A Scientific Dream Analysis That Proves God’s Existence

Scientific Dream AnalysisThe 20th century was the most advanced century of our history. We like to belong to the 21st century, and we feel superior when we compare our knowledge to the knowledge of our ancestors. We know a lot more about our planet and the universe.

However, this is a false impression. Today’s science is as rudimentary as the science of the 19th century and before. We are merely beginning to understand a few things about our reality, but we are ignorant. We shouldn’t be proud of our scientific and technological progress.

We should pay attention to the fact that our world is ruled by terror and violence. We didn’t eliminate poverty. We still have many wars. Crimes are part of the routine in the crazy world. Our reality is dangerous.

However, everything is covered by hypocrisy and indifference. We don’t want to pay attention to what is bad.

I understood this fact through dream translation because I found the divine wisdom. God opened my eyes.

My work was scientific, but at a certain point it became religious, since God is the dream producer. I had to go to the church every Sunday, and I had to defend God’s existence.

I talked with many nuns and priests about what I had discovered by translating the meaning of dreams based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. I had to be part of the community of the church and participate of all their activities. I also followed seminars with studies about the Bible in a catholic institution twice per month.

I remembered the lessons I had in the catholic school where I had studied since 6-years-old until I became 17 and a half. My religious education was as important as my scientific discoveries because I had to prove the existence of God to the world. In order to do so, I had to have the behavior of a saint.

This was a very difficult matter for me because I was selfish, lazy, violent, vain, demanding, and impatient. I had to completely change my behavior.

I was not expecting to have to deal with religion when I started following Carl Jung’s lessons, but I understood that this was the most important part of my work when I discovered that God is the dream producer and I started precisely obeying His guidance.

I recognized that God should be respected and obeyed. This is obvious if you have a religious education.

I had no doubt that I really had found God because I could recognize the unconscious sanctity and wisdom. So, I didn’t doubt that I should really defend God’s existence.

However, I passed through six years of atheism when I was a teen, and I knew that atheists are aggressive and rude. I didn’t like my position. It was hard to defend God’s existence in an atheistic world.

I also saw that even those who supposedly represent God on earth don’t believe in His existence. Many priests told me that God had already announced everything He had to tell the world in the past.

God couldn’t make new revelations. Nobody believed in miracles.

Nobody believed that God was showing me many truths through dream translation. They couldn’t imagine that God could give us signs of His existence.

All priests and nuns didn’t believe that we should sleep and dream, and wait for God’s answers in dreams in order to understand what to do. They believed that we should decide what to do based on our own conscience, exactly like everyone else does.

However, I discovered that our conscience is absurd.

Carl Jung had discovered this fact before me, but he didn’t understand how shocking his discovery really was. He believed that the human conscience was stronger than it is.

Our conscience is idiotic because it works based on only one main psychological function and also a half-developed psychological function, without using the four psychological functions we have at our disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition. We also are either introverted or extroverted. We don’t have a balanced attitude.

When I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience I saw that everything was worse than it already seemed to be because our conscience is one-sided and under-developed.

Even before discovering the anti-conscience I decided to obey the unconscious guidance in dreams because I understood that the human conscience was absurd and I couldn’t trust my own conscience. I knew that I was neurotic because I had the behavior described by Jung when he analyzed the neurosis of my psychological type.

Therefore, I had a reason to believe that I shouldn’t trust my own conscience, while Carl Jung trusted his conscience. He was not mentally ill. So, he didn’t have the vision I had. I saw how tragic it was to have an absurd conscience that makes many costly mistakes.

When I discovered that the unconscious mind was God’s mind I clearly understood that I should trust only the divine wisdom in dreams, and not my own thoughts because I was absurd and ignorant. I had a confirmation that was showing me that my initial attitude was correct. I should really obey the unconscious mind.

My obedience was based on my logical conclusions and also based on the knowledge I had thanks to my religious education. My religion helped me trust my scientific discovery and obey the divine guidance.

On the other hand, my literary talent and the inspiration sent by the unconscious mind when I was a young writer helped me trust the divine wisdom even more.

My scientific research couldn’t be exclusively scientific because I had to see the entire image of the truth and obey the divine guidance, without doing what my own conscience desired. My obedience couldn’t be merely based on scientific conclusions.

