God’s Symbolic Language In Dreams, Objects And Facts

Dream SymbolThe symbolic dream language gives you information about your reality and other people even when you don’t sleep and dream. You can translate the meaning of objects and facts of your daily reality the same way you translate the meaning of dreams. This practice will give you trustful information about many things you ignore.

Your dreams and your daily life are related. Through dream translation you will verify that everything has a symbolic meaning that helps you understand something else. For example, the cure of all phobias can be easily found based on the dream language. The symbolic meaning of the feared object helps us understand the psychological problem of the person affected by a phobia and how they can be cured.

If someone suffers from thalassophobia, this person is afraid of the sea. The sea in dreams represents craziness. Thus, this person is afraid of their craziness. This means that they are constantly facing dangerous situations that can make them lose their mind. They have to follow dream therapy to understand how to stop making dangerous mistakes.

You can have this knowledge by learning the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method. Then, you will also translate the meaning of artistic works and various other documents, and the meaning of objects, animals, facts, and events of your daily life.

The dream language reflects the truth about your dangerous reality, behind the false reality presented to you by the hypocritical world.

The symbolic dream language is everywhere because it is God’s language. You have trustful information thanks to God’s generosity, but you must follow His logic in order to have access to this knowledge.

The Existence Of An Abstract Reality

When I was young I was materialistic and I followed the mindset of the atheistic world. I didn’t believe in unexplained phenomena. I believed that those who believed in them were imagining unreal things.

However, I had a certain interest for what was occult and mysterious. I read books about the meaning of the facial traces and the meaning of the palm lines, even though they were not scientific. I read them without believing that they should be taken seriously, but I observed that many of the things I read were confirmed into practice.

Their authors were not scientists. They wrote these books without giving us explanations about how they came to the conclusions they were presenting. These conclusions were probably based on many people’s observations.

I understood that what people know from observing what keeps happening in life is a valid way to learn things, even if we don’t have explanations for the reasons why they keep happening this way.

I found information about the meaning of our feet and the meaning of our gestures (what today is known as body language). I read many things that were not scientific, besides mainly reading scientific books, and respecting more the seriousness of modern science.

When I started caring about the meaning of dreams because I had psychological problems (in 1984) I also had an interest on finding special information about unknown powers. Dreams were mysterious.

I studied many dream interpretation methods created by many different psychologists, and also books about physics, astronomy, neurology, biology, and other fields. Then, I bought a collection of books about unexplained phenomena and I started reading them. I saw that there were numerous unexplained phenomena that couldn’t be scientifically explained.

I realized that the fact that they couldn’t be explained didn’t mean that they were not real. So many unexplained phenomena couldn’t be all false. Many of them had many interesting details that didn’t let me believe that they were based on someone’s imagination.

I saw that when you decide to seriously understand a certain matter you verify how superficial you were because you made conclusions without understanding the topic you were dealing with.

Scientists justify their incapacity to explain metaphysical phenomena by saying that they are based on the imagination of those who relate them. This is an easy way to get rid of the obligation to explain what they are unable to understand.

This is also a good way to avoid having to admit the existence of God, the existence of Satan, and the existence of a spiritual reality that goes beyond the material one.

Faith And Imagination

When I started accepting the existence of phenomena that couldn’t be explained by the scientific knowledge of my historical time I read again a book written by Francisco Xavier, who was a Brazilian medium. He believed in espiritism, which is a religion similar to the catholic with the difference that espiritists believe in the existence of spirits that can speak to people.

These spirits can also possess other people’s mind and behavior for a certain period of time. According to espiritists, these spirits are good; they are not evil.

I didn’t believe that this possession by a spirit was real, but I saw two cases of people who were possessed by a spirit in Sao Paulo when I was a teen. They didn’t seem to be actors who were merely pretending to be someone else, but I didn’t know what to conclude from this observation.

Many people in Brazil believe in the existence of spirits that can dominate another person’s mind and body, but they believe that these spirits are good. This is contradictory to what Catholics believe.

Jesus made exorcism many times, removing demons from demon-possessed people. Here is an interesting analysis about this matter, which I found at Bible.org.

