn’t persistent enough to understand it.

For example, many people don’t understand the difference between dream predictions and synchronicity.

The truth is that they are similar and many times both work at the same time. However, there are dreams that are only giving to the dreamer a symbolic message and are not predicting a future fact, even when this fact really happens in the dreamer’s daily life. First of all you have to pay attention to the symbolic meaning of the dream.

For example, a young woman had the following dream:

I had an exam and my sister (she is self-confident and funny) had an exam the same day, even though she was studying another subject. I passed, but my sister couldn’t answer all questions.

What is happening in my life

My sister and I are studying because we really have exams in the end of this month. We are also working at the same shopping mall, in different stores.

Dream translation:

You represent your ego in dreams.

When you have an exam, this means that you will have to prove something to someone in your daily reality; you will be tested.

Your sister represents a superficial, self-confident and irresponsible part of your personality. She is irresponsible because she is funny. She makes fun of everything instead of being serious, while she should be careful; especially during challenging situations.

Your ego is well-prepared to face this important life situation when you will be tested. However, the self-confident and irresponsible part of your personality is making mistakes. This means that this part of your personality can make you have an immature behavior during this important situation.

This situation can be anything that is very important for you, like meeting the ideal person, or having news about something decisive for your life. You have to be careful and control your behavior, without being irresponsible.

The dreamer was afraid that this dream was predicting that her sister wouldn’t pass. I told her that the meaning of dreams is symbolic. Her sister represents a part of her personality that is not serious and can have an inappropriate behavior during an important challenge.

However, it could also be a prediction. She should tell her sister to be serious during the exams.

A few days later the dreamer told me that she believed she understood why she had this warning because she really had to face a difficult situation. A young man was persisting on sending her messages and following her everywhere, even though she didn’t like him and she was not answering. He got her phone number thanks to one of her friends.

This girl was my friend, and this is why I’m telling you her story. She doesn’t mind because I’m using her example. I don’t reveal details from other people’s dreams and life biographies when they submit their dreams for professional translation.

Much later she told me that her sister really didn’t pass in the exams, while she passed, exactly like the dream had predicted.

I told her that this was synchronicity. This coincidence of having a dream about the fact that her sister wouldn’t pass and the fact that she really didn’t pass meant that my friend had to be very careful. She was not having the right behavior.

Her problem was more complex. The young man she had mentioned was not the real challenge she had to face, but her story is long and complicated. I’m merely using the beginning of her story to give you a lesson.

She had to be extremely careful when she would be tested; otherwise she wouldn’t successfully face the challenge.

Of course, thanks to her dream she also predicted that her sister wouldn’t pass. This was an important prediction that could have helped her sister pass if she would study harder thanks to this dream warning. However, the dreamer told me that her sister already knew that she wouldn’t pass because she was not well-prepared.

This was a prediction and a meaningful coincidence at the same time. The dreamer had a dream prediction about a fact that would affect a member of her family and she was alarmed by a synchronicity; she saw happening in her daily life what happened in a dream.

This was a meaningful coincidence that was showing her that she had to be very serious when she would be tested. She couldn’t be irresponsible like her sister.

However, many times the coincidence is not as important as not passing the exams.

For example, a young man had the following dream:

I was walking in the city and I met my friend A (he is snobbish and cares too much about other people’s opinion). We talked about something, but I don’t remember the conversation. He was wearing a green t-shirt and jeans.

Dream translation:

I was walking in the city and I met my friend A (he is snobbish and cares too much about other people’s opinion).

Your represent your ego in dreams.

The city represents a dangerous place.

Your friend A represents a part of your personality that is snobbish and cares too much about other people’s opinion.

This means that he is a negative part of your personality. You should be humble, and you should accept the fact that you cannot please everyone.

We talked about something, but I don’t remember the conversation.

This negative part of your personality was trying to influence your ego.

He was wearing a green t-shirt and jeans.

The clothes you wear in dreams represent your social image; what you show to the world about yourself. This image usually is false.