The Importance Of Religion And Literature

I wouldn’t decide to obey a superior mind only because it was superior. In the beginning I was obeying the unconscious mind in simple things, but when I had to make more important decisions I accepted to obey the unconscious mind only because I discovered that it is God’s mind.

I knew God’s sanctity and wisdom thanks to my religion. Otherwise, I wouldn’t accept to obey the divine guidance when my conscience totally disagreed with God.

I disagreed with God because I was absurd and ignorant, but I knew that He was wise and that I should do what He was showing me, and not what I believed I should do. This was an important decision very hard to be kept, but I always was obedient.

I was a sinner and I didn’t want to be a hero, but I was sure that God knew what was right. God was the only one I could trust. Everyone else was as absurd as I was.

I became a hero against my will because I recognized that God was right and I was wrong. His ideas were better than mine.

Thanks to my obedience, I discovered the satanic origin of the human conscience.

God was not the creator of the first conscience. He managed to discover the power of goodness, even though He originally had a satanic anti-conscience like all thinking creatures. He decided to transform all thinking creatures into saints like him, so that everyone could live peacefully and happily thanks to the power of goodness. This is why He created the human part of our conscience.

God created our planet with the intention to help us transform our anti-conscience into human conscience, like the artificial human conscience we receive from Him when we are born.

However, Satan is stronger than God. God depends on our obedience, while Satan manipulates our conscience. This is why our satanic anti-conscience manages to destroy our human conscience, instead of being tamed by our human characteristics.

I could learn what happened in the beginning of God’s transformation through dream translation. There is no way I can give you scientific explanations for what happened who knows how many trillions of years ago. If this is a topic you care about, you can find more details about this matter by making questions to the unconscious mind before sleeping and translating the meaning of you own dreams.

If you are a physician or astronomer you may be able to explain what happened before the big bang, why there is antimatter on the universe, and many other things we ignore.

A Visible Preparation

The fact that I passed through six years of atheism during my adolescence helped me understand that I was too ignorant in order to understand God’s decisions when I became a young adult. I stopped being an atheist, admitting the possibility of God’s existence. However, I had no faith.

I recovered my faith thanks to the translation of the symbolic meaning of the literary book I had written after suffering from a tragic car accident when I was 15-years-old and losing the friend who was next to me in the car. I wrote this book (during six years) while I was an atheist, and while I was traveling from Brazil to the USA, and from there to Greece, then to Brazil again, and then to Greece again, where I decided to live because the situation in my country was very difficult. We had no safety.

This means that I was writing this book while I was verifying that those who live in North America and Europe have another mindset and a different life. They were not like us, who lived in an underdeveloped country. They were proud and indifferent.

I realized that I was naïve. I knew nothing about the world. This comprehension was reflected in the literary meaning of the book, which was also very important, besides the symbolic meaning I could understand much later. The book was about the human misery.

The translation of the meaning of my literary book according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation revealed the fact that God was giving me symbolic messages, besides giving me literary messages. The symbolic messages contained in this book inspired by the unconscious mind were God’s messages to me and to the world. There were two different, but similar symbolic meanings in the story.

The fist symbolic meaning was reflecting my mental illness. The second symbolic meaning was reflecting the absurdity of the world.

I verified that I was a prophet since I had written God’s words in a symbolic way when I was a teen, before learning the meaning of the dream language.

This verification was more important for me than my scientific research. I didn’t doubt that I could trust the divine wisdom thanks to the symbolic messages contained in my literary book. I was deeply impressed with their content.

When I translated the meaning of the dream symbols found in the story of ‘The Philanthropic Beggar’, I verified that God speaks in artistic works that are inspired by the unconscious mind, the same way He speaks in dreams.

Carl Jung had analyzed the literary work of many authors according to their symbolic meaning. I simply imitated him when I translated the symbolic meaning of my literary book. This book was a treasure. All the personages of the story were important dream symbols.

I can say that my scientific research depended on my religiosity and on my literary talent, since it was based on my obedience to the divine guidance in dreams and signs of my daily reality. I obeyed the divine guidance mainly thanks to my religious education and thanks to my own literature, which was completely inspired by the unconscious mind.

This book helped me keep my sensitivity alive while I was writing it, and thanks to this book I was able to cry again when many years later I read it again. When I became a dream expert I remembered The Philanthropic Beggar, and I understood that it contained many dream symbols. When I was a young adult I couldn’t cry because I was too insensitive. I cried again after reading again the story of the beggar and his intention to put an end to hunger on earth.