“Jesus had authority over the spiritual world, or to be more precise, the world of spirits. Matthew has already recorded the account of the temptation in which Jesus overcame Satan, the prince of demons. But now in His public ministry Jesus encountered humans who had been so controlled by evil forces that they were completely out of control. We use the expression “demon-possessed” to describe these folks, because the demons took control of their faculties and tormented and twisted their lives out of control. But when Jesus came to their area, He brought deliverance for them from the powers of darkness.”

(Read more)

There are many contradictions in various religions, which can be explained when we know more about the meaning of all religions of the world in all historical times, in combination with explanations found in dreams, but this is a complex topic. I ignore many things about it. I could only understand a few relationships existent between all religions of the world.

For example, I know that Jews and Christians have the same behavior. Christians are betrayers because they doubt that Jesus was God. They don’t obey Jesus’ guidance and they don’t imitate His example.

Christians merely pretend to believe in Jesus. They don’t try to attain sanctity. They care only about having material pleasures, exactly like atheists.

Judaism and Christianism are related and complete one another, but I don’t know many of the explanations I would have to give you in order to clarify this matter. My knowledge is superficial.

I’m only trying to show you with this example that what seems to be contradictory is not really contradictory when we understand a lot more about the topic we are analyzing.

I understood many things after reading Xavier’s book numerous times in 1989 (in Greece), which I couldn’t understand when I was a teen and I lived in Brazil. The mother of one of my friends gave me this book as a gift before I traveled from Brazil to the US, and from there to Greece.

In the beginning of 1989 I was about to continue Carl Jung’s research, after writing the book through which I was proving to the world that his dream theories were real discoveries in 1988. I believed that this book was ready, but I couldn’t publish it because I discovered a lot more, and I had to find more explanations.

When I read Xavier’s book again I didn’t want to believe that there was something special in this book (or in my reality) because I was afraid that this belief could be a product of my imagination. I was observing the material reality around me and trying to find something mysterious, but at the same time I was thinking that it was ridiculous to believe in the existence of something that would surpass the laws of the physical reality.

I didn’t see anything different and I didn’t make any progress.

I read Xavier’s book again. I suddenly understood that I had to believe that there was something important on what he had written if I wanted to perceive it.

When I started accepting the possibility to understand something that was metaphysical, I understood the symbolic messages written in every page. I started observing many strange coincidences. They had a meaning. They were not disorganized. I could understand their symbolic meaning because I knew the dream language. These coincidences were signs sent by the unconscious mind.

Thanks to this experience I understood the difference between faith and imagination.

When I didn’t want to believe that I could observe an unexplained phenomenon myself, I couldn’t observe anything. My faith was necessary. I had to believe in the possibility to find something unusual in my reality if I wanted to be able to perceive it, and understand it.

This was how I discovered a way to have a mysterious communication with the unconscious mind that produces our dreams (and is in fact God’s mind) by using Xavier’s book. This book helped me discover various codes that helped me understand God’s words, the same way I could understand His words in dreams.

Everything completed the scientific knowledge I had and the messages I found in my dreams, which I translated based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

At this point, my work stopped being exclusively scientific, and it acquired a religious importance.

God stopped being a ghost. I was excited with this progress, but my excitement disappeared when I saw that He kept talking about terror, violence, immorality, craziness, poverty, and despair.

God made me pay attention to all the horrors of the world. He didn’t talk about anything else.

This was a strange revelation, but it made sense. God suffers because we are evil. He is trying to save us from terror, but He is unable to help us find sound mental health and wisdom because we don’t pay attention to His guidance. This is why many crimes and wars keep happening in our world.

Then, I discovered the existence of a satanic conscience into the biggest part of the human brain, and I suddenly had to bear the unbearable symptoms of craziness. I named this satanic conscience ‘anti-conscience’ because it tries to destroy our conscience through absurd thoughts and unbearable symptoms.

I verified that an average person cannot combat unbearable symptoms like panic attacks, blackouts, and hallucinations. I was praying all the time and I knew that I was fighting the absurdity imposed by my anti-conscience after discovering its existence, but those who are affected by these symptoms don’t know how they are generated, or what to do to get rid of them.

