The False Power Of Positive Thinking And The Real Power Of Dreams

Positive ThinkingYou probably believe that positive thinking has the power to make you achieve your goals. Therefore, you want to expect what is good, and you want to be enthusiastic.

This is what most people believe they should do, even if they don’t manage to be this way. Everyone tries to believe that good things will happen to them and they will find happiness.

However, now that I could discover that we inherit a satanic anti-conscience – which generates mental illnesses with our conscience through absurd thoughts – I proved to the world that we cannot control our thoughts as we believe we do.

Everyone must follow dream therapy to eliminate their anti-conscience in order to consciously control their thoughts. Otherwise they can become their anti-conscience’s puppets without understanding what is happening to them.

This means that many times your ‘positive thoughts’ are in fact absurd thoughts sent by your anti-conscience to make you close your eyes before many dangers, but you cannot perceive their absurdity.

For example, the mother of one of my patients was so optimistic that even when there was nothing good in a certain circumstance, she pretended that everything was fabulous. Her insistence into ignoring what was bad in her reality transformed her reactions into constant attempts to send her sadness away.

If you have a similar attitude and you are always trying to send your sadness away instead of confronting it, you are having an absurd attitude, even though this is the attitude imposed by the hypocritical world. The world tries to make you forget your problems and care about having a good life, pursuing material pleasures.

The world doesn’t care about your mental health and the frustrations you will have.

Through dream translation according to the scientific method you will be able to understand how to observe all the dangers of your reality, and avoid all dangers. It is much better to understand the truth about your reality than to imagine that everything will be good, and then have bitter deceptions.

I was lucky because I could discover Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation in a very important period of time in my life. Otherwise, I would have to deal with many difficult problems alone.

The unconscious mind guided me, and I discovered the power of dreams. This power is real and safe because it is based on having the right information and the right attitude in order to understand how to have positive results in life.

I saw that I was naïve because I had the tendency to believe that everything would be good, even when there were no indications that this prediction could be true. I used to justify other people’s negative reactions when thy were dishonest or rude, thinking that perhaps they were insecure and they were trying to defend themselves, or they had other problems, etc.

Whatever bad happened to me was considered to be an important lesson. I always was trying to find something good in what was bad. I didn’t want to become sad with anything. My dreams opened my eyes, helping me pay attention to this matter.

In the beginning of my psychotherapy (in 1984, when I was 23-years-old) I had a strange dream that clearly showed me this mistake.


I saw a man upside down like a bat. I told him “I’m sorry if I bothered you”. I smiled as if he was a normal person. I was trying to be polite. Then, his feet were on the ground. He smiled too, and I saw that he had vampire teeth. I wasn’t scared. I treated him as if he was an average person and I had to be polite with him.

Dream translation:

I saw a man upside down like a bat.

The bat in dreams represents a very dangerous person of the opposite sex, who wants to take advantage of the dreamer (drink her blood).

This man represented a dangerous man who wanted to take advantage of me and would pretend to be my perfect match, even though this was a false impression.

I told him “I’m sorry if I bothered you”. I smiled as if he was a normal person. I was trying to be polite.

I represent my ego.

My ego was indifferent to the fact that this man seemed to be dangerous.

I was trying to be polite as if I was dealing with an average person, while I was in a dangerous situation.

Then, his feet were on the ground.

The dangerous man pretended to be an average person.

He smiled too, and I saw that he had vampire teeth.

The dangerous man was glad because I didn’t suspect that he had bad intentions.

The teeth in dreams represent a person’s psychical energy; their power to do things in life.

The fact that he had vampire teeth meant that he was visibly evil. He had an evil power.

I wasn’t scared. I treated him as if he was an average person and I had to be polite with him.

My idiotic ego insisted on disregarding all the visible dangers that were threatening me.

I couldn’t understand the meaning of this dream at that time, even though I had this dream in the end of 1984, when I already had studied a few of Carl Jung’s books and many other books about different methods of dream interpretation.

Since I couldn’t understand the meaning of this dream based on Carl Jung’s method at that time, I tried to understand it based on the logical conclusions of my ignorant conscience, but I couldn’t understand what this dream was obviously showing me.

If you will think a little bit about it you will observe that my attitude was not the attitude I logically should have before a dangerous man that looked like a bat and had vampire teeth. I should be afraid of him.

However, when I had this dream I couldn’t understand this obvious fact. I didn’t know the meaning of the dream symbols. I thought that perhaps this dream was showing me that I was courageous because I wasn’t afraid, or that I was diplomatic because I was polite.

This is a common mistake. Most people don’t know that our dreams reflect our mistakes and our absurdity, so they try to interpret their dreams in a positive way.

Your dreams show you your mistakes and the dangers that are threatening your mental health. Their meaning rarely is pleasant, especially if you are in the beginning of your mental health therapy.

On the other hand, you must know the meaning of the most important dream symbols and the dream logic to understand the meaning of a dream. Don’t try to interpret the meaning of a dream based on the reasoning system of your ignorant conscience.

My next dreams gave me more information about my absurd reactions. I saw that I was not having the behavior I should have.