I always cry when I read this book or when I remember some parts of it. I memorized many pages because I delayed six years writing it, and always reading it again. I liked many of the parts of this book because they were written with rhymes. So, I remembered these favorite pages many times in my life, in various situations where they seemed to describe what was happening to me at the moment.

God made me write this book in order to help me recuperate my sensitivity because He knew that I had inherited a strong anti-conscience and I would become too insensitive.

I verified into practice that God was protecting my mental health thanks to the symbolic messages contained in my literary work, besides helping me resurrect my dead sensitivity thanks to the literary meaning of the book when I read it again and I started remembering many parts of the book during various life situations.

Can You Trust What Is Exclusively Scientific?

Many people believe that only science must be taken into consideration when we want to understand the truth about something. However, our philosophical, religious, and artistic speculations are as important as our scientific knowledge.

Science cannot give us sensitivity because it is based on an objective analysis of the facts.

In order to become more sensitive we need philosophy, religion, and art.

This is why the symbolic dream language is poetical and philosophical. God tries to help the dreamer become more sensitive and wise thanks to the dream messages.

How Trustworthy Is The Information You Have In Dreams?

When I was young I could understand that I had absurd thoughts and I didn’t trust my own conscience. I understood that I should trust only the divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams. However, other people don’t know that their conscience is absurd and that they are influenced or controlled by their anti-conscience.

Even when they submit their dreams for translation and I tell them that they cannot trust their own thoughts, they don’t understand this fact.

For example, many dreamers don’t believe that they are vulnerable to the absurd thoughts and feelings generated by their anti-conscience when they have a deception with the person they love. I will tell you a few common dreams that many dreamers have, without telling you details about anyone’s case because I don’t have this right. The examples I will give you come from various dreamers who have similar experiences.

One young woman discovered that her boyfriend had a relationship with another woman, and they stopped having a relationship. However, she kept having dreams about her ex-boyfriend. She told me that she was trying to forget him, but the unconscious mind didn’t let her forget that man.

I told her that this was because she had to understand his mistakes and stop liking him. She told me that she was almost forgetting him, and she was irritated with these dreams about him.

Then, she submitted a dream where she was on the edge of a cliff.

I told her that this dream image indicated a suicidal tendency.

She told me that she wouldn’t commit suicide only because of him, and she was looking for another boyfriend.

I told her that she should follow dream therapy and learn how to find the ideal man for her, without making dangerous mistakes.

Similar cases happen all the time. Many people don’t understand that they have to analyze the personality of the person they love and understand their behavioral mistakes because this way, they will stop liking them. They like the other person because they believe in unreal things. When they understand how the other person really is, they stop admiring them.

This step is necessary, so that they may understand who the ideal person for them really is. They have to be able to recognize the right person among many impostors.

Their suicidal tendency is related to their mistakes after the deception they had. Their anti-conscience generates dangerous suicidal thoughts. This is why they don’t forgive themselves because they trusted the wrong person. They concentrate their attention on the humiliation they had to face because they were betrayed.

They don’t understand that they were in love with the wrong person and that they have to learn how to recognize the right person for them. This love for the wrong person was not real. It was an attraction based on illusions generated by their anti-conscience.

Other people have severe mental illnesses. They don’t understand that all their thoughts are absurd. For example, they suffer from multiple personality disorder, psychosis, or another severe mental disorder, but they believe that their thoughts can be trusted.

The unconscious mind produces numerous dreams showing the same truths to these people, so that they may understand why they have to obey the divine guidance instead of doing whatever they may desire. This is a very difficult matter for them.

They cannot be obedient because their anti-conscience keeps sending them absurd thoughts, and they keep following these thoughts, without understanding that they are absurd. The psychotherapy of the unconscious mind in dreams is based on the repetition of the same truths through many ways, until the person’s conscience may finally understand their mistakes, and stop following the absurd thoughts sent by their anti-conscience.

The mentally ill have many nightmares, or only nightmares, until they will understand their mistakes and stop making them. These dreams are frightening because they are alarms. These dreamers have to urgently stop making dangerous mistakes.