When the anti-conscience manages to destroy a big portion of our conscience it becomes too powerful and it keeps generating unbearable symptoms. Its intention is to completely destroy our human conscience and spread terror everywhere.

We have to eliminate our anti-conscience before it will manage to become so powerful. Otherwise, we have no chance to bear the unbearable symptoms it generates. I was an exception because I was carefully prepared to precisely obey the divine guidance, even though I couldn’t imagine that this was my destiny.

When I had hallucinations I saw the difference between imagination and reality very clearly. I didn’t doubt that this experience was real because it was painful.

When I had hallucinations I didn’t close my eyes. This was a very intriguing fact. Various images were suddenly projected in my eyes. I shouldn’t look at theses images because they were sent by my anti-conscience. I knew this fact and this is why I kept reading Xavier’s book and praying until the hallucinations would finally stop because I wasn’t following them.

This was a scary experience. I don’t know how I could survive. I kept praying and praying, without knowing what else I could do besides offering resistance.

During the day I didn’t have hallucinations because I had to work in a store that was in the center of the city and there were always customers making me questions. So, I always was busy. Even when there were not customers I had two colleagues (besides working also with my mother and my aunt in the store) and we kept talking and organizing the merchandise. I always had something to do there, and I always was with my colleagues and more people.

I had hallucinations only at night when I was at home. Fortunately, they didn’t last long and I stopped having to bear them after one month. I had to pass through all stages of craziness without fainting, and without forgetting that I was fighting craziness. This was a strange and unbearable fight. I survived because God was somehow holding me.

I passed through eight terrible months having to offer resistance to all the attacks of my anti-conscience, facing blackouts, hallucinations, oral and visual distortions, and all kinds of uncomfortable feelings, without fainting, but working as if I was a normal person without any problem.

God told me that I had to learn how to fight the anti-conscience not only because of my mental health problem, but because I had to become a doctor and cure the mentally ill.

I couldn’t believe that I was bearing everything without dying. I missed the time when I was only a writer. I didn’t want to be a hero. I didn’t want to be a doctor. I wanted to be an inexistent nothing.

However, I could face everything and go ahead, I don’t know how. I was surprised with my resistance.

I couldn’t abandon God. My obedience was very important for Him.

My suffering had no importance at all. God was suffering more than me, and during billions of years. On the other hand, I was a sinner. I had to be punished in order to be corrected because I was evil.

I had to simply obey the guidance I had because I was in a very difficult position.

In the beginning I was extremely obedient and I didn’t complain. I wanted to help God, but my heroism didn’t last long. I started complaining after facing these horrible experiences.

However, I always was obedient, besides complaining. My obedience was a law.

After learning the truth about the human brain and depth of the human absurdity, I verified that there is a big difference between imagination, hallucinations, and reality.

I became a very serious person. I felt as if I was 3000 years old.

Spiritual Evolution

We discovered the existence of many planets and we learned many things about our universe thanks to our scientific and technological progress. If you will compare the knowledge we have today with the knowledge humanity had before the 20th century, you will understand that we ignored many things in the past.

The same way, in the beginning of the 21st century we are discovering scientific explanations for the existence of a spiritual reality, besides the material one.

For example, many alternative therapies are showing us the therapeutical power of a certain combination between the material and the spiritual reality.

Even though the atheistic and materialistic mindset prevails in the modern era, many people believe in the power of the spiritual reality. Many holistic treatments are showing to the world that there are other alternatives that are more efficient than traditional medicine.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is the best one because it helps you understand what is important for your spiritual evolution, besides curing your mental health problems, and your physical problems.

The Real Meaning Of Dreams

Carl Jung looked for the meaning of the dream language like an archaeologist who was trying to decipher the meaning of an ancient language. His work was scientific and methodological. He gave us clear explanations and many references, showing us how he came to various conclusions.

Until today many people are misleading the public with false dream interpretations based on subjective conclusions, while only Jung’s method helps you understand the unconscious words.

Carl Jung discovered the existence of a collective unconscious mind that gives the same symbolic meaning to the images it uses to express artistic creations in different civilizations, and in different historical times.