This was a meaningful revelation for an ignorant creature like me. I verified that I had the behavior of an idiot. I didn’t do anything to protect myself from obvious dangers. I didn’t know how to deal with dangerous men.

My dreams gradually showed me that I was making many behavioral mistakes. I understood the depth of my ignorance. I saw how ridiculous I was. I shouldn’t believe that I was intelligent only because I knew well a few topics.

My ignorance was vast. My behavior had to be corrected. I was too immature.

Fear And Self-Confidence

When you must face a difficult challenge you have to be afraid of failure, so that you may eliminate all the obstacles to your victory. Your fear will protect you and help you concentrate your attention on the dangers you are trying to avoid.

You must be afraid of everything, but at the same time you must be self-confident and believe in your victory. You need both.

Positive thoughts are necessary, but when they are the result of the right preparation. You need positive thoughts that will help you obtain positive results. They go along with your self-confidence. However, they are based on a careful preparation.

They are not positive thoughts based on your intention to succeed and on your suppositions, like the positive thoughts suggested by many ignorant experts. Positive thinking has no power without preparation and transformation.

These ‘experts’ are giving you wrong instructions only because they believe that they should help you live well in a living hell, while financial freedom is not everything you need to be happy. Their methods don’t help you become a better person and evolve. Their methods don’t help you become a mentally healthy and superior individual.

Your positive thoughts must based on a careful preparation thanks to the divine guidance in your dreams. This preparation will give you self-confidence. You will be convicted that you will triumph over all challenges because you will know what will happen in the future. Dream predictions will help you get prepared for the future.

Dangerous positive thoughts are thoughts that are not based on a careful analysis of your reality.

Dangerous self-confidence is the impression that your self-esteem can help you become a king or queen, even though you don’t have the necessary conditions to achieve this goal, and your reality is totally different from your expectations.

Another big danger is the impression that you have to be optimistic if you want to have positive results. The impression that fear is an obstacle to your success is false.

Even when you feel that you are well-prepared you must be afraid of unpredictable dangers.

Fear is indispensable during challenging situations because you are in a dangerous reality. There are too many visible and invisible dangers threatening your mental health and your happiness. You are in an invisible war between good and evil, besides being able to see many of the results of this war in your sad material reality characterized by violence, injustice, poverty, and many other horrors.

Evilness prevails on earth because most people are slaves of their anti-conscience. Your dreams will help you get rid of your dangerous anti-conscience, and protect you from dangerous people.

You can trust the information and the guidance you have in your dreams because they are based on wisdom and sanctity. God helps you eliminate what is bad from your personality and your life.

The power of dream translation according to the scientific method is based on obeying the divine guidance in dreams. Your doctor is not an ignorant human being, but the dream producer.

God is the dream producer, as Carl Jung had discovered before me, even though he didn’t understand the real importance of his discovery.

You will be well-prepared by God, but you must be afraid of all dangers when you will deal with dangerous situations. The absence of fear doesn’t protect you in any way.

You have to be afraid of bad outcomes, even though you must have the courage to face them with confidence because you are prepared to win this battle.

You must have the courage to do what you have to, even though you are afraid to go ahead. This is the behavior you must have in a dangerous situation. When you have a brave attitude this doesn’t mean that you are not afraid of failure; on the contrary. You are afraid because you know that there are many traps in your way.

You have to be realistic and understand what is happening to you, so that you may be very careful – instead of being indifferent to all the negative possibilities that are threatening you.

Ignorance And Valid Knowledge

I followed a path that went from science to religion because by translating the meaning of my dreams based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation I understood that God is the dream producer, and that I should obey the divine guidance.

Jung considered the unconscious mind a good counselor for our conscience, but he believed that we should decide what to do based on our own conscience. I disagreed with this conclusion. I concluded that God knows a lot more than human beings do, and therefore we must obey the divine guidance in dreams.

My obedience to the unconscious guidance helped me continue Carl Jung’s research and discover a lot more. An ignorant young woman like me wouldn’t be able to continue the complicated and dangerous research of a psychiatrist based on reading many scientific books.

I was enlightened by the divine wisdom in my dreams, and I was obedient because I understood that God had to be respected.

I was transformed and educated for a long time. I had to go to the Catholic Church every Sunday and follow the mass. I also had to follow religious seminars given by priests about studies of the Bible in a Catholic organization of nuns (the Sisters of San Joseph) twice per month.

I followed this process of transformation through religiosity in parallel to the process of transformation I followed by offering resistance to my anti-conscience in 1989, after discovering its existence. I became very religious.

I started helping many people through dream translation in 1990, when I was mentally healthy, even though I still needed to become more sensitive. In 1993 everything changed for me because my mother and I bought a store from one of my uncles who had a series of similar stores, and I had to work there a lot more. I was already working there as my uncle’s employee, but the fact that the store would belong to me meant that I had to be more responsible for it.

I stopped going to the Catholic Church and I started going to the Orthodox Church, which was nearer my building. I belong to both Churches because I was baptized in both, since my parents are Greek (orthodox) but I was educated in a Catholic school in Brazil.