The green color represents life.

Jeans indicate immaturity because they are pants for teens – even though many adults wear them. In dreams they represent a tendency to behave like a teen.

Therefore, this snobbish part of your personality was pretending to give you life and youth. This was the social image it was presenting to the world. However, this was a false impression.

When you are snobbish you put yourself on the top and everyone else in an inferior position. Therefore, you make everyone feel uncomfortable when they are with you. You must be humble, sensitive, and friendly.

Now, let’s suppose that this dreamer really meets his friend A in the street the next day. This fact reflects synchronicity. It was showing to the dreamer that he had to be very careful and stop showing off because this behavior was negative and dangerous.

Meeting his friend wasn’t an important event. He meets this friend many times because they go to the same places.

What was important was not the prediction of this meeting, but the alarm given by the synchronicity. The dreamer had to stop believing that by showing off he was having a pleasant experience.

As you can see with these examples, the meaning of dreams usually reflects mistakes, problems, and dangers with the intention to protect the dreamers from the absurdity of their anti-conscience and the absurdity of the world, so that they may positively change their personality.

Once you have this basic truth in mind, you will be able to easier translate the meaning of your dreams, and understand the precious unconscious messages.

Now, I will tell you only one detail about the second dreamer, who is an online patient who submits his dreams for professional dream translation. I cannot tell you his story the same way I told you something about my friend’s story, but I can tell you that he has the tendency to become schizophrenic.

Now that you know this detail you can understand the importance of his dream. His behavior is absurd. This dreamer cares too much about his appearance.

His anti-conscience managed to destroy a big portion of his conscience. If he won’t be careful and stop having absurd reactions he will lose consciousness, and he will be unable to think logically.

Dreams reflect serious dangers, trying to prevent severe mental illnesses and cure all psychological problems. This dreamer must be careful and stop believing in unreal things.

The dream I translated was his, but the coincidence of meeting his friend A was invented by me to give you an example of a fact that is not really important as a prediction, but represents the phenomenon of synchronicity. Such coincidences are common.

You have to pay more attention to the symbolic meaning of a dream, but you must also believe in the possibility of having a prediction at the same time, without disregarding it. You have information about the future through many ways when you translate the meaning of dreams.

You can also translate the same way the symbolic meaning of your reality, the symbolic meaning of artistic and philosophical or religious documents and have more information about your reality and the future. The dream language is God’s symbolic language. This is why you find it everywhere.

The Importance Of Dream Warnings

The young woman of my first example was a normal person who didn’t seem to have psychological problems. However, she had many psychological problems that were not visible. Everyone does, since everyone inherits an absurd and evil anti-conscience, and everyone’s conscience is underdeveloped and one-sided.

She was an average person who had the ‘supposedly normal’ behavior of a young woman. The fact that she was not serious was not surprising. Most people don’t want to be serious even when they are old. There is nothing cool on seriousness.

However there are so many dangers in our reality that we had better be very serious the fastest possible. We have to understand how to deal with dangerous and decisive matters. We also have to carefully prepare the necessary conditions that will help us relax.

This means that you have to respect the dream warnings, and pay attention to what you are doing in life. Every step can have a decisive importance. Don’t be inconsequential like those who ignore the real value of the dream messages.

The Anti-Conscience

The existence of a wild conscience in the human brain is a discovery that will shock the world when everyone will finally pay attention to this fact. You are learning the value of this discovery thanks to the internet, which simplified our communication.

Most people will understand the truth about the human brain and the meaning of life many years later, when many things that didn’t happen yet will happen and prove the importance of this scientific discovery, which also has a religious importance.

The existence of a wild conscience into the biggest part of the human brain means that we are in fact demons. Our anti-conscience is a primitive conscience that has satanic characteristics. It works like a lion that can think. This is why we are so violent.

We believe we are civilized, but our crimes and wars reveal the opposite.