He found out how to understand the meaning of the dream images by replacing them with the meaning that these images had for various different civilizations. He also analyzed the work of the alchemists and a lot more in order to understand the process of transformation the dreamer follows through dream interpretation.

I continued Jung’s research in order to show you that you can find explanations for everything in your dreams because God is the dream producer. There is a spiritual dimension in the meaning of your dreams, besides the psychotherapeutical one. You can also have the same information by analyzing the signs of your daily reality.

Your dreams help you become more sensitive. They help you understand the importance of goodness.

Your dreams help you understand the relationship existent between all elements. You understand the meaning of various details of your reality, the same way many people understand what a person’s facial traces reveal about their personality.

Your dreams give you explanations. They help you understand how to deal with people who have certain characteristics in their personality, after observing these details in their behavior, in their facial traces, and in their gestures.

When you will verify how well-organized everything in your reality is, you will clearly understand that only a creator could organize and relate everything so well.

Nothing here is a product of chance. Everything in your world was precisely prepared by God in order to help you transform your satanic anti-conscience into a positive component of your human conscience through consciousness.

This is why everything is related. A person’s facial traces complete the knowledge given to you when you analyze their gestures. The explanations you have in dreams help you understand the symbolic meaning of everything that composes your reality. This way, you have more information about your reality and the future.

God speaks through many ways. He keeps giving you many signs to help you understand your reality and the future, so that you may have the right behavior and prepare positive results in the future, or so that you may avoid many dangers you ignore.

By learning the dream language you will have a helpful tool at your disposal. The symbolic meaning of your reality is more important than its apparent meaning. The apparent meaning is the false impression given by hypocrisy. The image you have of your reality is false.

Everyone in your world is an actor. Everyone is a marketer.

You may believe that many things happen by chance. However, everything has a meaning that reflects your behavior, and other people’s behavior. You can understand this meaning if you know the dream language according to Jung’s discoveries and according to my discoveries after following his steps.

You will verify that nothing happens by chance. Everything happens because of something else. Your reality is characterized by the fight between good and evil.

Your dreams help you understand the explanations and the relationships existent behind what seems to be insignificant or unrelated to anything else. Everything is related, and everything depends on your behavior.

For example, dreams about food give you information about the attitude you are giving to your psyche. Food in dreams represents psychical energy that gives you a certain attitude.

You represent your ego in dreams. Your ego controls your behavior when your human conscience is strong.

When you eat meat, this means that you are giving a violent attitude to your ego.

When you eat vegetables, you are giving a peaceful attitude to your ego.

When you eat a fish, you are giving a divine attitude to your ego. You are having the behavior of a saint.

Now, let’s analyze the symbolic meaning of a few parts of your body.

Your hands represent your actions.

Your feet represent your moral principles.

Your stomach reflects your anger.

Therefore, if you have problems with your hands, this means that you must pay attention to what you are doing in life. Your actions are causing problems, or your actions can cause future problems to your life and to other people’s lives.

If you have problems with your feet, this means that you must accept suffering in order to respect your moral principles. You cannot refuse to respect your moral principles in a challenging situation.

If you have a stomach ache you can be cured if you will understand how to stop becoming angry for a certain reason. You can understand what to do by following the divine guidance in your dreams.

A disease is caused by the person’s mistakes. You can prevent physical diseases and mental disorders by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method, the same way you can be cured thanks to the divine guidance in your dreams if you already have a certain problem.

Everything in the universe and in your planet was very well prepared and organized by God based on numerous relationships that reflect the same truths. Everything in your world must work like psychotherapy for your anti-conscience and your human conscience.

In order to become really human, you have to eliminate your absurd and evil anti-conscience through consciousness. This is what you do by translating the meaning of your dreams. You become more intelligent and sensitive because you understand your mistakes, and you change your behavior.

The divine unconscious mind gives you many explanations in dreams, helping you understand how everything is related and how this knowledge can protect you.

This knowledge will help you become a self-confident individual because you will be guided. You will surely follow a process that will help you evolve and positively transform your reality.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at: http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com

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