One year later, in 1994 I had a bad dream:

My godmother was on a wheel chair. She had also broken her neck.

Dream translation:

My godmother was on a wheel chair.

My godmother represented a part of my personality that was responsible for my religiosity.

The fact that she was in a wheel chair means that my religiosity would be paralyzed by terror.

She had also broken her neck.

The neck is related to our words.

The fact that the part of my personality that was religious had a broken neck meant that it was unable to speak. It was so shocked with all the terror that it couldn’t say a word.

This dream was predicting that I would be shocked with the dirty methods used by many people to impose what they want in our cruel world, and with what they do to make money. The religious part of my personality would suffer very much for verify how dishonest many supposedly honest people are.

I saw that all marketers take advantage of our superficiality by using psychological manipulation, and that everyone in our commercial world is a marketer. I saw that many powerful people use all the dishonest methods they can to force other people to do what they want.

However they have a good reputation. They are protected by their positive social image. Nobody can imagine that these people are committing crimes while they pretend to be admirably honest.

There is no justice on earth. There are only hypocritical games between attorneys, which are justified by laws that don’t take many factors into consideration. On the other hand, corruptions are very common.

Positive thinking is very dangerous in a world ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed. It makes you disregard what is bad, and insist on your plans.

Even if you will be successful in your business, you will be violent. Your anti-conscience will still determine your behavior.

What you believe to be good for you is what the hypocritical world makes you believe. You have to learn the truth based a valid source of information.

The Knowledge Given By A Scientific Dream Analysis

A scientific dream analysis helps you understand God’s psychotherapy in your dreams. You stop believing in unreal things, and you understand the dangers that are threatening your mental health and your life.

This is a bitter comprehension, but it is indispensable if you want to evolve, and if you want to stop being a victim of the false world.

All dream images have a specific meaning and give you important information. Through dream translation based on the scientific method you understand what determines your behavior and how to have positive results based on your conscious attitude.

You have to be realistic. Since you are in a dangerous reality, you cannot be naïve and expect to have positive experiences.

God shows you in your dreams what is really positive for you, and what you must avoid.

A scientific dream analysis helps you understand God’s explanations in the dream images. This analysis is based on the meaning given by the dream producer to the images He uses to produce your dreams. This analysis is not based on the personal conclusions of the dream interpreter.

This is why the information you have in dreams is totally different from the information that comes from the ignorant world. Your dreams show you the power of wisdom.

The world tries to make you believe that you can control your behavior and achieve your goals by having positive thoughts. This is not a way to have positive results in the future.

Positive thinking has a positive side, but it cannot help you succeed if you are not realistically prepared to overcome many obstacles; especially if you have mental health issues.

Your thoughts can be in fact your anti-conscience’s thoughts. You must learn how to separate the dangerous thoughts that come from your anti-conscience from the thoughts of your human conscience.

This is why you need psychotherapy.

On the other hand, you must have a wise behavior if you want to have positive results. You have to follow God’s guidance instead of acting based on your suppositions.

I simplified Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation to help you understand the guidance of your natural doctor. The divine guidance in dreams is the best mental health therapy you can find.

Avoiding Dangerous Methods

Meditations are dangerous for the mentally ill because they can have blackouts and panic attacks after trying to follow a process of relaxation without thoughts. Many mind empowerment methods act the same way.

Psychiatric medication is even worse.

Unfortunately, mental health issues cannot be cured based on our knowledge because we don’t know what is really good or bad. We depend on superior guidance in order to understand how a mental illness can be cured, and in order to prevent a mental illness before having to deal with unbearable symptoms.

Many methods based on positive thinking are dangerous for the mentally ill because they make them believe that they will be able to overcome their problems this way. When they see that this method didn’t work, they have many negative reactions. It is very dangerous for someone who is mentally ill to truly believe in something and then, be disappointed.

Positive thinking doesn’t protect you from terrorism and conspiracies against you. Positive thinking doesn’t cure incurable diseases.

God cures physical diseases the same way He cures mental illnesses through dream therapy. God knows how to eliminate terror.

However, you have to obey your doctor. You cannot be indifferent to the guidance you have. You have to change your attitude after understanding your mistakes.

There is a big difference between all the dangerous methods of psychotherapy, relaxation, and mind empowerment of the ignorant world, and the safe treatment and mind empowerment process you follow through dream translation. God shows you what to do in order to surely have positive results.

While various positive thinking methods are based on human theories, God’s guidance is based on wisdom. God cures mental disorders and physical diseases when you accept doing what is necessary, so that you may become a perfect human being.

God gives you everything you need in order to survive and have a decent life, but you have to accept following His rules. You have to be transformed into a perfect human being. This is your main purpose in life.

You must desire to be wise, and you must desire to be a good person.

When you will be a perfect human being you will be well-equipped to deal with your dangerous reality, and you will also know that you can transform your environment, without passively accepting the absurdity of the world.

You will have the power to change your life, change the world, and change the future. You will know the process you have to follow in order to have positive results in all aspects.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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