The anti-conscience is responsible for our absurd and cruel behavior. This fact explains many mysteries about incomprehensible mental disorders; especially schizophrenia, psychosis, and multiple personality disorder, which are the worst ones.

The existence of the anti-conscience is a tragedy, but the fact that I discovered its existence and I learned how to eliminate it through dream translation represents salvation for the human race. Everyone can eliminate their dangerous anti-conscience by translating the meaning of their dreams thanks to my simplifications.

I could discover the truth about the human absurdity mainly because I was a literature writer since 7-years-old and everything I used to write was inspired by the unconscious mind that produces dreams and gives us artistic talents.

I was prepared to discover the satanic origin of the human conscience because of the tragic car-accident I faced when I was 15-years-old and then, and because of the literary book I started writing with the intention to put an end to hunger on earth, after the accident.

I had information and guidance in the literary meaning of the book – which was the only one I could see when I was writing it – and later, I found more information in the symbolic meaning of this book, which contained numerous dream symbols.

The effect that this book had in my personality was tremendous. I wrote it during six years, while I was an atheist because I was revolted with the accident and the death of the friend who was next to me in the car. I believed that if God existed He had to protect us.

While I was writing The Philanthropic Beggar, I understood all the problems existent in the world. I kept discovering more and more problems that couldn’t be solved. In the end the beggar failed, and He was unable to feed the world. Everything was impossible because there was hatred in the human hearts.

My literary work helped me trust the divine wisdom when I discovered that God is the dream producer, and He was the real author of my literary book. My magical inspiration wrote this book on my behalf. I was merely transcribing what my inspiration whispered to me.

Could you imagine that God would give important information to an ignorant teen in a symbolic form?

This fact had an important effect in my personality. I understood that I received a big gift. I was immensely helped thanks to my literary talent, and then, thanks to my capacity to understand its symbolic meaning. Everything helped me better understand the dream language.

God gave me a treasure by giving me all the information I found thanks to The Philanthropic Beggar, but He also gave me a cross because I abandoned the poor and I became an indifferent and selfish sinner.

I realized that I had the obligation to really put an end to hunger on earth. This was not only literature.

My book helped me verify that I was unable to put an end to hunger with my theories. This is why later I could understand that only God knew how to make this miracle.

Until today we didn’t know why we should obey the divine guidance, or how to exactly understand what God expects of us.

The fact that I simplified and clarified Carl Jung’s complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation means that now everyone can understand God’s language in dreams and have a dialogue with Him.

This is a spectacular advantage that surpasses the negative aspect of the tragedy I’m presenting to the world. Even though I’m showing to the world that we have an absurd and evil nature, I’m also proving God’s existence, and giving hope and courage to the world. We can become perfect human beings, even though we have inherited dangerous satanic characteristics. There is a way to eliminate them forever.

When you will transform your personality you will understand many things you cannot understand today. The elimination of your wild side and the evolutionary process you will follow will help you find explanations and answers.

Understanding Your Reality

While everyone in our world keeps trying to make you forget what you cannot change and care about feeding your ego and feeling fine besides all the horrors of the world, the scientific method of dream interpretation makes you verify that your world is a living hell, and cry.

You have to dislike this world and you have to desire to change it. You cannot be an indifferent and cold observer. You must be an admirable and active hero who will transform the world into a better place.

Your Journey

Through dream translation you discover how underdeveloped your conscience is, and you understand all your mistakes. You also understand the mistakes and defects of those who are around you and the mistakes of the world. This is a sad revelation.

However, you have to begin your journey of self-discovery and transformation by understanding your sad reality.

Everyone believes that we live in order to be happy, but this is not the meaning of life. We can be happy, but first of all we have to stop being evil. This is why we are alive.

Most people are inconsequential and immature. You have to be mature and prudent. There are many dangers threatening your mental stability and your future.

I’m showing you a bitter truth and a brilliant solution at the same time. The bitter truth is the existence of a satanic anti-conscience, which generates mental illnesses within your conscience. The brilliant solution is your obedience to the divine guidance in your dreams.