The unconscious mind is very patient and repeats the same lessons through different angles, with more explanations for the dreamers, always trying to make them stop making the same mistakes, but they don’t obey the unconscious guidance. They keep making the same mistakes.

This happens because the anti-conscience keeps attacking their conscience with more absurd thoughts after a certain period of time. It never stops sending them absurd thoughts if it manages to have the attention of their ego. They have to learn how to avoid following these thoughts.

The unconscious mind repeats dreams with the same lessons, until they are able to combat the absurd thoughts sent by their anti-conscience to their human conscience.

The scientific method of dream interpretation helps all dreamers understand their psychological problems, how they are generated, why they persist, and how to eliminate them forever. The knowledge they have when they translate the meaning of their dreams helps them have the vision of a psychologist. They understand their problems like a doctor.

I will give you another example about dreams dreamt by a married man who ignores that his wife is cheating on him. These dreams are very common too.

For example, a married man sends me a dream with such dream scenes:

My wife had an affair with my friend X and she was glad because I was not home. She was waiting for him.

I ask all dreamers to write their life biography when they submit a dream for translation. Here is the life biography that those who submit dreams like the one I showed you usually write:

I’m a happily married man. My wife and I never have problems. Our relationship is very good.

Even when I tell them that dreams about the person they love reveal the truth about the other person (these dreams are very clear – they don’t follow the regular symbolism of the dream language), these husbands still cannot believe that their wife is cheating on them.

They send me another dream for translation, hoping that their next dreams may show them something better, without wanting to pay attention even to the most revealing clues that prove that their wife is telling them a series of lies. They wish they could believe in these lies instead of admitting that their wife really is cheating on them.

This reaction is caused by their anti-conscience. Many men become irritated with my translations. They don’t want to believe that they are true.

I tell them that they must forgive their wife and understand what to do in this situation by following dream therapy. They have to understand what happened and why.

There are many complications that put a person’s mental illness in danger when they are in love and they depend on someone else.

Dreams about our mental health follow the regular symbolic dream language, which is totally different from the symbolism of dreams about the person the dreamer loves. Dreams about love are very simple. They follow the logic of our human conscience in numerous ways because we need special help when we deal with dangerous love matters.

All the other dreams follow the regular dream language, except dreams about dead people that contain information about the dead person. These dreams are rare.

Usually, dead people in dreams represent parts of the dreamer’s personality that cannot help them avoid making mistakes, or that are already helping them evolve in life, so their example is not necessary.

A person can have true information about a dead person in their dreams when they are connected with the dead person in a special way.

For example, I translated a series of dreams for a man whose wife had committed suicide. All his dreams were about his wife, who was the person he loved – so he had another reason to have information about the dead person.

He couldn’t understand what happened to her. He believed that she was happy with him and their life. His dreams helped him understand the reasons why she committed suicide.

Dreams contain special information and guidance because they are sent by God. The fact that we can understand many things we ignore because we have explanations in dreams proves that a superior mind is sending us special messages with a logical sequence.

We can understand God’s messages when we know the dream language based on Carl Jung’s discoveries and my discoveries after completing his research.

Everyone discovers things that they ignored when they translate the meaning of their dreams based on the scientific method. When they relate this information to their life biography, they understand why many things happened the way they did in their lives. God’s explanations give them the missing pieces of the puzzle, completing the image of their reality.


Through dream translation you will understand how you can become a perfect human being, even though you are far from sound mental health.

You have inherited an absurd and evil anti-conscience that occupies the biggest part of your brain, and even your human conscience is deficient because it is one-sided. You have to work hard in order to eliminate what is negative from your brain and transform your personality.

By translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method you will understand how to stop being a victim of your wild conscience and develop your human conscience.

You will stop being a violent rational animal. Wisdom and compassion will characterize your behavior. You will understand the truth about all matters.

This means that you will be a mentally healthy individual. You will be able to find love and happiness. You will also help the world thanks to your work and your example. Everyone will be grateful for your existence; especially God, who is your doctor and teacher and depends on your obedience in order to put an end to terror on earth.

The scientific meaning of God’s intention is the elimination of all mental illnesses. The religious meaning of His intention is the elimination of evilness. Evilness generates absurdity.

The scientific method of dream interpretation helps you understand your objective reality, your past, your future, and a lot more because it translates God’s words. God’s messages are not only scientific, but also religious, artistic, and philosophical.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at: http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com

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