You must protect your mental health and prepare your future based on the real conditions of your reality. In the beginning you will dislike this vision, but with time you will understand how misled you were when you believed in lies and distortions of the truth.

You will learn how to positively transform your personality and your reality, even though everything is difficult. Since you will have a real image of the truth, you will get prepared to achieve difficult goals.

There is a brilliant future for you thanks to God’s existence and thanks to the fact that you can directly talk with Him through dream messages.

Happiness On Earth

The scientific method of dream interpretation helps you understand God’s words and follow the process of transformation that defines the meaning of your life. Your personal process of transformation has the capacity to eliminate terror on earth, which is God’s main purpose.

God has a special plan for you. He has plans for everyone. I was not an exception. God makes plans for everyone, so that everyone may help Him carry on His long and complex plan for the elimination of craziness and terror on earth.

I couldn’t imagine that my research would be so important and that I would make important scientific and religious discoveries by translating the meaning of dreams.

I started seriously caring about the meaning of dreams when I was a young adult because I understood that I had to solve my psychological problems; especially because I was pregnant (in 1984). I was afraid of my responsibilities as a mother.

If you knew me at that time you wouldn’t believe that a person like me could continue Carl Jung’s complicated and dangerous research, discover a lot more, and prove God’s existence to the world.

You may believe you are insignificant, the same way I believed I was when I was in the very beginning of my research, but if you will obey the divine guidance in your dreams like I did, you will become more intelligent and everything will completely change in your life.

You will be surprised with your own intelligence, and you will understand how far from wisdom everyone in our world really is.

Then, God will show you how you can help Him make miracles.

You are very powerful, even if you don’t think so. You can help God eliminate terror, poverty, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed thanks to your work and your personality. If you will obey the divine guidance you will have many alternatives at your disposal.

The elimination of terror completes your mission. First of all you have to eliminate your evil side. Then, you have to help God eliminate craziness and terror on earth.

When we will eliminate terror, we will find happiness on earth and happiness after death. Before eliminating terror, we cannot be happy on our planet.

Many biologists still follow Darwin’s erroneous conclusions until today. They believe that the animal life works based on competition and adaptiveness, while other scientists – like Konrad Lorenz have already proved that the animal behavior is programmed.

Thanks to Lorenz’s work I concluded that the same mind that creates various behavioral programs in all animals is the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and created our planet.

Darwin’s theory is convenient for the selfish and materialistic ideology that prevails in our world. This is why many atheists insist on defending it until today, besides all the scientific discoveries that reveal Darwin’s mistakes.

Competition is not what gives meaning to our lives, even though it seems to justify the animal behavior. God created many wild animals that kill one another in a terrible battle in order to reflect the human absurdity.

We have to stop behaving like wild animals, and have the behavior of saints. This is why we are alive.

This knowledge gives another meaning to our observations about the animal behavior. We have to abandon our violent and cruel animal nature.

God didn’t create all the animal species concerned about how they would survive and reproduce. He created them to give us many lessons with their examples.

The existence of God and the existence of a specific purpose for the human life on earth change the image of our reality. We are trying to understand how we could evolve and we are comparing our behavior to the behavior of other animals with this purpose in mind, but the truth is that our anti-conscience already existed before the creation of our planet.

Our underdeveloped human conscience was a gift given to us by God. It didn’t evolve on earth. We must develop our conscience during our lives and consciously complete God’s transformation.

Everything that exists here works like psychotherapy and mind empowerment for our deficient human conscience, so that our conscience may evolve, tame our anti-conscience, and transform it into human content.

We have many important messages in dreams, which work like psychotherapy. Our religion works like psychotherapy too. Many other things in our daily lives work like psychotherapy because this is necessary for us.

God let us try to discover many things by ourselves before showing us the truth about our dangerous wild nature, but many of the things we believe we found are not the way we believe they are. Now that everyone can understand God’s words in dreams, we will better understand our reality.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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